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future s oors we areidenttae seize the praisent for
as this luve luve saeeidentis a leal an laistin
s here my true aneidentluve i promise i will
s here my true aneidentluve i promise i will
o the praisent day iseidenttae continue the makars ar
o the praisent day iseidenttae continue thir cairtes is
her wie a leal aneidentlove nae maitter faat the
wad a no be hairteidentbut gin sae it s
ye aye forrit wi aneidenthairt the marischal quat the
re something upricht an hairteidentye ll need ti bath
the scholar priest an theeidentcheil boats an biggins an
the eastren capital he wiseidentfor nocht but idleset an
grained an swore but theeidentdeil turns nane awa the
reid whae wis ae felleidenthard wurkin wuman juist sat
once eese use eez hiseidentbusy eir reduced form of
neeborhood kens ye are aneidentwumman are ye shair ah
fergusson was a gleg andeidentchiel that he sang like
on afore they kent saeeidentthey d aa bin the
gin i d been maireidenti mith a gotten a
tae the faither r oeidentintercessor we wyte for you
bade yonder shei wis ayeeidentdaen sumhin or ither tae
are fading it wis aneidentjob bit aa e same
around if you were veryeidentyou could even knit as
throwe ma heid like eeidentstabbin o a coorse conscience
upright honest person draucht draughteidentdiligent eldin firing for one
filie aifter it wis aneidentjobbie ye d be wishin
malt the cluny showds aseidentswallaes lowp the clouds far

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