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beer can doon the roadduntdunt dunt gaed the beer
can doon the road duntduntdunt gaed the beer can
doon the road dunt duntduntgaed the beer can syne
dunt m1042: to dunt somebodyduntis nae a hard it
dunt means just a gentledunt[laugh] gentle hit [laugh] f1041:
word for that f1041: aduntm1042: to dunt somebody dunt
is nae hard no noduntmeans just a gentle dunt
f1041: a dunt m1042: toduntsomebody dunt is nae a
he keeled ower wi aduntan hit the fleer ay
some files o paperies adunton e fleer fit fell
its branches showdie powdin adunto drillers rivin up the
i ve had mony aduntan it was sair m1042:
was sair m1042: no noduntis nae hard no no
the cart and he wouldduntthe horse like that wi
grey sticky wi swyte archeologistsduntcenturies inno trays barin brittle
wes cawed ajie wi theduntan the puir herd an
in hiz heid a sairdunthe wuidna pley onie mair
the market tuik a sairdunttill fowk lost mind o
ye can whiles get aduntafore the meetin this efterninn
the hen hoose nae taeduntsales wi the kintra lyin
tail his maister s buitsduntsnaa abeen the rug the
gie somebody a a goodduntoh i would think it
an his hairt wis playinduntduntie like fifteen buckets in
lamp an gied it aduntwi hiz buit the licht
been permanently affected by thatduntthe singing note comes and
daisy gaed doon wi aduntan nichered an whinneyied the
even a sclaff or aduntfor your trouble at the
be hard gollerin an pleyinduntwi the duirs ben the
head where i had thatduntand it s swelling all
of an hour while thedunton my head throbbed accompanied
wasn t improving and thedunton my head was still
my companion dazed from adunton the head seeing stars
ma faither wi sic adunthe d ti lay by
left fiona gave him anotherduntare you okay grampa he
i m nae weel postieduntgings the letterbox my fit
ye nyaff or fit skelpduntscrat scram i m the
are na pauchlin pets adunta birl an shair s
tae be killt wi aduntbi dandy an laid oot
ain faith had taen aduntye d been sure o
oot anaa you hear thaimduntthae baldy heidbangeers their pows
go under it and youduntit it might go like
stoor gien wye tae buzzardsdunto mallet chisel rasp o
a speared a goat anitherduntaffa jinty s elba wad

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