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written down in the latereighteenthand early nineteenth centuries men
agricultural improvements of the lateeighteenthand early nineteenth centuries oats
somewhat different circumstances of theeighteenthand nineteenth centuries and much
moving on later into theeighteenthand nineteenth centuries as well
first explicitly described in theeighteenthand nineteenth centuries in england
reception in germany in theeighteenthand nineteenth centuries published in
the aristocratic traveller of theeighteenthand nineteenth centuries was expected
to go on in theeighteenthand nineteenth century the changes
be followed up in theeighteenthcentury and the nineteenth century
yeah m762: almost kind ofeighteenthnineteenth century idea that you
the general trend throughout theeighteenthand nineteeth centuries was to
in the late seventeenth andeighteenthcenturies a large proportion of
the late sixteenth seventeenth andeighteenthcenturies a literate household in
rich and interactive way ineighteenthcentury scottish life in addition
varied and interactive nature ofeighteenthcentury scottish lowland culture what
place even in the mideighteenthcentury 150 years after its
she is included in severaleighteenthcentury and less relevantly romantic
of traditional song in theeighteenthcentury and my final example
significant in the increasingly anglicisedeighteenthcentury and significant still in
out of place with theireighteenthcentury broadsheet overtones what gives
and popular tradition in theeighteenthcentury by thomas crawford itself
in scotland in the lateeighteenthcentury corresponded to kupper p
firmly situated in the scottisheighteenthcentury cultural context in addition
of an important area ofeighteenthcentury cultural life as mentioned
you re beginning to geteighteenthcentury er genteel manners coming
developing novel form in theeighteenthcentury had she considered female
settled in hamburg in theeighteenthcentury hertz mentions many favourite
lady little attacks all threeeighteenthcentury hierarchies in relation to
as mentioned previously the lateeighteenthcentury in particular was a
by the beginning of theeighteenthcentury in the time of
revolution in france the latereighteenthcentury is or was until
representative selection of women ineighteenthcentury lowland scotland and on
problems in scotland in theeighteenthcentury other playwrights of merit
a romantic period and aneighteenthcentury poet however whereas burns
st andrews pint reliable earlyeighteenthcentury references describe this enhanced
in europe in the lateeighteenthcentury rosemary selle s name
man 11 in the lateeighteenthcentury schiller had made a
of the song culture ofeighteenthcentury scotland thomas crawford comments
work a provocative aspect ofeighteenthcentury scottish culture is its
predominantly print based view ofeighteenthcentury scottish culture with the
recent scholarship has shown howeighteenthcentury scottish historians subordinated their
his worth and in theeighteenthcentury sir alexander fraser tytler
literacy only in the latereighteenthcentury so that its strong
or her contribution to theeighteenthcentury song tradition she is
in germany from the lateeighteenthcentury to the 1970s analyses
at the beginning of theeighteenthcentury until the time say
verse form which came intoeighteenthcentury use via alan ramsay
mixture miguel de vargas aneighteenthcentury visitor to the island
21 2 roger lonsdale edeighteenthcentury women poets an oxford
588 8 moira ferguson edeighteenthcentury women poets nation class
admitting to an interest ineighteenthcentury women poets will soon
place in any study ofeighteenthcentury women s writing and
regard to the contribution ofeighteenthcentury women the history of
means bringing back into theeighteenthcentury world picture the place
came the race day theeighteentho june and tae rosslynglen

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