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teacher m1183: yes m1182: andemand a nice and a
exams on m1183: hm m1182: emand eh sorry the idea
m1183: [audience chatter] m1182: em ehemeh but em how how
maybe not m1183: [audience chatter] m1182: emeh em eh but em
fifteen m1183: well done m1182: emeh she eh she grew
it m1183: young m1182: douglasemsorry i forget what the
aye m1182: eh this thisemstruck me as a straightforward
since then m1183: aye m1182: emunder margaret thatcher and since
yokin tae get in amoneman maybe try oot e
amon em i did senemcopies aifter bit it hid
stung an i m amonemeence fin i wis a
a likit sittin doon amonemey fairly took e attintion
teen some bonny lasses amonemi did sen em copies
ye feel at hame amonemi ve heen e same
em up amon clyes drappinemin ahin byeuks layin em
em aboot e hoose hinginemup amon clyes drappin em
at em i jist finemaafa interestin craiters wi eir
packets o mothaks an spraytemaboot e hoose hingin em
e hooses or some oeman ey got milkin em
e cut sprots an stookiteman left em till e
jist richt fine tae heareman see em on a
utterly stupid that em ehemanyway nevermind but but em
intill e wye o usinemas catapults haadin em atween
usin em as catapults haadinematween e thoom an first
aathing sortin em oot pittinemback powkin in e nyeuks
a faalt up scotsman tillembattin em oot o e
of the expressive americanism chicagoril-emchicagoril- em chicagorilla i e
expressive americanism chicagoril- em chicagoril-emchicagorilla i e the telescoping
is so utterly stupid thatemeh em anyway nevermind but
much promised land [audience laughter] ememeh this is nineteen fifty
too much promised land [audience laughter]emem eh this is nineteen
can t control a countr-emem em sorry and otherwise
of poetry i want theemem he he did good
that by passed england andemem however one of morag
t control a countr- ememem sorry and otherwise eh
left em till e wintitemfor thackin e rucks it
poetry i want the ememhe he did good things
em eh em eh butemhow how to succeed as
by passed england and ememhowever one of morag s
say i m feert atemi jist fin em aafa
gey gweed hole tae reetemin an pack em weel
em anyway nevermind but butemoliver brown taught my sister
tae hear em an seeemon a spring day i
em in ahin byeuks layinemon shelfs an peltin a
up scotsman till em battinemoot o e air an
badder o liftin aathing sortinemoot pittin em back powkin
em an ey got milkinemricht early an ey hid
control a countr- em ememsorry and otherwise eh in
the rest of the worldemthat is em unlike the
an stookit em an leftemtill e wintit em for
the world em that isemunlike the ussr we had
reet em in an packemweel aboot wi sma steens
thraa eir necks an gieema knackie bit she niver
sattled doon an maist oemare lyin ere chaain eir
fowk ve deen awa wiemat eir side it s
beater eir men made forembit at is time in
i pat ma finger tillembit baith hid eir sookers
richt sizers fin ye saaemclose wi terror in eir
ey landit or aan gieinemeir quietus against e windae
wid wash eir clyes beatinemwi a widden beater eir
hin legs an look abootemwi eir een dark broon
doon jist enyeuch tae haademfloatin i meeved fae e
stung bit it didna haademlang tae melt i chancet
aff e stibble tae haademon connacht baith emsels an
yer horse ready tae haademon skytin on e ice
kitchen door shut tae haademoot o e sittin room
an elastic gartens tae haademup at least at s
intill e burn syne giedema gweed sweel an shoutit
be an expert at makineme took s intill eez
care wi e thackin oemfor ey were teen intill
climmers in case ony oemgot intill a ticht nyeuk
click in either han pirkinemintill e box wi e
ay e same ey teemedemintill e burn syne gied
i wis able tae manoeuvreemintill e open eyn o
e hens riv an cairryinemintill e wee tablie in
carboord boxes an jist fulltemagain as ey teemt ye
hae likit for ey leftemaleen i took a thocht
bit i ay min oneman e wye ey wheekit
an lattin e updracht takemas ey swung roon an
stanley grabbed the twa oemeen under each airm ey
o ammunition i kent beemey were jist on a
up bigger quantities an keepemfor usin later ey re
fit ey nott an ateemfresh an sweet bit noo
if i m peaceable wiemmaistly ey re peaceable wi
tae keep yer ee onemtae see faar ey d
m still hopin ey gotemwe wis ere tae wirk
neen o the twa oemwere sober fin ey arrived
baggie at bred an maititemwis geen ey seemed tae
pat e car in leaveembe wis aa i cd
krieglach at ye cd buyemere it wis a temptation
hin legs like tae brakemeven if we cd get
looder an ye cd hearemfae hyne awa thrashin s
eggs ir ye cd swapemfor groceries fin e van
cd mak strae mats wiemtee roon ir oval ere
in twa finals an lostembaith efter a fer chauve
jist made the twa oemfeel fer content sin wis
spring sin the twa oemfer enjoyed the scenery sna
the pylons the twa oemfer fyte like a sheet
distance as the twa oemstood ere fer spell bound
a fer auld barny atweenemthe referee hid eneuch an
driven staples an syne gieinema helpie oot ere wis
lowsed e pints an slippitemaff though ere wis mair
lift yer haan tae fenemaff yer face onywye ere
boys we ll win tilleman ere s mair aboot
ere wis something gettin atemfor aifter a fyow nichts
d enyeuch specimens tae keepemgaan anither time ere wis
bit ere wis nae haadinemi widna winner gin jock
wobs ere wis some oemin swirlies e size o
ere wis a lot oemit wis faar e water
room nae wintin tae agitateemower much for ere wis
ere wis a lot oemsae i stopped nae haein
ken cis ye canna seeemthough ere mn be a
ere wis as little oemtouchin e grun as ye
cudgel an let lick atemwi at still ere wis
nae at i wis seekinemye ken bit ere wis
a fyow trees een oema rodden an e relics
fae ilky fairm tae driveemaaegidder till e grazins for
onybody else ye jist getemaawye files even anaith e
e park fullin loads seeinemaff till e cornyard an
sae faist ye couldna seeeman e fly wheels gaan
e fowk at bade ineman files i d see
e hairt o een oeman god it wis jist
watch e rain spittin oneman hear t dirlin files
haimmer ye cwidna even getemanaith e weer on ilky
on e road ye feltemas yer tyres geed ower
cut e tows an layemaside nae lettin a tied
o e cruelty i setemaside some o e rats
cheenge an e fowk wiemat s me aff on
e road nae tae disturbemat sic a time bit
been weel battert doon asideemat wis aa e lookit
e left han an draainemback wi e fingers o
i wisna neen bothert abootembit in e wall o
een wi fite skinnies owereme appearance o black spikes
an e birds at rypiteme beds o kail an
be a soonin boord foreme curlew s bubblin caal
waa i wid dream abooteme first think i did
wis faar i d lefteme idder crackit shall or
div hae a picter oeme lady at ran e
twa halfs egidder an gieineme richt kinna twist like
release fin ye wis stookineme shafes wis pickit up
e ban roon t twistinemegidder an syne tuckin e
jock kent e maist oemes day be e time
maybe e snaa hid madeemexcitet for aa roon e
pail was rattled tae spenemfae sookin e coo yowes
i winner if it hurtemfin e black spikes o
ten pence a dizzen foremfin willie cam back e
coorse e bigger fairms gotemfirst an ma faither an
wis e neeper at plantedemfirst on his side bit
an reciprocate wi wark foremfither e likit or no
wis aa e same tillemfither it wis caal ir
e tools at geed wiemfor a richt slack weer
eggs an ma mither swappitemfor groceries fin e van
o ploys e warst oemfor loons oor age bein
an awa a lot oemgot ontill e heich bit
o washin pooder een oemhalf skailt ower e bit
grieve at he wisna wirkinemhard enyeuch man said e
fae e ootside een oemhid some wattery fye in
ony mochs fell oot oemi d heist e valance
tae big a sheddie oemi ve deen e same
on tae keep tee tillemi walkit roon e roller
freens at hame winna finemin anither ian e sin
as i cwid ay feedinemin as jock held e
hens an aa an cookedemin e chaamer whiles it
day ye d think oemin e stair wall an
e heid ye didna needemin fine wither bit fin
gaither e eggs maist oemin nests bit e antrin
an pull e wheels tillemit wis jist breet force
e tatties an said tillemjist tae begin at e
i heard e twa oemlaachin bit naebody asket e
an e mornin sin gieinemlang shadas is a richt
file i wis thinkin abootemnear aa e time i
reek gin i d tintemneesht mornin doon till e
breed aaegither ye d noticeemon e curtains o e
her brither s she putemon for e hoosework for
an ye cwidna jist haalemoot wi e claas o
reef ye couldna hae gottenemoot withoot dismantlin e linin
ye couldna bit a seenemower fae e geese peel
wis plooin e feck oems clean cleart awa if
in e byre could smellemseein i m on aboot
wisna aften a lot oemtae get oot e wee
days e fairmer hid eddertemtee at took a filie
it wis e trickiness oemthat held ma attention an
in an i slantit oweremup till e wid crossin
rock faces at tooert abeenemwe held ay on e
wisna sae hard tae connachemwi e pint o ma
a time fin een oemwis gey near at e
skill in e makkin oemye learnt it fae yer
branches an cones we caademyowies at e wid side
wis nae bad curtains owereman fin ye sattlet doon
tae him syne tae helpemfin he wis able till
car an walkin stracht throweemfin we wis oot for
much o a glimpse oemfin ye wis gaan aboot
sheet fin the twa oemreached the tap the view
kinna crossed a rope rooneman ma faither haalin aa
you as the twa oemdanced roon the fleer roch
you jist work roon abootemexplains susie jonsar eck wisnae
a soon fae ony oemkeepin in a ticht roon
tongues roon wispies an tittinemoot wi a sidewyes pull
pechin liftin stuff roon abootemthey micht as weel nae
jist canna be deen wiemata friday 18th temp 11
gweed milk jist tae pitemdoon richt ye never made
wheels till ye d slowedemdoon till a stop jist
time i ll jist keepemfor the coorse winter nichts
nae eese tryin tae meeveemi niver spak jist pat
rapes an edderins an wiemjist a bittie mair o
she d a gone foremjist a richt crafter s
aboot in he middle oemjist richt for a het
next jonsar didnae argue wiemjist went aboot his work
to licht the gas aneethemor div they jist coup
them it jist meant gieinemthe best room tables an
jist as the twa oemwere aboot tae hae a
let ma fingers tee tillemfor naething on earth wid
though naebody peyed attention tillemnoo an aan ye d
hooses abeen s close tillemwis twa bonny kye broon
twa samples o edderins inembit fit wye div ye
haugh awa the twa oemdoon past the pooder hoosie
smell onything the twa oemglowered at each ither en
holmes noo the twa oemhid been oot tae a
neest day the twa oemmade for glencoe it seemed
news an the twa oempinted oot een or twa
car as the twa oemsat reflectin on their day
teenie seen the twa oemshe roared far did you
been bog bean seeds inemsometimes in groupies o twa
nest as the twa oemstrolled throo the great muckle
wull land the twa oemtook their time nae in
aye bit mind an takemaff first jonsar eck made
jonsar eck wull i takemback jonsar hid nivver seen
tae laugh an een oemblurts oot for doos jonsar
the morn wid you cawemdoon for her jonsar asks
shut jonsar eck cood hearemhaein a richt barny inside
day fair teen up wieman as a psychologist wid
in my time we caademseagulls bit aaler fowk wid
fae me she wid likeemteen doon the morn wid
stuff i wid powk atemwi sticks bit i aye
freens in aboot een oemwis a sicht for sair
tae be the fower oemhid a richt gweed tuck
she hid tried tae pullemower her black stockings an
danner up an start atemwithoot takin richt time tae
books his been written abootemanalysin fit they mean in
ve seen a lot oemas i was gaan aboot
an ony shiftin aboot garrtemflee syne es bleddy hooverin
a lot o colour abootemfor a file ae nicht
nipped up the road foremhe wis started aboot ten
same experts aboot tae sortemir pit up new eens
fitt aboot meatballs then f1142: emnae that f1141: nae wantin
in aboot the three oemsat doon tae hae a
an flappin aboot at rousetemsyne naething for t bit
begood tae roar an flingemaff again a hairst park
by the time ye hademaff he d drapped aff
an says i ll shiftemafore you come doon at
yer battle stations men shootemdoon five wuiden rifles pyntit
a shillin bit i screwedemdoon tae ten pence the
lot o drovers an caainemdoon tae the station ye
his name doon an letemget on wi it weer
fyow days back it wasemat reportit es lad wis
heat wis comin oot oemat wis a gweed enyeuch
a bit o funnin wiemespecially willie his faither wis
bit wis nae eese ahinemhe couldna dreel straacht the
wis a great attraction foremin at as ye walkit
news at wis ay inemmissing boy s parents distress
ferry that wis tae takemtae staffa their herts missed
wi nae a cloot nearemthe flittin wis takin a
o culsalmond fowk wis gaitherinemwi widden scoops wi an
o the north east inembit neen o them are
bit fit is t garrsemdee t aifter a file
m1094: one that goes onem[?]don't put it[/?] there the middle bit
in pitsliga the fower oemstarts tae laugh bit efter
as yer tyres geed oweremi min comin hame fae
eh she went about collectingemall the pamphlets she could
i didn t mean toemeh eh what happend was
are there m608: mmhm m078: emeh m608: i can tell
an earlier scottish nationalist ehemeh she went about collecting
eh scotland and france hademhad connections that by passed
letters call- eh essays calledemhow to succeed therefore you
eh and god knows whyemit must have been just
m818: he did multimedia thereem[sniff] and eh the first
eh he published macdiarmid semthe kind of poetry i
eh f1130: mmhm f1129: fittemwas you doing at playgroup
o sticks up an pitemback in ower his truck
drift swirlin an billowin owerembiggin up wreaths big an
wi an aal cover oweremnoo an aan ye d
broon eens an puckles oema peely wally fite colour
a tree hingin full oeman a howp o water
ither i aye thocht oemas bein fullt wi milk
a divot o strae inembecause they were too big
few choice words neen oemcomplimentary the laird himsel didnae
ye or a lot oemdid rub yer niv on
hed boats cos maist oemdidna hev proper enchines chist
there s nae sign oemf1103: is there no here
took a saick apiece heldemin front o ye an
o stockings wi knickers inempeer auld teenie echty odd
wee craiters maybe millions oemsome makkin nae soon ye
o langside an the bethleemstar throw the skaiths o
o eese ye could seeemstill in a livin settin
collars tae but canna staunemticht ma sense o guff
the roses bushes fifteen oemwere still in the grun
this bein sunday some oemwull maybe on treble time
merchant or ye could makeemyersel oot o the eyn
me any harm and itemit taught me a lot
yer sulphur reek tae getemskeppit again they got respect
noo an aan ye getemin maist ondeemous haals at
cood coont on ae hanemit gree wi mi noo
s noo mind dinna sellemunless ye get ten pence
some thinner cream noo slapemup wi at mary at
wi blaik or ye blaikitemand if you had a
bawlin match usually jake sendinemawa wi a few choice
face wi eez fngers flickinemback an fore ma chowks
bring their ain mait wiemhelen was quite right most
as ye vrocht awa wiemlike a sculptor wi a
chappit tatties wi size throweemsometimes you got salt herring
fower paiddles wi holes inemturnt be an iron crank
aye tellt er tae slapemup wi that i suppose
dark colour at fairly garrtemstaan oot on a licht
she says i ve leftemon the table in pitsliga
f1100: [clanking noises] i ll keepemf1099: oh well done [inaudible]
ma feet nae tae disturbemback i cam at nicht
an i ve naething againstemfor truth tae tell a
in a cloot and hingemin a tree tae dry
an ae day tae menemthis one day was the
quairt ye d seen loaseemes geed on for a
oh aye ye could eatemf638: you see i i
saiddlers if ye didna pickemup at a roup the
winner gin ye d seeemyet in a laich sin
as much time lookin atemas i did lookin at
rotten apples every one ofemhang around with them much
was actually speaking out foremmuch more of a a
much did he pey foremninety pence na na twelve
was the one as wellemwhen she d said i
vanzittart was er an englishemaristocrat who at the end
happend was morag my wifeembeing an earlier scottish nationalist
an weemen fither men usedemmair than weemen an sic
and that was fine butem[click] f631: and did you
i did people who learnedemenglish at different ages so
what s quite funny rightemer when we were at
party you dress up atemlook see the sausages gone
sweat old boy i madeemgroan but they loved me
defencelessness of misery i madeemsweat old boy i made
pictures on the back m1096: emhoses f1095: mmhm m1096: tr-
and she said to meemright get out she says
i want to see theembig fishing boat but i
intae bin bags withoot vrappinemup ir sure s fate
dodgy f1104: mummy you gotemthe p- all the ponies
as well f1054: [throat] coolemand on the sporty theme
s what was wrong butemas i say when f637:
mate gav and er likeemas you know in edinburgh
for workin extra hours andembasically like i was gettin
that i ll have aemfish supper please and the
decided to become scottish nationalistemi became a scottish nationalist
just working basically so yeahemi m doing like erm
don t know i meanemno he was no he
chinese f746: oh right f745: emyeah i just picked that
ve gotten ten pence foremaye said willie fair delighted
cards for the clubs theyemf810: the [?]k-cards[/?] yeah f809:
and the was it commonemwas it common for men
that had been printed byembill maclennan who wasn t
m1108: score it f1107: scoffemdon t we m1108: sco-
never learned it because myemmy teachers didn t didn
take mak crudes and pitemin a cloot and hing
lived a very hard lifeemin a very very small
2002 we sure do packemin we have a couple
a very nice christmas andemw- take care on the
brother kevin was like thatemhe went through to edinburgh
people on the island butemlike the west side of
scots take their kinda likeemtheir like chippie food you
form of there eizel emberemreduced form of them ess
when hitler was running itemthe anti imperialist might sum
f631: mmhm f634: of ofemthe jute industry and they
mmhm can you talk aboutemwhen you lost your memory

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