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it in paris in 1549dubellay defends french from the
throwing yourself over a cliffdubellay had used the image
preface as a direct inspirationdubellay had written the defence
chicago in the film versiondubellay one of james major
in europe with writers likedubellay whom james mentions in
facile pour un ex parlementairedusnp de trouver du travail
le président j ai trouvédutravail durant les années 1980
en ecosse j ai trouvédutravail en tant que directeur
parlementaire du snp de trouverdutravail ici en ecosse j
fur da peerie grice tinksduhit s no raelly dat
mind dey wir sib tinksduir we related da idder
international poetry nicht see whitdutinks aa da best an
is nordern europe se whitdutinks aa da best christine
23rd july hi alan tinksduwid we need ta get
aa tried it an widdubelieve weel i daresay du
mitten oh mitten whaar isdubön du s dat tin
like du didna ken whanduborrowed da money ta buy
artificial fertilisers and the likedudidna ken whan du borrowed
as dis itime tym didduevir tink it du wid
day fur da vet indugengs du s as fat
pipes an der cables anduhaes ta watch when du
it du wid be quharduis noo quhan du wis
sets in da bucket atdukens what du s doin
dee du peerie trooker idderwisedull no win trowe wir
be half portions fur deedupeerie trooker idderwise du ll
da vet in du gengsdus as fat as a
mitten whaar is du böndus dat tin mam shö
bucket at du kens whatdus doin or dey ll
du haes ta watch whendusets in da bucket at
unmade bed mam cam indusoodna be in dere du
du soodna be in dereduvagaboond come on dis is
did du evir tink itduwid be quhar du is
du believe weel i daresayduwidna but we could aa
quhar du is noo quhanduwis peerie a peerismoori te
but it wis a pullducould feel trow dy airms
dy name dis leirsman wangdus efter isna yon da
s grown up mi jeweldusall makk dy mark in
swittle trowe dy fingers isduseeks as eence i sought
trowe through dy your familiarduyou familiar do een
in dy your harned hardenedduyou familiar een o one
le las les un unedude la des mon ma
abandoned psychiatric ward les fieursdumal forest of fragile flowers
price for transformation les fleursdumal looking in through the
plus modernes nous devons faireduprogrès les petits enfants possèdent
shetlander no 109 20 whanduborrowed da money ta buy
aafil fine da streen doesduno tink at da shetlan
here noo i tink whitdus suggestin will do fine
upo his back lowrie doesdutink i could hae some
i da borroo ertie doesdutink i could hae some
said da peerie grice doesdutink i could hae some
le gaélique nous sommes membresduparlement le plus jeune et
peerie hoose wi ya datdutruly can said jeemie but
hoose wi ya dat candusaid ertie dir some fine
hoose wi ya dat candusaid lowrie an he took
wis med dat day atdukent whin shö cam hit
hadd tagidder dat day atdupressed mair is da half
dee bring alang onybody elseduwants in dat line a
m caald an weet anducould makk me a scaar
m caald an weet anducould makk me a scaar
m caald an weet anducould makk me a scaar
naethin quo lu da juistduhaud on dir s ten
lack cries lu da dosduken wha a am at
touchin it says lu dadull dae it dysel as
naethin rairs lu da gindus gaein awa get awa
ye gaun maister jin isdushort o rent speirs lu
bosom kittle tickle tang seaweedduyou familiar gies gives tae
hit wis da hidmost timedud feel da lichtness at
[censored: emailaddress] hello alan foo isdui hoop weel tae da
stupid an he says weeldukens whaar da cod ll
is last year da ringsdumaks spread fast last simmer
i win dere mamduman stow awa apö da
at da shore noo atdus grown up mi jewel
agenst hit bein included ifdus sure hit s da
oot a letter sood bedusays an da een aboot
apö da 23 july doesdustill bide in edinburgh or
inbye da hooses an asduweel kens when you re
een o da eggs atduwid gie her morroless lik
ta buy aa yon hellerydudidna ken whitna godless price
truly can said jeemie butdull hae ta wael oot
o dialect writing i imaginedukens aa aboot hit i
f960: so foo aften doesdugo hom noo f961: no
s juist [?]a mess[/?] f960: isdutried yon [censored: brandname] at everybody
up so f960: oh doesduuh huh f961: and i
f951: whaur s whaur sduat that s that s
huh f951: yeah whaur sdum865: [laugh] f951: but it
yeah yeah f951: whaur sduso children s books i
christine na na lass gyingduahed wi hit an a
title o a file dusduhae ony idea hoop hit
années 1980 mais j aiduquitter l ecosse c était
shooders an he says comeduin lass we ll look
lyin apo me desk doesduken lass sumtyms i do
haand an he says gengduhame mam we re fine
moment important dans l histoireduparlement écossais en fait c
at wir peter what isduboy thirteen year aald an
d feel a föl widnduan onywye why wid you
personal or sic lick widdumind if i sent dem
famous text message whaur isdum865: uh huh where are
express mesell sae weel isduconsidered ony o laureen johnson
ce sujet à l ordredujour nous signalons que notre
l annee but the hogduprojet of course corpora are
s waitin on you gindus comin come awa cries
awa get awa whit sduwaitin on sae auld jin
mind when we were bairnsdumust have done it too
a m tinkin i kendull be missin daniel soetheen
a haena muckle by medus got siller sae gie
fore i wis winderin ifdus sendin onythin in tae
bide in edinburgh or diddumuv tae glasgow a m
the rivers wi the canotsdumaitre the buik is a
whiles wi claes for yeduneedna say a word brither
ye re maister shi thoduhis a guid name at
go home f606: [laugh] f1073: ducan do that ootside the
beauty only age can bringdusits straight backed airms reck
arrived this morning m952: yeahdushould ve taken better weather
tang swills to an frodugies hooseroom tae a swap
right m952: likes o ifduwere sayin somethin ten men
f1074: just loved it f1073: dutook a lot o photo
its acquisition by the muséeduluxembourg in 1891 and its

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