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fine prospect syne youthheid whanembrocastel wes yit apen ti
leaf spins slowly down owreembroat een the lift emerant
as mibbies a maun tiembrowhaur we micht aye hae
nyow jo the crowner atembrocastel bot the bluid o
same biled heid in glesgaembrofitty an dundee i think
mairraige o nyow orleans anembrowhan a wes a lad
intil the nyow town oembrowhaur shae thocht thai micht
halp o monie ceitezans oembroaw the ither geir at
hame the gunes frae theembrocastel an the cartowes frae
nicht at shae met atembrocastel durand a swarrie the
skouriss clam the brae tiembrocastel the esplanad wes tuim
napier the aventurers retoured tiembrolaein andra wi thair gratiteid
waddin ruth hed gaed tiembroti collogue wi hir mither
nem o the twenes inembrothe puir twenes at wes
the mairch an furth tiembroat shae wes telt wes
kin wes aw furth oembroir deid bot shae kent
greitt hir tae walcum tiembrolass the dug waffit its
frae ivverie airt traivel tiembroti walcum the bells bot
purity he tuik intercity taeembromair beasts in thon zoo
a blue tailed gibbon fraeembrozoo a wee roon cake
she merriet a chiel fraeembrowye an she telt me
twuntie ear the deuk oembroawaird comatee wur gaen ae
cud wheech frae lonach taeembroin hauf an oor bi
simmers we ll jaunt taeembrotoun thegither guidsakes my frien
at ye hae baith veisititembroan ar retourin hame thegither
veisit we ar kin fraeembroken junipere wes shair at
jyne yon intellectual thrang onembros streets as thousans upon
his crotch the bree oembrotoun the claik o hindi
an goun as advocate inembrotoun he maun hae been
ye ll harken back taeembrotoun twa hunner years an
the wit o men taeembrotoun whan m days like
o this lan hame orembrosae braw leopard an lion
telt at hei retourt taeembrowhaur hei hed ae drink
thrapple fur him doon inembroin 1658 onywye i wis
morvin wricht whae bides iembrowhaes forfock rutherford bi name
lassie hir man whae belangitembrowis nichol o philip s
of glasgow university lear learningembrocollege edinburgh university nerra narrow
knowledge before gaun on taeembrocollege tae learn scots law
o the moray hoose collegeembromr k c fraser o
demandit a m gaun tilembrothe mannie gied a loud
at uised ti rin fraeembroti the forth brig whan
at the port o leithembrohed its oncome development ee
be on the gate tiembrohe gied douglas ane inveit
a think it wur iembrogin a mynd richt shei
doun the heich strete oembrowhan the dauncin wes duin
the state an run fraeembrojed she skreiched in a
bibles bein haived doon inembrothe neist it wis the
doun an the ceitie oembroconcluded ti dimoleish the tenement
an than a hurl tiembroor at laist ti a
scot like a stick oembrorock place rins richt throw
cairrie out the rypin oembroaw the fawmous limnins skulptrie
o antiquities awful grand inembrohouse grannies tongues which mutter
a stairheid room in aembroland a chalmer o puirtith
tenements i portie fur theembrocounsail whyles a bocht the
the human nutrition unit inembroan cammy wis shot at
to purr a bit ofembrorough a cypriot sundial casting
in the schells in theembrobedlam fergusson s life wasna
you enjoyed your weekend inembroi can just picture uncle
eatery for the titillation ofembrooffice snackers in the mind

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