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droun v drown drukken adrunkendryve v drive dubs n
drouk drench droun drown drukkendrunkendug dog duin done dule
drowie a foggy drukken adrunkendubs n mud duin v
drouth n thirst drukken adrunkenduds n rags dug n
i suppose you thought stupiddrunkenbitch i can write what
more to add that stupiddrunkenbitch you wrote about was
snail trailing over the tiltingdrunkenwaves a donkey drinks from
it again zeb you stupiddrunkenold woman you ll spoil
in the middle of adrunkenlecture y don t need
a new muin s lipdrunkenlaughter cups float in the
with its twisted frame anddrunkenbricks of glass refracting light
read demetrius at a semidrunkenmidsummer evening s reading of
we indulged in some fairlydrunkenchaotic and innovative country dancing
picture of him in adrunkensleep waking every so often
an try t maak mydrunkeneen fin dir focus d
in finnish for being adrunkensot then left he seemed
a precious cargo to thatdrunkencrew jack and deana have
from side to side likedrunkenskippers in convoy around the
and yet too james loveddrunkennights like this and dens
but it was full ofdrunkenswedish teenagers on school outings
mind or an outrageous occasionaldrunkenmob or predatory cat i
i have them both thatdrunkenswine abandoned her then beaumont
tae chaw him the nestydrunkengrissly breet that he wis
the subterranean coils of hisdrunkenneighbour s digestive organs silence

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