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more food drink drink fooddrinkan indian who professed an
t drink we didn tdrinkat all but at new
youngsters drink eh people thatdrinkbuckie here [laugh] f689: urgh
sayin they dinnae take drinkdrinkdid but the drink seemed
drink zeb after seeing whatdrinkdid to you you and
nae sayin they dinnae takedrinkdrink did but the drink
that people have more fooddrinkdrink food drink an indian
all the sort o youngstersdrinkeh people that drink buckie
drink [laugh] give me adrinkf1135: a drink f1136: uh
me a drink f1135: adrinkf1136: uh huh f1135: we
people have more food drinkdrinkfood drink an indian who
food drink peasants and beastsdrinkfree a black dog sits
make me drink if idrinki get madness fever here
zeb don t make medrinkif i drink i get
a funny thing if youdrinkif you drink it it
if you drink if youdrinkit it s a funny
f1136: uh huh [inaudible] adrink[laugh] give me a drink
treat would you like adrinko milk drink o milk
like a drink o milkdrinko milk m1110: no um
the nile is play fooddrinkpeasants and beasts drink free
drink drink did but thedrinkseemed tae take a [?]haud o him[/?]
alcohol because we didn tdrinkwe didn t drink at
hur oan oor side pausedrinkzeb after seeing what drink
what do you want todrinkf1122: orange juice f1121: or
the time she doesn tdrinkjuice f1112: [child noises] f1111: watch
down now and get adrinko juice f1114: aye kick
to come down get adrinko juice f1114: yeah get
thirsty we have a longdrinkof juice between us we
me and beastie have anotherdrinkof juice so that we
cup of tea or adrinkof juice when the these
was no soup and todrinkthere was either apple juice
freir a daurna sell yedrinka m no says profunditas
wad the bodie sell himdrinkfine he cud see the
o them wad sell himdrinkhe thocht the ploy out
laddie says a bring thedrinkjuist ti sell it ti
de will ye sell medrinkweill the laddie seen it
wad we daur sell yedrinkye willna sell it at
doon and you had todrinka mouthful of milk now
minnie got a hett milkdrinkan a steen pig tae
an cuddie s milk madrinkaye greinin for ma ain
of the milk that youdrinkfor your the milk that
milk or water for yerdrinkm1110: i like erm f1109:
fitt did you get todrinkm1110: milk f1109: milk do
try to get children todrinkmilk and to take exercise
what would you like todrinkyou get some milk tonight
oot mak sure what theydrinkan eat husnae been bewitched
thair steid an they eatdrinkan sleep anaw an juist
here dis naething but eatdrinkan sleep syne they dee
powers material that eat anddrinkand love beget imagine labour
along something to eat anddrinkand make friends for that
had something to eat anddrinkat bedtime this is what
dinner turkey plenty to eatdrinki get a nice watch
i eat every time idrinki m not allowed caffeine
s naething to eat ordrinkleft in the place my
offered something to eat ordrinkthat you took even if
wis broken widnae eat widnaedrinkwidnae sleep pause aw aye
i could not eat ordrinkwithout help or get to
and tackle accommodation food anddrinkand clothing the effect of
we re serving food anddrinkand it really really annoys
passing reference to food anddrinkin the previous chapter but
support the scottish food anddrinkindustries and promote quality food
scotland develop the food anddrinkindustries with particular focus on
of the scottish food anddrinkindustry we will continue to
is money is food isdrinkis clothes a visit to
of excellence for food anddrinkparticularly in terms of the
quality of scottish food anddrinkproducts deserves to be celebrated
opto electronics and food anddrinksectors including the dairy industry
a lot about food anddrinkthe subject means a lot
in the water that peopledrinkand use further requests the
fed babies if their mothersdrinklarge quantities of fluoridated water
mum can i have adrinkof water fae that [inaudible]
pot and then takes adrinkof water from the carafe
to school and had adrinkof water out of the
pardon oh no you wouldnadrinksoapy water would you f1112:
better m1106: [child noises] i coulddrinksome water f1105: [yawn] it
my bottle f1097: ah dinnaedrinkthat water keep the water
down to london don tdrinkthe water and oxford don
you re not allowed todrinkthe water f826: yeah m827:
water and oxford don tdrinkthe water here f826: yeah
does it [laugh] don tdrinkthe water here [inhale] [laugh]
stop them saying don tdrinkthe water when you get
we know that people willdrinktheir bath water and their
the water an they lldrinktill they re fu an
iraqi children are forced todrinkwater that often contains up
aye [inaudible] f826: don tdrinkyour bath water m827: well
horses it ay monie aedrinka hed yonner whan peddlin
right son get a weedrinkae watter doon ye carolanne
a plouman that wantit adrinkat the wal ae day
gin ah micht hae aedrinkfrae the wal o true
gin ah micht hae aedrinkfrae the wal o true
tae hawick an ae brawdrinko waitter it wur n
you mak siccar she disnadrinkowre mukkil at the ae
embro whaur hei hed aedrinkproblem ae rather waesome story
label yid is hevin aedrinkproblem fer frae eet bot
an gallus efter ae weedrinkyoung toun crazies the hale
sat doun ti aet andrinkan whan thay haed etten
uised til nou whan ahdrinkit fair upsets ma stammik
about a dizzen coggies odrinknou whan quarto wang gaed
an set out mait andrinkti lu da an whan
whan he wis hungert andrinkwhan he wis drouthie stoppin
in the habit o takkindrinkwhan i m fishin but
whan they wir hungert andrinkwhan they wir dry stoppin
a wersh flaur whan yedrinkye can be shair its
the sairvant tak you naedrinkafore ye gang til yeir
ah tak ma tass andrinkit doun til the dregs
i lift hit again andrinkpsalms tak dis jug tae
nae wunner weemin tak taedrinktae lowse their chains as
andrey lat s hae adrinkthe deil tak it andriusha
been ti tak mait andrinkti the gloamin an they
tak it andriusha lat sdrinktil eternal freinship ah l
she cums in bid hirdrinkfrae the horn til asa
bell as suin s madrinkis ready syne gae til
sic wurds war maet andrinktil hir an hir hert
valgerd here foster brithers ahdrinktil yeir aith o freinship
s a can get adrinkan a ll no say
street get oot fir adrinkan a wee bite tae
e burn tae get adrinkan fin e widder wis
go and get you adrinkand you set up the
we ll get you adrinkf1114: yes mum f1113: there
to get the money fordrinkf631: mmhm f634: so she
will a can get adrinkfar awa in amang the
f1109: and what was yourdrinkfitt did you get to
we tried to get adrinkin the hotel bar but
them when they get adrinkin them they re steamin
says profunditas sae get adrinkin this kintra chiel seen
know when you get adrinkit s either a can
cause he could get usdrinkm816: mmhm m815: yeah [laugh]
wi the takin o strangdrinkmaun get fortie straiks o
first an foremaist lousna strangdrinknane hou cud ye get
simmers nicht nae need fordrinkor drugs tae get a
the only reason you woulddrinkthat is to get drunk
an fitt you get todrinkthe day did you get
get you hi- m811: otherdrinkthing f814: stream stream sodastream
have to get made todrinkwarm f812: we d uh
noo reluctantly teenie takes adrinka drappie mair teenie closes
the best o mair andrinkance mair an ti the
didna need mair n adrinkat es hut tae coonter
loon has ony mair taedrinkhe ll be deein a
bauld hou muckle mair willdrinkno dae ti a man
an by then they couldnaedrinkony mair an airm in
on the chuckie gies mairdrinkower here cammy cried oot
mutterings of peggy as theydrinksecond and even mair important
for mair an mair thedrinkwis owretakin him he tirlt
pouin ma leg ah dinnadrinkan ah dinna mukkil care
gang someplace else for yirdrinkdominie an dinna blame me
the same dinna you daurdrinkoniething crossly but making sure
dinna ken the vaill odrinkontil ye r deprivat aye
aa hame baked but dinnadrinkower muckle or it ll
s truck stated i dinnadrinktay jist wi that he
work on monday i dinnadrinkwhile i m workin aye
and join us for adrinkafter lunch tomorrow she says
drams in gie s adrinkdominie says the guidman d
the score fowk aye saysdrinkll mak a thing or
sowp o deep purpie wynedrinksays she for ye maun
s in yir buckets guiddrinksays the boy whit is
ti set out mait andrinkan aa kinkind o vivers
mandment o our elders latdrinkbe sellt ti onie freir
a tass o wyne tidrinkcormac did awthing that alasdair
yeir paerls sauf nou saedrinkfor ti freshen yeirsell but
an kebbok wi mulk tidrinkfur thai wes hungirt wi
m wantin ti buy adrinkgin ye re ane o
the wey ti mak thedrinkmen cawed the hether yill
ti warsle yon bucktfu odrinkout the lad a cud
pledge never ti touch thedrinkpause naw naw yis yis
an wairned him no tidrinkthe wyne the queen wad
smaa fowk like us sellsdrinkti a freir o the
sicna maisik wes mait andrinkti me leivin i the
she drinks malcolm ah ldrinkti that he sips his
gart set out denner andrinkti trait the thriesome wi
nou ah d lyke tidrinkti ye aw in wattir
stuck in ti ladlin thedrinkup cauld in nae lang
blawin about him an thedrinkwis stertin ti owretak him
s no your place tidrinkwyne wi us ye can
can t f1141: take adrinkand wash it doon first
it doon nae polis freedrinkaye but if it turns
doon first f1142: take adrinkdoon f1141: wash it doon
della tess made an infusiondrinkit doon in a whiles
ain f1141: and have adrinkwash it doon f1142: mum
a d hud a weedrinka d hud a wee
i only had a weedrinkhonest son jist a hauf
o the queen s sairdrinkintil a wee bottil ah
case you need a weedrinkm805: but but i can
m1094: [inaudible] have a weedrinkof it [cough] f1093: mm
for bringin you here thedrinks pickled the wee bit
ferr a went a weedrinkthat wiz when a minded
the wee smaw oors andrinkye ken aye leads on
an nae ill feelin theydrinkah daursay ah l hae
days foraye fouzilt wi thedrinkah never slokken the drouth
oh he took a gooddrinkaye i mean i- ah
ah lyke aye a guiddrinkbut ah canna dae it
coud fair dae a guiddrinko tea ah m as
few seconds ah want adrinko wattir morag bounds out
ah m gonnae need adrinksoon she said by way
ah weel gie them adrinkthe fish dried ling was
they m827: ah i neverdrinkthem anyway they re all
o the river ah cannadrinkwyne sen he gaed but
god i could yaise anitherdrinkcarolanne oh did you want
father who did like adrinkdid only f641: mmhm f640:
ve had a lot todrink[?]i'm done in[/?] m608: but did did
so how much did youdrinkm642: eh i got there
did you have a nicedrinkover at [censored: forename] s f1112:
all day swear never todrinkagain and in another day
me she was affa againstdrinkmy ma never had a
always got money somewhere fordrinkshe s never never yet
20 good old finny preydrinkwill be your downfall never
duik o norroway taen naedrinkfrae the bryde s haunds
think they re nae smadrink[laugh] er the appreciation of
hure nane fower louna strankdrinknane five tellna nae lees
hure nane fower louna strankdrinknane five tellna nae lees
ll grant ye a langdrinko watter nae hump as
nae excuses are needed furdrinkso they got settled in
nae dreidour sae mait andrinkwinna fear us answers zhu
joined the men for adrinkafter their day s work
man is entitled to adrinkin a pub after a
the extra lenses after adrinkor two we left the
continual drought and desire todrinkso that after some few
to dance after a softdrinkwe made to leave but
neck no i don tdrinkberna you will you will
it s just a socialdrinki don t you know
know cause i don tdrinkwhisky f1049: although somebody was
good for a laugh adrinka smoke they made her
so much for diplomacy blackcurrantdrinkand raspberry vinegar were made
out how scotland s nationaldrinkis made with samples included
cough honey ale fermented harvestdrinkmade with honey and yeast
religion instead o yer rhymesdrinkmade ye prey tae malevolent
lady macbeth l macbeth thedrinkthat s made thaim drunk
and it made a finedrinkthat tickled yer moo an
a newspaper and savouring hisdrinkthey made exceptionally fine coffee
chic converted monastery a fruitdrinkcost twice as much as
d had too much todrinkhe d had too much
ve had too much todrinki look around this wondrous
d had too much taedrinkjohn m608: aye m194: and
apparently they have a majordrinkand drugs problem here especially
meenit the thocht o thedrinkcam owre him here he
everybody roon here likes adrinki ken that god knows
aye but i won tdrinkit here m815: on me
here we ll need taedrinktae that sadie special brew
at twenty one you candrinkin the us and you
wyne wi us ye candrinkit in the back kitchen
s takin us for adrinkwhit s whit s goin
life not that he coulddrinkbelly couldn t take booze
d- i take a adrinkbut it s just a
because they want a fizzydrinkinstead we must take account
[inaudible] f1115: fa likes todrinka cup o tae granny
plenty o folk likit taedrinka cuppie o t the
tae the river for adrinkan she was dippin a
chips wi irn bru taedrinkboozer bingo haa computer larry
an throbbin wi a thatdrinkit wis awfy sair tae
on end tae mak thedrinkmasell an fur a freenly
thirled an tied tae itdrinko its music a strang
the circle for a stiffdrinkor twa jist tae steady
ye like a drap taedrinkrob rob rob rob robin
an a toast we willdrinktae the lads that are
ye like a drap taedrinkthe cat s pyjamas ma
there s anything left taedrinkthe way he s been
tae neil all neil theydrinkto him he is embarrassed
it shud be mett andrinktull s tae dee faat
nothin tae ruin this yindrinkwhat you want laugh if
tae sleep an dine anddrinkwir wine an sip wir
aff the day we ldrinka tass o wyne the
man o courage smaa taksdrinkan turns ram stam bauld
ye brak the abstinentium odrinkat the verra stert an
o buyin in meat andrinkfor a hantil fowk ye
o the year thir wisdrinkin the hoose sherry fur
wis appearinlie the waur odrinknou a maun say at
an a tangie an adrinko rose hip jeely an
an syne winnie needit adrinko watter eence they war
o the brethren whane erdrinks tane ye mauna gang
niver left you short odrinksiller hae a maister officiar
haven t had anything todrinkand we ve got our
dear maw paw no thedrinkdrugs addicts haven t got
he didn t smoke ordrinkever it won t be
s his name died ofdrinki can t remember no
doesn t go without adrink[laugh] m1007: no exactly f1009:
yours carolanne mine doesn tdrinksadie disnae even yaise that
that doesn t smoke ordrinkwanted up to date gas
refused saying he couldn tdrinkwithout eating and that he
f1091: oh dear m1092: himdrinkall up wh- f1091: it
lang while an hou thedrinkcam owre him out the
to him work beside himdrinkwith him in the pub
just agree to have onedrinkwith him when i m
this 5 18 an anagrammaticaldrink3 19 reference 2 20
the owner s invitation todrinka liqueur from an enormous
yirsel frae flesh an strangdrinkan busk yirsel in hodden
daily a aye hed guiddrinkan guid butcher mait in
frae the park fur adrinkan plyterin in the dubs
linkit up wi whaur yedrinkan wha thegither glesses clink
their room for a quickdrinkand had an early night
an he speirs hou muckledrinkare ye wantin niver you
jist interested in sex andrinkas she spoke she cupped
naither oars nor meat andrinkchuise weill nou for it
still hittin the drugs andrinkdimps pause how else dae
nicht mak you ready anitherdrinkfor ma guidson an pit
as mukkil as a hetdrinkfor thair supper an hap
he s been aff thedrinkfor twa year an nou
chitter an grue that lemondrinks ower bitter i hope
he asked reaching for hisdrinkshane he was an accident
s the gless an widrinkshortlies cam cantieness an syne
s swallae the dee andrinkthe dregs he d sook
chaumers wi feastin an widrinkthe soiree gaed on late
august 1988 for meat andrinkweel stappit wame for wife
and barely old enough todrinka youth he d once
the local bar for adrinkand they d say oh
though he spilet imsel widrinkhe said he d been
foolhardiness i d sampled adrinkof lemon from a stall
now they are fallin todrinkand they drank a whole
the use of language theydrinkand write their senseless rhymes
say they took a gooddrinkbut i mean they they
he is weill they alldrinkeilidh returns looking sullen malcolm
children nowadays some will notdrinkit because they want a
suits and fluorescent hats theydrinklike fish which is surprising
s not to go ondrinkor if she doubts they
aloofness melted partly by thedrinkpartly by the excitement they
speak aboot that again theydrinkthorfinn takes horn hastily from
concentrating on helping teenie todrinka few sips of tea
imitation of faults alone todrinka gill is easier than
sewage plant manager will publiclydrinka glass of his clear
crowd gladys he liked hisdrinkana bessie he took a
then that was just thedrinkand a young girl s
[censored: forename] and [censored: forename] having adrinkand [censored: forename] came over cause
following dialogue everyone gets adrinkand some of them have
of offering the cow adrinkas you might expect she
edgily let s have adrinkat annie s if it
i took them for adrinkat christmas time to say
breaks a member state sdrinkdriving law for example we
partick bridge a life ofdrinkdrudgery and nicotine addiction had
because you re having adrinkf1023: [laugh] f1024: [laugh] f1025:
vegetarian courses plus a softdrinkfor about a dollar seventy
of brew takes a longdrinkfrom it staggers falls to
with a magazine and adrinkhe settles down to read
grouped together for a congratulatorydrinkhe smirked high on success
well for a cold refreshingdrinki might say taking it
appreciation to them over adrinki wish them all the
i do enjoy a discreetdrinkin a discreet pub and
rejoined the group for adrinkin a very chic converted
have a whole variety ofdrinkin f641: mmhm f640: erm
whyles for a lang caulddrinkin the het wather weill
carrie co to enjoy adrinkin the sex and the
buttermilk was a favourite coolingdrinkin the summertime there was
[long period of silence] do you want adrink[inaudible] [cough] [exhale] right i
week well the way idrinkit could be a fortnight
for a quiet no frillsdrinkit s certainly a make
basket hm you wanting adrinkm1094: mmhm f1093: are you
okay would you like adrinkm1094: yes f1093: okay i
ve had a few todrinkm818: aye yeah m819: absolutely
a thing like this thedrinkmight be free but you
the english caudle a hotdrinkmixture when people speak of
said can i have adrink[?]mum[/?] f1105: okay m1106 : oh
halp wuid ye hae adrinkna juist tel me tammas
mummy can i have adrinknow please [laugh] m865: [laugh]
sister tess gives della adrinkof the herbal infusion krista
a while john tried todrinkonly in company and in
someone sane in a peacefuldrinkor madder thought still i
ere fither ey nott adrinkor no sae e park
but was used as adrinkor to thin the sowens
me takes a pill adrinkswallows beth reaches for another
as jester s bells idrinkthe dew from a thousand
passin freir s wantin adrinkthe guidman hed a keek
refused his offer of adrinkthe job s yours if
s grandfather often took adrinkthere and would turn to
we went out for adrinktonight and nowhere is open
honey ale as a hairstdrinkwhen corn was being cut
you must have had adrinkwhen erm we play canasta
held to be a healthydrinkwhen mabel s parents were
a considerable amount of multinationaldrinkwhisky martini vodka a well
we were out for adrinkwi his friends and there
with a glass i candrinkwith glass now m804: can
he mixed a hot lemondrinkwith sugar then added some
i went oot for adrinkye sat and had a
a free shot wi everydrinkyou bought f1049: i know
for his meikle magnanimitie thendrinkcam wi monie s the
does git awa ye widnaedrinkyer ain mither s blood
elderberry wine wis aye thedrinkfur me the taste surpassin
onybody that was worse fordrinkm999: aye f1001: yer- yersel
the shed onywhere i candrinkin secret i hate mysel
i can sing i candrinkthe hoose dry i m
toasts he tosses back hisdrinkbessie if that loon has
no m815: if you justdrinkloads of it m816: oh
if that was from thedrinkor the other substances [laugh]
foul m815: you would justdrinksomething else if you were
you up the stair sodrinkup now if you re
your sugarpuffs and that youdrinkat the playgroup m1096: we
the off licence and buydrinkbecause everybody knew who you
m lucky you know todrinkout the calcutta cup m608:
m1048: like how could youdrinkthat [?]gads[/?] f1049: constant bottles
there for me for medrinkup f1111: why are you
for mysel that s thedrinkyou see mak s you
and then we had thedrinkdrivin talk f1049: [inhale] yeah
your death have less todrinkhe said to me and
said oh me i cannadrinkit it s ower strong
bit he didna smoke ordrinkaa the same he wisna
his siller he split thedrinkin twa haufs in his
husband surely the worse fordrinkat the time served them
i said to them todrinkdeeply of their soul to
hooks to steady myself anddrinkin the scent of them
jug i ll i lldrinkit now i got the
my breath and said mandrinkwill be your death have
sort of like the icedrink[inaudible] like slush puppies or
telt mi hur or thedrinkstew she s the best
of prosecutions of incidents ofdrinkdriving when compared with the
names for the vessels fordrinkand other trade and domestic
different grounds for disqualification indrinkdriving cases it is important
the -ponge is that mydrinkf1125: [inaudible] no for doing
aluminium and iron the idealdrinkfor thirsty horse shoes parched
it the retail unit fordrinkthroughout the kingdom it was
f1144: [laugh] no that idrinkno [laugh] it sounds like
any way nor does shedrinkit loretta suddenly coming to
their vessels except gunlöd thorfinndrinkgunlöd gunlöd throws the horn
of mixture of people anddrinkwine on the side and
sleeper s zone all mendrinkat the pool of dream
baked pizza again and thedrinkflowed freely all in all
only f641: mmhm f640: havedrinkin the house at new
bk launches scotland s netionaldrinkchp waïne chp waïne indeed
i i neither turn todrinknor prayer life s best
clock in the morning wedrinkrum toddies alice s favourite
s honey lime and pineappledrinkto the lees to purify
childish to be allowed todrinkalcohol and yet i was
eve not on account ofdrinki assure members other nurses
rest from travel i willdrinklife to the lees and
pair given first chance todrinkat the trough and so
glassy and red rimmed withdrinkbits of pink and white
by shops who sold strongdrinksuch as ale porter and
kai moon has stopped todrinkthe mahout nudges her and
the prosecution of incidents ofdrinkdriving has changed since 1997
executive is taking to tackledrinkdriving over the festive season
the prosecution of incidents ofdrinkdriving s1w 34888 michael matheson
country in the case ofdrinkdriving the other country might
toun mysel includit that didnaedrinkin the up kintra howffs
invitations to the post concertdrinkshould be posted in advance
stew huv yi touched thedrinksince dimps pause fuck sake
example of foregrounding happy valleysdrinkthe sound the rest of
of the basic statutory pintdrinkwas always sold in vessels
quarter of the sixteenth centurydrinkwas certainly being sold in

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