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or adjustments in respect ofemployersnational insurance and pension contributions
of employees includes gross salariesemployersnational insurance contributions and employers
include employers costs other thanemployersnational insurance contributions and employers
brown s decision to increaseemployersnational insurance contributions to allow
bonus payment to meet anyemployersnational insurance contributions which arise
employers national insurance contributions andemployerspension contributions main residence means
employees and b arrangement foremployerspension contributions to be paid
employers national insurance contributions andemployerspension contributions which are provided
duties the allowance shall includeemployerscosts other than employers national
health care employers social careemployershave been similarly encouraged to
and voluntary sector health careemployerssocial care employers have been
the national insurance burden onemployersincluding many voluntary organisations i
of initiatives that involve employeesemployersand customers raising awareness throughout
message gets through to businessemployersemployees education and benefits organisations
and 10 per cent ofemployershad no employees aged over
provide a national framework foremployersto offer their employees health
has awareness been raised amongemployersabout the importance of being
trying to raise awareness withemployersand business through developing links
big problem many workplaces andemployersseem to think that awareness
the importance of being goodemployersstuart duffin awareness is being
aims to raise awareness amongemployersthrough a series of events
certainly has not worked withemployersan nop survey found that
survey found that half ofemployershad work forces with fewer
strategy is essential if nhsemployersare to offer nurses the
well you know how manyemployerscan offer you security and
been having with his formeremployersgeorge heriot s school in
mr mcclure and his formeremployersthe claim has been made
raise that with the tobaccoemployersi am not privy to
we should also encourage scottishemployersto be liberal and flexible
boards and local authorities encourageemployersto promote better health amongst
safety regulations that would encourageemployersto recruit more people from
of pupils parents teachers andemployersin developing future education policy
they and their parents potentialemployersand colleges know the value
to make absolutely certain thatemployersparents and young people understand
system and benefit pupils andemployerscathy jamieson brian monteith said
not only pupils but manyemployersfind those descriptions confusing although
was less obvious in buteemployersfound that there was an
on the health service andemployersi urge the committee to
strategy to bring public sectoremployersinto the scottish health at
people to tell local authoritiesemployersschools and health workers about
will enable health authorities andemployersto improve targeting of a
set up programmes with theemployersto promote health information on
for private and voluntary sectoremployerswho create full time permanent
transport plans to require majoremployersthose providing public sector facilities
further education education authorities andemployerswe have agreed to place
and how many of theseemployershad not signed a new
29 july 1999 how manyemployershave been involved in recruiting
mentioned in the debate manyemployersin scotland have come to
29 july 1999 how manyemployersrecruited the 5 570 people
education system are ready foremployersto take advantage of at
your first point councils asemployershave a duty of care
on the decision that ouremployersmay make in relation to
have been closed and ouremployershave chosen to take production
going to do next ouremployershave to take into account
our negotiations with tobacco industryemployersthe unions have secured for
would try to influence ouremployersto ensure that they conform
i do not want ouremployersto think that we are
that are made by ouremployerswho have a five or
so called social partners theemployersand trade unions on board
we need to ensure thatemployersappreciate and support investment in
the public at large andemployersknow about the forthcoming legislation
distributed who is taking thememployersor the general public ms
it difficult to be goodemployersthat adhere to employment law
was convenient they were goodemployerstoo apart from the uniform
that we are not goodemployerswe have good employment practices
i am worried that mostemployersand people in scotland do
example i imagine that mostemployersin my constituency employ 50
local people who act asemployersand employ staff the project
matter for negotiation between theemployersand those who represent the
who gain qualifications but byemployersthere should be no diminution
whether the maximum percentage ofemployerswho have signed a new
if we cannot appeal toemployersaltruism we should point out
a very attractive feature foremployersperhaps people s contentment with
disability discrimination act 1995 requiresemployersand service providers to make
my experience of dealing withemployershas been somewhat confrontational which
their new neighbours or theiremployersvillagers speak english douglas cowie
in their later years supportiveemployersdo not discriminate on age
representations it has made toemployerssuch as argos plc to
valuable and are understood byemployersand others we are not
to work and urges allemployersin scotland to adopt the
quarries that often are significantemployersparticularly in rural areas the
challenge and environment furthermore severalemployershad told us that they
were few in number theemployerssaid that when they lose
the representation of workers andemployersin this country it is
director of the scottish printemployersfederation which covers a related
couple of weeks ago scottishemployerslack of knowledge of it
reported action in contacting theemployersof aamer anwar regarding his

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