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drums aa draiglit in thedubbyglaur a precious christenin goun
vrocht nae tae plype intaedubbyholes e shafed e cut
wheel his howkit oot adubbypuil far jeelin dyews o
at the waa like thedubbytail o a stirk wheechs
aa their wee toozles odubbyicicles ye could spik aboot
day the sentry o thedubbypark preened tae a timmer
clartit green an black widubbygirse i hae tae rub
a rubbit fortress frae theirdubbylair they reenged ower the
to doze off dreel drilldubbymuddy duds clothes dusty miller
an flingin steens in thedubbywatter she ran throw her
fin thon wis a glaurydubbyhole mind fin anely the
clart wi clay ahin thedubbykirkyaird dyke than yon gweed

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