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s have a look f1122: earsears ears ears f1121: the
have a look f1122: earsearsears ears f1121: the ears
a look f1122: ears earsearsears f1121: the ears that
m1094: but but she [inaudible]earsf1093: her ears isna going
look f1122: ears ears earsearsf1121: the ears that s
right what colour s hisearsf1122: pink f1121: pink ears
got what s this hereearsf1122: the ears i can
together well done f1122: hisearshis ears we need f1121:
this here ears f1122: theearsi can t see [inaudible]
no i i just myearsis okay f1113: your ears
ears is okay f1113: yourearsis okay f1114: here roll
she [inaudible] ears f1093: herearsisna going in she s
f943: [laugh] young ears youngearsoh [laugh] m944: be quiet
ears ears ears f1121: theearsthat s right what colour
done f1122: his ears hisearswe need f1121: where s
ears f1122: pink f1121: pinkearswow f1122: mum can you
t sure f943: [laugh] youngearsyoung ears oh [laugh] m944:
mickey mouse watch mickey searsclicking on and off with
s that that s mickeyearslook m1110: that s nae
fitt s that nae mickeyearswh- m1110: that [inaudible] up
fowk aboot for thoosans oearsafore at sometimes i tak
mony thoosans an thoosans oearsseen i took a closer
no f1114: bookies in myearsf1113: no you get wax
dead drones opaque through waxearsi m happiest mute stalker
you get wax in yourearsnow do you want to
clip that mum out myearsf1097: oh woah woah woah
puts his hands over hisearsharry yeuch yeuch yeuch rowland
m1092: my lugs and myearsf1091: yer een and yer
what s this m1092: myearsf1091: your lugs and your
f1091: your lugs and yourearsm1092: my lugs and my
plants and the walls haveearsterrific the new father in
the house tops walls haveearsthis could bring the house
billy said the walls huvearsyou have plants and the
puts her hands over herearsit diminuendoes slowly wail by
her hands away from herearswee andy puts his thumb
freezing hands together rubbed ourearsgazed up at the southern
has her hands over herearsi tiptoe over to the
with her hands over herearsopting out of coping abandoning
and her hands are overearswee andy sees her and
will mam clean oot yourearsf1114: [exhale] [exhale] my ear
want to clean out yourearsf1114: [?]what's this?[/?] yes f1113: yes
and mum will clean yourearsf1114: where s the football
we ll check oot yourearslet me see [inaudible] clean
msps it seems that ourearsand eyes are too delicate
stick your fingers in yourearsand shut your eyes so
depends on the eyes andearsof the beholder the convener
have to put on theearsto be the bunny f1122:
need f1121: where s hisearsat then let s have
[inaudible] f1121: well they needearsto hear with as well
now that s aa theearsdone okay f1114: [child noises] [music from a toy]
ain f1113: mummy do herearsf1114: yes f1113: now are
is that tickles in yourearsf1114: yes [laugh] f1113: alright
what s sore f1114: yourearsit s okay i m
nae a book in yourearsno f1114: bookies in my
and do you shave yourearsas well as well as
wee bittie water in yourearsgo like this and it
m holding them f1113: myearsis okay [laugh] mmhm your
the wind would freeze yourearsoff monday 5 december i
together has anyone seen myearsi know they re hiding
call now rang in myearsalmond harvesting can be a
latin coming out of myearsalthough it has not come
noses an rings in theirearsan oh my good- wondered
like pirhannas wove around myearsan open razor rubbed against
distant niagara sounds in myearsand an ambulance siren wails
bores its way through myearsand churns up the contents
muttered to himself but myearsare sharp is sewage really
s sonorous tune into myearsas whirlpools suck the sea
don t know if myearscan bear it there are
war two i cocked myearsfor here was racy real
you d jump between myearssquat in my inner landscape
swarm like hornets in myearsunlike the michie machine my
the departure lounge so myearswere ok nova scotia looks
aff bi hert aa thaimearsafore an whit hei hez
syne telt this tale fiftyearsafore she wis coortin great
and moons flapped her enormousearsand curled her trunk up
wet white towel around herearsand looped it up on
nails were loam her shellearshungered for words of warmth
year old daughter cocked herearsin alarm for all her
and sulky almost vulnerable herearslook naked with her hair
lyke you nanse feels herearspointing to his feet ah
is seen washing behind itsearsit is going to rain
good stop playing wi yerearsm1108: and [censored: forename] just comes
sadie lumbago finally reached yerearsthen steyin unless you d
always put bubbles over ourearsf1111: mmhm f1112: they do
and beastie have the sharpestestearsin the house and we
chuck stane burn synds hisearsan hert ah fairlie envy
are pulled up to hisearsand he stamps from foot
late to stop the takingearsblocked to his cries the
his collar turned up hisearsmuffled in a scarf andrey
wiping the pickings from hisearson the arm of his
creating drift up into hisearsthe dishes were irrelevant when
yob pill popping between hisearsthere s a row of
a smile what about hisearswhat numbers did he use
lee fillin yur heids anearswi his fancy moothwork jilly
what seemed to our ignorantearsconsiderable skill natasha s flat
the art of wiggling ourearsfor example so we have
and we ll do ourearslike this one hand up
f1112: [inaudible] f1111: do ourearswhere are you going f1112:
in their head between theirearseating i think it is
nowadays humans with their mobileearsand their lap taps and
wind pours into their hiddenearsdark night of the hen
out of their mouths andearslittle red riding hood s
s screech ringing in theirearsnoo sirs settle doun settle
s asperity derides their coveredearsthe passing quick disdain this
that but they are shapelyearsworth showing off but vulnerable
o thair bairns the warearsithoot doot brocht aboot its
aboot find this rabbit searsm1096: erm farr s f1095:
of cornfields rustling in itsearsmouse fur in its hearth
are talkin soft in maearsliftin away ma fears as
ma angels were feedin maearswi ungodly lies tae lift
beas maybe ower hunners oearsnae at e pastures were
geed it till s fiftyearsago great auntie lizzie and
sound odd to people searsbecause what they were actually
the haill toun by theearsilka nicht there s fechting
voice doon margaret s gotearslike fuckin radar even if
maggoty business the hare searsquiver with cold in spider
smiley dogs with loppy stroppyearsshoreline s getting serious bobbers
tap kai moon s scabbyearsthat flap like rudders in
harrow och jimmy dae oorearsdeceive us can it be
days o the first fyowearso the 1900s things got
macbeth gin a haed thrieearsa d hear ye 2nd
hid wirkit es moss forearse kin o e peat
deen aifter a lot oearsan at left space enyeuch
park ower a lot oearsas it wis tilled an
eez byke a hullock oearson i wis hyowin wi
to the purity of chasteearsyet seeing she was to
to the purity of chasteearsyet shein- seeing she was
a scottish accent though f1037: earsobviously i know i agree
live in the mouths andearsof the people in germany
hev gain aff owre theearsat same lyke carin concern

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