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the meen the stars waddwinean the midgard sarpint wad
dusty miller type of primuladwinefail in health dyod god
possibly years watchin my skindwinetae the colour o perchment
haud the fore fin ithersdwinearoon larick an rowan saftly
her lips her flooers willdwineher chikks turn pale the
bo blue afore its petalsdwinethere s naethin here bit
he ll dover no nordwineforbye the lord wha maks
fire o passion has todwineintae the candle flame o
is tae let the leidsdwineand dee 10 professor lo
been in in a langdwinehas aiblins been comin back
while in yer prime taedwineand dee afore yer time
ma hert tae see yedwinetae gie ye jist anither

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