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was the time of theeelmairt a stirk or stot
phrase as fat s aneelmairt aal eel was christmas
of cows dry eel yuleeelmairt ox slaughtered and salted
s an eel mairt aaleelwas christmas day old style
the eel of cows dryeelyule eel mairt ox slaughtered
daimen eel rairs profunditas haiveeela ve etten but whit
but whit s a daimeneeloch it s wersh wark
weill says the bodie daimeneelrairs profunditas haive eel a
on the slippie ruif oeelskins quaet as a shaidae
wi its ruif theikit wieelskins that war that slippie
a muckle belly the haiveeelguid fat sweet eatin hou
unpicks its seams such strugglingeelswims against the stream affirmation
the anchored branch such strugglingeelswims against the stream cloud
e reduced form of theeelof cows dry eel yule
that should be jist ateelyule an pace easter an
there is no word oeelyule noo a days there
at the heid o theeelskin ruif lyke a shaidae
set intil the ruif oeelskins awa heicher up nor
from his chair like aneelsnatched his mother s purse
the fann to catch aneelewan declared we would not
i never got that aaleelwas on 5 january and
calfie turned till an auldeelcoo doon the road she
it aye geed dry aseels a coo afore calvin
thraws o a muckle greateelwrappt ticht roun her neck
ma birthday death of aneelwith my three cousins duncan
needed fin e kye wiseelmy mother s grannie made
re as slippery as aneelgoing round and round and
in wi droothy hogmanay auldeelwe ll fete wi reamin
my stealth had bagged aneelmy line went taut it
are luikin aboot for aneelor a puddock or even
loose syne draps the bigeelthen grups it again pecks
the telephone cord like aneelhett braith catches in the
fairlies an tae haad haleeelin yer ain wyes and
i cuid mak a congereelweep shivereens of infancy micht

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