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pourin bucketin rainin cats andugsdugs f1054: good dugs f1143:
bucketin rainin cats an dugsdugsf1054: good dugs f1143: i
me an ma twa wallydugsa ll tell ye ma
whit better than twa wallydugsa pair o wally dugs
horses a pair of wallydugsand a mirror over the
are wally dugs yer wallydugsare cheap tae feed they
aw the yin tae wallydugsbut every beastie has its
a healthy pair o wallydugscontent wi nane or muckle
an her elderberry wine wallydugsif ye are thinkin o
yer braw pair o wallydugsmiscellaneous epistle to jimmy mason
s nae response fae wallydugsthey sit there quiet by
dugs a pair o wallydugsye ll find are easy
a bonnie pair o wallydugsyear efter year they winnae
re cleanly beasts are wallydugsyer wally dugs are cheap
you were the buyer nowdugsthey come in a shapes
an dugs dugs f1054: gooddugsf1143: i d say it
bliddy enoff so wad thedugssniffin aboot you cracked hughie
raip an ven dere twadugsstarted sniffin aboot oor erses
wrocht coal for smeekit glescadugsbark a sherp aixe splits
it s rainin cats andugsa doot ye ll get
clappt tae meevin lugs snufflindugsmakk puils at wheelie bins
things wi it things likedugsand cats and wee weans
bit sae wis trainin newdugstae perform auld tricks pat
thraw yeir medicine til thedugsit s nae uiss ti
pairt a pair o fechtindugschorus fa saw the auld
his hame tae bigg whiledugsstravaig tae sniff an pee
loues richt doun til hisdugsor even his pet mouss
gie hir audiscense ein thedugscokkit thair lugs ye ken
by laddies or foxes ordugshe ll curl himsel intae
rinnin aboot aw airts horsesdugsan in the bairns faces
hei wis oot exerceesin hisdugshim an peg hei telt
dae ony o you likedugshe wad speir a pucklie
being passed bi families widugsan bairns an fitbaas pails
keep on knittin fur shetlanddugsan bairns wid come up
cocks ir crawin an thedugsir aw berkin ma brither
faured mongrels is aw cryitdugsthair pedigrees refleks thair monie
muttering gie it til thedugsqueen haud on a meinit
an gie it ti thedugsringan takes the sup and
cuikit twa mappies at thedugshed taen tammas wes nou
step peer in nae twadugson the shelf awthin else
wi a gliff whan hizdugsgied warnishin at ane onkent
ma houss ma neibor sdugsyowl ah dout thon faimlie
bi the airtist stubbs andugsin scenes o hunts or
mine whan he an hisdugsare weel awa i ll
an tryst wi big blackdugsan heich on hin legs
roon us like wi wurdugsan the mithir daein sayin
caam wee a roog odugsand shistit aa d trows
sicht ye can hear thedugsberk in the loans an
shae l set the tarrierdugson ye he leuchit agane
roald dahl and writin aboutdugscoos and bahookies er i

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