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vanilla to yolks fold ineggwhites then cream freeze 1
flour ½ pt milk 2eggyolks 2 tbsp lemon juice
cream butter sugar 2 addeggyolks 3 sift dry ingredients
fowl pint white sauce 2eggyolks 3 tablesp double cream
time 15 minutes ingredients 2eggyolks 6 cloves of garlic
beat butter sugar together addeggyolks beat slowly add melted
of slices keep hot mixeggyolks cream pepper salt add
to squeeze in beat theeggyolks in a bowl with
remove from heat whisk ineggyolks lemon remaining cream stir
2 fl oz cream 2eggyolks mix together stir through
bacon is done put theeggyolks not whites in a
over hot water beat ineggyolks one at a time
tspn each basil coriander 2eggyolks put into well oiled
brown crunchy cool lightly beateggyolks whisk double cream till
choc 5 oz butter 7eggyolks whites 4 tbsp brandy
lightly toasted topping whisk 4eggyolks with 4 oz sugar
the birdie they hatched theireggf1113: fitt birdie f1114: hatched
fitt birdie f1114: hatched aneggf1113: fitt birdie s hatched
fitt birdie s hatched hiseggf1114: yes the little the
egg s gonna hatch theeggs gonna hatch f1113: are
another one f1114: [shriek] theeggs gonna hatch f1113: are
his hair mmhm f1114: theeggs gonna hatch f1113: are
not a bridge [inhale] theeggs gonna hatch f1113: eggs
f1114: oops another one theeggs gonna hatch f1113: i
an egg a scissors theeggs gonna hatch f1113: is
baby baby baby ba- theeggs gonna hatch f1113: is
it s gonna hatch theeggs gonna hatch f1113: is
it s gonna ha- theeggs gonna hatch f1113: the
f1114: ah ah ah theeggs gonna hatch f1113: what
egg s gonna hatch theeggs gonna hatch mum it
rub a dub dub theeggs gonna hatch the egg
egg s gonna hatch theeggs gonna hatch the egg
that s nice f1114: theeggs gonna hatch the egg
egg s gonna hatch theeggs gonna hatch the egg
bowl when cool add whiteseggbeaten whip cream with a
mins make meringue from 2eggwhites 3 oz sugar block
stir in fruits 5 beateggwhites stiff but not dry
fold in almonds flour whiskeggwhites till stiff fold into
time stir in brandy whiskeggwhites till stiff fold into
bacon egg pie pastry 1egg3 oz butter 6 oz
i m gonna make anegga scissors the egg s
ehm egg f1125: egg [sound of egg tapping bowl]eggand milk how much milk
dizzen inta her haands paeseggapö paes egg tak care
egg on his face readeggas a euphemism for cameron
an egg f1113: and youreggaye winna be long two
green egg in a woodeneggcup together with a shining
are a egg f1121: aneggducks f1122: ducks fish balloons
egg goes in there f1125: eggegg egg we ve got
a egg you got aeggegg f1126: the egg goes
goes in there f1125: eggeggegg we ve got an
[laugh] egg [inaudible] her hereggf1097: can i get that
easter egg f1114: a birdeggf1113: a bird s egg
toast now f1114: and aneggf1113: and your egg aye
da- f1113: like an eastereggf1114: a bird egg f1113:
egg right a birdie seggf1114: yes does this have
f1122: and these are aeggf1121: an egg ducks f1122:
last [tut] egg f1126: ehmeggf1125: egg [sound of egg tapping bowl] egg and
they go in last [tut]eggf1126: ehm egg f1125: egg
egg we ve got aneggf1126: oh yum yum yum
egg you got a eggeggf1126: the egg goes in
top of them f1130: eastereggf1129: easter egg top urgh
a egg egg f1126: theegggoes in there f1125: egg
tea a beautiful pale greeneggin a wooden egg cup
will i make f1114: aegg[inaudible] f1113: an egg you
aye aye [laugh] aye [laugh]egg[inaudible] her her egg f1097:
or fried tatties and aneggoften a duck s egg
burnt out pop star witheggon his face read egg
400 f mark 6 baconeggpie pastry 1 egg 3
egg f1113: a bird seggright a birdie s egg
toast and egg toast andegg[singing] f1113: right f1114: toast
egg f1126: ehm egg f1125: egg[sound of egg tapping bowl] egg and milk how
haands paes egg apö paeseggtak care noo tak twartree
egg often a duck seggthough this was always boiled
toast and egg toast andeggtoast and egg [singing] f1113:
okay [cough] f1114: toast andeggtoast and egg toast and
toast and egg toast andeggtoast and egg toast and
f1130: easter egg f1129: eastereggtop urgh chocolate pizza f1130:
in there f1125: egg eggeggwe ve got an egg
[laugh] f1125: we need aeggyou got a egg egg
a egg [inaudible] f1113: aneggyou want mum to make
puff pastry glaze with beateneggcook 425 for 30 mins
10 mins in deep fateggsausage roll pastry 8 oz
small apple 1 lemon 1eggto brush pastry bake for
rashers bacon 4 eggs 1eggto brush pastry bake on
the toast pre spread theeggbeheaded the yolk was a
toast f1113: toast with youreggokay [cough] f1114: toast and
olive and i an eastereggand i mean [inhale] you
world to see this eastereggand really show it off
can i have an eastereggand she was like yeah
my mum confiscated the eastereggas soon as we got
before easter were the paceeggdays in some places though
little bit of our eastereggevery day so with the
bring f1130: mm an eastereggf1129: [inhale] how many easter
but there was a wholeeggfor breakfast at pace easter
with the result that easteregg[laugh] lasted seemed to last
four for ten pound eastereggoffer f1037: yeah fo- f1038:
come together a an eastereggto yourself and we were
knew what stage that eastereggwas at [laugh] so you
we got home the eastereggwas put into the cupboard
can remember gettin an eastereggwhen i was quite big
balls fry in oil 1egg3 tbsp water beaten together
powder ¼ tsp salt 1eggbeaten ½ pt milk 2
bacon bind together with beateneggdried chestnuts soak for 24
margin [note: diagram here of how to fold pastry] brush with beateneggsprinkle with flaked almonds cook
flour add alternately with beateneggto butter sugar mixture 4
badly shaped or especially largeeggany cracked ones were scrambled
shaped it s called aneggisn t it f122: uh
f122: [laugh] f606: is iteggshaped f122: yes it s
thought he d have aneggshaped fridge beside him [laugh]
f010: yes it s silvereggshaped it s called an
m1098: hae f1097: bacon andeggand sausage m1098: no f1097:
and bacon and add toeggmixture mix pour into flan
soft brown sugar beat 1eggadd beat 2 ripe bananas
1 pinch salt beat 1egginto 1 cup milk add
cream fat sugar beat ineggwork in flour porage oats
oz flour pinch salt 1egg½ pt milk mix flour
4 oz plain flour 1egg¾ pt milk 1 tsp
flour 1 porage oats ½eggcherries to decorate cream fat
flour 4 oz butter 1eggfilling 4 hard boiled eggs
mix flour and salt breakegginto well in centre gradually
essence 2 ozs currants smalleggrub marg into flour make
with flour sugar add 1eggwith little milk 5
hard boiled eggs 1 rawegg12 oz sausagemeat browned breadcrumbs
in the morning a boiledeggoatcakes and tea bit in
unusual treat a whole boiledeggto themselves for breakfast the
1 oz currants nutmeg 1egg½ pint milk ½ oz
salt ½ teasp nutmeg 1egglittle milk 1 sift dry
bottle lemon juice white ofeggsouffle ½ lb sugar 1
sugar 5 echo marg smalleggapple crumble 4 ozs s
well in centre add sugareggcoffee essence roll into small
2 tablespoons sugar perhaps anegggrease square tin put in
greased pie dish 2 mixeggsugar vanilla heat milk to
to the bowl with theeggstir it all together so
pepper can be added 1egg1 oz meat potato cakes
oz rolled oats 1 largeegg1 tablespoon soy sauce 1
for 10 minutes potatoes witheggmelt 1 oz butter in
peel 3 mix well addeggmilk 4 bake for 15
of pan and scramble oneeggon other side mix together
prawns 1 tspn cornflour 1eggwhite mix and leave in
when to add an extraeggwhite when to stop stirring
roon wi the butter aneggcairt the horse drawn grocer
aunt would sometimes rub aneggwith butter and bury it
at 350 for 45 minseggbrunch 6 8 eggs 1
s hot f1114: er theegghot f1113: the eggs are
shortage of fresh eggs driedeggwas available baking baking was
raisins 2 ozs walnuts 1egg1 cup milk 4
pizza base and melt aneggon it f1130: no f1129:
a big ain a bigeggf1113: another one f1114: another
f1114: look it s aneggf1113: aye but we ll
ones in there f1114: aneggf1113: okay f1114: look it
proud let s make aneggf1113: that s nice f1114:
okay f1114: okay there aneggf1113: you try and get
there s another one anothereggf1114: [inaudible] f1113: two three
want mum to make aneggf1114: yes da- f1113: like
f1113: right here s aneggfor you you ve cut
mm f1113: fairly scoffed thategg[laugh] f1114: mm f1113: come
f1114: let s make aegglook oh don t f1113:
f1114: mmhm f1113: mmhm youreggs cooking f1114: mm [singing]
an an e- f1113: anothereggwill i cut this hair
the mantelpiece beside the brasseggcup my sister rose brocht
look that s a giantegglook f1114: and that and
hair here f1114: yes anothereggyes and there s scissors
that cute f1114: a realeggyes i m making another
it all together so theeggcooks and the cheese melts
four three f1126: put theeggin here put the crumbs
piece of green chilli 1eggyolk small piece of fresh
was porridge and a duckeggat another christmas party dod
make into soft dough withegg4 roll out thinly on
and sores white of aneggwas used to seal them
little s- lay a littleeggfor me f1102: that s
blood heat and pour overeggstirring well 3 strain custard
it s here among theeggan ham ye neednae look
rings f1122: biscuits look aeggand balloons f1121: it s
she loved by chipping aneggagainst the wall saying at
lyfe is hauden in aeggan it is keepit sauf
d heen a ham aneggan sassige brakfist bit naa
broo the size o aeggan wan tae match it
ye no cum oot aneggas a wee podil ah
cracit an a hard bileteggaye tastes better in e
list doesn t include aneggby faberge doesn t include
goosers gooseberries gorblet of aneggcontaining an unfledged chick gorblin
monboddo said holding up aneggdr johnson rather enjoyed himself
well an alien an alieneggf010: an elegant alien [laugh]
them for coupons for aneggf631: mmhm f634: this kind
again sae finnd you thiseggfergal an brek it but
times a week with aneggfor variety on sunday if
that ah can reive aneggfrae anaith a nestin burd
ah can shuit doun aneggi the lift gin it
hills everywhere and not aneggin sight i m very
go on to lay anegginter species copulation carries a
helen was born from aneggnae sae daft then children
hen ah could fry aneggoan yer back whit s
however it gave them aneggor two to eat on
her answers emerged like aneggreleased from its shell spreading
on we ll boil aneggright now what else do
awa he d ate aneggshell an aa jist raa
d hae a muckle nesteggtae fund himself an his
herrie and picked out aneggto blow to keep for
from her grannie if aneggwas cracked when she went
as much as poach aneggwioot burnin it bit i
nouns in a list sausageeggand chips and those with
nouns in a list sausageeggand chips and those with
while ah m boilin myeggagnes exits carolanne empties the
born from a swan seggwell that convinces me said
bit of a chicken andeggsituation lee cousins the targets
squirtin a dye inta theeggeven at s sma beer
think the the chicke- theegghas been if it s
effect gave a curate seggjudgment it was very good
she s juist a badeggmair lyke moula she canna
been if it s theeggthat comes first eh has
dover a large hen seggwhistled by my nose and
ve had no one toeggme on i m hoping
jungle goliaths you never haveeggon your face tiger blood
be lyin thare but aeggas whyte as a snawflake
along the annunciation of theeggforget me not a mercedes
based salads or a fisheggmayonnaise salad or occasionally a
more information about chicken andeggproducts such as a the
the hotel papaya fruit juiceeggand waffles we headed out
things like chappit tatties andeggdishes carvy carraway seeds were
i think the children substitutedeggfor vowels and they would
groover had found the phantomegghurler and finally lost his
teresa also came round foreggsalad and veg soup you
that the government issued aseggsubstitute for all and especially
hae the tap aff hiseggat brakkfaist time they didna
efter us this seemed toeggon the driver for the
set aboot huntin for theeggthat keepit the lyfe o
she kens that gin theeggis brukken the ettin wul
sat minnie doon tae spreideggsandwiches while she bakit scones
as he just followed theeggas it thwacked onto the
jyned me on the buseggheids like thon quo the
adored new cottage industry theegghead in the writers farm
crinolines the annunciation of theegghorses smell sweeter than lilacs
half past four they ateeggor cheese or caal chucken
the scottish executive why organiceggproduction is not currently eligible
i am talking about theeggstealing that takes place throughout
but who actually threw theeggthe local neds knew that

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