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dutch windmill in overdrive anearnestyoung man appeared from an
ahint him it s maearnesthowp ye ll accep him
for for fun turnet intillearnestfor i feenisht up as
anaith underneath antrin occasional arlesearnestmoney at that atween between
long grey beard benign andearneston a mission through the
small plump englishwoman blond andearnestas a six former a
muscle building course begins inearnesttomorrow i ve bought myself
tiered system which emerged inearnestaround the end of last
needit for it s maearnesthowp ye ll len yir
pure ordinances it s maearnesthowp ye ll ha an
saturday night the author searnestcry and prayer address of
twaddle but in its ownearnestway it was an attempt
in my life life becameearnestit was called growing up
demand though it s yourearnestwish it s nae the
maister winna tak it inearnestwe ll try a bit

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