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m1070: crawl about do theyeatanything f1071: um yeah they
eat pineapples f1071: no theyeatbananas yep yep m1070: can
what kinna food do theyeatf1071: [drawing noise] [drawing noise] m1070: what
what kinna food do theyeatf1071: [drawing sounds] ehm ehm i
s off her m1070: youeatmummy s do you f1071:
m1070: yeah f1071: sometimes ieatmummy s off her m1070:
s do you f1071: ieatmummy s toasts with peanut
m1070: no you don teatnuts do you f1071: nup
they eat m1070: do theyeatpineapples f1071: no they eat
anything f1071: um yeah theyeatsome food m1070: what kinna
f1071: you ve seen meeatsome peanut butter before haven
yep yep m1070: can theyeatbananas can they what else
what kind of food theyeatm1070: do they eat pineapples
an canna eat some wadeatbit wint it bit we
be strong and when youeateat eat eat so much
strong and when you eateateat eat so much you
and when you eat eateateat so much you get
mouth f1113: where does heeathis food f1114: eat see
f1113: [inaudible] ah don teatit you don t eat
does eat oats little lambseativy a kid will eat
eat ivy a kid willeativy too wouldn t you
eat your little finger f1115: eatmy finger ow ow ow
the a r p mareseatoats and does eat oats
mares eat oats and doeseatoats little lambs eat ivy
eat it you don teatplay doh yuck f1114: yuck
he eat his food f1114: eatsee the [?]vegetables[/?] in the
when you eat eat eateatso much you get stronger
some hae meat an cannaeatsome wad eat bit wint
to eat them up f1111: eatthem f1112: uh huh f1111:
we- we re going toeatthem up f1111: eat them
f1116: dad i m gonnaeatyour little finger f1115: eat
in the powers material thateatand drink and love beget
can bring along something toeatand drink and make friends
there always had something toeatand drink at bedtime this
tak thair steid an theyeatdrink an sleep anaw an
fowk here dis naething buteatdrink an sleep syne they
lovely dinner turkey plenty toeatdrink i get a nice
water like every time ieatevery time i drink i
sure what they drink aneathusnae been bewitched berna staggers
aff there s naething toeator drink left in the
politeness when offered something toeator drink that you took
a day i could noteator drink without help or
she krista wis broken widnaeeatwidnae drink widnae sleep pause
eggs in it you couldnaeeatit m1108: yum f1107: you
shirt f1107: d- oh dinnaeatmair o that raw stuff
i like s- can ieatmy syrup f1107: no nae
mam i like can ieatsome f1107: erm a little
will we m1108: can ieatsome f1107: no cause it
t it m1108: let seatsome f1107: not yet m1108:
be nice m1108: can ieatsome o this bits f1107:
f1107: mmhm m1108: can ieatsome o this f1107: just
f1107: biscuits and did youeatthe biscuits m1108: aye f1107:
aye can i can ieatthis bit f1107: is he
tea or coffee and theneatany food that you ve
food but you know weeatdon t we now if
a when you started toeatfood f1112: what s that
how we get children toeatfood that does not comprise
maybe go in and justeatthe food an tell them
of food do bouncy tiggerseatwhat do tiggers like to
what would you like toeatwhat s your favourite food
uh uh what him gonnaeatf1091: i don t know
a wolf he s gonnaeatgrandma m1108: why he is
[laugh] you re blatantly gonnaeatit all anyway so why
they are are you gonnaeatit f1122: mm no i
fitt s that ain gonnaeatlook this ain no wait
erm no i m gonnaeatmine mm mm mm f1121:
scheme gonna watch a videoeatsome crisps harne afore it
f1091: [inhale] he s gonnaeatthem m1092: uh huh f1091:
you f1122: i m gonnaeatthis ain f1121: are you
f1116: [laugh] i m gonnaeatyou f1115: it s delicious
you d like something toeatbeth sadie will i fix
f1142: i want something toeatbut i don t want
to go for something toeatbut i mean it is
[inaudible] i want something toeatf1091: eh [inaudible] manny now
got something for him toeatf1103: mm f1104: [exhale] [laugh]
the horsie wants something toeatf1103: oh fitt does he
go and get something toeatf1118: no [laugh] f1117: i
hae to hae something toeatfor your supper f1102: no
you ll get something toeathalfway out of the front
got something for him toeati ve got something for
if i wanted something toeati would possibly have to
of tea with something toeatin return they got a
something but nae if youeatit oot the tub urgh
they doing having something toeatm1110: no [?]that boy, that girl, a boy that's a lady and a man.[/?] f1109: a
cause if you go andeatsomething and then you get
they could find something toeatthey had neither eaten nor
of them have something toeattoo bessie and loretta are
go and get something toeatyou wanting crisps or something
mannie look him gaun toeatf1127: aye him s turned
moves he s gaun toeathim and go rrr yums
[inaudible] i m gaun toeatsome and another little bit
bonny m1128: him gaun toeatthe mannie look him gaun
i m just gaun toeatthree of them [exhale] goodbye
gie me the boak gauneatup i hope ye choke
ah m no gaun tieatye cum oot o thare
f1125: try one right f1126: eatf1125: right we dinna need
bein biled ava we dinnaeatgreat birds in scotland insteid
like i bet you dinnaeatit either i says an
right ooh [inaudible] ye dinnaeatmargarine cause it s nae
ye dinna like i winnaeatnoodle soup it minds me
one [inaudible] the line dinnaeatthem f1095: no you canna
so we dinna we dinnaeatturkey for our breakfast f1104:
no f1142: [inaudible] f1141: dinnaeatwith your mouth full please
gan to nae gan toeataa them are ye f1126:
was what enabled them toeatand stay warm but it
let them set you caneatfitt s in the f1118:
ll just leave them toeatin peace will we eh
keep them good do youeatmany sweeties and i said
bairns we pick blackberries andeatthem 30 tuesday dad is
you going to manage toeatthem aa f1130: who who
a sair belly if youeatthem all by yourself cover
it ask for more andeatthem all even in this
whole lot and you couldeatthem all if you wanted
ve got two you cannaeatthem all you ll get
ower an took them aneatthem an that was it
i m no supposed taeeatthem at aa go on
½d but you had toeatthem at once or the
rough against the tongue theyeatthem by the crackle of
be nae well if youeatthem cause they re nae
right mm m1110: can ieatthem f1109: you can have
so we are going toeatthem f1111: no we re
i m not going toeatthem f1112: no it no
so i tended not toeatthem f718: probably alright actually
on the table f1118: [inaudible]eatthem i put them in
rolls aye cause you caneatthem in the car while
[laugh] f640: and ye couldeatthem [laugh] f637: [laugh] f638:
is that why you dinnaeeatthem [laugh] m942: they knew
f1103: mm you tried toeatthem mm f1104: sorry mummy
didn t know whether taeeatthem or just keep them
them f1095: no you cannaeatthem the noo you ll
almost cold so he caneatthem very quickly thinking about
the table for them toeatthey re haein a one
a sair belly if youeattoo much of them eh
whole her ma said elleneatyour greens she changed them
fitt does he want toeatf1104: he wants some s-
f1104: no he wants toeatsome chicken dominoes f1103: chicken
dominoes f1103: he wants toeatsome dominoes f1104: no he
need always f1103: did youeatsome turkey yesterday f1104: yes
f1103: oh [?]gentian[/?] going toeatthe leaves f1104: yep there
i telt ye nae toeatyour toys f1104: [child noises] [inaudible]
round to your house toeata meal that d be
you took so long toeataa your breakfast and aa
isn t it did youeatall your all you chips
yogurt f1141: you have toeatall your dippers f1142: i
[laugh] f833: but apparently yeeateight spiders in your lifetime
what do you want toeatfor your dinner f1114: muck
f718: so what did youeatin your household then f1077:
your homework on the traineaton the train f807: [laugh]
i jimmy i ll justeatthe last of your chocolate
f1114: [inaudible] f1113: did youeatup all your apple downstairs
s that f1113: did youeatyour apple f1114: yes f1113:
f1142: aye f1141: [inaudible] [inaudible]eatyour beans you had a
you took so long toeatyour breakfast m1096: [humming] f1095:
time you ve got toeatyour breakfast quick got to
see it watch it doesnaeatyour carrot m1132: [exhale] [inaudible]
pram f1141: come on noweatyour chicken dippers [?]behind[/?] your
f1121: well aye if youeatyour chocolate bar first and
s good for you youeatyour crusts at playgroup don
s so spotless you couldeatyour dinner off the floor
oot or else they lleatyour fingers as well for
on tues midnight archie mcphersoneatyour heart out and scotland
to change my claes youeatyour sandwich f1134: [inaudible] [inaudible]
on the bike and theneatyour sweetie f1136: uh huh
know have i have toeatall these f1121: well you
mummy that looks good toeatf1121: mm it does doesn
what do bunnies like toeatf1122: carrots f1121: aye f1122:
does the pussycat like toeatf1122: ehm a fish f1121:
f1122: mm no i lleatmy pink one f1121: mm
that f1122: i want toeatthis f1121: what is it
does a horse like toeat[toy says 'well done'] f1122: grass f1121: grass
wool f1105: what does heeatm1106: wool f1105: wool m1106:
in there how does heeatthen f1114: through through the
wi a muckle ancient romaneata doremoose for yer tea
to staun tak plenty taeeatan a kettlie fur yer
wee pieces an pastries taeeatan ll sit on yer
vratch he said ye lleatfit yer mither pits doon
growing lad sadie did yeeatyer breakfast to carolanne bet
fastidious taste jist pick aneatyer fill ye ll no
gave ye yer fingers foreatyer fish loon an i
ayeweys mait ye no gonnaeeatyer mait ellen it s
especially when i don teatany of the meat from
probably why i don teatany yeah f940: is that
clydesdale catholics often don teatdinner especially on a friday
you don t have toeatit like a strawberry now
don t know did youeatit m1098: aye f1097: have
why don t you justeatit m941: i don t
coke my kids don teatno tapioca now no siree
ehm i ehm [scribbling sound] theyeat[scribbling sound] i don t know
it difficult we ll nevereatall those maybe i ll
ll promise that i lleatan aipple or a tangie
monday tho i ll probablyeatat the union i m
ve a had enough toeati ll start the redding
go on she ll mibbeeatif it s under her
her nose sadie she lleatif we tell her tae
all up and he lleatit f1115: oh do you
f1133: i doubt you lleatit f1134: [singing] f1133: [long period of washing machine noise]
it and maybe granny lleatit when she comes up
a bridie ah ll noeatma tea a meat pie
think there ll be toeatmmhm m1096: crisps sweeties f1095:
uh huh [censored: forename] ll beeatthat when she s a
raitioned ye ll no caneatthen the wey ye git
wants to and they lleatup the wolf for supper
the fact i can teata grape for another nine
there ken if you caneatall that and then you
hae meat an we caneatan sae the lord be
him a wheat loaf toeatand after that a can
the tree so she caneater the leafs f1103: oh
their fast and they caneatetcetera m608: uh huh m1174:
the bowl then you caneatfitt s left in the
for comfort you can alwayseatit i m told they
a cafe where we couldeatlunch here you can go
can faw apairt afore aeatma meat again in fear
can she hae oniething tieatmaister malcolm na no a
[laugh] f1113: you can teatmuck would you like soup
all of it you caneatmy stomach hasn t quite
had seafood all you caneatsalad and a butterscotch sundae
agnes aye nothin he caneatswally or choke oan gordon
here f1117: no you caneatthat one f1118: it s
need blackbird and chaffinch caneatthe breid blue tits thrushes
delicious water and you caneatthe fresh herbs growing round
fitt i want you toeatthen you can have that
denner ah haed naething tieatat aw morag hou did
that the men did noteatat the same time but
when there wis ocht taeeatbut did he love us
fitt did we have toeatf1130: erm crisps f1129: what
f641: [?]or[/?] what did youeatf639: oh well traditional we
kind of things did youeatf828: [tut] an awful lot
t it m1090: did heeatit that would be f1089:
goddess and did she noteatpoets for breakfast and night
didna dae that he justeatup f1105: did he m1106:
f1116: yes [inaudible] i [inaudible]eatit all up and he
thems and he [inaudible] heeatit all up f1091: [inhale]
think the fimbles [inaudible] stairseatit up there up the
re being called through toeatm194: [inaudible] tea aye m608:
draw i knew he deatthe sausages see u1028: [inaudible]
they were chocolate they wouldeattheirsel [laugh] m1020: [inaudible] the
before having a bite toeatand going in to give
baby pom s going toeatapples oh look there s
the rabbits are going toeatit m1096: aye f1095: and
we re not going toeatthe ducks they re our
you going to try andeatup like a good boy
f641: [laugh] f640: to toeatand hoping you know there
the different things that youeatat christmas change for example
f637: oh aye ye couldeatem f638: you see i
re probably not meant toeatgrapes are you f606: no
please say you didn teatit all at once and
stuff was ready you couldeatit hot or cold fit
into her pocket why noteatit lena since you wanted
you re not there toeatit look at the rose
f1091: help [laugh] m1092: noteatit mm f1091: now you
you re nae supposed toeatit off of the spoon
preparing oatmeal and you mighteatjust as much in a
m608: that s when youeat[laugh] m1174: yeah we had
nothing f1097: you have toeatnow all mum s washing
round the same table youeatoff they were cleared back
now what you want toeaton christmas day er like
is better for people toeatorganic products but you have
f1091: are you goin toeatthat kind of chickens for
he s got children whoeatthat you know what i
the wey ye git taeeatthe noo juist you think
m1090: yeah what if theyeattheir tail f1089: do you
woodsmoke and darkness had falleneatup girl you must get
say it was nonsense toeatwhen you weren t hungry
but you canna sit andeatyoghurt when you re speaking
lords house of commons willeatyou out of house and
got damn all else toeatyou ve got cardboard soles
has abody had enough toeatyou ve hardly touched it
dear all the better toeatyou with my dear watching
hungry fire would come andeatyou you would not yearn
and had a bite toeatand some more wine i
across to [censored: forename] s toeatand watch some tv i
mealy flavour some folk wouldeatit with a spoonful of
to help those people toeattheir meals some kind of
an a wee bite taeeatwi some o the lassies
breid hen champion let seatan hae a perty musicians
an hae a bite taeeatbut gin anither oor had
we didna hae oniething tieatbut he made me touch
makks custard i hae taeeatit even if it gars
hae glisked fey tribes faeattheir deid on vultures riggit
mum gave him wool toeatf1105: his mum gave him
any more she couldn teatfor the thought of him
aye ripe fur him taeeatfur adam niver tastit meat
the man thit wanted tieathim all up laughs bit
like that oh i couldeathim meanwhile fiona has vanished
in the fryin pan aneathim picks up his glass
what do tiggers like toeatm1092: not no him like
wul lest the langir juisteatup an ignore him to
tried tae tempt him taeeatwi sweet saps or drog
hat [censored: forename] f1136: okay ieatit f1135: mm f1136: i
it f1135: mm f1136: ieatit mum will i put
sat there and didn teatf1049: [exhale] uh huh m1048:
would like to ch- toeatthat f1118: uh huh [censored: forename]
ir ye wantin oniething tieata bowle o het brose
wul ye no try tieata pikkil o this cauld
ever haed the chaunce tieatbeef frae a bullik as
it ah haena tyme tieatit eilidh ah ve juist
masell an wi naething tieatit is lyke the war
ti tell ye whit thayeatnaither ah wad it wad
that aw ye haed tieatpuddok whyles ah d finnd
haena haed a bite tieatsen this mornin chebutykin irena
ah ve had naething tieatsen this mornin yin o
fowr year ah haed tieatthae things for want o
verra burds we uised tieatwar lourder an sonsier nor
mairches he d juist tieatwhan he wis hungert an
capital they d juist tieatwhan they wir hungert an
a tuim maw ettlin tieatyon guttie die in aberdeen
hadn t been able toeatanything finding scottish cuisine ghastly
i didn t mean toeatat beaver anyway so by
coleslaw and i couldn teatit cause i was like
s beth she wouldn teatshe was too agitated carolanne
sings chocolate for me toeatwouldn t it be lovely
aint hungry they won teatyur haye so fair thee
each for all we couldeata rare luxury in the
anything m827: not allowed toeatanything at all f606: no
kill the spiders and theyeatup all the flies arbuthnott
arrived all there was toeatwas porridge and a duck
an enormous flask of coffeeeatwhit ye want he said
they found what do theyeatetc such scaffolding questions are
their natural yoghurt and theyeatit even when it s
they ve aywis crisps taeeatit s lanely fur a
the binder ye widna eveneatthe sandwiches because they had
another girl doing english toeatthe ugly creatures they re
they widnae be tempted taeeattoo much rabbit wanst they
ma belly toom a daurnaeata m feart tae risk
wis a mortal sin taeeatan aipple weel for me
wei aw hed eneuch taeeatand clathes tae weir an
oor laps whene er weeatand sup and aye tae
hunger ahd huv hud taeeatat her an ah couldnae
there s naethin there taeeataye shairly somethin maun be
raither mukkil fur yin taeeatbot no eneuch fur twae
girdle scones wir fabulous taeeather dumplins an beef olives
she had caddy lambs taeeather grass for her for
remember that ye used taeeatit on the [laugh] the
tae use my fingers taeeatmy fish [laugh] f1041: [laugh]
we gonnae get somehin taeeatsoon wur aw starvin mr
abomination on ma soul taeeatthe dead flesh ay a
in between be sure toeatthe strawberry dool dool tae
and the rats used taeeatthe wallpaper off and we
need to get somethin taeeatthis little sign points pass
had forks an knives taeeatwi f1040: oh aye aye
ye huvnae hud oneything taeeatyet fact ne er huv
m no shuir ah coudeata thing ah ve been
no f606: not meant toeatanything m827: not allowed to
aye f1133: and will yeeatit f1134: no banana erm
eilidh aw ye dae iseatan sleep an keep me
aw whyles he coudna richteathis denner for thinkin aboot
of chocolate for me toeatpause fuck me stew aw
up sandwich actually naw ieatthe [censored: name] sandwiches aw the
wi the sanny that yeeatm1014: mmhm m1015: eh but
the doctor says ye soudeatnaething but soor milk or
an girse is aa yeeatthe lan o tea an
pynts in his richt buiteatthon custard ye wee bastard
feeding panda come on pandaeatup see fitt dae ye
juist dae ringan awa aneatyeir ploums awa wi ye
else we could do buteatit with our hands after
in an get somethin toeatm642: aye f643: and then
got the same things toeatthough cheese wis aye on
it s lovely when weeatpancakes f1117: lovely when we
pancakes f1117: lovely when weeatpancakes f1118: yeah munch munch
ain i m goin toeata biscuit on this ain
[laugh] f606: [laugh] go oneatit f826: [laugh] m827: [laugh]
just take a tattie aneatit [laugh] f1040: so do
he s nae goin toeatspot [laugh] f1114: what s
others will turn up toeatit a pride of souls
my mother taught us thateatthat up that s the
that followed the cows toeatup anything the cows had
one species of animals iseatup by those of another
haimmer haudin nyaff sister todeatup the sannies o the
to go to shediac toeatlobster and lie on the
wee furrie thing ah coudeatfor ma denner ae clour
what would she like toeatf1112: i like mince and
an if i was toeatlike that every day i
think i would like toeatsailors yuck m1092: me me
stops so we had toeatthe humble pie and i
usual way to belyaevo toeatwith [censored: forename] she had her
hours then sprinkle with sugareathot with custard christine s
biscuits and tinned tuna toeatwhile the porters arrived then
corpses if he wanted toeathe d not have any
hermless elephants he cudnae eveneathis hauns war reid an
that election he would probablyeatspaghetti every lunchtime have a
yeir trekkil dumplin he disnaeatthat kynd o meat the
been quickly removed so ieatmy words and congratulate the
of the people watching useatso i stared right back
to pul- maybe i willeata bittie cause it s
elena s family gathers toeata communal meal at luisa
east lodge and parkneuk toeata turnip to skite their
loch a whole hillside toeatand she wants that blade
that would allow people toeatand talk at the same
table i am able toeatat a civilised pace but
it was not possible toeatat seven thirty or even
out again we used toeatbirdies peas and sourocks and
to catch a bite toeat[censored: forename] knew a small café
porridge a basic way toeatcereals is of course in
places in the world toeatcoming in at number 28
schoolchildren should be encouraged toeatfresh fruit and vegetables those
grew her own fish toeatin a large tank but
student s flat to helpeatit it was gorgeous lobster
favor i was eager toeatlots of this delicious balearic
and i was left toeatmy baked beans off their
an egg or two toeaton the sunday and it
the gulf of st lawrenceeatseafood pei potatoes and to
scots would rather continue toeatshit great big plates of
a hungry gull trying toeatthat rubber toy sowpin usque
7 the animals try toeatthe bread but the humans
lots of spuggies came toeatthe corn but we never
assist frail elderly people toeattheir meals my mother was
picnic where she plans toeattill she bursts p 32
his fellow inmates refused toeatuntil more soup arrived the
it was rare stuff toeatwith a clean white rind
a place nearby where ieatbreakfast pale and somewhat dishevelled
a bar of chocolate andeathalf of it i inspect
dinin room naw hei wuideathis piece i his car
hungry i snapped let seati took the pack from
d touched it i couldnaeeatit f638: i never mind
shoot acid smoke dope oreatshrooms magic mushrooms than i
have quhatsumewir brother sall baikeatbread heireftir except it be
tissue paper on the bencheatit and enjoy it but
was very good and russianseatit in the street even
except it be of cleaneeatmeill sall pay iiii li
ir aboot meetin is eeeatyid reponed it disnae maitter
at people who would ermeatin the beer bar at
things in the spring wouldeatsooricks either single leaves or
their jellied eels let frenchieseattheir fancy meals let foreign
c mon nou we maunnaeatthe cou an worrie the
an apple puddok a nevereataipils a canna chowe thaim
everyone says that scottish peopleeathaggis eh mince an clapshot
three days an nichts wieatsleep tess kacky an pee
the brothers that thay soudeatthair breid an sleep the
that the parts that peopleeatshould be the parts that
cried a wi ae consenteatbrave noble and make good
the university college of dogeatdog lycanthropic at full moon
the movies that the americanseatchinese out of and a
are wild predators and willeatrabbits hares wood mice field
officer of the university eiteatforms appear from the late
n heaven hek in veatgreedily hert n heart hey

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