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o plastic it took jonsarecka hale day tae dee
doon it wid tak jonsarecka oor tae pit the
grateful o that says jonsarecka rope wis tied on
i met in wi jonsareckan hid a richt gweed
tae keep them quait jonsareckan his father set aboot
operations nae wye shood jonsareckan misses chatterbox be doon
the envelope wis opened jonsareckan the ither twa helpers
spean bridge fort william jonsareckan the wee wifie finally
an a bittie happy jonsareckan the wee wifie finished
great day an fin jonsareckan the wee wifie got
tae see bit fin jonsareckan the wee wifie seen
that s the wye jonsareckan the wee wifie spent
o nature ae day jonsareckan the wee wifie went
the next island an jonsareckan the wee wifie were
fell ower laughin fae jonsareckan you wis sleepin teenie
bonniest flooers roon aboot jonsareckanswered i div agree wi
fae the door fin jonsareckanswered the door ere wis
the thrashin mull fin jonsareckanswered the phone fa shood
that wis in hand jonsareckarrived at auchter glen aboot
hae a roup fin jonsareckarrived at the roup athing
tam aiberdeen angus an jonsareckarrived back in pitsliga it
in nae time ata jonsareckasked for a tenner for
been ere ata fin jonsareckasked stanley if he wis
wakin alang the road jonsareckasked the lad is this
pints aboot the area jonsareckasks fit s yon rummle
is just new out jonsareckasks fit wye did you
nine year auld an jonsareckasks him cheerily foo the
intae a temper caed jonsareckathing fit wid a peat
the time ony wye jonsareckaye spent the holidays helpin
umbrella she wis gone jonsareckaye thocht he hid escaped
bobby wis gone as jonsareckbacked his truck back tae
licht efter three days jonsareckbegan tae realize jist foo
fer teen aback wi jonsareckbein sae aggressive he looked
o the pies fin jonsareckbocht een he thocht losh
poored oot tae him jonsareckcame intae the hoose ten
wi the nippies fin jonsareckcame oot o the hospital
lookin fer bemused fin jonsareckcame tae the shop door
the band a quickstep jonsareckcan you dee that jonsar
a turn up as jonsareckchugged doon intae the broch
there is tae tell jonsareckcleared his throat an said
affa the plastic wid jonsareckcome doon an see fit
slammin the door shut jonsareckcood hear em haein a
bedroom as far as jonsareckcood mind he wis nivver
kick oot o life jonsareckcood see andrew in thirty
some bags o firewid jonsareckcoodnae believe his een ere
spikkin aboot neest day jonsareckcoodnae believe his een there
simply refused tae go jonsareckcoodnae understan the damn thing
cood practice basket ball jonsareckcoodnae understand fit wye ony
for the twa foxes jonsareckcouldnae find his barra somebody
wither bein sae bad jonsareckcouldnae get ony peats cut
a mile lang fit jonsareckcouldnae understan wis fowk did
a it s glory jonsareckdecided tae gang on a
day in the simmer jonsareckdecided tae gang tae the
nae time ata fin jonsareckdelivered the firewid ronald set
is a crowd fin jonsareckdid see the doctor he
dry they jist widnae jonsareckdid threaten them wi a
up be oban somewye jonsareckdidnae hae a clue far
didnae hae een noo jonsareckdidnae like tae say he
chuckies only thing at jonsareckdidnae like wis the wifie
a back brakin job jonsareckdidnae mind deein this job
every second day bit jonsareckdidnae mind he thocht it
at the weekend fin jonsareckdrew in aboot tae susie
jist drove on as jonsareckdrew intae the close at
he came hame fin jonsareckdrove intae the back close
laughs the twa weemin jonsarecken took twa muckle message
an his answer surprised jonsareckentirely he jist shook his
the desk weel replies jonsareckere s a wifie in
said jokinly cheer up jonsareckere s aye wither o
a bite tae ait jonsareckfelt a wee bit better
lad seemed affa upset jonsareckfelt his blood pressure risin
on hearin the news jonsareckfelt mair than a bit
clock at nicht an jonsareckfelt the hunger pains begin
jonsar anither poun weel jonsareckgaed greedy back his echt
spring cleanin autumn feel jonsareckgaed himsel a shak this
the sawdust the morn jonsareckgaed the fermer a help
on the wye roon jonsareckgot a fer bit o
ten weeks efter that jonsareckgot a phone call ae
fin it wis rainin jonsareckgot a wee bittie doon
caw hame my sticks jonsareckhe asks weel the sticks
as the wifie peyed jonsareckhe said fit kind o
disappeard intae her hoose jonsareckhid a bee in his
up the elgin wye jonsareckhid a look ower at
pence waur an that jonsareckhid already teemed the order
three fowk heard fit jonsareckhid asked an burst oot
get one free noo jonsareckhid been deliverin firewid a
wis jist fer burstin jonsareckhid been on the go
pleased wi his efterneen jonsareckhid been up an doon
the winter months aheid jonsareckhid bein haein a coont
giein him a call jonsareckhid decided tae come up
a sense o relief jonsareckhid finally spotted the main
an dinna be late jonsareckhid his breakfast at seven
neen ower pleased efter jonsareckhid his denner he hid
be better than that jonsareckhid jist ait a plate
size o a doorstep jonsareckhid made the sandwiches fin
foo o dokens dokens jonsareckhid nivver seen the like
can use our facilities jonsareckhid only asked the lassie
clock in the mornin jonsareckhid promised tae be in
been like that since jonsareckhid started his firewid roon
in the broch wid jonsareckhid tae rowe the sticks
scotsman an a welshman jonsareckhid tried tae play golf
for sawdust he gaed jonsareckhis bag o tatties sayin
he looked ower tae jonsareckhis sandwich wis the size
ey were nae last jonsareckhoped it wid be rainin
o a lee says jonsarecki got stripped an hid
soor the fox noo jonsarecki m affa sorry tae
oh na na replies jonsareckin at een o clock
voice said it wis jonsareckit disnae metter fan you
roadworthy road worthy spluttered jonsareckit s aye on the
broon sign meanin tae jonsareckit wid lead to a
an affa gweed craps jonsareckjist agreed wi her an
gran fordel or winter jonsareckjist agreed wi her he
worse an worse until jonsareckjist hid aboot a gallon
says the wee wifie jonsareckjist let oot a grunt
hae a three fork jonsareckjist shook his heid an
broch wi her firewid jonsareckjist worked awa an efter
roarin an laughin peer jonsareckjonsar eck widnae tell onybody
got seventy bags fae jonsareckjonsar eck wis hame haein
them hid been wi jonsareckjonsar pinted oot if he
were ower lang bit jonsareckkent a wifie doon in
canna flee twa mile jonsareckkent ae lad that sent
a bell ringin an jonsareckkent at his time wis
andrew be fed up jonsareckkent fine that andrew hid
o firewid as weel jonsareckkent he hid been ferrly
the t v noo jonsareckkent he wis in serious
the sawmill wis sayin jonsareckkent he wis in serious
wis in the shops jonsareckkent he wis needin a
for the hale winter jonsareckkent he wis savin the
ae pair o specs jonsareckkent his glesses at a
sheds wi winter fuel jonsareckkent it widnae be lang
lost without his specs jonsareckkept lookin for the glesses
wis six weeks afore jonsarecklanded back at the sweet
ken een an ither jonsarecklaughs an say you ken
it s the pancakes jonsarecklaughs an says it s
a cup o tay jonsareckleft school an started tae
scratched be the cat jonsarecklet oot a roar an
tae dee wi gooseberries jonsarecklet oot a sigh an
dee better he grumphed jonsarecklet oot sigh an said
widnae gang aff fin jonsarecklifted the bonnet tae check
wis the frame that jonsareckliked he tried on chaper
fuel at the pumps jonsareckloaded up his truck wi
ere jist the same jonsarecklooked in his mirror afore
deep blue colour as jonsarecklooked ower the horizon he
in the sin as jonsarecklooked tae his left he
can you dee that jonsarecklooked up ere wis roch
tak em aff first jonsareckmade a bee line for
something tae ait an jonsareckmade for broon an roost
dee aroon here as jonsareckmade his wye hame he
be fed up as jonsareckmade his wye hame he
three up tae asks jonsareckmary flooer says it s
buy some sticks fae jonsareckmy pet an we wull
a answer this pleased jonsarecknae end he wis intae
wis serious times for jonsarecknae sticks nae peats an
jonsar eck p s jonsarecknivver got gooseberry crumble again
hand wi the nippies jonsarecknivver got his wak efter
be worth gaun awa jonsarecknivver said a word bit
ata it hid broken jonsarecknivver threw onything awa he
glen turra on setterday jonsarecknodded his heid an says
in the shape o jonsarecknoo look here he said
bit did serve him jonsarecknoticed at the golf match
this rose bushes snarls jonsareckoch i hinna been affa
cataract operation ned asks jonsareckoh michty me aye says
september eence again an jonsareckon his roons this setterday
it cleans she jined jonsareckon the veranda an ey
goin on here said jonsareckoot loud tae himsel as
cat he snarls fin jonsareckopened the cab door ey
deen us weel says jonsareckp s jonsar eck nivver
lass o fyvie as jonsareckpassed theatre a for the
ready for the winter jonsareckpeyed him an thanked him
comin aff an on jonsareckpeyed nae heed he jist
spreadin the shave oot jonsareckpinted this oot tae larry
better jist work awa jonsareckpit doon a bit o
hope i m invited jonsareckpit doon twa or three
it wull aye burn jonsareckpit in the rest o
ey hidnae a clue jonsareckpit on a new fan
it wis still poorin jonsareckpit on his ileskins an
see your lights working jonsareckpit on the lichts an
pancakes tae be seen jonsareckpit the speen o jam
her sisters an brithers jonsareckpressed the lift button for
hit the grun as jonsareckran ower he thocht his
bides in the broch jonsareckreplied sae hiv i bit
jist made this mornin jonsareckreplies at s the best
did you pit in jonsareckreplies jist the usual twenty
the electrician says aye jonsareckreplies weel get your heid
spreader dung fleein awye jonsareckroars at s your bloody
that you bocht fae jonsareckronald wis at the end
i cood susie took jonsareckroon tae see her gairden
doocot is een o jonsarecks favourite places an he
gorm chair lift far jonsarecks hert missed a beat
the ridgers it wis jonsarecks job tae tak an
chap chap chap went jonsarecks little axe as he
grip an muggie spend jonsarecks lugs jist aboot louped
a a at eence jonsarecks mind wis jolted intae
a a at eence jonsarecks mind wis set at
or six weeks efter jonsarecks mishap wi the syrup
when you ask him jonsarecks mither couldnae believe fit
as the salesman thanked jonsarecks mither he made for
pit three stitches in jonsarecks nose jonsar said at
rover wi een o jonsarecks pals stopped an offered
roch meg jist ignored jonsarecks remarks an tells him
pair o black knickers jonsarecks stamach went a wee
hooked her airm intae jonsarecks then said oh michty
wis tied on tae jonsarecks truck an wi a
fa wis last passed jonsarecks truck stated i dinna
charger broon an roost jonsarecks truck widnae start this
seem tae notice that jonsarecks truck wis gey near
her oxters passion busters jonsarecks voice turned squeaky again
fermer cawed sawdust fae jonsarecks yard every fortnicht for
wis in aboot tae jonsarecks yard he often hid
i ll trust you jonsarecksaid at s fine bit
they hiv deen weel jonsarecksaid aye ginger the cat
wi the journey bit jonsarecksaid i hiv been an
plastic wis affa dear jonsarecksaid i ken far ere
wis in this mood jonsarecksaid it wis hard wid
sorry aboot the pancakes jonsarecksaid och ey were nae
you tak for it jonsarecksaid och you tak it
o fuel tae itsel jonsarecksaid oot loud aye there
pack he says cheerily jonsarecksaid tae himsel good lord
legion for a sponsor jonsarecksaid tae ronald fit a
an on hearin fit jonsarecksaid went intae a temper
mak asks larry ake jonsarecksaid wi nae spreadin the
pies as weel as jonsarecksank his teeth intae his
may mornin an as jonsarecksat aitin his breakfast he
crumble as weel as jonsarecksat scrapin the bowl that
us fit tae dee jonsarecksat up an says oh
intae little bits as jonsarecksat watchin the t v
clock ae nicht as jonsarecksat watchin the tv fin
enjoy reading it deaf jonsarecksat watching the t v
him tae the doctors jonsarecksayin ere wis naething wrang
an asks foo much jonsarecksays och jist a fiver
rannoch moor ae day jonsareckseen a bargain day on
a gweed bit caulder jonsareckset aboot gettin things ready
as i m finished jonsareckshaks his head an asks
the truck shook an jonsareckshook a squeaky voice said
got started tae gruw jonsareckshook his heid an said
naething that went wrang jonsareckshook his heid an said
gang for a run jonsareckshook his heid an said
snarlin ball o fluff jonsareckshoved in a hand an
my handbag in here jonsarecksighed it wisnae me oh
wi cases ere wis jonsarecksittin in the car winnerin
strainers are fer rotten jonsarecksmiled an said you telt
them true an fest jonsarecksmiled tae himsel he cood
believe in bad words jonsarecksnapped i dinna believe in
hinna got my money jonsarecksnorts look here you are
they dee tae you jonsareckstarted tae explain tae him
bein so quick fin jonsareckstarted tae tidy up efter
o the larry fin jonsareckstarted the larry up the
her ain femily as jonsareckstepped oot o the lift
steer in the circle jonsareckstepped oot ower broon an
gallon wid hae deen jonsareckstopped an pit fuel intae
fit tae tae dee jonsareckstopped an said i ll
mile oot o pitsliga jonsareckstopped his truck gets oot
at the sweet peas jonsareckstopped the mower an gaed
day like this as jonsareckstruggled tae cast his ile
said that is impossible jonsareckstudied the new frames an
fin the doctor advised jonsarecktae get the ither e
s nae rain said jonsarecktae himsel it mair like
early the day said jonsarecktae himsel jonsar wis sittin
wis nae surprise tae jonsarecktae see fowk ootside the
dreel ploo an telt jonsarecktae tak the tractor an
tasted onything better said jonsarecktae the littie wifie you
it s job as jonsareckteemed oot the last box
hiv a gweed day jonsareckthanked his pal an set
you are wi me jonsareckthanked the chiel an fin
saa some fresh seed jonsareckthanked the mannie for takin
hasty retreat michty me jonsareckthat wis quick said the
m a crook snaps jonsareckthe bobby steps back an
sign o them ata jonsareckthen came across a big
are affa fine replies jonsareckthere wis a laugh an
affa borin it made jonsareckthink fit s the future
widnae start it made jonsareckthink o fit he cood
on like grim death jonsareckthocht ere cood be ither
wid save six poun jonsareckthocht fit a bargain i
awa throo the wid jonsareckthocht fit a peety i
findlater castle ae day jonsareckthocht he wid be a
or three days aff jonsareckthocht he widnae grudge the
harraed the day afore jonsareckthocht he wis archie him
twa tae him aye jonsareckthocht i m a dab
far ey were gaun jonsareckthocht if he hid a
wis wearin on an jonsareckthocht it wis time tae
tae see the abbey jonsareckthocht it wisnae much o
snarlin spitin an hissin jonsareckthocht jist like a set
jonsar min for doos jonsareckthocht oh surely nae again
an oot o trouble jonsareckthocht tae himsel ere s
be a a richt jonsareckthocht tae himsel i hope
sure i m first jonsareckthocht tae himsel naebody shood
holidays for the simmer jonsareckthocht tae himsel that it
school efter the holidays jonsareckthocht that he wis lucky
ten meenits or so jonsareckthocht thats nae eese so
start in the mornin jonsareckthocht you ken this is
an back tae pitsliga jonsarecktook broon an roost an
seen at wis fan jonsarecktook the bull be the
a bottle o creamola jonsarecktook twa muckle gulps o
see a lot better jonsarecktried him again tae pit
wis a affa mess jonsareckturned an gaed awa hame
up tae the hoose jonsareckturned tae gang awa stopped
bit nippy this cheered jonsareckup an he said tae
your hoose neest day jonsareckwandered in tae anither waterin
affa impressive show fin jonsareckwaulked past the flooers ae
he gaed awa hame jonsareckwent awa doon memory lane
the news wis past jonsareckwent awa for a wauk
so the neest time jonsareckwent doon tae aberdour wi
wifie wisnae in fin jonsareckwent doon tae the broch
o peats every time jonsareckwent in by her hoose
be the rose bush jonsareckwent intae attack again sayin
for his tea as jonsareckwent past the car he
at full blast fin jonsareckwent tae bed he coodnae
ready for you fin jonsareckwent tae see the wifie
go to the bank jonsareckwent tae the bank twa
as a bell fin jonsareckwent tae the doctor he
tam aiberdeen angus an jonsareckwid gang wi ronald fa
a really worthwhile efterneen jonsareckwid tak a photo bit
look at a flooer jonsareckwid tak the plant doon
stannin ere he asked jonsareckwid you flit me fae
laughin peer jonsar eck jonsareckwidnae tell onybody fit wye
in the moss tae jonsareckwis a crafter mannie fa
view wis jist breathtakin jonsareckwis affa puzzled wi mounthooly
glesses hid simply vanished jonsareckwis affa short sichted an
richt fine day an jonsareckwis awa on a bus
on the ferm far jonsareckwis brocht up there wis
new years day an jonsareckwis doon at larry ake
at quarter past echt jonsareckwis doon at roch meg
end o april an jonsareckwis doon at rosehearty tryin
braw syrup o figs jonsareckwis doon at the broch
aboot twa months later jonsareckwis doon at the strichen
late be this time jonsareckwis fer fed up fin
past three o clock jonsareckwis fer fed up the
tae the thrashin mull jonsareckwis fer pleased wi fit
the same for me jonsareckwis fer teen aback he
hae a look aboot jonsareckwis fine pleased that day
wi your siller sometime jonsareckwis furious a hale damn
wull be five poun jonsareckwis furious bit said naething
comes tae judgin time jonsareckwis geein a wuman an
half a dizzen times jonsareckwis gettin a wee bit
wi her nae fear jonsareckwis gettin on gran truck
everybody on the floor jonsareckwis haein a dance in
bags fae jonsar eck jonsareckwis hame haein a cup
affa fule an rotten jonsareckwis hopin tae get a
a at ae time jonsareckwis in the bakers shop
mr an mrs technicolor jonsareckwis in the shop buyin
welsh lad won hospital jonsareckwis intae the aiberdeen hospital
enjoyin the fine day jonsareckwis jist fillin up the
berth an sayin nothing jonsareckwis jist pittin the teem
o tay she says jonsareckwis nae gaun tae argue
o tamata feed fin jonsareckwis peyin his errands he
aye came back weel jonsareckwis pleased tae find oot
my ain een efter jonsareckwis served in the bakers
that s the wye jonsareckwis sittin in the aiberdeen
at ten o clock jonsareckwis sittin in the doctors
tae be happy nippy jonsareckwis sittin in the e
cheer the war correspondent jonsareckwis sittin watchin the news
an wintry fuel crisis jonsareckwis sittin watchin the news
wither wis affa coorse jonsareckwis so fed up he
affa posh bar at jonsareckwis stannin in no answered
at mounthooly doocot that jonsareckwis stannin lookin ower the
ata twa days efter jonsareckwis teemin some sawdust intae
a oh a sudden jonsareckwis teemin the car boot
hoose an see it jonsareckwis teen a wee bit
it wis tae be jonsareckwis teen ben the hoose
slow speed fit surprised jonsareckwis that the fowk gaun
for my bronchitis as jonsareckwis tyin doon the load
fair the sweet pea jonsareckwis up at new deer
time eence again an jonsareckwis up the elgin wye
thoosan an three an jonsareckwis wanderin alang the main
awa hame neest day jonsareckwis workin awa he coodnae
doon ae day fin jonsareckwis workin awa in his
richt bonny day an jonsareckwis workin awa in the
dog wi twa tails jonsareckwis workin awa the fork
ribs wi the shafts jonsareckwis workin awa wi the
be the broch that jonsareckwis workin in he wis
aboot em explains susie jonsareckwisnae affa pleased bit thocht
doon tae her ankles jonsareckwisnae gaun tae argue wi
or ten o clock jonsareckwisnae in a gweed mood
in ower his truck jonsareckwisnae neen ower pleased efter
cut mair girse as jonsareckworked awa cuttin the girse
battle bein focht ere jonsareckwrote we are lookin humbly
fit div you think jonsareckwull i tak em back
jist wastin his time jonsareckyoked a strae fork wi
s like this states jonsareckyon kirk came up for
affa lad tae news auldecksuddenly stood up an said
bein a steeny ferm auldeckhid tae tak great care
awa again this time auldeckshouted ere s naething there
ae gey wheen ear efterecks daith eck s weeda
ear efter eck s daithecks weeda sei t til
wid stop an let auldecklift the dreel ploo oot
ploy tae nab at iteckthe heid byllie wis too
get your een tested auldeckthumped the took an said
a hed ae crack wiecks youngest lassie ena whae
us said ian ah phonedeckan tellt him tae meet
tae speed things up auldeckwent tae a neebour an
smiddy tae get sorted auldeckhit on the idea o
i tell my mither auldeckdid come roon an as
ploo hit the steen auldeckgot a crack on the
borth ickbrae laird hed lateckpow s auld byre faa
we seen him i tellteckgiein a wee shrug o
his thoum at the depairtineckhe s a byllie an
oor bits o paper aneckmade a great play o
back an whae are youseeckturnt on us ah ve
o arrestin him juist theneckwha had been watchin us
a kan juist mynd oneckpow the ferrier blacksmith whae

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