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patients who have suffered adverseeffectsof corticosteroids s1w 7653 margaret
the environment from the adverseeffectsof opencast coal mining in
inquiry into the adverse environmentaleffectsof sea cage fish farming
as to the serious adverseeffectssuch closures would have on
can have funny knock oneffectslike you were saying about
interested in the knock oneffectsof global exchanges and e
to understand the knock oneffectsof what is proposed and
there could be knock oneffectson all sorts of things
and will have knock oneffectson fisheries dependent communities to
score and the knock oneffectson teaching and learning caused
kelly but the knock oneffectsschools being given the wrong
but about the knock oneffectsthat the bill will have
because of the knock oneffectsthe standards of the sqa
there really are the healtheffectsfrom opencast mining that people
is undertaking into the cumulativeeffectsof open cast coal mining
versions thereby noticing how theeffectsare created by the writer
on how these impressions oreffectsare created c how do
discussion of the impressions oreffectscreated by the passage they
used to focus on particulareffectscreated in the text for
teacher could then discuss theeffectscreated teacher and pupils can
structures and how these createdeffectsin texts for example in
of language features has createdeffectswhich contribute to that meaning
side effects potential long termeffectsand efficacy of the diptheria
direct comparison of salmon farmingeffectsand non effects was probably
carrying capacity in both benthiceffectsand sea loch level effects
effects and sea loch leveleffectsfairly simple modelling approaches have
relating to mercury levels sideeffectspotential long term effects and
salmon farming effects and noneffectswas probably best evaluated by
how language techniques create specificeffectsfor the reader in this
of word choices which haveeffectson the reader rather than
working together to create particulareffectson the reader this approach
the writer to create sucheffectsbefore discussing any text with
create a range of stylisticeffectsin a text repetition of
features can also create stylisticeffectsin a text this is
not create the distorting economiceffectsthat we think would affect
it has given to theeffectson the farming and the
the environmental and public healtheffectsof gm crops scottish ministers
the environmental and public healtheffectsof gm crops scottish ministers
an environmental brochure on theeffectsof pollution to model the
payments the unemployment benefits theeffectson local authority finance and
596 change in benefit paymentseffectson post offices lodged on
596 change in benefit paymentseffectson post offices lodged on
hotels supermarkets the potential downstreameffectse g catering and retail
parliament to investigate the potentialeffectsof the proposed closure of
to be felt the negativeeffectsof a ban on the
i am interested in theeffectsof introducing a ban on
any specific research on theeffectsof that ban i am
focus attention on the particulareffectsachieved by the author as
with a focus on theeffectsof changes in tense person
one that can cause sideeffectsall the indications are that
some cannot tolerate the sideeffectsalthough up to 20 per
indications are that the sideeffectsare minimal there have been
incidence is of prolonged sideeffectsfollowing the use of corticosteroids
been very few serious sideeffectsfrom the flu injection in
no cause they have sideeffectsi was like okay let
of drumchapel use the sideeffectsof heroin addiction to hone
the public that the sideeffectsof illegal and certain prescribed
medication the long term costeffectsof that on the health
progress into the longer termeffectsof this increase on property
outweighed by the long termeffectson people who would not
concerns about the long termeffectson those children as they
get some sort of soundeffectsf689: och i know och
your phone oh no soundeffects[laugh] f943: [laugh] said to
s sound system for specialeffectsphonology subsumes various figures of
investigations and discussions about theeffectsof infectious salmon anaemia there
these issues such as theeffectsof international salmon fisheries cannot
her research into the healtheffectsassociated with participation in the
own research into the possibleeffectsof the oft report on
done any research into theeffectsthat there would be on
reason of scale or theeffectsof the proposed action be
undertaken into the possible ecologicaleffectsfrom genetically modified organism cross
of waste and the possibleeffectsof treatment products our system
which brushed aside the possibleeffectson children once this pornographic
kenny gibson talked about theeffectsof legislative change on the
we were still feeling theeffectsof the change in altitude
will take into account theeffectsof the council tax system
you can go into thoseeffectsbut i will ask about
to its inquiry into theeffectsof devolution on the structure
been concluded into the harmfuleffectsof fluoride accumulation in the
taken into account and theeffectson economies of scale begin
can naturally compensate for theseeffectsgiven the difficulty of estimating
done between income and healtheffectshousehold factors and so on
his stomach funny how theeffectswore off so quickly these
of sin to the spiritualisingeffectsof later religion both hebrew
hit them all with differenteffectsmaconochie realised how drunk he
idea how some of theeffectswere staged and it sent
of legal aid certificates pe612effectsof disciplined fitness on children
businesses in glasgow about theeffectsof bus corridors on the
experimental chamber for studying theeffectsof radiation on actual human
had with cosla regarding theeffectsof stress on headteachers s1w
an impact study on theeffectsof the order and mr
in westminster to examine theeffectsof the taxation regime on
help if colin explained theeffectsof washing on toxins colin
is a summary of theeffectson equal opportunities at the
exposure to lead has negligibleeffectson intellectual developments i am
it s certainly having strangeeffectson me if i run
over multi letting and itseffectson neighbours to roads dept
pools for spawning might haveeffectson other aquatic wildlife sepa
submission that deals with theeffectson pupils and parents says
executive undertaken to identify theeffectson scotland of overseas failures
because i recognise that theeffectson scotland of the criminal
present if one occurs theeffectson the country in terms
network but acknowledges the devastatingeffectsthis disease can have on
to make about the degenerativeeffectsof human civilisation and is
banned bbc documentary about theeffectsof nuclear war in england
television to talk about theeffectsof the tragedy and the
be introduced to mitigate itseffectsi am confident that a
various therapies to counter itseffectsa pharmacological solution is now
he has shown no illeffectsbut my courage has its
so as to mitigate itseffectsthe bill has moved in
unique exhibits include books personaleffectsand mementoes of leslie mitchell
italy in 1880 with enormouseffectsinternationally for the concept of
looked at was the employmenteffectsof a 1 million increase
some buildings testifies to theeffectsof accelerating resentful motorists in
stated he died from theeffectsof being a prisoner of
so i d studied theeffectsof colour for my m608:
but attributed retrogression to theeffectsof extreme social economic or
bed call doc diagnoses aftereffectsof flu rheumatic pains too
concerning reduction of any hazardouseffectsof mobile telephone masts by
protection board concerning the hazardouseffectsof mobile telephone masts grouped
weight it gives to cumulativeeffectsof multiple proposals across local
shillings a week but theeffectsof old age and the
pragmatic while people suffer theeffectsof poindings and warrant sales
made clear the potentially draconianeffectsof that decision for prosecutors
would move towards reducing theeffectsof that element of the
she s slept away theeffectsof that rammy and till
the parliament recognises the drasticeffectsof the agricultural recession which
difference between the wording andeffectsof the amendments i do
of fish stocks and theeffectsof the conservation measures already
are themselves suffering from theeffectsof the foot and mouth
maconochie reasserted himself over theeffectsof the gin as he
laboured slowly uphill feeling theeffectsof the high altitude a
ross ld what were theeffectsof the rate of introduction
20 years one of theeffectsof the statutory provisions to
of employment legislation as iteffectsthe nhs in scotland s1w
and lots of fancy sceniceffectswe were in the front
things as ballast water theeffectscan be catastrophic and we
find out whether the totaleffectscan properly be estimated that
and produces some powerful emotionaleffectsit concerns malcolm said to
to buy has had damagingeffectsmost housing professionals would love
do not have the sameeffectswe need to address the
as i said the macroeconomiceffectswill be complex and if
ii multipliers which include inducedeffectsthe study found that for
which continues to exact devastatingeffectsupon civilian life and property
revenues presumably with similarly beneficialeffectsfor the landed elite a
else the macroeconomic and taxationeffectsmight be more complicated than
last it s maybe theeffectso the war enter jim
not tryin to achieve theeffectsthat he s tryin to
aurais voulu pu prepositionaleffectswith nouns and verbs elle
erm and it had rippleeffectsyou know society did f963:

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