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in 1903 applauds the sterlingeffortsof all concerned in securing
european network links applauds theeffortsof dumfries and galloway council
european network links applauds theeffortsof dumfries and galloway council
every year and applauds theeffortsof the sunday mail and
hiv and to maximise oureffortsat preventing further transmissions of
hiv and to maximise oureffortsat preventing further transmissions of
can perhaps be interpreted aseffortsto maximise aspects of royal
commends the hard work andeffortsof all of the people
end and insert commends theeffortsof the scottish executive in
that the parliament commends theeffortsof the scottish executive in
its history and commends theeffortsof those who are endeavouring
the clerks for their tremendouseffortsin assisting the committee and
the workforce for their tremendouseffortsin turning around a serious
minister aware of the tremendouseffortsthat are being made to
that the parliament supports theeffortsof action groups established by
mill in innerleithen supports theeffortsof local agencies working together
health board area supports theeffortsof the board to modernise
that the parliament supports theeffortsof the residents of traquair
that the parliament supports theeffortsof the residents of traquair
the world and supports theireffortsto increase action to meet
supports angus council in itseffortsto replace this vital lifeline
of the disease supports itseffortsto set up a national
of the disease supports itseffortsto set up a national
nhs board should increase theireffortsto recruit and retain dentists
the executive s commitment andeffortsto recruit retain and value
ordnance factory bishopton in theireffortsto retain munitions propellant manufacturing
other forms of control considerableeffortsare being made to produce
trend is doon tae considerableeffortsby sindry organisations an individuals
trend is due to considerableeffortsby various organisations and individuals
morning i acknowledge the considerableeffortsof christine grahame who over
contributed through their considerable fundraisingeffortsto making the second hospice
at end and considers thateffortsmust now be directed at
end insert and considers thateffortsmust now be directed at
the importance to scotland ofeffortsto regenerate the clyde considers
vest because of the herculeaneffortsof a few individuals that
ask the scottish executive whateffortsit is making to promote
evils and to strengthen oureffortsto promote education and research
asking it to redouble itseffortsto promote good race relations
in large measure to theireffortsj a b they re
j ai fait de grandseffortspour améliorer mon français et
mais je fais de grandseffortspour y remédier donc j
we must step up oureffortsand ensure that we listen
further notes that co ordinatedeffortsare necessary to ensure that
further notes that co ordinatedeffortsare necessary to ensure that
up such information and whateffortshave been made to ensure
ask the scottish executive whateffortsit is making to ensure
to rely on the generaleffortsto ensure fair representation of
councils in scotland in theireffortsto ensure social inclusion through
undertake to make all reasonableeffortsto ensure that building standards
scottish economy we make specialeffortsto ensure that the choice
of south america in theireffortsto ensure workers rights and
to facilitate the dwp seffortsto increase participation in the
without the making of creativeeffortsproportionate to the dangers which
edinburgh are making more concertedeffortsto purchase and display work
complete list of complaints buteffortsare being made now to
above toxin levels furthermore whateffortsare being made to involve
reassure the parliament that alleffortsare being made to represent
apparent to me that seriouseffortsare being made to turn
of age discrimination and whateffortshave been made to make
he tell the chamber whateffortshave been made to prepare
we have sometimes made sucheffortsin difficult circumstances and in
roads dept and the successfuleffortsmade by [censored: companyname] construction to
important that we continue theeffortsthat are being made by
hip replacement we applaud theeffortsthat are being made by
offered continuous contact and theeffortsthat were made to unscramble
on forestry i have madeeffortsto find out people s
for a walk made determinedeffortsto find the one hot
the commission has made severaleffortsto involve stakeholders including the
for 3 against 2 1946effortswere made to revive the
who are involved on theireffortsand calls upon the scottish
research agencies involved for theireffortsin highlighting breast cancer awareness
police would be involved ineffortsto prevent them hunting do
scottish tourist board in theireffortsto secure this facility encourage
macintyre notes the ongoing fundraisingeffortsof the trust including the
that the parliament notes theeffortsof those political parties in
the courts will interpret oureffortsat legislation it might therefore
overall quality of life oureffortsin that regard begin with
our partners that notwithstanding theeffortsof the tories and the
we need to focus oureffortson the people who are
but we will concentrate oureffortsour powers and our resources
the target of all oureffortsthat is the attitude behind
mcaveety our recognition of hereffortsthe deputy presiding officer mr
boyack s views on oureffortsto engage with the people
is essential that in oureffortsto improve life for the
past and present for theireffortsi thank especially the voluntary
affairs policy he encourages theeffortsof scots relief and voluntary
owes to the caring voluntaryeffortsof successive ladies provost and
documents provide evidence of officialeffortsto keep new industry and
role gradually dropped and despiteeffortsto keep the school open
keep mum campaign for itseffortsto raise awareness of this
insisted upon these sorts ofeffortswill help keep alive in
particularly fife council on theireffortsin this regard and believes
it is giving to theeffortsof argyll bute council to
the local community on theireffortsin building that success and
admire my colleagues and theireffortsthe convener it is amazing
thanked the committee for theireffortsthe idea of changing the
shirley anne somerville on theireffortsto raise 5 000 for
the amsterdam treaty in itseffortsafter the bad experience of
scottish lexicography should direct itseffortsat the beginning of the
that the group wad makeffortstae continue wi its work
scottish executive to redouble itseffortsto bring new sustainable and
of scotland rfacs in itseffortsto communicate to the widest
the scottish executive in itseffortsto negotiate an outcome from
in the past in itseffortsto protect scotland s interests
and in scottish life whoseeffortsover many years resulted in
that the uk should intensifyeffortsto implement initiatives on life
problems with the markers whateffortsdid the unions make to
of the scottish executive seffortsto make the lives of
such accommodation and make reasonableeffortsto secure the provision of
the room i make titaniceffortsto stay afloat after the
m going to make someeffortsto turn this blog around
and support action 2000 seffortsto improve the figure however
unrestricted german u boat campaigneffortsto find out something more
under 65s too because furthereffortsmay be needed next year
that the parliament congratulates theeffortsof sir philip cohen and
beer or two for youreffortsand come up trumps at
appreciate your interest and youreffortsand how the word is
now haud on with youreffortsat weeldaein be a prop
criticism went on about youreffortsf641: hm f643: so it
you know your father seffortson her behalf were quite
times a year were thereeffortsto push your concerns about
perthshire in view of thoseeffortscan she tell us why
the determination behind those concertedeffortsdoes he agree that the
better because eh to provideeffortsare are at an unprecedented
to water the joker seffortsare commendable but let s
in line with the greateffortsof the enthusiasts there are
from the federation s besteffortsover the years are as
fin ithers are maakin greateffortstae stem the tide an
adjective to describe jimmy seffortsdivine would do he knew
in madrid to commemorate hiseffortshe s proud of his
monies going directly to charitableeffortsin scotland and controlled by
the way to commemorate myeffortsin the stacy campus body
not try to copy hereffortslanguage development is crucial to
the matter and deplores theeffortsof snp politicians to interfere
to the clerks without whoseeffortsthe bill would not have
relating the difficult and dangerouseffortsto get mail from sweden
donside has been essential ineffortsto identify a new operator
congratulates him and acknowledges hiseffortsto preserve the titles in
and her uncle s misguidedeffortsto right her wrongs the
herself by her own unaidedeffortsto within sight of safety
support the prime minister seffortstoday to convince the american
seemed to think that myeffortswere less than adequate he
that angus mackay s excellenteffortswill lead to an improvement
majesty s government appreciates theeffortsof msps scottish mps and
the committee s report stateseffortsshould be concentrated on finding
concern however that despite strenuouseffortsand exploration of all possible
of tayside for example thateffortsby tayside university hospitals nhs
good thing value of theseeffortsi suggest then that we
and in particular salutes theeffortsof ronnie guild for his
in the newspapers the combinedeffortsof staff from sportscotland eventscotland
of the farmer and theeffortsof the folk looking for
the following parody of theeffortsof the lallans poets which
ronnie guild for his herculeaneffortson behalf of the ruins
o the heid for wireffortslately and yon can crowl
harper very much for hiseffortsthis afternoon and for answering
tae thank him fir hiseffortsmichael hance is draftin questions
my experience has encompassed amateureffortsin every trade except plumbing
grateful for the federations doggedeffortssince the 1890s it may
have derived from the centraleffortsthat you describe since the

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