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drog drug drouk drench droundrowndrukken drunken dug dog duin
poor crysanths are like todrowngive over rain that s
droukit a drenched droun vdrowndrowie a foggy drukken a
droukit a soaked droun vdrowndrukken a drunken dryve v
on you re goin todrownliftin a the lifebelts down
the ice breaking i usuallydrowneen twa three a leerie
is weeping day s agendasdrownbalquidder blackie s perspective soft
poisoned bowl to blur anddrownseven golden bowls on a
no cause i won tdrownf1111: [phone rings] just leave the
the water oh he lldrowncan he swim m1098: aye
beyond the harbour bar anddrownthe lot of them freedom
just just too afraid todrown[laugh] f1149: i was quite

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