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the morn or the dayeftera body at the institute
the morn and the dayefterand the day efter that
tellt the morn s mornefterbreakfast the elder sent a
with herself gladys the dayeftermin nae the morn bessie
ready to sail the dayefterthe morn andy but sir
be done by the dayefterthe morn andy mr beaumont
but sir beaumont the dayefterthe morn dae ye hear
ready to sail the dayefterthe morn he touches his
to sail by the dayefterthe morn i ll be
wi the kintra at warefterthon day naethin wis the
paper shop that no langefterthon day thare wisnae an
sleepit a wink yon nichtefterthon fur finiver she closed
s mishanter that gied usefterthon gods hid tummelt tae
that he proposed richt affefterthon he feenished wi a
wi the littlins fur monthsefterthon he keepit inbye an
merriet again didna trust weeminefterthon jist gaed back tae
i wis ten times waurefterthon man peter peter leuch
weemin war fed neist bairnsefterthon the collie dug benjy
she s nae ony betterefterthon the doctor shuik his
till hauf past nine anefterthon the twa brithers wad
o them in wir mooefterthon we d tae tell
re up tae t anefterthon weel far dae i
the bed thon twa takkefteryer mither auld syd grunted
eck nivver got his wakeftera puckle drams he set
fur ae gey wheen eareftereck s daith eck s
eck jist worked awa anefterhe wis finished he hid
eck wisnae neen ower pleasedefterjonsar eck hid his denner
mebbe five or six weeksefterjonsar eck s mishap wi
them wi my ain eenefterjonsar eck wis served in
like that ata twa daysefterjonsar eck wis teemin some
again it wis ten weeksefterthat jonsar eck got a
eck started tae tidy upefterthe electrician hid left he
first day back at schoolefterthe holidays jonsar eck thocht
fags bit nae a lichtefterthree days jonsar eck began
in print by 1910 soefteraa yon it now seems
bunnet wi reverence an nodditefteraa yon wrack wis a
dis leirsman wang du sefterisna yon da wang jin
i his mou a miteeftert wis clair thit yon
yon s it twa wikksefterthe bairn wis born on
bin ower an dane wiefterthe last een aa yon
out on yon same braefaceefterthe rabbits an whan he
feart yon tink wad comeefterus an us wi nae
fell intae a deep sleepefteryon an fin it wis
tae seal thair tryst weelefteryon day twa three month
i canna makk it ootefteryon her heid fell back
as gladstone micht hae reponditefteryon it wis doonhill aa
driver leavin baith bairns ahinefteryon joe sangster jist makkit
her maisterpiece at contrack eynefteryon keech hole o a
the waddin wis quick smertefteryon nae pynt hingin aff
campbells for a hale dayefteryon nane o us wad
wis rinnin wild roon coullefteryon she d tae flit
chin efter pause naw kenefterah d pit hur belt
bolts brutal engineerin bit eftereftercomes the theory the poetry
enough stuck in here dayefterday night efter night wi
an bolts brutal engineerin bitefterefter comes the theory the
can mak the pony ainsefterefter tea time f1104: yeah
efter his dother nava anefterher daith hid gien aa
he d caad the centreefterhis dother nava an efter
here day efter day nightefternight wi her ladyship emptyin
ll be efter the sillerefteroanyhin he kin git money
ken drippin off her chinefterpause naw ken efter ah
mak the pony ains eftereftertea time f1104: yeah f1103:
day efter and the dayefterthat they ll be keeking
um krista he ll beefterthe siller efter oanyhin he
wisnae much o a bargaineftera a ae week it
is ae teenager an langeftera hae fond myndins o
ae towmond i 1960 61eftera retoured frae sud afrika
wi oney luck agnes naweftera wee bit ae practise
an the wolfcleuch heid anefterae bit matt askit gledson
got round til muisic anefterae bittie mrs wulson sayed
wis pittin the slates richtefterae gale on yin o
borth ick waitter it sefterae gey wheen yeir o
maun belang bauld an gallusefterae wee drink young toun
tae maw the gress anefterae wheen strakes wi the
bodie whit hed transpired anefterae whilie ae netta jirdin
the the harden herd anefterae whyle thay flittit doun
hei wisna tae bei fundefterae whyle yid wis seen
to see ae guid manefteranither getting the seck and
1939 45 war an mebbiesefterat is weill fur ae
cottages an ae wheen yeirefterat thay muved intil ae
endit thair days it howcleuchsheilefterhevin bade yonder fur ae
ae periodic ey on umeftersum tyme it wis discovert
a a in ae goefterthat it wis up tae
ferst kent the bit anefterthay flittit tae girnwud ae
marrit ae nottinghamshire lass juistefterthe 1939 45 war an
comin oot wi ae jokeefterthe ither finiver he could
her ae day och langefterwe d baith got mairriet
cairt hurl nae bother avaeftera cosie supper fur twa
wha s struggled tae lookeftera hoose an twa weans
it fired richt awa biteftera meenit or twa it
came twa weeks later whaneftera rise in the water
o the big stump lefteftera twa hunner year auld
the transplant ward neist wikkeftera twa three wee tests
marischal sat doun forenenst himeftera twa thrie glesses o
an twa tae the tithereftera while twa sea maws
pan o gruesome grease aneftera year or twa o
s name m642: n- nawefteraboot twa year he says
bank twa or three daysefteran the damned cheque bounced
dog wi twa tails anefteranither pint or twa went
plane an aboot twa saicondsefterhe heard the pop pop
for twa three days anefterit liftit it hid left
jist went aboot his workefterjonsar pit in the twa
her day s tyauve langeftermeg beddit the twa lassies
day a month or twaefternava deed the bairns hid
a heavy shoor or twaefterthat day turns oot sae
o hell twa three yearefterthis splore i wis sittin
hear the twa read aneeftertither english syne braid scots
we cairtit them hame buteftertwa days mither thocht it
d watched an walked tilleftertwa o clock an had
frae leddrach dunracht an kilrogieeftera bargain isie hid bin
lips bit she didna greetefteraa her faither hid telt
place on a ship seenefterbit fit naebody hid calculated
bree sprewin ooto her mooefterhauf the pairish hid caad
at s a some eeseefterhe got hame he hid
o vernish the neist nichtefterhe hid cam hame fae
bin unca hard caad rinninefterher sick man steenhillock hid
middleton wis wrang nae langefterma fifteenth birthday i hid
bedroom haein his enin dialysisefternava hid deed it tuik
an a langer sermon anefterthe elders hid taen the
menzies wad be roupin ootefterthe hairst they hid bocht
dow wad find her ootefterthe loons hid sworn the
its pyson the yae survivorsefterthe wars hid bin the
re fit elephants drap suneefterthey ve hid meat an
o days gane by yearsefterwhen geordie an beenie hid
would you tear me awaeftera that time hoo lang
eric it wisnae at langefterat n whan baith jimmy
wisna lang o weirin awaefterauld maister shi dee d
at aw it wisnae langeftergeordie an beenie flittit intae
quo the skiffy dirt deenefterher day s tyauve lang
coort minnie didna bide langefterher faither left the neep
hoose an i ll lookefterit as lang as i
nou ti tell hou langefterking renzong i the days
hunder b c but langeftersome fowk jalouse it was
mither s share no langefterthat she deed and martha
for the bbc nae langefterthe coylumbridge hotel open t
five bunker hills no langefterthe fift hour they cam
peer aiberdeen puss nae langefterthe ginger cat s narra
the answer an no langefterthey were bocht there wis
held yer ghaistly face langefterye d forgotten kith and
fuel tank he asked jonsareftera fyle o shovin an
o poorin the beer yourselefterjonsar explained that it wis
faar fowk faa aboot actinefterthe news wis past jonsar
informal forgaitherins o thair peersefterbein telt for years at
the buik o ruth comesefterjudges and was pitten thair
bi thae purist authors thairselsefterreadin an writin thair ain
they walked oot the yettefterthair first sale wi fower
the laddies speerits wis upefterthair quick success agin the
it in the club hooseefterthair roond o gowf at
thair ain kinna english scotsefterthe country it wis spoken
i the howpasley schuil hooseefterthe schuil closed thair son
rin alang tae the herbourefterthey d feinisht wi thair
fine weel i m noeftera lassie i mean whit
taen place in later yearseftera wis weel on ma
the cairds is weel sochtefteraboot noo sae fowk can
cottages it the mulsintoun backsykeefterat n weel a mynd
mep madame ecosse hersel weelefteraw the ongauns at the
guid maister whae leukit weelefterhis herds tae the best
he s ca ed dodefterme i m georgie weel
the firsten ye hinna sochtefteronie callant weel aff or
of the party bessie weelefteroor mither died folk ca
holiday like said geordie weelefterthat sheila got intae the
an a weel paid jobefterthe war teenie breaking in
fast asleep it wis weeleftertwae o clock whan big
weel uised an weel luiktefterwi near fifteen yairds o
haud tae you an lookefteryou at aa times weel
haud tae you an lookefteryou at aa times weel
mither says if ye reeftera lassie i dinnae hink
tae bide strang tae luikeftermatty an her mither matty
at eleyven o clock suneefterminnie s mither sally an
esma on watchin her mitherefterpluckin a hen pittin a
birth o jesus christ wasefterthis mainner whan his mither
me that ye ll luikefteryer mither an brither fin
kept eence for local quarriesefteraboot an oor alexander an
keech thur wis plenty anefteraboot an oor we hud
oor meat s aye readyefterdark if late we re
yin an that yin butefterhauf an oor o these
just lay doon at nichtefterhaving said oor wee prayer
pairt roon oor noble countryefterhe d been hoodie bait
oor nain scots tung kisefterin aa isna ane s
crap a sair trauchle oorefteroor back brakkin darg wi
o the cless at awefteroor exams but wis in
appear again aboot an oorefteroot came auld glory an
wis oor furst nicht ootefterthe big yins the nettin
o halflins bi electronic tagginefterthe specifeed oor o the
mood fin he got hameeftera bath clean claes on
a ll mebbe stey hameefteraw a scottish villanelle tae
clerk wis set for hameefterbreakfast the elder convoyed him
auld three taed fork ootefteri gaed hame i suppose
this i m going hameefteri ve directed ye tae
were sorry to come hameefterthat week i had in
days o ezra and nehemiahefterthe israelites won hame tae
man at hame tae lookefterthe kid she ll mibbe
sikk tae wauk kate hameefterthe setterday daunce he flytit
renamed their ain bit airteftertheir hame toon or clachan
pit intae your een aneftera fyle you wull be
een ay mebbies threi meenitsefterhei wur back hammerin on
iver an fur seeven nichtsefterit opened its een inbye
sees a lass every sundayeftermass her een are crossed
oot ma pooch fair wammlineftersplatter syne een by een
suid my een aye vieveefterthe years o cruellest sains
but apprehensive could you lookefterthis een for me jist
in ither s een lookefteryirsel nou a ll sen
fit wis in the scheduleeftera fer dibber dabber it
blob appearin at wanst buteftera few goes ah wis
wis haein a richt feedeftera fyle he felt a
that is exactly fit happenedeftera fyle jane wis able
cried him bodang s feireftera langsyne general at wis
need some help he saideftera meetin it wis decided
my it wis grand whaneftera wee it wis time
the watter wis rinnin affeftera wee spate an we
it wis nae surprise theneftera week o teemin rain
learn tae speak proper aneftera while it wis the
the big show stopper thatefteraa he wis their faither
chikks the stickiness wisna skittersefteraa it wis bluid things
wis a wheen o daysefterat shi jin concludit he
eneuch tae be thegither bitefteraw there wis nae ither
wis the ootbye post wumenefterchrissie tamson o howpasley gaed
wrought a lock o helleryefterda dance wis feenished bulldog
shei wis appearinlie ey ettlinefterdaen sumane sum guid i
da wadder at he wisefterdat dey wirna able ta
fur itsel again three wikksefterfin miss vining wis ridin
an no hauf a yeareftergao the braw wis upheizit
wife wadnae caimb her haireftergloamin fin he wis at
phoned the police five minutesefterhazel phonin the place wis
vigilante against sin an stoorefterhe wis deid an the
his poachin cronies gey quickefterhe wis fined on fair
a sorts o different testsefterhe wis finished he said
ceili band jist a dayefterhis dear wife sheila wis
neist meg ramsay sighed luikinefterither fowks bairns wis a
ask where yi went wentefterleavin here pause thur wis
wis ma substitute maternal grandfaitherefterma muther s faither the
reserve fuid stores wis fittiteftermony years the super cuddy
didnae open again fur daysefternava deed the balbutt wis
jinky shakin his steekit nieveefterthaim the laddies speerits wis
huv nae bakers withoot flooerefterthat it wis used as
some explainin tae dee andefterthat the wash hoose wis
poorin o rain the dayefterthat wis the same for
a cuddy that a wisefterthe comatee set aboot pyntin
tae dook fur aipples blinfauldefterthe dookin wis daen minnie
his description aabodie wis dischairgedefterthe hearin an flesher zheng
telt bi the doctors thatefterthe operation brian wis the
aboot an nae pyin attentionefterthe poetry recitation wis ower
a gaitherin o the glitteratiefterthe raw salmon wis communin
flag o cinc home fleetefterthe vanguard wis de commissioned
shore it wis a fortnichtefterthe wauk or ronald appeared
an three leggit races stilleftertheir tare it wis only
wis ma bodie he wisefterthrie month wisna by afore
an inch awa frae himeftertwae months wis by king
seat an fell soun asleepefterunloadin in pitsliga it wis
wis such a raver seeefterwe got flung oot we
into it della he sefterawthin krista hoose land awthin
his ain hoose a fylieefterbilly mcafferty frae nummer 23
hoose mah job ti lookeftermah sister an mother yi
the frostit steadin afore tiptoeinefterminnie inno the hoose bit
tae tea bi a frienefterschule ootbye her hoose she
doon f1073: mmhm f1074: ehmefterthat then the hoose where
in her brikks wisna skittersefteraa ay bit ye div
hear the ern o tefteraa her trauchle fur sic
ye my ain juidgement anefteraa i hae kent o
an a fyew tinnies meatefteraa ireland s jist a
is there in a bawdefteraa nae a blink o
he wol his wo endureefteraa that dorigen s haed
t she being her anefteraa that she left ye
daud an syne retell itefteraa the ballads aye deal
tae the sri lankan fowkefteraa they war professionals an
says niver you heed maisterefteraa ye ve juist said
sae pranny lived happy ivirefteran keepit aa the gowd
aa an unco thrang gaedefterhim frae galilee and the
road we had tae rinefterthem shoutin it s aa
need a rowth o nursinefterthis is aa ower yer
or aa s by saeefterthis naebodie wad daur ti
us aa says auld jinefterye d seen us richt
straucht aff a fish aneftera bit o searchin stashd
were run aff their feeteftera day or so the
ta geng aff very farefterfish but ida first days
syle out da muckle bowlefterhe d drunk aff a
aff bert nichol s busefterhevin been i hawick hei
her my dod can lookefterhimsel so shove aff chrissie
kennlers on e hack blockeftersaain aff linths on a
at s nae a surpriseeftersome time aff gangs the
hir boddie fur saiveral daysefterhir operation a ve fond
awfu sudden like three dayseftersaw wullie at the kirkyaird
maister sax or seiven dayseftershe d taen the feesick
the wey ye ve seenefterus thir days bypast sin
canongate books for reprentin thisefter14 year bi popular deman
juist gaed awa bi itselefteraboot sax weeks an noo
schuil holidays thay wur leukitefterbi mr an mrs tom
shell o stane thirty yearsefterthe bombs transformed bi marc
sib n ay it wusefterthe merciless pillaging bi edward
fand bi the ooter galaxiesefterthe muckle global wars the
a lowe throw gurly seasefterye left smittit bi ambition
fin he cam back onshoreeftera trip tae the fishin
or zhenzong cam on anefterhim cam renzong nou this
ane the loun cam breinginefterhim wang jin jinkit about
hod an go seek whiliesefterhis haun haudin gnashers cam
see t a wee whyleeftermeg ramsay s feet cam
he was forced tae becauseefterthat something cam oot that
the wird evil cam fraeefterthe first wummin in the
often i have a cuppieefter11 o clock at nicht
in throwe the cat flapeftera nicht on the tiles
up fretting hauf the nichtefterit it s no like
mornin tae aboot five meinitseftershe faws asleep at nicht
see it gien tae onybodyeftersunset on setterday nicht nor
boolin clubs an yin nichtefterthe seturday hat gemm he
air a richt fine dayeftera a tuesday 10 temp
gaithirid roon the sparkin flameseftera day o back breckin
get fresh fish an chipseftera day on hill or
hed dawed the neist dayefterbrakfaist the abbeymaister an the
wee whyle she spent dayefterday at the new dug
jist stans stracht up dayefterday friday 20 temp 3
sittin in that chair dayefterday me watchin the life
day tak bite an supeftergao he bidden a fortnicht
kam doon til the hauchefterpassin the tyme o day
ill day ti see thoefterspeirin inti the grunds o
o flittin the neist dayefterthe kittlin did draw bluid
ower every day tae lookefterye bessie stung out of
auld roost bucket chae rinseftera fly cup an a
a guid auld blether aneftera while the crack turnt
get mair breid jist lookinefterauld wankers like you in
a hae ma ain lifeefteraw she said auld creepy
auld peter a puckle yearsefteri mairriet a tarlan loon
t is at hir findinsefterraikin throwe auld wull scott
name chynged intae auld englishefterthe battle o carham the
perfec aw the time furefteraw we poets are only
ration fur efters like puddenefterbroth the horse micht rest
doors sae hogmanay feenished seenefterfur them sally bruce gaed
the fur coat she wasefterreally she aye felt the
o jockie telfer s fermsefterstaundin empie fur ane an
fur the cooncil s namedefterthem park dock an street
should ve been daein lookinefterus carin fur us lee
a mind o its aineftera fer chauve an a
gien him a middle nameefterain o them cecil arthur
sadie whit ll that solveefterbullyin his ain wean gettin
the halflins micht chant itefterhim i o ma ain
hit her hsard sae suneefterthe daith o her ain
wha d gien them neemsefterthe seas o his ain
not answer silence agnes lookefteryer ain skin then sadie
re aul enough to lookefteryour ain keys surely peggy
the licht o the windaeeftera while he scartit his
a b q in dundeeeftera while he still hidnae
the warld tae dee iteftera while she speired at
the guff o burnt airneftera while the back o
the bowl o cauld custardeftera while the fusky took
ear muffs but a whileefterit juist seemed tae sort
a good while an ayeefterthat he thocht a lot
r monie things that kytheseftera guid look at thir
brocht up tae tae lookeftera man that s a
she needs somebody to lookefterher georgie she s got
waur chrissie tryin to lookefterher it seems the lassie
keep yoursel alive to lookefterher my dod can look
noo yer mum kin lookefterhersell gordon no she can
nae ha ein to lookefterhim a the time an
an whey s gonnae lookefterhur pause jilly holds pat
look doon tae the roupefteri m finished my roon
tae think i aye lookefterit he nivver pit a
that i mean to lookeftermysel if i can just
look him in the faceefterthe way you cairried on
ask mrs swanson to lookefteryou i dinna like bein
just ha e to lookefteryoursels i canna dae onything
awa tae get the rodsefterhis denner ronald thocht he
a ll seek ye outefterhonest brither awa you wi
waur because da sneaked awaefteri was born an registered
left to tak you oneftershe s awa unless sarah
an braw aye at sefterthe haar dis clear awa
stottit awa inti the cloisterefterwhit the doorman tellt him
en aabodie wondert about itefterye wir awa an they
hand tess awa wi yiefteryou strippin aw that birch
near a month back jistefterderk cairryin a torch an
a the rest have lookedefterme jist fine especially teachers
inno the watter twis jistefternine an her fowks wadna
richt oot o her teenseftera i had deen for
heid dirl an stoon richteftera wee treelip o bluid
coortin wyse an clivver chasineftersomethin snooty quidna be richt
richt doun the puil anefterthree or fower nets had
that spark o satisfaction yetefter40 eer o tirlin ower
nae keepit ower busy chasinefteraddy i think you see
ower every stick coort caseeftercoort case aboot stuff an
t git trow d examefterd exam is ower unless
fore in the kintra airefterdenner aunt florence tuik ower
net johnnie murphy he ranefterher and ower the pig
ran back ower the watterefterjimpy an straucht intae the
booin ower miss vining skirlefterskirl tore frae the patient
think ower what ah saidefterthe last meetin silence steve
ellen s left us aweftera fecht baith sair an
want to go back sadieefteri left carolanne nods sadie
will back then silence bernaefteryi left eftir yi did
oot fa does fit buteftera we have the rest
the signpost said alpine gardenefterfit seem t like 30
rasp o meg ramsay snorinefterfit seemt an eternity the
a the wye up againefterken fit i mean an
fit god said tae eveeftershe d temptit adam inno
bothered her heid wi himeftershe discovered fit he was
me wonderin fit does happenefterthe wee curtain closes does
fit d you mean lizzieefteryou re mairriet if you
tellin us aboot ye speirineftera [censored: placename] caird for neist
them one at a timeeftera i d heard aboot
e e a bit mairefteraboot twenty meenits you are
thole thinkin aboot girned wullieefteranither waucht o beer an
bear thinkin aboot bein looketefterby toby i woudna wish
daddy aboot it that nightefterschool sittin on the chair
the punds on yer hurdiesefterdauds o blackbun an shortie
yer leg in a stookieefterskiin oan the piste if
scottish pairlament public petitions committeeefterthe pairlament has receivit yer
tae yersel an yer bairnsefterye an yer heirs shall
he s nae sae grippyeftera a of coorse the
sae you ve outlived meeftera but you ll need
sae yae setterday in julyeftera week o teepical glesca
like an lived cantie iverefteraside the jungle sae twis
gien a kidney sae faistefterhis kidneys gaed tae smush
but back ti our taleefterprofunditas gat sae fou an
caunles an papers an comeefterye sae wang jin graithit
juist hou tae gang warilyeftera fush cannily daintily nae
nae win tae blaw eneftera fyle on comes the
oot to the scaffies naeeftera the nesty things he
s maybe you he sefteran nae the quine ava
nae custard slices cried grandaefterher the loon here disna
ve nae intention o rinninefterim ever again in heaven
s nae inheritance for themeftern a very slowly savouring
in our tale nae mairefterthis king renzong ruled for
wey oot o yae caperefteranither like the time they
his spunk wad be hairstitefterhis waddin tae wyle oot
up her haun an sayefterme jock dow cried oot
his faither cweeled doon anefterthat tae muck oot the
tae keep the watter ootefterthe tide came in for
and [censored: forename] kept on bletherinefterwe said goodbye oot on
an sterts o bronchitis biteftera fortnicht he aye shook
hale heeze o mckays rinnineftera side o fatty bacon
wonder it was aye fasteftera the effort o getting
d the need o themeftera wheen meenits she cud
pairtit the best o freensefteragreein that nane o the
on tribbl t fields esefterattendin a meetin o fairmers
a the pleasure o lookinefterbairnies but neen o the
anither pairt o the tounefterbidin furth o scotland for
shooder o da hill everefterdat da peerie grice lived
o herst hiv a hinefterechty four eers a pucklie
tuik the style o yingzongefterfower year the croun gaed
son o heiven king zhezongeftergiein offrins at the southlan
table for neebours an freensefterher funeral though plenty o
o the tcyauve o luikinefterher invalid maister fell on
owre his shouther profunditas chasedefterhim tuik a haud o
the tither side o marsefterpucklies o tests they liftit
an burnett s close namedefterrobert burnett o elrick fin
for an expandit provision oefterschuil clesses or informal networks
mooth o eh dry dockeftertea time till see dan
the plane wi a crackefterthaim noo insteid o a
didna see muckle o jeanefterthat but i did bump
jinglin in geordie s poochefterthat gittin rid o the
bumbazement o rickshaws dirdin seatsefterthe bamboo scaffoldin the saris
burnt a couple o weeksefterthe funeral i got this
the tap o the clessefterthe neist exams it taen
intae a pride o lionsefterthe waikest o the herd
heartit things folk spak oefterye were running wild when
pair o wally dugs yearefteryear they winnae change a
you d be that upsetefteraw everbody has arguements carolanne
ane that suffered in londonefterculloden d ye mind and
nocht but idleset an wastrieefterhe d been helpin the
deed in a caur smashefterhe d bin born his
on me zhang greed anefterhe d etten his supper
but aye gao the baaefterhe d gotten on he
let the quine faa teeefterhe d shot a pucklie
d a man that lookedefterthe horse m642: and then
laid the vivers afore themefterthey d etten aathing the
ah d be delighted patefteryi git a blood test
wheen times up tae 1924efter1939 anerlie the fower gospels
em starts tae laugh biteftera fyle it became easy
like tae be cried dunlopeftera guid bicker thegither an
ll hae tae be camelefteraw said the sultan some
mair sworn lawfu brethern presentefterfinding them tae be so
queen tae receive royal assentefterit has receivit royal assent
then sna starts tae faefterit s dark friday 3rd
an a think it wurefterma wa gaun tae new
that came tae the doorefterthat an he nivver bocht
guid consistentscots border lallans juistefterthe brydens flittit tae girnwud
s return tae the scuilefterthe christmas holidays casts a
tae ging tae rosemill schuleefterthe simmer an daisy s
tae sclim intae their treeeftertheir dook flee tree flee
took his porritch ilka morningeftertraivellin in tae the city
jell bit critics noo anefterwill admit tae write a
berna so he s comeefteraw berna struggles up robby
health hoo are ye awefterthe winter hae ye aw
blanket pizza in bj quietlyefterwhat s happened aw you
bein wee an bein lookedefterawthing in it s place
dinner we went a daunerefterfive ye thrawn contrair wee
an a wee spaniel dogefterstanley got himsel an the
wi the wee dug trottinefterthem jock had a bit
shelt bit ye ve taenefterme in luiks the patersons
as they say bit seekinefterperfect beauty canna be as
finals an lost em baitheftera fer chauve we reached
jenny ten year his junioreftera lick an a spit
for ony thing or onybodyeftera puckle quarrels an argy
inower the i hallowed gruneftera pyot an a craw
ah gethered masel thegither aneftera rejuvenatin dram in eh
wisnae in a gweed moodefterbroon an roost did start
hero ben mushroom clouds anefterchez nous i didnae cheenge
she searched for him tillefterecht she looket far an
an heuked an played fishefterfish till ten fat troot
s no a compliment anefterfower months we ve still
s advice afore mine aneftergainin the faur bank for
seen in the lift anefterhe becam aisse the quetzal
the 1939 45 war anefterhei wur demobit hei wrocht
wi a beak an caimbefterher meenlicht raikin da s
vrocht an aye vrocht evenefterher merriage as an interior
the horse wi the grieveefterhis faither cweeled doon an
feart whit s ti comeefteris this thirty an sax
haun wi a pent brusheftermony hard wrocht oors an
an i m still hereeftersixty odd years [laugh] f1041:
tak shi s toun anefterthat we ll come at
my granda twice a wikkefterthe academy skails an they
goat that stauns an bleatsefterthe buying an bribin the
crowd an enjoyed the matchefterthe first echteen holes the
heid an says na naefterthe last flooer is past
the quaichs yersel onie timeefterthe pace holidays date an
the neist meetin wad beefterthe pairlamentary recess an the
16 athing clairty an weetefterthe rain sin dis come
lamp with an eternal flameefterthe thrang derk alleys the
staas of baccy an treatsefterthe wechty bullocks the cobras
clickin her fan an craikedefterthem hairse wi cauld the
in caves the soldiers areefterthem murder an bloodshed he
jock an neil an myselefterwalkin the watter since the
man ayewis geid hur flooersefterhe duffed her up to
and you were gonna runefterher and i m sayin
wi her should hae luikitefterher saxteen or siventeen year
lavy paper bessie aye newspaperefterabody had finished wi it
door wi the reek fallenefterhim is hei ran doon
wi a suppie barley wineefterthe meal the bottles came
forgaither wi me the taneefterthe tither ay ma menyie
the cliff wi the sheriffefterthem the only difference this
mechanic wi his faithir sniffinefterum fuck sake dimps lies
wadna be hauf a yearefterat shi jin s faither
narrow stinted society how yearefteryear i ve been forced
chiels that winna ding theneftercuttin sic a dash he
he cried inbye his clubefterdeliverin the bairn miss vining
you want something mum sadieeftergordon okay he exits with
it a steer roon seeefterhe ett slept like a
cooldna coont up to nineefterhe lost the fingers on
wedderburn and his county freensefterhe s stood up and
havoc here on earth evenefterhe was burnt a couple
he juist drappit doon deidefterhis denner awfu sudden like
he couldna be ca edefterhis feyther cos he hadna
off eh rocks at proudfootefterliftin his creels he wisna
so he was ca edefterme to dod foo r
geordie niver slept in yinceefterthat he kep the alairm
[laugh] i ll tell yeefterf1041: so no tell me
ll catch them for youefterif maggie disnae catch ye
silence pat she ll comeeftermi she ll huv ti
i turn up my taesefterthat a she ll ha
and when things get gaunefterthe summer i ll get
i ll hoover it upefterthen is it a big
asking they ll maybe beefterus this seemed to egg
hen we ll dae fineefterwhaur we ve been monumental
his dinner take with orefterfood it said oan the
the ludge s domestic needsefterhis wife deyd that arreengement
arveragus burstin out greetin juisteftertellin his wife to lat
registered me himsel ca edefterauntie evelyn ma never forgave
teenie bitterly my ma looksefterme ronnie oh i ken
time pause ye need lookinefterteenie bitterly my ma looks
pause fuck sake ma pauseefteryi went it heaven ti
to dee this to meefterthe wye i ve been
a good girl it sefterwe ve been to see
easy breathe easy cammy weekefterweek ah ve asked ti
you ve had your listenefteryou get your jammies on
your jammies on and thenefteryou ve had your listen
number twae mebbes come rinninefterthem ettlin ti kep them
your heid in the ovenefterthat wan wouldn t ye
as teem s a shellefterthe snail s gaen ye
agnes to sadie see yeefterto beth be here mind
be sendin ye a messageefterwhaur wad ye sen uis
heiven ay a ken butefterye dee wullie went on
hae a the lasses chasinefterye i was tellin mary
pause lori s gae shakeyeftera turn pause she s
respond she is my nieceeftern a i wouldna want
bittie raw canna compleen decembereftera a thursday 25th temp
frae the netherlands or norwayeftera bbc programme on dialect
roon for a new maneftera it s been nine
the ferst fock a veesititeftera laundit i new zealand
you haena touched this teaeftera that fuss bessie i
caad hersel a tarland tinkefterthe deeside spikk tarlan tinks
wauk the street wisna caadefterthe iron duke as a
or settle in the gorseefterthe meetin hoo can a
like a maori war canoeefterthe screivin fin the mind
5 at gloamin fa orefterderk noo there s the
place at the weekends orefterschuil oors the clesses uphauden
the erll of crawford andeftersupper at sevyne houris the
happie blessins at thrie meinitsefterthe fift hour the son
ti you yins at comesefterthis tid canna weill see
beginnins first tree ti groweefterthe ice age birch tree
the brass neck to cryefterme but i never let
in makkin no afore orefterbut nou athort the kinkin
each other then kiss bjefterthe night jilly things kin
the art surgical equipment thenefterthe operation naething was too
s the second oil rigefterthe kebab shop aye name
languages ither nor inglis 32efterdarg done by the pairlament
on eer ker haund juistefteree gan owre the maislee
wolf herdin the wife speirtefterhou fer the bairns wuid
carolanne headache sadie the morninefterhuh carolanne don t know
across the gloom fired picturefterpictur on the screen spacemen
heidit doun the watter puilefterpuil that fish breenged through
eftercast i the ooter hebridesefterscotland hed bocht the island
the deidly clood suid faaefterthe awesome blast i se
uncle the storie gans thitefterthe dael hed been settled
reader that this device endsefterthe first few hunner pages
some spik in the vilageefterthe game hardie tackle went
sleep raither than bide waukenedefterthe implacable geordie saired in
the men shure and gangefterthe ingers i se telt
faither in heiven wad luikefterthe innocent young lassies noo
the strength to dae itefterthe nesty little scene we
ha e naewye to bideefterthe new folk move in
1 1 rainfall 7 16efterthe rain roads are like
jura yesterday comin in justefterthe rain the real scent
crabs we scramblit fer sillerefterthe reverend crawford had mairrit
hei flittit intil the ludgeefteryids daith whare hei bade
pick it up in nichtclessesefterf785: mmhm this is quite
by my health and sanityefterbeing poisoned but i feel
bot ane man ten yeirefterconvickit of slaughter offeirit to
tink dey want ta goefterf960: uh huh f961: but
i dinna need ony lookinefterpeggy you re managin great
of vengeance quhilk efterwart stanchisefterthat hete bot bataill taking

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