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burgh toun for eattocks tieasethe drams doun says shi
greens an ither eattocks tieasethe drams doun the barman
a hunder odd geese tieasethe drams doun at the
see twa selves ane ateaseon shores deep in massacred
this pompitie an it wuleaseyeir dule ah m vext
said she an it wuleaseyeir dule syne pompitie flew
they pit s at wireasegreetin s wi a dobry
straddling the high wire witheasesafe behind closed doors and
deil was yerkit frae hiseasetae pass new entrants needin
ti gar ye feel ateasewhaure er ye finnd yeirsell
to get people feelin ateaseand to just get like
a staun or tak maeasenithin s ivver been held
lip malcolm looks ill ateasemalcolm eilidh s aye been
up i m ill ateasesaturday 24 temp 0 4
or teacher feeling ill ateasesecondly we need to encourage
noo aa at eence ateasei div feel friday 16th
you ever feel at yereaseno able tae scart when
might never again feel theeaseof my early encampment but
workin day i feel ateasesunday 17 temp 6 19
in simmer attire feel ateasethursday 6 temp 11 19
stretches rubs her side toeasepain in her ribs still
a uniformed officer standing ateasenear us arms behind back
waiting for the rain toeaseand relishing the euphoria of
neen ower dry rain diseaseas the day wears bye
daen sumhin or ither taeeasethe social burdens on societie
answer that the position shouldeasein the very near future
lineage of high scholarship witheaseand through the 1970s especially
ance did faither at hiseasehimsel demean an throu thon
as toast ye tak yereaseauld davie s gyte fou
a halflin i stravaiged ateasei daunced or dauchled ben
fauldit pinions he tuik hiseasewhile twa three minions were
provide joined up services toeasethe burden on these young
card pilot to restrict theeasewith which young people can
hus ower scots is thieasewi speakers o othir varieties
i can do stand ateaseand bend my knees salute
in in put people ateasebut then by the time
may we recline at oureasein the hallow of hallows
won the first set witheasethe normally victorious me at
and put them at theireasewhen he stopped t wogan
it might be helpful foreaseof access to include page
ti slip the blindfold dooneaseit bit bi bit robby
inside e coo tryin taeeasee backlins calfie oot e
a s a e foreaseof reply containing a pro
bent ma erse wi perfecteasean roon aboot did swarm
ye re no here taeeasema sufferin he was lord
your arthritis gives you someeaseit is a very painful
tae wi my knife taeeaseoot the heuk it wis
get down with too mucheaseand eh and then he
with anything like my previouseasea series of powerful dreams
let it out with aneaseerm it s an in-
and re sorted with maximumeasethe most time consuming aspect
to the piano with nonchalenteaseto request our favourite a
or label a technique foreaseof reference or imitation questions
arrangements would allow teachers toeaseout of full time posts
that your work load shouldeaseoff now i hope it
has also been given toeaseof reading comprehension and performance
the opportunity for broader communicationseaseof trade business travel and
important just to sort ofeaseyourself into it and mm
key reasons must be theeaseof comprehensibility it has for
burnie far it takks itseasethey tell the finest story
adequately funded proposals that willeasethe pressure on hard pressed

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