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accompanied by some form ofeffortlimitation it would be prepared
quotas for 2003 7 temporaryeffortlimitation measures 8 economic impact
any proposals to impose neweffortlimitation measures s1o 5776 24
similar levels to 2002 temporaryeffortlimitation measures the commission was
council declares that a fishingeffortlimitation system shall be part
size 6 quotas 6 fishingeffort6 fishing quotas for 2003
impact of cuts in fishingeffortand quotas on scotland s
in setting fishing quotas fishingeffortthe proposal introduces a new
is due to reductions inefforteither because lower catches mean
also suggest reductions in fishingeffortfor different parts of the
fisheries and aquaculture 4 theeffortreductions for 2003 proposed by
the table table 1 fishingeffortreductions for groups of fishing
reductions in netting catches andeffortsince that time 20 so
make regulations to restrict anglingeffortas a minimum regulations are
be possible to absolutely restricteffortby closing fisheries the bill
scottish ministers to restrict anglingeffortofficials from the salmon freshwater
make regulations to restrict fishingeffortthis intent is certainly incorporated
that regulations should limit fishingeffortand a number of ways
s proposals on limiting fishingeffortare adopted in their present
of measures to reduce fishingeffortas if they were successful
of dsf control of fishingeffortbanning the sale of rod
affected by restrictions on fishingeffortbecause if the regulations were
enables the restriction of fishingeffortby changing annual and weekly
be used to reduce fishingeffortby introducing measures like mandatory
other ways in which fishingeffortcould be controlled which cannot
new system for limiting fishingeffortfor boats which catch cod
propose a reduction in fishingeffortfor each segment for different
because of variations in fishingeffortfrom year to year the
cuts in quota and fishingefforthave serious implications for the
e other than restricting fishingeffortif scottish ministers were to
of factors other than fishingeffortin freshwater and inshore waters
salmon stocks by reducing fishingeffortin its present form the
though without data on fishingeffortin the rod and line
accompanied by controls on fishingeffortin their proposal setting tacs
the rural affairs committee fishingeffortis subject to annual variations
river environment by reducing fishingeffortmany of these were discussed
might be by reducing fishingeffortregulations made under the bill
management needs control of fishingeffortrespondents to the consultation were
new regulations to control fishingeffortthe breadth of the power
a scheme to control fishingeffortthe council agreed to cut
a progressive reduction in fishingeffortthe inclusion of the scottish
population without an increase ineffortthough without data on fishing
those designed to limit fishingeffortwider issues affecting salmon though
there has been a hugeeffortas members can see to
arbuthnott has taken a hugeeffortfrom many individuals it has
arbuthnott has taken a hugeeffortfrom many individuals it has
actually was with a hugeeffortshe flung him off her
da 1997 catch per uniteffortin the scottish salmon net
d 1997 catch per uniteffortin the scottish salmon net
scrap to help the wareffortat rickarton beside stonehaven a
tae help wi the wareffortbut thare wis millions o
were involved in the wareffortby collecting sphagnum moss which
important part in the wareffortby increasing their acreage of
fund raising for the wareffortdances and whists appear to
their money for the wareffortduring war weapons week in
weapons from f963: no warefforthere [laugh] f965: i don
in vats for the wareffortin one shop and preparing
as part of the wareffortin order to do this
my bit for the wareffortlizzie i did my bit
dae it for the wareffortnae doot if the kintra
raise money for the wareffortnaebody tellt me it was
were engaged in the wareffortwe conquered the slopes and
taken a great deal ofeffortand time to get this
place to deal with anyeffortdisplacement resulting from former deepwater
there are issues but anefforthas been made to deal
put a great deal ofeffortinto expanding the dictionary s
put a great deal ofeffortinto scrutinising the bill and
know i should make aneffortand get to know the
will have to make aneffortgiven the fact that we
ask people to make anefforti would err on the
of languages we make aneffortin this parliament to ensure
matter and make a strenuouseffortto do better we need
home being visited in aneffortto make everyone aware that
sector did not make enougheffortto make friends and influence
in westbank quadrant in aneffortto make gow a safer
give so much time andeffortto make the centre a
we really must make aneffortto meet up soon she
of volunteering and make aneffortto retain as many experienced
birthday mother must make moreeffortto see each other this
first time please make theeffortto see the exciting ideas
of it to make aneffortto speak differently to other
i have to make aneffortto stand up and get
s certainly a make aneffortvenue and the prices are
have made more of aneffortall the footie guys were
wis gled i made theeffortan thocht ma teamie did
those who ve made theeffortand so many do an
competition as he felt moreeffortcould have been made despite
estimations internationally a lot ofefforthas been made in scotland
atone there for the valiantefforthe has made tae assert
made the climb worth theefforti soon realised that salvador
has made a lot ofeffortin relation to the language
since she last made theeffortmaybe she s waiting for
that a much more consciouseffortmust be made to help
well when she made theeffortnowadays locks could be picked
that ll be the sameeffortshe s made every year
new crossing and that everyeffortshould be made both to
position and believes that everyeffortshould be made to secure
imagine if they made anefforttae grow them m942: oh
reporter we have made everyeffortto keep our heads above
msps have made a significanteffortto stimulate debate i have
will accept that a genuineeffortwas made to consult in
seek his assurance that everyeffortwill continue to be made
that he is making everyeffortto expedite matters delays were
it loretta making a braveeffortna na i canna miss
bargained for but making theeffortoh right starts to go
front of me making aneffortto join in the final
to help avoid duplication ofeffortamong the public bodies involved
but it was a combinedefforterm we involved the community
can continue a lot ofefforthas gone into ensuring that
states put a lot ofeffortinto ensuring that there would
s putting a lot ofeffortinto worksheets for us in
a lot of time andeffortis being spent on creating
agencies as part of thateffort15 57 mr david davidson
lack of attention energy orefforton the part of ministers
as part of the ukeffortwith foreign and commonwealth office
gave up so much timeeffortand energy to provide evidence
shorter sentences much of theefforthas so far been concentrated
applied much pupil and teachereffortin s4 goes into the
because it it too mucheffortto discover the standards inherent
executive spent much time andefforttrying to change the atmosphere
we knew exactly how mucheffortyou put into that rechannelling
to be raised with minimumeffortwhen the solar system which
thorfinn restraining his feelings witheffortfareweill bairn goes out valgerd
chippie like goes to theeffortof like sort of like
heightened contentment which follows physicalefforteventually fatigue got the better
aff drawn works a gallusefforttae better its status in
know better with a tremendouseffortthe unsolicited house guest poured
the parliament recognises the enormouseffortto date put in by
overgrown but ponder on theeffortand labour that went into
there has been an increasedeffortby policy makers in supporting
relatively constant this suggests thatefforthas increased as it would
long lasting reform takes sustainedeffortso this manifesto has fresh
the amount of time andeffortthat the committee has devoted
a diversion of time andeffortfrom the primary objectives of
t take the time aneffortor or the dilution o
who give their time andeffortto support them despite the
been a complete waste ofeffortmr rowland because we already
his beauty it was aneffortto write that last word
urquhart s last major literaryeffortwhile imprisoned that is his
other a little in aneffortto get to the till
and to explore the mutualeffortthat may exist between those
the back court in aneffortto identify those who need
and as an interim measureeffortlimitations were introduced through the
success joking aside a concertedeffortto attract more community led
yeir guests macbeth makes aneffortan sae a wul ma
my eyes and by aneffortof will changed your image
s store recaain mony aneffortstoot an mony a splore
bad silly lady with aneffortthe radio lady recovered her
way to spain in aneffortto appease hitler and mussolini
build concrete ships in aneffortto compensate speedily for the
this freedom and in aneffortto compete with private operators
the united kingdom makes aneffortto define exactly what information
however there will be aneffortto ensure that the 18
road from rail in aneffortto improve punctuality the national
in particular it requires aneffortto reconcile our imagination to
women s rights in aneffortto stop fgm s1m 2534
take an enormous amount ofeffortwe will consider our draft
they would be replaced byeffortcontrols in the cod recovery
lies back exhausted by theeffortof re living it there
the committee clerks for theireffortin assisting to produce a
their derived works a vigorouseffortto improve its status in
is he with our jointeffortthat he throws in extra
to that committee for itseffortand for the constructive attitude
and to avoid duplication ofeffortas that causes problems for
how to avoid duplication ofeffortfor example the national qualifications
which formerly stood there lesseffortis required to discover halfway
and to sustain the increasingeffortrequired to deliver the scheme
housing departments to lead theeffortthe environmental health departments would
just mumbles and grumbles noeffortto chat but when i
in the taxi took someeffortto open and the driver
folks could with a littleeffortstimulate appetites and satisfy needs
for all the expanse ofeffortall the olympic gymnastics not
personally and practically for theeffortand 3 years commitment i
would throb visibly from theeffortof screeching down the field
affa pleased wi ronald seffortat lum cleanin she said
she groaned softly at theeffortof moving as she turned
minister agrees that sustained concertedeffortacross agencies will be needed
a generous and genuinely nationaleffortedinburgh as the host university
f643: aye m642: and theeffortand the energy that went
on side game over goodeffortlads way and congratulate the
hou ti mak a realeffortfowk that haes ti tyauve
aye fast efter a theefforto getting oot fae under

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