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mixture apricot jam 4 ozdriedapricots 8 fl oz orange
apple apricot slice 5 ozdriedapricots chopped 10 fl oz
350 hobbit log 4 ozdriedapricots chopped oz sultanas
for 5 mins 1lb mixeddriedfruit apricots etc 1 pt
1 tblsp cocoa 3 tblspsdriedmilk 4 raisins 4 cornflakes
1 tblsp cocoa 3 tblspdriedmilk 4 tblsp raisins 4
oz orange juice 4 ozdriedapples 24 fl oz water
mins carrot cake 3 ozdrieddates chopped fl oz
hrs date square 8 ozdrieddates chopped 7 fl oz
is going to be washeddriedand ironed i said pulling
all had tae be washeddriedironed an put away m1146:
natur s nae cut andriedit s quanter like the
if natur wis cut andriedlike the shaves doon there
in season otherwise apples ordriedfruit could be bought forbye
rather tough meat for goulashdriedfruit some apples and tomatoes
oz molasses sugar 4 ozdriedfigs chopped 2 tsp molasses
and sliced salt pepper pinchdriedbasil cook potatoes and slice
a hedge of morning glorydriedblack olives mixed with golden
mixed spice 1 mixeddriedfruit almond essence 1 cream
can all be washed anddriedhere i ve been to
clothes can be washed anddriedhere i ve got a
in a floured cloth thendriedeither in the oven or
the salt then they weredriedin a cloth and eaten
got salt herring and alsodriedfish and mustard or there
of mashed potatoes and flakeddriedsalt fish hait hot haive
there were always sort ofdriedrings of apple it was
supplied heating wet clothes weredriedon the fireguard there were
tasty chicken salad as wedriedout and changed clothes then
fish is remembered as isdriedhake meat rabbit hare and
i mean it was thedriedand powdered eggs you were
a shortage of fresh eggsdriedegg was available baking baking
farm folk would buy harddriedfish hiv ye ony dry
them a drink the fishdriedling was used a lot
the fish greits in thedriedriver bed owre late he
mouth opened it cracked withdriedslavers there was a pitcher
troy emaciated and wan likedriedup straw the woman opened
there they cut an stackitdriedan hurled hame fifty loads
30 minutes to simmer ingredientsdriedlentils 3 4 rashers of
for 4 1 lb 450gdriedpeas water or stock to
at once or the syrupdriedin during the 2nd world
released once again amidst thedriedllama foetuses of the witches
on till i get youdriedm1098: that s a [?]blackish one[/?]
leave it till it sdriedright one more picture f1124:
better e curve e walliedriedup e action cam till
containing aphrodisiacs and gruesomely enoughdriedblack llama foetuses of different
an at lang last hitdriedenough ta get da last
lang sneddit tools sledgin edriedhey on poles an biggin
them away after we vedriedall the other dishes m1094:
diet sometimes ither craiters weredriedand salted for the winter
their tea they were whitingsdriedon the rocks and grilled
the mill were gey neardriedoot for 85 o whit
you were supposed to havedriedyourself wait now just stick
deid tree it s awdriedup an wuzzent but it
them burns when they redriedup are just trickly aye
feel lyke ma brain haesdriedup awthegither ah ken ah
up aa girssle like adriedup chukken auld peter didna
here burn like us twadriedup della ken yi wur
because a funding stream hasdriedup in my experience the
from the shell of adriedup neoclassicism cracked by the
nae tae spik o edrieddubs aff fool feet an
relations for good luck threwdriedpeas and rice over them
hadn t minded he ddriedthem on the straw around
apparently they d taken freezedriedvegetables with them he said
snottery snoots an hair likedriedstrae willie the youngest peed
an beans an that likedriedstuff f631: yeah [laugh] f689:
speared unstoppable leapt from octoberdriedtorn flags of autumn like
plastic ziploc bag of packeddriedvegetation like roots or fungus
felt almost human as idriedmyself and put on the
or chillis are especially usefuldriedherbs seasoning pinch of sugar
haddock or whiting split anddriedor smoked spen spean to
teacher would bring out adriedcorn on the cob which
out in the afternoon itdriedout a bit and we
a devout arab there aredriedhibiscus flowers there is henna
that when you re gettingdriedlet s dry all your
flint an wee bits aydriedgrass an now it s
female smile the tears havedriedaye aye she whispers rubbing
with the storms of livingdriedby the winds from a
bind together with beaten eggdriedchestnuts soak for 24 hrs
regularly this was made withdriedhaddock which was soaked in
and cosy i haven tdriedbetween my toes yet have
machismo daniel would say laterdriedblood coloured my hair red
he won hame the bleeddriedand his sark wis stucken
had hingie a soft cheesedriedby being hung in a
s asphodel straggle woodenly amongstdriedfennel heads and thistles by
walked down by a noxiousdriedriverbed a little police car
hand he contemplated the dishesdriedon pasta sauce pieces of
puy lentils have best flavourdriedherbs oxo cubes vegetable ones
clean as a bane byornardriedbi cauld heat hunger fit
floppy s a rag dolldriedblood stuck to its teeth
where th- the ink hasdriedm608: uh huh m078: so
july the showdin hey isdriedafore the weet for gin
couldna read it so youdriedit first wi blotting paper
needle holder wither weather wundriedwye to weigh wyve weave

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