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impaling stabbing burning stoning crushingdrowningdragging or asphyxiating of any
doubly killed by skewering anddrowningno bubbles rise in wrathful
st colum lord i wasdrowningwhat better can i build
dub shuin pass tentless butterflydrowningin the puddle shoes pass
river spey he wondered ifdrowningwould be quick and painless
eyes lose contact i amdrowningya silly auld soad she
to that rumour like adrowningman lilian you helped to
die as a result ofdrowningrecognises that the withdrawal of
was like watching someone halfdrowningthen swimming with extraordinary power
m going to die bydrowningso f1043: [laugh] f1040: well
why this was he wasdrowningin doubt and the doubt
feel as if i mdrowningmy wife s name was
a man come back fromdrowningoh i feel better for
your child is like [laugh]drowningso f1148: [laugh] [laugh] f1149:

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