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elephant f1091: that s anelephantand what s he got
on m1092: mm put aelephantelephant f1091: right a lion
who s he m1092: himelephantf1091: elephant m1092: him elephant
s a rabbit m1092: theelephantf1091: elephant that s right
that elephant [inaudible] and thatelephantf1091: mmhm m1092: [?]giraffe[/?] f1091:
m1092: mm put a elephantelephantf1091: right a lion for
chug chug chug m1092: thatelephantf1091: that s an elephant
that s bonny f1114: anelephantf1113: an elephant f1114: squeeze
f1114: i ll make theelephantf1113: the elephant right [inaudible]
f1114: an elephant f1113: anelephantf1114: squeeze it in there
mm me want elephant [?]you want and want[/?]elephantfor me f1091: okay hold
get a monkey or anelephanti ll do an elephant
hippo m1092: oh no thatelephant[inaudible] and that elephant f1091:
he m1092: him elephant f1091: elephantm1092: him elephant who him
a two elephants [laugh] aelephantmmhm f1089: the elephant s
elephant i ll do anelephantokay right your turn m1092:
make the elephant f1113: theelephantright [inaudible] look good girl
an elephant s trunk f1114: elephants trunk f1113: isn t
trunk it s like anelephants trunk f1114: elephant s
a elephant mmhm f1089: theelephants trunk m1090: [scratching noise] mm
rabbit m1092: the elephant f1091: elephantthat s right m1092: who
elephant f1091: elephant m1092: himelephantwho him name f1091: where
look m1092: mm me wantelephant[?]you want and want[/?] elephant for me f1091:
we used to make trunkelephantnoises [elephant noise] like that f1112:
munch munch f1117: nellie theelephantpacked her trunk and said
a lorry and a wildelephanthad sniffed out the rice
claim we heard later theelephanthad won the rice dragging
they ve hid meat anelephants moo fae auld siam
siam across tae china anelephants moo s like a
you got a giraffe m1092: elephantf1091: i think you ve
f1091: mmhm m1092: and aelephantf1091: no that s a
if i can find anelephantfor you erm m1092: me
i ll go for anelephantm1092: me f1091: have you
asserting his legal claim theelephantnature reserve has a volatile
ensure the animals survival withelephantcorridors built to cross through
set categories animals cat pumaelephantrhinoceros etc pyramids can then
swerved into the grass wildelephanthe s seen that sack
in the wild mahouts speakelephantlanguage around 50 words of
cam tae big s anelephants bap granny tuik oot
cam tae big s anelephants bap granny tuik oot
oh [laugh] yeah white whiteelephantf718: [laugh] m1078: erm d-
the white f1077: no whiteelephant[laugh] f718: [laugh] m1078: mm
it was an expensive whiteelephantof the scottish executive rather
she arrived at the whiteelephantstall and there in the
huh oh the er pinkelephantthe white f1077: no white
lady and a man anelephantand a snail f1114: i
off the [inaudible] now yourelephantbeside your f1114: [inaudible] f1113:
that s a lady theelephantf1114: i ll make the
fun i m making anelephantf1114: i m making a
and you can make anelephantf1114: yes no no no
here look there s anelephantlook is that bonny f1114:
girl f1114: [exhale] f1113: theelephantnow ta da da da
fitt are you daein anelephantright f1114: yes f1113: right
[laugh] no it s aelephantf1089: i thought it was
might be a little babyelephantm1090: mmhm mm f1089: fitt
f1089: a mannie and aelephantm1090: now i want to
funeral pyre a high casteelephantis chosen to carry and
right turn left turn overelephantsquashes a carry out sways
in it m1090: [inhale] myelephantwho s [?]come for him[/?] [child noise] [crunching noise]
f1113: right that s anelephantwill i cut oot an
will i cut oot anelephantthere we go that s
yalla idol o ganesh theelephantgod heich in the knowes
on safari looking for theelephantthe hindu god ganesh has
told always a high casteelephantsince the death of raja
f1122: a frog and aelephantf1121: that s right f1122:
made us look like weirdelephantheaded creatures robert stopped acting
it find ye lullin anelephantto sleep frae the rumanian
believe you ve adopted anelephantit has been seen to
idleness and tomorrow on anelephanti ll be a rajah
ve got to get anelephantor a tiger i ll
an wi shouders like anelephantbut whit s that bluidy
a human body and anelephanthead if you d been
salmonella in thon breid theelephantlauchs an shakks its heid
catch e coli bugs theelephantlauchs an skelps its lugs
in hauf an oor bielephantor bullock cairt hurl nae
hurriedly drove off before theelephantre emerged from the jungle
s dumb accusing face theelephantorphanage near kegalle at pinnawala
frenzy of hawkers dog theelephants sway puppets madam the
then the mahout nudged theelephantover the flags wet and
as i walk out hiselephantstretched lazy in the river
is a 65 year oldelephantat wat neranchararam cha am
with a wall of warmthelephanthide feels bullet proof a
stall with a carved woodenelephanton it definitely in the
e is for m1098: e-elephantf1097: f is for fai-
the diminutive camel horse andelephantthey re riding stay in
nights for some time theelephantcharged from the jungle furiously
streaks of light nearing theelephantcorridor aptly named our driver
hindu salutation to the sunelephantride to the amber fort
of parakeets not one singleelephantat home contrary beast provided
in full rigged evenin dresselephantfeet umbrella stands nearhaun rifles
of bison buffalo deer andelephantin muted earth colours which

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