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lori ah ken yi staedumbwhen ah m aroond whisperin
the time tae be struckdumbagain oh furget it i
as a moose noo struckdumbbi the verra thocht o
worry aboot he is struckdumbhe is flabbergasted this is
ti praise the mair struckdumbwi admiration he wes the
pepper and pompitie are struckdumbwith concern broun ogre she
slow snowflakes fall like smalldumbgriefs they wet my cheeks
would have been better singingdumbarchie thought at half time
hypnotising the vast majority intodumbunthinking acceptance of all his
same time billy said musinglydumbfuck didn t youse see
bairn met forebear feart andumbwi bluid churnin action fae
think that the laddie wasdumbit s no that he
lanesum houss bi the riverdumbfreinless feedin the murlin years
perhaps i am just beingdumbwhat is the material difference
the door we kin actdumbdinnae answer it an they
like scurries frae the howedumbdeid birth an daith tuik
afore you kings wull staundumban aa kins o fowk
infested sage the cripple sdumbaccusing face the elephant orphanage
an serial killers an thatdumbpresident an that well he
doomed to be deaf anddumbon speaker s corner the

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