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robin harper s1m 351 beaufortsdykedisturbance lodged on 2 december
s1m 351 alex fergusson beaufortsdykedisturbance that the parliament recognises
underwater cables through the beaufortsdykeregion of the irish sea
waitter owre the stane mairchdykefrae maislee ligs the wudburn
the maislee wudburn mairch stanedykeraxes doun til the borth
the wudburn maislee mairch stanedykewullie blackie left the schuil
whit wis the stane mairchdykeatween whit yaised tae bei
traivel forrit for ilka mairchdykeo experience we gie thanks
she turned tae lowp thedykean she cleared it like
tried hard tae lowp adykebut tummlt an wi that
man lowp owre a drystanedykeeftir daein nae mair nor
queen ye dinna lowp thedykeo circumstance an yet she
slap in the auld stanedykeabune the glen tae luik
myle o guid dray stanedykebene spulyiet fur stane sae
it wur owre the stanedykefrae the ludge gairden on
stane chippers chakkt atap thedykewhen a roe buck drank
and poked aboot the frostydykebut nae use my pail
orra pail back o thedykefar dreams aroon her tummle
tap ere s a steendykean a railin an syne
girse or a lang steendykeere s nae mony fowk
haiv t ower a steendyketeem t intill e can
roon t wis a steendykewi square openins for drainage
an aabody tummelt ower thedykean gaed ahin whi n
awa sits doon ahin thedykenae gweed ava tuesday 3
bad day ata ahin thedykesits doon the sna saturday
clay ahin the dubby kirkyairddykethan yon gweed dominie wi
i crossed e aal faildykeat a gate an geed
left though wis e faildykeat lay roon aboot e
braid gress verge atween thedykean the road up the
the sun traivelt dyke owerdykebirslin the deid gress gowden
cooried in agin the sanddyketae mak a guid poseetion
hid a lean agin thedyketae the richt o big
the back an aw thedykewis haudin up weel agin
roond the ootsides o thedykean aw the time the
roond the ootside o thedykeit micht help tae keep
an dab it intae adykeroond the edge o the
roond the fit o thedykewhan the first wee wavie
in scotland the sun traiveltdykeower dyke birslin the deid
plan wis tae mak thedykeas thick an strang as
glow the waddin ring adykebaith strang and stoot keepin
keep the kye ahint thedykecos here comes joan on
snatchin time hidden ahint thedykegit yursell up della wull
awa an hide ahint adykeif ye re feart frae
the yowes fell owre thedykean hurt its leg an
coontin yowes lowpin owre adykebut eftir ah coont thrie
buss o ivy happit thedykeaneth him minnie luikit ower
car his slipped ower thedykedidnae see the frost sparklin
panser at set ower thedykei the guise fank an
an aik raxxin ower thedykein kilrogie wids frae the
the hill an ower thedykeisie wis first ower the
isie wis first ower thedykepechin her reid pleat stottin
trysted him tae mend thedykethat rins oot ower the
stoats we slippet ower idykethrough coorse thistles reeshlin stalks
i sat doun by thedykeback whaur a hawthorn made
a sheep sat by adykeits woolly stare was like
abyne tarlan crossroads past thedykethat faither sat on as
the verra steens o thedykewar spirkit wi reid in
it pinned me to adykeall fell silent the singing
anent the rowan by thedykethe morn we baith sal
the fit o the langdykefergie dunlop s wee bit
rain pours frae the langdykehe kyths ferr awa in
time on be anither langdykerisin aa e time till
an auld tin pot thedykethat wis bigged lang syne
keep e beas aff edykeitsel aa es mint ere
rashy bauk an doun thedykeback cam a roe wi
the panser dingin doun thedykeroun the fank plewin throu
back again tae mak thedykeship shape wi aye an
the neeps frae yont thedykehowk them oot wi muckle
the corbie watches frae thedykein time he swallas aa
other side of a drystonedykehola buenos dias i m
the other side a thedykeso s we could huv
faur side o the damdykewhile wull mick an mysel
at the back o adykean grat cause they didna
rig sae minnie lowpit thedykean ran tae the back
the park hard teetle thedykeat the back o the
at the back o adykehe d turn in his
at e back o adykemaybe jist wi ae straan
yirdy wames back o thedyketwa fauld wi an auld
dough she dauchles bi thedyketae dicht the stoor fae
bi rag nailed thoombs thedykethat keeps the girse fae
at the fit o thedykean pyntit the flame at
tae big pairt o edykebit a twa three wis
kerb thare wis a weedykewi airn pailins on the
yokit in tae big adykeo sods an stanes across
sae ye maun bigg yerdykeafore ye plant yer crap
the haugh burn an thedykeneuk wi the tractor thinkin
like a flicht o doosdykein a clarty airt liftin
was set up on thedykeoutside to dry my mother
mrs mcfarlane from over thedykebeckoned to mrs macdonald and
sitting alone on the schooldykeat break time with his
my ain but still thedykestauns arrow straucht an stoot
draiggled petticoats she climmed thedykeat sic a rate she
which once applied to adykeat the high water mark
hum of hazy insects thedykebehind composing july s epitaph
bounded by a low mossydykewith the long glistening furrows
had to take on drystonedykework getting up before dawn
goin like snow off adykeand it wasnae her f010:
meant a puddle er adykefor a wall f1054: mm
rounders football hoosies using adyketo put pretend utensils on
as wynd alley byde wyfedykecry and ly lie are

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