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we didn t have scrambledeggsin auchterless though they were
is stuffie used for scrambledeggsin the rora disttict one
caap wooden bowl caddled ofeggsscrambled caff chaff calfie s
recipe that emerged for scrambledeggstake three eggs with a
fine stuff and the scrambledeggsthen got the name in
beans and smileys no scrambledeggsthen m1110: no f1109: ye
for scrambled eggs take threeeggswith a handle take a
butter 1 or 2 beateneggs1 seive together dry ingredients
cool 2 oz butter 2eggsbeaten ¼ pt milk ½
oz soft brown sugar 4eggsbeaten 1 ½ level tblesp
oz cooked brown rice 2eggsbeaten oz can mixed
flour s r flour 2eggsbeaten bake 350 375 1
or treacle 1 or 2eggsbeaten mix well put in
ozs s r flour 2eggsbeaten 5 15 mins
1 tbspn parsley chopped 4eggsbeaten salt pepper 50 mins
4 oz castor sugar 2eggsbeaten with 1 teasp flour
sauce 1 tspn nutmeg 4eggslightly beaten 4 fl oz
dry ingredients 5 add beateneggsto fat mixture then fold
mace 1 ½ nutmeg 3eggswell beaten juice rind of
¾ carton cook oil 2eggswell beaten pinch salt mix
butter 2 chopped hard boiledeggs¼ pt double cream 2
scotch eggs 4 hard boiledeggs1 raw egg 12 oz
6 for 30 mins scotcheggs4 hard boiled eggs 1
salt pepper 2 hard boiledeggs4 rashers streaky bacon cook
egg filling 4 hard boiledeggs8 oz sausagemeat pinch mixed
good bread cold soft boiledeggsand coffee of which it
f1114: [exhale] f1113: eggie boiledeggsf1114: mm it s really
because they got to rolleggsfirst they were hard boiled
a time for hard boiledeggsin some places youngsters would
taps o their parents boiledeggslater they got one between
f1114: [inaudible] f1113: your boiledeggsll be ready in a
i don t like boiledeggslook ice cream f1121: what
at a brunch of boiledeggsmelon slices and berries i
cod flaked 4 hard boiledeggsquartered ½ pint cream s
hacks of ham and boiledeggsshow me any of your
and bone spoons for boiledeggswooden spoons were used for
egg s gonna hatch f1113: eggsare gonna hatch into baby
what s gonna hatch theeggsf1114: oh that s [inaudible]
hatch into baby chickens f1114: eggsgonna hatch i m gonna
s gonna hatch f1113: theeggsis gonna hatch f1114: yes
like eating sausages f1114: theeggsit s gonna hatch f1113:
filling 6 rashers bacon 4eggs1 egg to brush pastry
it s a cross wieggsan bacon an a tiger
packit their bags an lefteggsan bacon tune mcginty s
the gairden caad the grumphieseggsan bacon twa brakkfasts in
are hens wi bandy cweetseggsan bacon war sae creashie
me there wis bacon aneggsas weel i wis fer
the best buy latvian buttereggsbacon lard it was an
bacon wis bulimic an thateggshid constipation till the wifie
tae enjoy my bacon aneggsi ll tell you this
bacon onion garlic crack threeeggsinto a jug and beat
a big scran up baconeggssoasij tattie scones black puddin
monday you got bacon aneggsthen it was it was
rashers diced bacon beat theeggswith cheese seasoning cream melt
craft e hens laid eireggsan ma mither swappit em
meant that there were noeggsand no old hens to
the hens and collect theeggsanother chore was cleaning out
plunkit the basket o henseggsdoon on the kitchie table
does hens lay then f1122: eggsf1121: eggs do you like
braw on a boxie oeggsfrae scutterin aboot hens an
clocking hens sat on theeggsin coops with individual runs
f643: his hens and hiseggsisn t there they re
often give them badly shapedeggsnooadays hens must be trained
bin oot gaitherin the henseggsor chasin the cock roon
struggling tae explain that theireggswerena frae battery hens tryin
green pepper seeded sliced 2eggs¼ pt milk 2 oz
juice rind 2 lemons 2eggs½ pt double cream put
grated 1 pt milk 3eggs1 tsp rubbed sage line
2 oz dem sugar 4eggsseparated ½ pt double cream
lay then f1122: eggs f1121: eggsdo you like eggs [laugh]
fur da bairns ___ paeseggseaster eggs i in dy
turnips peas shallots and onionseggseggs were usually plentiful as
there f1114: [?]look his[/?] mummy thoseeggsf1113: that s little eggs
mmhm outside f1114: yes throwingeggsf1113: you was throwin eggs
one f1115: a nest oeggsfitt s in the eggs
well we d go foreggsfresh eggs m608: aye m636:
bairns ___ paes eggs eastereggsi in dy your harned
f1121: eggs do you likeeggs[laugh] f1122: erm no i
d go for eggs fresheggsm608: aye m636: cause i
eggs f1113: that s littleeggsmade a nest f1114: this
eggs fitt s in theeggsmm f1116: [inaudible] there he
eggs f1113: you was throwineggswas you f1114: yes f1113:
peas shallots and onions eggseggswere usually plentiful as most
ingredients whites of 3 largeeggsbeat until stiff peaks form
oz castor sugar 2 largeeggsfew drops vanilla combine ingredients
non stick available ingredients 3eggshalf an onion drop of
batter 4 oz flour 2eggs½ pint milk beat for
½ lb c sugar 7eggs1 ½ lb mixed fruit
sugar 12 ozs sultanas 5eggs 4 1 ½ hours
mins egg brunch 6 8eggs1 lge tomato 2 or
for 20 mins 2 largeeggs1 tspn sesame oil 3
10 mins and blend witheggsbutter 5 oz wholewheat sr
water 4 oz butter 2eggscook gently about 10 mins
2 tablesp h water 2eggs 5 30 mins choc
mins garnish with parsley bitseggssalmon paté 4 6 port
for about 10 mins beateggswith milk then add onions
4 oz mixed peel 4eggs2 tblesp sherry rum or
oz ripe bananas 2 mediumeggs3 drops vanilla essence blend
short crust flan case 2eggs4 oz grated cheese salt
oz sultanas 2 bananas 6eggs6 oz sugar 6 tbsp
sugar 6 oz marg 3eggsflavouring 1 bake at 375
8 oz caster sugar 6eggsseparated 8 oz plain choc
cream fat sugar mix ineggs2 fold in flour spice
milk ¼ lb flour 2eggspinch salt put sifted flour
r flour 2 or 3eggsrind juice of orange warm
butter 3 cups sugar 4eggsseparated 4 cups flour sifted
fairm ye wid get youreggsat easter an your hen
f1129: [inhale] how many eastereggshave you got noo f1130:
she bought him four eastereggsi mean that s just
in the easter month fineggsrowe doon the brae there
got a spoonful at eastereggswere plentiful thought mostly bartered
is a nest of frosteggsa slow melting a late
its nest it lays itseggsand there s nothin they
the back end dew theeggsi the shilfie s nest
the nest whaur the besteggsliggs or thay ir set
cairriet cream an butter aneggsalec an ned hid bin
place bit ere wis ayeggsan butter en ye cd
a few groceries they boughteggsand butter from customers in
pleased with good country buttereggscheese and cream or fish
butter results icecream 6 4eggsseparated 100g 4oz sieved icing
of butter throw away anyeggsthat are not fresh you
wid aye fess butter aneggstill er so he sent
sugar 4 blue band 2eggs1 tablsp milk 1 hot
tablespoonful oil salt pepper 4eggs1 tablespoonful soy sauce 1
milk gradually beating hard addeggsbeating hard add pinch salt
in lightly greased pan whiskeggswith soy sauce salt pepper
on top repeat beat milkeggsseasoning together pour over bread
stir in fishes stir ineggscream chives season turkey hash
i kept ma books birdseggsan aa kinna fairlies githered
against the taking of birdseggsand badger digging so those
the birds f1114: yes theeggsf1113: do birds like eating
and what comes out theeggsf1114: the birds f1113: the
minimise the theft of birdseggshe is also the winner
an climin trees fur birdseggspickin an spittin on docken
his large collection of birdseggsthere was a snowball tree
bring us a twa dizzeneggsas peyment hen nae problem
does the hen lay f1122: eggsf1121: well done [toy says 'excellent'] what
streams garden vegetables and eveneggsfrom the proliferation of hen
you gie me twa dizzeneggsin peyment hen it s
oot wi layin owre monieeggspompitie the hen wyfe said
the wee hen delivered hereggstae the miller an collected
in exchange for twa dizzeneggsthe hen wis fair chuffed
the egg hot f1113: theeggsare hot aye f1114: [exhale]
was a shortage of fresheggsdried egg was available baking
o fowk kintra fowk sellineggstatties flooers cheese fresh produce
grated cheese melt then addeggsthen veg bread cheese brunch
fermer fed him on raweggsan gallons o milk wirth
queued for 20 minutes foreggsand a litre of milk
and a non smoker goteggsand goat s milk he
i saw big queues foreggsand milk we did manage
1 more tblspn oil addeggsswirl round add prawns toss
cool then add to theeggswith the peas whisk together
f1130: pizza kind f1129: pizzaeggsf1130: aye f1129: that s
them f1129: you like pizzaeggsf1130: mmhm f1129: urgh fitt
mah ain mayo olive oileggsvinegar bj falls to his
show you f1114: big biggereggsf1113: what we ve got
f1114: yes i need moreeggsf1113: which one needs more
so you have baby babyeggsf1114: can i roll it
[exhale] f1113: do you likeeggsf1114: yes f1113: come on
f1113: you was rolling youreggsf1114: yes f1113: mmhm outside
f1113: are you needin moreeggsf1114: yes i need more
is that a lot oeggsf1114: yes that s enough
you get to paint youreggsfirst f1114: yes f1113: yes
and we ll get youreggsfor you f1114: [exhale] f1113:
you wantin an you wantingeggsis it f1114: [exhale] f1113:
get a plate for youreggsnow well f1114: [singing] [singing]
f1113: i ll mak biggereggseh i ll show you
you can make the babyeggsthere a minute okay roll
minor linguistic difficulty bought 6eggsa watermelon apricot juice from
een or twa o eeggstae bile in a trycle
why s it nae goteggsf1107: because there s nae
it s nae got anyeggsin at the minute i
your position on free rangeeggsshould microchips be banned if
auchterless though they were caddledeggsand that word is a
for us as bairns rypineggsfor oor collection we were
filled them with little chocolateeggsthese were handed over to
his bare hands and ifeggswere scarce he knew the
help feed others two dozeneggswere taken from drumyocher every
from customers in the countrysideeggswere worth 6d a dozen
so expertly if they wereeggsyou d stamp them standard
was the dried and powderedeggsyou were gettin durin the
busy as e skirlies layineggsin e breer o e
gang in tae gaither eeggsmaist o em in nests
tae tak a basketfae oeggstill e merchant s noo
middle bit maist o eeggswis sellt tae the merchant
you ken why cause raweggsare nae good for ye
f1107: because there s naeeggsin gingerbread men but if
and yeah a- and e-eggsah and i ll [inaudible]
ll put in some littleeggssee right here s the
chielies potter ye ll seeeggsupon a platter makkin noties
the road or the hennieseggsan i mindit on a
or collectin the chookie seggsbut ahv bin thinkin ay
what they called their paceeggsfither or no they dyed
killing raptors such as prickingeggsor disrupting nesting sites such
i want to produce triangulareggsthat bounce or square ones
as wad his wife seggsgin the prognosis o their
they dyed an rolled theireggsi dinna ken though poor
spring there wid be teuchitseggsgathered from the tilled fields
men but if there waseggsin it you couldnae eat
cute one right how mucheggsis in there you count
i don t want myeggsin one basket i want
eh i would have theeggsin one bit of the
scotland the custom of rollingeggsis one example it was
jams and no scarcity ofeggschickens meal and potatoes they
they travelled simply cooking upeggsover a wood fire in
lidded pails containing carefully placedeggsall heavily coated with rich
granny traded in along witheggsfor her groceries from bannerman
this morning except for theeggsf1049: i feel really bad
ravelston notes peasbonocks and turkieeggsin his accounts for march
minister for justice to suckeggsit could be done by
farm for half a dozeneggsm608: mm m635: did that
cycle for half a dozeneggsm636: aye [laugh] m635: used
me it was for preservingeggsmabel s aunt would sometimes
pots are perfect for ooreggswe re mair nor happy
lotty menzies wad be gaitherineggsfur an efterneen at the
dod at skene golden browneggsfrom cousin belle at tarland
the man he s collectingeggslook from the chickens see
da licht een o daeggsat du wid gie her
looking at the the theeggshatching f1107: that s right
steen it s actually theeggsthat are gorblet before the
teach his granny to suckeggsand that he could think
ways of colouring the paceeggstoo it was very common
upstairs stuff especially the fabergéeggswas lovely finally we came
thegither wisnae guid the fertileezedeggswad be aborted if twis
i eest tae tak someeggsmasel in company wi ither
are not putting all oureggsin this basket we must
young ones are in theeggsthis brought me back to
brocht in siller wi eireggsir ye cd swap em
a scandal over salmonella ineggshas resulted in the resignation
a predictable rash of curriedeggsjokes in the media my
a wey it lays guideggsah wes switherin aboot whuther
of those unstable trays ofeggsand lay him down so
mansion full of lovely chocolateeggsgraham reached across to brush
tray of tea toast andeggson the candlewick bedspread the
she went to gather theeggsthe lass made sure of
of stone cold congealed friedeggsthis unhelpfulness characterised everyone except
send a regular supply ofeggsto miss cameron church sister

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