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me say mei an wheneecan come ben the hoose
me say mei an wheneecan come ben the hoose
me say mei an wheneecan come ben the hoose
me say mei an wheneecan come ben the hoose
me say mei an wheneecan come ben the hoose
me say mei an wheneecan come ben the hoose
me say mei an wheneecan come ben the hoose
me say mei an wheneecan come ben the hoose
me say mei an wheneecan come ben the hoose
me say mei an wheneecan come ben the hoose
me say mei an wheneecan come ben the hoose
me say mei an wheneecan come ben the hoose
me say mei an wheneecan come ben the hoose
me say mei an wheneecan come ben the hoose
me say mei an wheneecan come ben the hoose
me say mei an wheneecan come ben the hoose
me say mei an wheneecan come ben the hoose
me say mei an wheneecan come ben the hoose
me say mei an wheneecan come ben the hoose
yid reponed haud on tileegit is auld is mei
sayin til hir marcie meieekan sei the bairns gangin
say an ee for aneean a tuith for a
bothered the poor old asseeaw ee aw ee aw
good and he munched awayeeaw ee aw ee aw
were hiding amongst the grasseeaw ee aw eeaw sadly
poor old ass ee aweeaw ee aw other verses
he munched away ee aweeaw ee aw some hornets
amongst the grass ee aweeaw eeaw sadly they bothered
ass ee aw ee aweeaw other verses could be
away ee aw ee aweeaw some hornets were hiding
that oo have learnt eeeecan dae it tae f1011:
ee yer pey packit aneedid aa bot salute um
now that oo have learnteeee can dae it tae
m1108: poo whee f1107: wheeeeee ee ee m1108: are
poo whee f1107: whee eeeeee ee m1108: are we
whee f1107: whee ee eeeeee m1108: are we gaun
halie bible no say aneefor an ee an a
torry ir ee kis gifeeir a ll shuit ee
yer nae ae torry ireekis gif ee ir a
f1107: whee ee ee eeeem1108: are we gaun pour
ee ir a ll shuiteewi at gun stellin hir
table facin wullie whae haunditeeyer pey packit an ee
she took oot her glesseeand drapped it intae mr
o pliskies wi a glesseebecause ye can tak it
bring tears tae a glesseegin ye d like a
mrs eejit s awfie glesseegowkin up at him fae
bring tears tae a glesseeinside the cottage it wis
then there wis the glesseemrs eejit had a gless
she had taen her glesseeoot whenever ye haud yer
mrs eejit had a glesseethat wis ayewis glowerin the
next wee bittie the glesseeye can play hunners o
yow man m1010: an wheneecan come ben the hoose
yow man m1012: an wheneecan come ben the hoose
o tei m1010: an wheneecan come ben the hoose
o tei m1012: an wheneecan come ben the hoose
yow man f1011: an wheneecan come ben the hoose
o tei f1011: an wheneecan come ben the hoose
shoutit ben til hir wuideecome ben mrs scott kis
crawlin ben the blackie seedwinin as the sizzens birl
brig twartis the waiter heideebegin tae gan up whit
on yer ker haund iseegan doon the hill end
elrig an philhope ferms iseegan forrit an owre the
eer ker haund juist eftereegan owre the maislee brig
on yer ker haund iseegan up the waitter gate
roberton the laist dwallin aforeeegang forrit tae gan owre
on yer richt haund iseegaed doun ontil the main
haund anenst the burn iseegaed up past the ferm
yer kerr haund juist iseeir aboot tae gang forrit
day beir walcum in yeireeyear haund yeir tongue seem
lik neb spiers whaur diveecum frae ma lord from
thing dae ye think diveeken ocht aboot this shona
the wyld flouer man diveeken thon auld caird that
ma lamp an girns diveeken whit tyme it is
maun yid fur why diveena pit yer teeth in
til fowre hunner yeir diveena think n nae doot
twae yetts whit wut diveenae think roberton schuil sei
aa credit til um diveeno think ay contergates tae
ae blithsome hertitsome sicht diveeno think the oreeginal auld
to ferapont crossly whit diveewant ferapont whit eh here
tae mak fur oorsels diveewonner n whan a tell
chin ir aboot meetin iseeeat yid reponed it disnae
s that speakin wha ireefeather this is yeir auld
wur a m telt thiteeir ae expert it settin
a juist dinnae ken houeeir managing tae cut eet
de de de de deeef1113: what else will we
verse n leuk roond abooteean it s aw thar
hay eee aw eee aweeaw the hay was good
but sniggered aw the sameeegoes heh da know how
duin for aw what theeeis feart ti see he
the ugsum deed in ilkaeeor aw the tears wul
quite often get the answereesei it aw m1013: uh
as you see m1012: meanineesei it aw means ye
ve got tae wink aneean grind yer hips ye
meet twa blinks o aneean yer life is ower
baith goes pendicle road aneegoes pendicle road yer chuff
ye triet tae keep yereeon em tae see faar
disna see fit yer aineesees nae mair n it
whan yer naem wis cryiteestood literally tae attention on
the sleep still in yereeyer awa tae fin the
face o this yird iseedid twae thoosan yeir sin
nicht hap up the tendereeo peitie an wi yeir
nicht hap up the tendereeo peitie an wi yeir
it in ma mynd seethat on yeir wey hame
the chaumer an blinnd yeireewi a new gorgon the
wonner n whan a telleeat a begoud tae blirt
wie his leal friens ayeeen tae the en o
up yonder n tae telleethe treuth mair or less
up rankle burn tae telleethe treuth n a mynd
fur stupit religious bigots aneegoes tae sister josephine keep
is gaun ti keep aneeon sofochka an andrey serghyeevich
ye hae ti keep aneeon thaim lest nicht aboot
if ye dinna keep aneeon them scene 1 thomas
gin i d keep maeeopen an let im ken
keep larsson an sutton ineestuck some squerr slice soasij
we aa dae wi ooteewha ll keep us lauchin
milestone brae nou than gineeleukit doun til the waiter
doun til the waiter owreeer richt shouder yin cuid
a wuid lyke tae takeeback fur ae meenit or
chynge ae focks tung aneechynge thair thinkin an thair
hed been turnt intil whiteecuid ca ae simmer retreat
ae wee man wi hiseeti the kiehole saw the
ae beuk that took maeewis a breath o the
goes prick prick pompitie yeeeow needle say it pompitie
you say eye we sayeeyou say mouth we say
bring back intil the publiceeissues surroondin the rekinnlin o
an pit it tae myeetae bring tae mind a
in dir peerie hooses hoosumivvereedrushy day i da hairst
aa i da sty soeefine moarnin shö said tae
awa apö da leirna soeefine simmer s nicht smootie
shö seemed ta en wieepoem o mine da cockle
her da turned a blineetae thon fur they aa
doon hit hed ta gengeewye or tidder da twa
how did ye manage thateegoes ah thote ye d
chiel an i myn fineedid a dance music recordin
e smairt handiwork fin maeefell on some scrattins at
fin i flash my crimsoneethe highway code says larry
faither fin i steek maeethe singer that i hear
whitlyke is eild the bleirieeeis steik t or nicht
hud been actin the hermiteed been savin up fur
up fur ma burthday aneed bought us this crack
ees faults but never huseehud any time fur stupit
fur he disna bat aneeit s the same biled
see dat fur yoursels buteething at got me fairly
gaun on that drew myeejuist at the wrang time
siftin through it whit reeelookin for dad och i
yow ow ow wow yeeeow wutch whit ails ye
she said ah l telleewhit ye can dae fesh
m gittin roond tae telleeis aboot the tyme whan
luik daith strecht in theeewhan ah see ma son
drapped us an drove affeed drapped us wher ther
jimmie deans s van aneedrove aff through the drum
dinna wint tae catch hiseetae set him aff like
m642: clean them aff andeethe blood was oozin oot
hud gote nabbed poachin wheneewis a boay an taken
back ma groat ah peyedeea groat for naething an
her in ma myn seeas yon auld skellum fagan
ower a pie ma richteelichts on the delicate raxx
foraye in the mynd seema flesh lyke thairs wul
fair dumfoonert ma mind seeseein a puir cuddy up
s shoap ma erse buteestill looked dead serious an
it s aa black f1116: eehis face aa dirty f1115:
embro hed its oncome developmenteekan read aa aboot this
the rod dippin ower buteedidnae hook it heh man
lik a good yin maneestood oan the same spot
man luiked terror in theeetae show the leal fu
they d turn a blineeas lang s the poachers
tak ye that lang aforeeegit roon tae makkin thum
winnocks a bangster s bleckeelang syne school gates chained
must have had a langeeon him hersel mrs laing
first ding the bull seewi an aipple core mrs
the back at took wireenoo baith o s inta
oot dere for a weekeesimmer and dey took een
oot for a dirty dishclooteeare oot an for e
line startit runnin oot aneegied the rod a welly
oot pigs an poutrie foreeit s no that easie
set a gates wae gargoyleseelet larsson an sutton oot
wellington wauk tae get hiseepowked oot bi an aiberdeen
in better feckle awthegither aneepulled oot a kerry bag
haes been fund tae beeegrippin cause fowk isna expeckin
o the pavie grippit hiseehe went ower tae hae
the caudron byle an bakeeeo newt an tae o
holies i keepit a tichteeon eir scrapins tae see
on this ludgin wi gentleeetae mak their judgin douce
harden glen a wuid axeetae staund on the road
cuid hardly turn a blineetae thae ongauns an i
particular for teachin materials aneetae the extension o gaelic
an the line went slackeehunkered ower it haudin the
ower bi the ark angeleeo cctv in the founs
richt catched tail o theeejeelin frichtsomeness clung like a
speak whyles ah haurlie keneeai but we maun forgie
as ferr as ah keneeve never been ti the
wee bit movement caught myeealang the rashy bauk an
wee troot stared wi frichtenteean ere he d warnt
elbae leuked her in theeean said weel mistress ewing
wi a sunglint in hereean she stepped sae licht
fixed him wi a glaissyeean speired him questions three
fixed him wi a glaissyeean speired him questions three
a purple crocus blinks aneeat grannie practisin tai chi
s junkie lan her currenteecandy an squeeze the anderson
monie braw sea bairns brouneed an strecht o spaul
a mirky past and aneefor a bonnie laddie again
yirdlie warld wi hauf aneein thair heid wad ever
glaiss braid haun an lauchineekenspeckle chiel a scholar s
himsel in the wee redeelet me rin lowse an
gart the baa o hiseelowp out an it wis
prey though bit keepin aneeon e climmers in case
shocks an whorls o teemeesockets glent far glances quick
lift o blue an aneethat s true clear sicht
howp ye ll ha aneeti no affrontin puir zhao
o wunner mysie pat hireeti the hole an keikit
an at wis it nexteewis haulin in a good
shörmal so dere i wiseefine simmer saturday moarnin makkin
wis on hoscote grund iseegaed up the toun o
matt s repone wis houteehenna seen hauf the woarld
on the fairwey catched hiseethe ba wis fleein strecht
the thing that grippit hiseethon mornin wis a raw
o the ithers his lefteewis shut ticht while his
the wee yalla idol seesockets war teem nae a
luikit doun wi a pridefueefor gey gleg deils they
glint o something catchet eezeeon e patch wi a
fair the aipil o hiseeeilidh the r nae dout
o his bricht black buttoneehe fluttered roon fae twig
o the corner o myeei saw the sheriff thoumin
the apeul o the maistirseelaughs loudly yi see the
in heids or genetic enhancementeeo the individual spyin life
fardins yet god has hiseeon ilkane o them st
o na prrreg nant andeeprrreg nant she picks up
o e frostin a sharpeespottit my meevement miss miss
green halloween neep lantrens skellieeed halloween turnip lanterns cross
gairden in the myn seegets bigger and bigger nae
dey wir chist awaa ineenyt hits nae winder miist
you aaa choost beid idaeeplis billy sookit on his
swop her for andy andeedo jobbie comments fiona lifting
there awhile ahin her sleepineetill the cock crawed in
east change of oo toeebut as willie said it
observes that the north easteewas treated with some contempt
the real burden is constitutedeeany subsisting right to a
is a low crouching danceeeis you lowse is loose
greet frae a bairnie seekepp the kye shear the
whistle charles murray a sleepyeet wifie cam treetlin doon
f1125: fimbles f1126: fimbles [inaudible]eethis is what you do
ei as appropriate and theeeand oo digraphs borrowed from
pitt lane jöst special nooeeday smootie s lugs prickit
the poem abab bcbc cdcdeeinterlinked rhymes divide the argument
teach yous nuhin et schuileeshook ees heid in disgust
dad murray the maniac andeesuck thumb says fiona without
so here we wir waitineewednesday moarnin for someen fae
fowert verse i parteeklar kiseewull bei staundin i the
fash bother trouble geng goeewye or tidder one way

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