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a belt for the browndressand i m wearing it
you look stunning in thatdressi m wearing that horrible
heavily pregnant just wearing thedressmade joan s own womb
wearing the regulation dark bluedressof a secondary schoolmistress is
s pride wearing its battledressteeth and claws lust after
as a woman in queenlydresswearing the sun disk and
she is wearing a pinkdresswith a green belt natasha
wearing that horrible jazzy dishclothdressyou don t like you
you daein at yer fancydressconcert fi- at the playschool
tuesday for hallowe en fancydressf1154: i m going to
and the circumstances in fancydressor otherwise should be immaterial
was going to a fancydressparade in laurencekirk as dick
to pitcarles first the fancydressparade was long past before
there s a a fancydressshop near there but i
rev at the union fancydressstudent f1155: oh [laugh] f1154:
scott s birthday party fancydressvampires and virgins which category
woman who d worn thedresshad been heavily pregnant just
newfound confidence it was thedressshe d worn at the
blue if a traditional weddingdresswas not worn the bride
wore only an elaborate headdressa skimpy leopardskin bikini and
girls wore a white starcheddressand for sunday school a
cuffs if you wore adressor coat that was too
girls always wore a longdresswith puff sleeves if you
it that would match herdressf1112: mm f1111: cause the-
cardigan to match maybe thisdressfor your dolly cause the
trainers and blue in herdressso yes it does match
be nice to match herdresswouldn t it shelley f1112:
it s dress it sdressf1054: now even the posties
s just nowadays it sdressit s dress f1054: now
her dress this is herdress[singing] [inaudible] f1103: [censored: forename] stop
mmhm f1104: this is herdressthis is her dress [singing]
get to wear a nicedressbut i d probably wanna
had tae wear a blackdressf638: aye f637: imagine f638:
maybe like to wear adressif she s going out
to wear a skirt ordressor whatever f1025: i think
way i would wear thedresswas i had gloves i
or virgin megastore buchanan streetdresscode don t be a
a ladies door and adresscode for dinner the hill
a like a sort ofdresscode kind of thing f965:
in my new blue silkdressand butterfly hair slides suddenly
women cap green or bluedresscape and deny them the
in her short midnight bluedresshimself and big alistair macphail
that woman in the greydressshe has a knapsack on
a young woman in traditionaldressto sing us two quechua
russian dressed in a blackdressand adorned with necklaces was
so masha in a blackdressis sitting reading a book
demand a certain sort ofdressmen black broad brimmed hat
good marks and spencer blackdressrippling like a plastic bin
a black skirt like likedressthing with my face painted
see f1104: look at mydress[censored: forename] f1103: oh it s
tinkerbell f1104: [tut] like mydressf1103: let s see f1104:
ve just got on mydressf1103: mmhm f1104: and my
fitt colour is belle sdressf1104: erm silver f1103: it
[inaudible] f1104: that s herdressisn t it mum f1103:
are f1104: cinderella making herdressthat s a look there
white matching my snow headdressschool journey i m a
the room boyter in eveningdresstails and white tie with
in a low cut whitedresswas teetering along the road
witnesses richer or poorer whitedresswith a virgin veil till
a very plain long whitedresswith long sleeves and high
is cinderella making her herdressaren t we f1103: aye
that maybe is unfair ehdressisnae anythin tae be the
we could maybe find adressthat matches that eh that
idea maybe at the p-dressup for the people we
s got er a nicedresson f1118: what s this
s a christmas party youdressup at em look see
rangers f1095: but you dinnadressup at this party cause
hotel she has on herdressand her necklace and her
flustered she pulled off thedressand stepped back into her
tiered flounces of her cottondressas she works immaculately through
the cleanest actually when herdresscame back it was f631:
s the heart on herdressit s f1112: or you
shaking the dust off herdressjack i m afraid the
in a mirror adjusts herdressma hair seems awricht ah
hear he could hear herdressrasp between her soft thighs
thing in the world herdressswollen in the wet spring
stairs wi her braw waddindresstrailin oot ahint her noo
enters in her granny sdresswith a crown sash and
look it s on hisdressf1113: that s right and
this f1117: that s anotherdresso some kind look this
cause you had that lovelydresson didn t you [laugh]
monday catherine showing off gymdressshe is getting big lathalmond
having to towel off anddressthen clamber into giant underpants
i- i m going todressup [inaudible] power rangers f1095:
i have to bath anddressmyself and cut up my
inform but one should notdressthat up as an act
to read how someone willdressup as a french maid
union prices i want todressup as amanda palmer f1155:
the sausages gone brown youdressup at hallowe en parties
like a special occasions wedressup f832: yeah f833: yeah
labourers shopkeepers you name itdressup in the most exotic
12 excuses a year todressup in their best cocktail
you had to hitch yourdressup out of the way
that they were all ehmdressup to go er and
coming i think we lldressyou up as him next
why why will we naedressyou up like spiderman m1128:
as je m habille idressavec mes jockeys mon t
hotel then watch the pantomimedressrehearsal and after the show
monuments and went to marimekkodressshop even after only a
ll hae to change yourdressand tell betty as weel
chain or you carried yourdressin a bag and changed
spoke your first sentence thatdressis it practical it s
f643: gross [laugh] would youdressyour weans in this no
from my shoulders like adressfrom a coathanger looking down
but th- you help medressmy dolly f1111: okay i
she doesnae like wearin thedressbut she s happy to
don t have a nationaldressthough f835: see but i
again a suit or smartdressoften grey with a spray
the occasional body in incandressor monkish uniform dashing from
were removed to use ordressthe tatties this was called
we di- i didn tdressfor rock and roll m964:
tunic skirts were supplied fordressand they had a hat
f718: somebody had the samedressas me and that s
removing a lady s crimsondressunder dripping shrubs through webs
he gestures excitedly at thedressa that layers o cla
ma yuise in ae fanciedressball it roberton a borraed
the veil in place thedresscould also be a pale
information include a continuation classdresscutting class agriculture and geometric
alright f1114: mm no adressf1113: you ll be cosier
a pairtner tae the ceilidhdressinformal the invite stated at
dressed lyke olga takes adressout of a wardrobe you
and one cotton a thickishdresspinafore home knitted stockings button
sunday jacket saturday s dancedressthere is also a red
o toon wi siller taedressweel and a mair comfortable
angelica tak this adds thedressto the pile of clothes
ye ken auld wifies fadressas young as that should
parapluiex in late twentieth centurydresscitizens unfurled umbrellas as if
as we can lat sdressoorsells in wycelyke mainner an
his brither ye ve taedressfur the officer s mess
s particularly modern in theirdressjewellery etcetera m999: uh huh
showder i telt ye taedresswycelike ye kent far we
mortification when they seen thedressye went tae the uni
and copied his style ofdressbut he was certain his
moss which was used todresswounds [note: news article about moss picking] there was no
for ti gang wi thatdressah l tell thaim ti
juist disna gang wi yeirdressit looks wrang natasha tearfully
is shuirlie here in mainnerdressan couthie tung thir kintrie
the balcony in full eveningdressbows approvingly over the hot
brits in full rigged evenindresselephant feet umbrella stands nearhaun
cawdor leeves whatfor dae yedressme in thir borraed claes
elysian fields tart and creamdressthe fading courtesan in red
immaculate in tartan jaiket andresstroosers he wid introduce himself
shoddy plastic dolls in ethnicdressuntil the time came to
about all need help todressand other things so it
they cried it the funeraldressof kings the next day
i hope i i diddressfor the occasion [audience laugh] [laugh]

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