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iambic tetrameter rhyming couplets littleemploysan ironic register and the
bases in scotland the industryemploysdirectly and indirectly a number
120 people and the otheremploys214 people mr macintosh are
glasgow producing packaging material oneemploys120 people and the other
of gross domestic product itemploysmore than 40 000 people
number of policy analysts itemployss1f 1989 5 dr sylvia
billion a year it directlyemploysalmost 250 000 people and
suggesting that because that organisationemploysa parliamentary officer that person
the calm manner that heemploysall the time david has
police officers strathclyde police forceemploysspecifically to deal with traffic
years throughout scotland imperial tobaccoemploys135 people in sales marketing
arm s length body itemploysits own staff it controls
the sector is developing itemploysabout 100 000 people and
studies have suggested that nettingemploysaround 700 people at the
22 while the parliament currentlyemploys321 staff the increase is
how many staff it currentlyemployss1w 14587 mary scanlon to
er i dinna think kelmanemploysa great deal o scots
2000 and how many itemploysnow s1w 13090 alex neil

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