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shona killed the hoond eilidheilidhah canna prove it ah
moula did she say thateilidhah didna ken eilidh nods
says til his sister eilidheilidhah fand a gray hair
ye think ah soud daeeilidhan eilidh aunsert him for
ah soud dae eilidh aneilidhaunsert him for a lass
aboot me moula mercie eilidheilidhc wa nou this wul
did he believed hir eilidheilidhdid ye no tell him
ken shona killed the hoondeilidheilidh ah canna prove it
he says til his sistereilidheilidh ah fand a gray
fummilin aboot me moula mercieeilidheilidh c wa nou this
he did he believed hireilidheilidh did ye no tell
rin awa an leave meeilidheilidh eilidh runs out of
moan for several seconds entereilidheilidh mercie whit s wrang
r howp for me yiteilidheilidh moula s no deid
that aw she is noueilidheilidh nounae nounae the r
verra lyke lat him ineilidheilidh opens the door and
awa an leave me eilidheilidheilidh runs out of the
moula div ye think saeeilidheilidh that s whit ah
ti dae that ti yeeilidheilidh that woman is as
stares thoughtfully after him entereilidheilidh ye haena touched the
the window and looks outeilidhenters eilidh whit wes aw
ti loss ma haill legeilidhexamines the foot eilidh it
an angry shout from offstageeilidhgoes to the window eilidh
is ma kimmer eilidh shonaeilidhis it to eilidh ye
leg eilidh examines the footeilidhit s no verra bonnie
tree eilidh she s noeilidhjoins moula at the window
eilidh out of the halleilidhleaves dicreetly malcolm ah m
for several seconds enter eilidheilidhmercie whit s wrang moula
howp for me yit eilidheilidhmoula s no deid ai
that eilidh ah didna keneilidhnods ai she did lyke
aw she is nou eilidheilidhnounae nounae the r nae
lyke lat him in eilidheilidhopens the door and in
shona enters quietly she motionseilidhout of the hall eilidh
be verra ferr awa noueilidhre enters the room eilidh
an leave me eilidh eilidheilidhruns out of the room
ma faither s favorite treeeilidhshe s no eilidh joins
eilidh this is ma kimmereilidhshona eilidh is it to
eilidh re enters the roomeilidhsyre that wes jek ootby
eilidh goes to the windoweilidhthare yeir aunsir it s
div ye think sae eilidheilidhthat s whit ah think
dae that ti ye eilidheilidhthat woman is as coorse
m shuir she points toeilidhthis is ma kimmer eilidh
and looks out eilidh enterseilidhwhit wes aw that stramash
shona eilidh is it toeilidhye dinna seem ti hae
thoughtfully after him enter eilidheilidhye haena touched the cauld
needs his mither shona toeilidhkimmer ye ir ower forritsum
in the traverse theatre characterseilidhmoula s kimmer moula malcolm
gullie in moula s bedeilidhah kent it the deil
oot aboot his tree moulaeilidhah m feart ah dinna
dotes on the bairn moulaeilidhah m no jaeluss bi
enters moula this is terribleeilidhah saw shona cum oot
little embarassed moula puir wummaneilidhah think she kens ye
an weill moula ah keneilidhbut ah m that dowie
it moula whitever ye daeeilidhdinna lat hir ken that
leaves after a few secondseilidhenters moula this is terrible
ye baith moula guidnicht faithereilidhguidnicht syre she curtseys exit
mair naitral to moula andeilidhguidnicht ti ye baith moula
moula ah canna credit thiseilidhhere she cums back wi
ah mean whit ah sayeilidhis flabbergasted to moula an
been keepin saicrets frae meeilidhmaister it wesna moula that
naething aboot this til oniebodieeilidhmoula ah l say naething
it it coudna been shonaeilidhmoula didna deny it kis
never duin hir onie illeilidhmoula the r a certain
that cut doun the treeeilidhputs her hand on moula
no here moula moves toeilidhsits on her knee where
lyke sumbodie in unco pyneeilidhthat s moula s guidmither
hand on moula s shouldereilidhthe jaud an yeir faither
snell wund moula puir thingseilidhthe l be tramps an
morning moula is standing upeilidhthis is no yeir bonnie
moula whit dae ye meaneilidhthis shona kens in hir
heed aboot me exit moulaeilidhto herself she haes the
didna mean that moula oreilidhwad ever herm the bairn
ma faither s wee treeeilidhwhit s she daein moula
to an empty chair moulaeilidhye l stert me greitin
moula you r no auldeilidhye r juist richt a
carrying a tray of foodeilidhah m no shuir ah
cum in he sits upeilidhenters carrying a tray of
tak you the tray awaeilidhmoves to lift the tray
as a dug this mornineilidhputs the tray down at
be drinkin wyne at aweilidhtakes the tray away indignantly
an see wha that iseilidhdinna lat oniebodie else in
canna see oniebodie the noueilidhgoes to the door looks
oniebodie at the court hinnerlieeilidhsent for jennie peiticoat an
said she coudna help hirselleilidhshe coudna help hirsell oniebodie
for a son eh shonaeilidhenters with four goblets of
yeir richt sell is lykeeilidhenters with jek jek maister
tell jek ti cum ineilidhgoes to the door and
jek up here turns toeilidhthe lee is wrutten on
whyles suffer frae sweitie feeteilidhmercie that s terrible ye
for sumthing ah hae duineilidhmercie whit hae ye duin
aboot the bluidie tree noueilidhit wes shona malcolm shona
is wrutten on hir faceeilidhleaves purposefully shona na malcolm
take a goblet shona toeilidhpointing to the fourth goblet
ti be different dis shonaeilidhshe dis that they r
day exit malcolm and shonaeilidhsits down again at her
mukkil lyke shona dae yeeilidhthat haes naething ti dae
shona pause and turn roundeilidhthe bairn needs his mither
naebodie wad quarrel wi thateilidhah m no sae shuir
troot or twa atwein useilidhah m no shuir that
aboot this ah m shuireilidhan ah war you ah
oot for shuir aboot thiseilidhgang you doun an fesh
puzzled and leaves followed byeilidhin a few seconds the
shaw thaim in at ainceeilidhleaves and returns in a
shuirlie a day ti celebrateeilidhleaves her spinning wheel and
a clout in a bowleeilidhleaves smartly lat me hae
douk ah m awa onieweyeilidhdinna lat me keep ye
s juist a wee aneeilidhlat s hear it than
ever lat me doun yiteilidhmaister wul ye no try
she aye loues ye maistereilidhhuh ah daursay she wad
in a state of excitementeilidhmaister ah coudna credit it
been ae thing eftir anithereilidhmaister nou that ah m
and malcolm carrying the cradleeilidhdid ye hear that she
dinna even lyke the stuffeilidhlooks suspiciously at malcolm s
is weill they all drinkeilidhreturns looking sullen malcolm but
looks ill at ease malcolmeilidhs aye been lyke ane
malcolm ignores this malcolm naeilidhtak it awa thare been
ye malcolm whit s thiseilidhye hae been keepin saicrets
ye coud dae wrang aithereilidhaw ye dae is eat
wes wrang wi hir eeneilidhshe haes cauld een lyke
if it wul please yeeilidhah wad lyke ti hear
uiss ti me at aweilidhhowt a yung lassie lyke
in the gairden this mornineilidhthe heid hung lyke a
kynd as ma mither weseilidhthe r no monie lyke
haes ti pit up wieilidhir the nae sign o
the window and looks outeilidhnaebodie haes askit me this
ken aither wi his tempereilidhshe haes a tung that
fair wund blawin in hereeilidhthe ooter door haes haurlie
and looks into the cradleeilidhhe s sleepin the wee
for him ti hear iteilidhrises and looks into the
hanging over a chair entereilidhin a state of excitement
r no yeir lane foreilidhan me is baith here
the aipil o his eeeilidhthe r nae dout aboot
again at her spinning wheeleilidhwe r no gaun ti
makkin ower mukkil o thiseilidhye r drawin the lang
wul no be lang noueilidhbut ah think ah ken
houss an hir name weseilidhnou the prince in the
nou ah hae been blinndeilidhwhit did ye hae ti
wrutten a poem aboot himeilidhaboot the bairn ah never
a wurd o that leideilidhah dinna ken a wurd
it disna beir thinkin abooteilidhah dinna need ti imagine
they ir cairriein a bairneilidhah dinna think she is
sic a wumman bliss yeeilidhah hae naebodie but you
whyle sen it wes uisedeilidhah hae serred in this
in ma wyme ah douteilidhah l no be here
ye pit the branks oneilidhah l no hae that
on doun in the coortyairdeilidhah m no gittin aff
on weill wi hir faithereilidhah m no surprised ti
the inglishwumman ahint ma backeilidhah m tellin nae lee
aw that wes rael tastieeilidhah thocht ye d enjey
haena tyme ti eat iteilidhah ve juist heard the
that taen up wi himeilidhah ve wrutten a poem
he feels his leg anxiouslyeilidhah wadna wurk on it
ah kent whit it weseilidhaweill ah suppose ah ken
ah daursay that s trueeilidhbelieve you me it is
wes gey ill on yeeilidhbut ah dout she sees
glaumerie here ah dinna unnerstauneilidhguid riddance ti hir an
sleep an keep me cumpanieeilidhhere cannie on ah spin
an wul she be kyndeilidhhou the mischief wad ah
as lang as ah leeveeilidhpromise me ye l say
thaim sae ah im syneeilidhsent for anither leddie an
gin ah clypit on hireilidhshe did did she whit
ah div miss miss hireilidhsobbing eildh ah wush ah
on her knee they embraceeilidhthare no ah m aye
whit ah m here foreilidhwul ye fesh me a
be bonnie dae ye thinkeilidhyeir mither wes rael bonnie
git ti ken hir richteilidhma grandfaither aye uised ti
never hae taen til hireilidhmen never sees whit they
richt aneuch wi hir tungeilidhshe s a richt randie
gie hir a richt chaunceeilidhshe s haed aw the
speak ill o the deideilidhwe maunna speak ill o
cradle gently with her footeilidhweill whit dae ye think
the air git at iteilidhweill ye d better wait
deid that wadna be genteileilidhshe haed the face ti
naebodie coud forget aboot thiseilidhsniffing whit s that the
corp an the blekkie seilidhyeir mither wul be an
wes jaeluss o a tortoiseeilidhay she wes that an
wi it the first thingeilidhdid wes ti tak til
be geyan roused aboot thiseilidhsee she s sneddin aff
in a day or twaeilidhhaed anither thing ti tell
hear tell she s inglisheilidhshe s no inglish but
s a perfit littil darlineilidhhe s aw that he
me haein a puzzint fuiteilidhshe deserred aw she gat
it s no verra langeilidhthat s a guid pome
she refuses the second daughtereilidhis pernicketie and she also
same yairn she said thateilidhneed never mismak hirsell ae
floor and hands it toeilidhshe adjusts his position with
the gairden wi the aixeilidhwhan is she no in
sair needin it the nichteilidhholds out her arms and
the poem to her daughtereilidhi thought that i would
months later it is eveningeilidhis back sitting at her
is conversing with her companioneilidhwho is working fitfully at
blawin naewhaur forever an forayeeilidhwe maun coont oor blissins
tyme whan it wesna saireilidhreturns with the bowl of
the 22nt june 2004 praisanteilidhbateman michael hance rob gibson
the fek o the tymeeilidhputs a finger into the

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