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say words like beasts andubsan it ll be aright
phrase that means a [?]sharnie[/?]dubsaye it s like scotland
ll be aright [laugh] m842: dubsis a belter f831: dubs
as it s nae [?]sharnie[/?]dubsye ll be aright [laugh]
ye glugger doon sic clortydubsan girse is aa ye
seik o plowterin amang thedubsaw bi yeirsell at first
kintrie plowterin aboot amang thedubsin hir wellington buits ye
dubs is a belter f831: dubsis a good word i
i like dubs aye m842: dubsis an absolute belter there
splyter o wheels bell clortydubslowpit awa as gavin macinnes
cement mixers war laired indubsthe double glazed windaes stackit
elephants laired in the glaurydubsuncle jeems thocht little o
tae the oxters in glaurydubsthe watterbuffalo yarks the ploo
a good word i likedubsaye m842: dubs is an
read it oot f831: [laugh]dubsdid you say dubs [laugh]
you say dubs [laugh] m842: dubsdinnae get it oan yer
[laugh] dubs did you saydubs[laugh] m842: dubs dinnae get
a drunken dryve v drivedubsn mud dug n dog
a foggy drukken a drunkendubsn mud duin v done
to his oxters in sappydubsand he didna fancy that
species tae crawl ooto thedubsan plyter throwe a global
beggars that crawl ben thedubson their knee dysentery cholera
fowk s spikk ooto thedubsan glaur the tcyauve an
glaur a kiss o derkdubsma dearie a poppy o
his touzly coat taiglit widubswee tossils o glaur hingin
gurly spates roart throu thedubshe d guzzle worms an
was a sottar o kirneddubsfar bairns tackety buits hid
throw weety girse the broondubsseep yet the metro s
the beasts the plowter odubsan the coorse uncertainties o
drink an plyterin in thedubswi their muckle hairy feet
glaurie ferm steidin amang thedubsolga she s been wi
them giving us crannie cweetdubsloon low german and dutch
tae spik o e drieddubsaff fool feet an e
fu wi thawin frost andubsthe noo twid freeze a
grubs mosquito larvae in thedubsjist tak a trip oot
fermers ti platch throu thedubswi thair clydesdails an cairties
till her hurdies an thedubslappit ower her feet like
wattir muinlicht drouns in thedubsthe nicht oor boat is
happy as a soo indubssoon asleep he likely thocht
december air heuch wuid lostdubsare threatened by lan souchin
an aften plytered aboot widubsi likit the feel o
we re rowin in thedubsan it s awfae fine
cricket a watter buffalo indubswis battin flees mid wicket

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