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f1091: and then comes m1092: eighteleven f1091: [tut] no then
f1113: six f1114: seven f1113: eightf1114: nine ten eleven twelve
ain m1128: five f1127: seveneightm1128: eight nine ten eleven
f1122: five s- f1121: seveneightnine ten and eleven that
four five o- six seveneightnine ten eleven f1109: ten
three four five six seveneightnine ten eleven f1121: eleven
three four five six seveneightnine ten eleven f1127: fitt
three four five six seveneightnine ten eleven twelve f1121:
three four five six seveneightnine ten eleven twelve f1121:
five f1127: seven eight m1128: eightnine ten eleven twelve f1127:
three four five six seveneightnine ten eleven twelve fourteen
three four five six seveneightnine ten eleven twelve fourteen
three four five six seveneightnine ten eleven twelve thirteen
mummy s f1113: six seveneightnine ten eleven twelve thirteen
three four five six seveneightnine ten eleven twelve thirteen
three four five six seveneightnine ten eleven twelve thirteen
three four five six seveneightnine ten eleven twelve thirteen
three four five six seveneightnine ten f1121: eleven you
four five si- six seveneighteight jigsaws m1096: nine f1095:
sixes 30 nine fours 36eighteights 64 slower an spellin
six f1101: six f1102: seveneightf1101: eight nine f1102: n-
f1122: aye f1121: mm f1122: eightf1121: eight f1122: nine nine
f1121: mm f1122: eight f1121: eightf1122: nine nine f1121: oh
f631: mmhm f634: or fortyeightforty nine would be the
five si- six seven eighteightjigsaws m1096: nine f1095: good
one four five six seveneightnine and then it went
six f1102: seven eight f1101: eightnine f1102: n- t- ten
three four five six seveneightnine f1114: bi- build a
for you next one seveneightnine f1114: s- stop f1113:
five f1117: six f1118: seveneightnine f1117: well done socks
three four five six seveneightnine f1121: nine videos right
them f1130: why six seveneightnine f1129: whoa careful it
done ten trains aathegither m1110: eightnine [inaudible] f1109: mam had
whit m815: [laugh] m816: ni-eightnine o clock there how
snake [?]'x'[/?] s nine sixeightnine six eight nine six
nine six eight nine sixeightnine six eight nine six
nine six eight nine sixeightnine six eight nine six
nine six eight nine sixeightnine six eight six six
three four five six seveneightnine ten coont how many
threi fower five six seeveneightnine ten eleeven twal twenty
three four five six seveneightnine ten f1109: ye re
a fish alive six seveneightnine ten f1116: [inaudible] bad
three four five six seveneightnine ten f1121: very good
three four five six seveneightnine ten f1121: very good
three four five six seveneightnine ten f1121: well done
three four five six seveneightnine ten pieces we ve
and five in nineteen ninetyeightninety nine and the parents
eight and then you knoweightor eight or nine poems
i think i was abouteightor nine and i woke
of before i was maybeeightor nine er i mean
when i say that maybeeightor nine from my uncle
for strategic planning divided intoeightor nine groups because of
then you know eight oreightor nine poems and erm
are not asking for seveneightor nine times more expenditure
farmers in sweden is seveneightor nine times what is
be ready for the nexteightor nine weeks in which
when i was aboot maybeeightor nine years old [inhale]
cent but over the nexteightor nine years tobacco consumption
nine six eight nine sixeightsix six and three g
eight m1163: aboot seven oreightat the time m608: so
seven thirty or even ateighteight thirty she said firmly
three four five six seveneightf1095: cards [tut] jeepers we
three four five six seveneightf1095: four five si- six
up at seven seven taeeightf640: [inaudible] seven f637: uh
119 primary seven pupils fromeightlocal schools methodology and discussion
sorry seven m1092: seven f1091: eightm1092: uh huh and that
three four five six seveneightm1096: mm f1095: right will
three four five six seveneightm1096: one two three four
were you then seven oreightm1163: aboot seven or eight
were eh between seven andeightm608: mmhm f637: till ye
eight thirty thirty seven thirtyeightm608: uh huh m194: the
um they were seven andeightm804: that s pretty good
what f1054: mmhm f1025: seveneightmile down the road is
if a six seven oreightmonth timetable is agreed the
say that a seven oreightmonth timetable is required it
or erm sometimes seven oreightpeople are really really erm
at half seven quarter toeightso i d be taken
back in nineteen nineteen thirtyeightthirty thirty seven thirty eight
got the sixty seven sixtyeighttriumph tiger 100 and i
must be about seven oreightweeks ago i suggested that
about nineteen forty seven oreightwhen i was four year
for the past seven oreightyears about why they cannot
s only about seven oreightyears ago apparently f718: i
in the last seven oreightyears for others it was
uni here back in ninetyeighti knew people there so
t say it f1049: ninetyeightpercent cause she didn t
is ninety two and ninetyeightthat s sixteen m608: aye
was of course seventeen ninetyeightthis is m608: mm m078:
find there are t- ninetyeighttranslations of your books in
my diary that nineteen ninetyeightwas one of the wettest
beeching fan was that sixtyeightf606: beeching yeah yeah something
that m822: nine- nineteen sixtyeightf606: uh huh m822: mmhm
going on in nineteen sixtyeightin france f963: mmhm f965:
s f826: mmhm f902: sixtyeightm903: cause immigration must have
that was in nineteen sixtyeightso there s no nurses
i had a nineteen sixtyeighttriumph tiger 100 ss 500
sixty eight years m608: sixtyeightyears m194: yes m608: and
m194: oh for about sixtyeightyears m608: sixty eight years
did one section of abouteightand then you know eight
mm fitt time m1106 : pasteighterm eight o clock f1105:
about three minutes eight se-eightminutes whereas we were all
clock f1097: fitt time m1098: eighto clock f1097: eight o
time m1106 : past eight ermeighto clock f1105: that was
again f1136: [inhale] [blow] f1135: eighto clock f1136: eight o
f1135: eight o clock f1136: eighto clock [inhale] [blow] f1135:
m1098: eight o clock f1097: eighto clock m1098: aye sunday
down to about three minuteseightse- eight minutes whereas we
thirty or even at eighteightthirty she said firmly closing
mmhm m194: i was thirtyeightyear there m608: thirty eight
eight year there m608: thirtyeightyears in the post office
to middlefield in nineteen thirtyeightand families from all over
dinner would be served ateightthirty precisely no it was
ve got a bible chaptereight[turning pages] an verse thirty one
start was in nineteen thirtyeightwhen they built middlefield f1043:
in may 2000 after thirtyeightyears service he was very
three girls one fifteen oneeightan one six i think
one two three four fiveeightf1091: six m1092: aye six
inch layer of six toeightinch stone a concrete toe
bord and six of theeightoccurrences of its compounds appear
four more oh four foureightsix f1097: right we ll
we were off for likeeightweeks m815: about six weeks
in the next six toeightweeks we need to draw
about s-s- six to toeightyears bits of it were
i had a nineteen fiftyeightbsa which was the first
imagine i think nineteen fortyeightf631: mmhm f634: or forty
was about nineteen forty fortyeightit came in you had
over here since nineteen fortyeightm608: mmhm m1163: you know
i had a nineteen seventyeighttriumph bonneville 750 [inhale] and
to work ma twelve toeighter so yeah but f1049:
in the old quarter aroundeighto clock an early tramcar
ye tae get in foreighto clock an then it
went awa oot just aforeeighto clock and you werena
time did he say m1098: eighto clock f1097: fitt time
it s f1116: mm f1115: eighto clock f1116: ah there
buses and i started ateighto clock f641: mmhm m608:
so it was up foreighto clock gettin ready an
night for his tea andeighto clock he s away
in act i it iseighto clock in the evening
think it was something likeeighto clock in the morning
get tae yer work foreighto clock ken f1011: every
f1097: it s nae reallyeighto clock m1098: no f1097:
christmas day phone goes byeighto clock on christmas day
f1097: silly dad it seighto clock on that clock
alarm clock went off ateighto clock surfacing into consciousness
an a whistle went ateighto clock tae wairn ye
what they do is abooteighto clock they clear the
suited me fine breakfast ateighto clock would allow me
first i ll come ateightthe kitchen clock was saying
not sure so f1154: fortyeighthours f1155: the police started
after f- twenty four fortyeighthours i m not sure
because i ve experienced fortyeighthours of the process myself
end of september where alleightgroups presented in ten minutes
ten eleve- f1095: there seightlook one two three four
the curriculum into four intoeightareas ehm our one was
island to be divided intoeightparts four of which were
1858 1966 four of theeightpre 1992 universities were constituted
a future scottish parliament reservedeightseats four would be for
dust three suits four tieseightshoes whose musty mouths gaped
set at between four andeightweeks from purchase in that
her girls who are abouteightand five baptised as as
three take away five twentyeight[laugh] ehm m865: okay [laugh]
five headings of up toeightwords each in the target
comments about the consultation lastingeightweeks and about the role
on holiday we had abouteightweeks in which to respond
we were off for likeeightweeks it was like the
was the pay off foreightweeks of peace blow the
were raised over the pasteightweeks only to be dashed
weeks or on cause showneightweeks section 56 mr jim
to be heard again ineightweeks time the axe not
[laugh] f810: i ve goteighthundred books at home not
i did in school m816: eighthundred fifteen hundred aye m815:
happy cause he s gettingeighthundred quid back in tax
a congregation of roughly overeighthundred thousand people [someone in congregation sneezes] you
monks had called this thoroughfareeighthundred years ago the name
think it s number twentyeightisn t it m1108: aye
in the day and twentyeightounce of wheat bread and
ve lived here for twentyeightyears f1024: i m pam
ve lived in dunbar twentyeightyears i lived in skateraw
lived in dunbar for twentyeightyears i m a postman
hours in a day andeightdays in a week we
what was i think abouteighthours of home care each
sorry three hours three hourseightminutes f643: uh huh m608:
not the problem years areeightto 14 with the degree
smith life murder john donnellyeightyears armed robbery at one
s really quite f807: foreightyears f806: yep f807: oh
that kind of job foreightyears f807: mm mm f806:
and it has taken almosteightyears for the project to
had developed over the lasteightyears he had brought along
f806: she worked there foreightyears i couldn t do
of two parliaments i spenteightyears in the house of
i m working here foreightyears it s like it
be [inhale] nearly what maybeeightyears married before i ever
her dreams when she waseightyears old by encouraging her
girl pale and slight abouteightyears old her long dark
at war with germany beingeightyears old i was scared
know i m sort ofeightyears older than her and
arrival and then moves someeightyears to the day when
to norton cause i waseightyears younger f718: yep f1077:
up the debate you haveeightminutes on paper minister but
and they went half pasteightagain ye started bringin them
my work at half pasteightand eh i would then
allowed kids until half pasteightand that s it no
m1096: it s half pasteightf1095: no it s only
a c- a quarter pasteightm608: mmhm m194: both of
it s gone half pasteightshe remarked i believe you
huh f631: up until halfeightright f689: and so we
f1113: no that s numbereightf1114: let s see what
battle o maldon question numbereighti did m816: did you
m1128: [inaudible] number number numbereightnumber number numb- [singing] i
opposite number there were normallyeightsheaves in a stook stooking
s won something like eheightisle of man tts m608:
of us f637: it waseightshillings a week m608: oh
the old bsa the fiftyeightbsa i ve got the
two months old and eheightpounds f606: uh huh f890:
leather seat margaret macdonald theireightyear old daughter cocked her
reading ability even as aeightyear old was not quite
at night this was abouteightat night right m818: what
delivering free personal care abouteightcouncils have issued public policy
reductions i i think abouteighthe comes in and er
right about the figure ofeighthouses there is an issue
her skirts they were abouteightinches in that her skirt
not comin over until abouteightor something m1048: erm and
quite och it s abouteightpound for a packet o
think i i was abouteightwhen we started going away
size it is just overeightinches high suggests its use
unchanging it took over theeightparts of speech from latin
out it was over ineightseconds released pending social work
that s right i waseightbut f638: and it went
again we set off aroundeightthe dirt path continued much
we set off at aroundeightthe night had been cold
that after the age ofeightchildren will become totally integrated
along a packet of aftereightchocolates which were consumed with
[blow] f1135: what comes aftereightf1136: don t know f1135:
beta interferon is limited toeightin one year after that
see an maybe there wereeight[inaudible] see fower tae this
an d ye ken whiteighto us were liftin her
blank notebook in my bageightof them were written at
meetings in each of theeightregions determined as we were
night there were raids oneightsaunas in glasgow city centre
named although we knew thateightto 10 colleges were in
laundry then they would climbeightfloors up to the roof
c- curriculum review then establishedeightreview groups so they broke
your tea tea with youreighto clockses and tea with
o plain bread f640: [laugh]eightslice f638: with could o
mmhm f638: and i tookeightslice o plain bread f640:
population o eh toon fromeightup a blonde long legged
a two bedroom flat foreightdays so m959: chaos f958:
maybe like one but noteight[laugh] [laugh] f746: yeah [inaudible]
mayorque was one of theeightmost important cities in the
had a we d aneightpiece band going at one
the council was one ofeightsemis isolated from the everyday
teacher and you ve goteightareas of the curriculum all
that once they ve doneeightin total including the john
hannahs once they ve doneeightthey can make up their
glenluce which was credited witheightbut well below castle kennedy
it was forced to closeeightcare homes and other projects
of going down the braeeighthutches per man was the
supposed to be coming ateightif he was coming at
daft was that jean waseightright enough aye and a
but you d be whateightat that time m635: no
and perform a figure ofeightin reel time all the
roughly aboot eh now abooteightmen at a time on
should we give time toeightpieces of legislation and possibly
experience is technically condensed intoeightdays this week can be
place of the tenement ofeightflats that fell into the
of europe debate had receivedeighthits when i asked the
get 12 houses instead ofeightian williamson it has had
breakfast on the table ateighta life running on tramlines
hallway you just come ateightand you ll find out
aye and a gie stubborneightat that but wee douglas
the extreme as at leasteightother pieces of legislation some
desayuno will be served ateightplease i am in a
at which attendance ranged fromeightto 65 the cairngorms partnership
i think it s verseeight[turns pages] okay so this is
a mess 20 sunday toeightmass painting again all day
scene when the woman iseightmonths pregnant it might not
pop m1012: aye aye justeightmonths [laugh] thank you m1010:
and put it in anothereightmen packin it so they
so my brother would beeightmy other sister would be
that s a possibility tuesdayeightp m ah mrs robb
there is a procession ofeightkings with a blood splashed
be able to provide justeightnew houses there is significant
i am thinking of theeightcare homes run by the
i am on page seventyeightof your brochure i am
highland is to get justeightnew houses ought communities scotland
consists of a preface andeightshort chapters many of which
adding to the list ofeightinstitutions that we already have
petitions the convener we haveeightpublic petitions to consider today
not john hartson but insteadeightgrossly obese teens ian wright
committee met organisations from theeightregions of scotland the consensus
victorian schmaltz it ran toeighteditions in the 1890s and
in detailed discussions with theeightfire brigades the scottish hmo
example in britain having onlyeightolympic sized swimming pools compared
f833: but apparently ye eateightspiders in your lifetime f835:
by a management team ofeightstaff based in grantown on
will the extra money alloweightextra units to be developed
provide an additional 285 unitseightseems to be a considerable
the member states it identifieseightcore challenges that are being
their babies the names ofeightdifferent types of animals are
easin n horizon echt aeighteebrou n eyebrow eftir prep
settlements on deeside the remainingeightfeeder schools however agreed to
grades you have to chooseeightsubjects but really you only
mekle much sic such auchteightthe spelling is clearly scottish
some of the base costseighttimes the historic reality that
on the subject although theeightvolume scots language dictionary and
letters of d h lawrenceeightvolumes cambridge cambridge university press
before arrival tragedies could happeneightyoung servicemen members of an

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