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i d say a harmlessdrunkas opposed to a fightin
as opposed to a fightindrunkm1004: yes somebody that s
fightin drunk you say fightindrunkyou get happy drunks and
you do just say fightindrunkyou say fightin drunk you
what aboot ehm attractive unattractivedrunkf1040: bleezin f1041: blootered bleezin
so moody insane attractive pregnantdrunklacking money unattractive left handed
yeah so we ve donedrunkmoody rich left handed unattractive
left handed unattractive lacking moneydrunkpregnant attractive insane moody rain
left handed unattractive lacking moneydrunkpregnant aye i think we
m999: no m1002: no f1053: drunkm999: bleezin fu m1002: bleezin
their da wid be bleezindrunkonywye like eneuch he d
erm what else lacking moneydrunkpregnant have we done enough
would describe as probably beingdrunkdrunk f1027: and if you
didn t mind him beingdrunkdrunk he slept no clamping
describe as probably being drunkdrunkf1027: and if you would
t mind him being drunkdrunkhe slept no clamping of
heard blootered meaning drunk meaningdrunkm1004: aye naw eh yes
a- also heard blootered meaningdrunkmeaning drunk m1004: aye naw
cried crustily mr jones thedrunkand the house of fraser
before a thousand times thedrunkbeside mr jones hiccuped again
mair fur me responded thedrunkcheerily john jones concentrated hard
mr jones s pew thedrunkwith the tartan ferrets round
yeah ehm what about erdrunkgeorge m1004: [cough] well we
use those different words fordrunkm1004: oh yeah oh yeah
just gone on them erdrunkstotious f1005: steamin steamin m1004:
aye we had stoatin m1022: drunkf1018: sozzled m1020: we had
m1020: when a man sdrunkf1054: what about m1020: he
m1020: eh f1018: er f1054: drunksomebody had [inaudible] m1020: aye
f1026: [laugh] f1027: [laugh] f1054: drunkgood that s a good
that s right aye nodrunkno f1026: yes yes f1027:
you can get like happydrunkright what would the word
f1006: mm well a happydrunks usually i d say
somebody there s a happydrunkyou say somebody s happy
it also refers to adrunkdon t know why f1054:
uh huh m1010: aye f1054: drunkf1011: sozzled m1010: aye m1013:
i seen him ye knowdrunkf1054: mmhm that s grand
was me one story odrunkf1054: yeah okay what aboot
s another one [laugh] f1054: drunks a good one we
the toffs f1054: what abootdrunkthat s a good one
f1054: ah not just fordrunkyeah m1021: blooter f1054: okay
for money she was sodrunkas to be quite incoherent
s pissed he never getsdrunkhoo d ye get money
glaik from forfar often halfdrunkand always wholly daft he
he must have been halfdrunkand he was trying to
startled officials to down halfdrunkcups of stewed tea and
van job between a halfdrunkteenage boy and a terrified
on his left by adrunkand on his right by
left in the bowl wasdrunkwhen the brose had been
whistle chips don t getdrunkan swear ah love ye
certainly ma mates never getdrunkand fall asleep cause that
of revenge was to getdrunkat weddings and staff functions
at a hotel and getdrunkbut you re not holden
go to the garage getdrunkcause i m not in
means you get very verydrunki suppose it comes from
get steady i m toodrunki told you i musnt
drink that is to getdrunkit s f-f-f- m815: no
if you were gonna getdrunkm816: absolutely foul what the
comes to dating or getdrunkor experiment with glue or
don t don t getdrunkwi oh oh but when
s a funny kind ofdrunkyou get it s not
enter berna she s verydrunkberna whaurs mah laddie he
rate which even the verydrunkcan achieve when instinct says
street very dirty and verydrunkmuch in the style of
a blood sugar problem getsdrunkon red wine very very
to one fight steamin verydrunktawse strap used in scottish
have we done enough ondrunkdo you think i don
f1009: yes m1055: [inhale] ehmdrunkoh we- we ve done
life she was certainly neverdrunkthat i ever heard o
takes on macdiarmid and hisdrunkman in a turning of
the cosmological ones in adrunkman looks at the thistle
yin s hert in adrunkman looks at the thistle
s brus to macdiarmid sdrunkman that played to a
got so many words fordrunki wonder why that is
start aff wi words fordrunkthen i think that s
muckle bowl efter he ddrunkaff a dizzen bowls less
i m a wee bitdrunki d just like to
my father till he gotdrunki d wait till doomsday
back till late she ddrunkthe gin though it tasted
been cause there he ddrunkthe milk and he d
doctor s gaen an gottendrunkye d think he did
in the beer garden gettingdrunkyes that s right it
black andy is three daysdrunkaucholzie aultonrea glen muick the
they had neither eaten nordrunkfor two days seƱor blanquerna
the most common ones fordrunkthese days do you know
s a sort of erdrunkand loose and bad they
said he got erm suitablydrunker to make up for
oh my gracious you redrunkagain m1132: [laugh] [laugh] [laugh]
how many of you havedrunkdrive [inhale] [laugh] f1049: [laugh]
pam let s start withdrunk[laugh] f1023: [laugh] f1024: [laugh]
doubt we ll jus- f1024: drunk[laugh] f1023: [laugh] f1025: [laugh]
really frightening when they redrunkm944: like how [laugh] f943:
drunkenness is there an ultimatedrunkword f1025: [laugh] f1024: oot
fairly little groups of fairlydrunkbut good humoured young trekkers
he went oot an gotdrunkas usual i blame his
pillow if he was reallydrunkbut my granny used to
different effects maconochie realised howdrunkhe was and grew eager
he ever saw his ministerdrunkna na he said ony
he tricked hathor into becomingdrunkon red beer which she
the only thing he wasdrunkon was the entertainment prowess
his claes he wis stilldrunkshe said it s a
some of it could bedrunkor used to make buttermilk
to bervie where they gotdrunkand nom roberts and other
my school that like gotdrunkand stole his dad s
div ah no envy yedrunkaye wi flouers butterflies joukin
not recognise in this companydrunkf1009: oh i didn t
bit weasly an [censored: forename] wasdrunkand she went in front
as guinness she could havedrunkhim to the lees poison
the river she was frozendrunkmiserable and she had lost
athoot punch she s sooydrunkshe s been it the
a says jinty wiz adrunkshut yer face says she
5 of the city wasdrunkstoned or both i also
the waashin the tea madedrunkah waant the slammin o
drink that s made thaimdrunkhaes made me bauld it
exhalation of breath that thedrunkmade seemed to be manufacturing
when i wasn t thatdrunkand i was comin in
market but we hadn tdrunkafter noticing that the plastic
dinner at which they haddrunkthe health of lord mansfield
inside they were loud anddrunkand moved en masse like
called the court officer thedrunkbeside john jolted alive like
here like a setterday nichtdrunksae up i jumpt an
ye ok pal wheezed thedrunkwid ye like a wee
eyes hooded with suspicion onedrunksnarled at them before staggering
read the one about thedrunkwoman it happened in this
liquid the liquid was thendrunkhare soup was another favourite
ties was knotted around thedrunks adam s apple its
with someone erm was disgustinglydrunkso basically was sitting on
tae sink an the liquiddrunkas het s possible addin
re gold embossed granda sdrunkthe punch every drop and
despite liz niven s bolddrunkwumman there would appear to
door every other night pisseddrunkan skint pat you an
flamenco kicking legs drops alldrunksqueezed flat mother fruit you
feirt afraid fir stoatin sodrunkthat you are unsteady on
some soldiers and a mildlydrunkgroup of singers after some
bad image associated with adrunkstaggering about the street and
sense of something eaten ordrunkalong with plain food to
bon to be eaten ordrunkwith milk and applied to
drouthie cronies we baith haedrunkthair health aw thir braw
roared the court officer thedrunkhiccuped and wiped a handful
see that scottish chappie isdrunkjonsar wis wearin a tartan
be a grubby middle ageddrunklying on the pavement in
a bunch o sort odrunkmen that are in there
castle enter a porter slightlydrunkthere is knocking offstage porter
bink in new baffs thatdrunktramp dozing on a bench
tables in extracted fae adrunkwumman sittin oan a thistle

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