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months debt paid off halloween1 40am back from julian
sair hert mei yao chen1002 1060 20 ah dreme
his guidwyfe mei yao chen1002 1060 28 ower thrang
neist door mei yao chen1002 1060 36 on the
chinese of mei yao chen1002 1060 a sair hert
chinese of mei yao chen1002 1060 ah dreme foraye
chinese of mei yao chen1002 1060 neist door ma
chinese of mei yao chen1002 1060 on the daith
chinese of mei yao chen1002 1060 on the daith
chinese of mei yao chen1002 1060 ower thrang ye
chinese of mei yao chen1002 1060 the crescent muin
chinese of mei yao chen1002 1060 ye maun stap
we made like a halloweencake and like ju- and
garage on tuesday for halloweenfancy dress f1154: i m
what you get at halloweenis it f1122: look a
being a dog at halloweenneeding something wi long sleeves
you dress up at halloweenparties and if santa comes
i m going to halloweenrev at the union fancy
castin kale the childhood halloweentradition of stealing croft produce
as fann it was halloweenwasn t she f1103: uh
améliorer mon français et jenai retiré beaucoup de satisfaction
propose ce débat en partieenfrançais aujourd hui c est
ai choisi de vous parlerenfrançais aujourd hui je suis
pour le plaisir ce discoursenfrançais était mon défi personnel
de son discours a étéenfrançais mais il a avoué
presiding officer in english membersenfrançais mr home robertson signor
que je propose ce débatenpartie en français aujourd hui
plus récent d europe doncence jour de célébration des
leur donne aussi une confianceenelles ce qui est bien
voulons laisser notre marque distinctiveenmettant ce sujet à l
mornin wither jist aboot dryenhale water poors oot o
oot a richt cauld breetenit poors o rain athing
warm again warm an sultryenit poors o rain saturday
poors o rain eence mairenit s fair rain again
dry fin i div riseenpoors o rain at s
aboot dry fin we riseenpoors o rain at s
affa sinny fit a treatenpoors o rain it maks
cood hear a preen drapenpoors o rain oorsel s
it is jist aboot dryenrain fer poors oot o
mornin frost sparkles sae brichtenthe day changes poors o
2 16 richt frosty morninenwither dis change poors o
register consilium eu int pdfen02 cv00 00112en2 pdf and
register consilium eu int pdfen02 cv00 00167en2 pdf 8
register consilium eu int pdfen02 cv00 00181en2 pdf 10
europa eu int eur lexencom cnc 2000 com2000_0079en02 pdf
68827 lang 2 file pressdataenec 68827 pdf picture 0
71025 lang 1 file pressdataenec 71025 pdf picture 0
eu int youth asp langencontent intro 9 18 members
int df default asp langencouncil of europe treaties including
that s heid or hinnerenforkietailie if i cud be
heistent hiz ain lang hinnerengin ye bene outby i
byllies an at the hinnerenhad juist john the dominie
tae believe at the hinnerenhe tuik puggie s advice
but thinkin at the hinnereni fear the warst i
lair but i the hinnereno aa gin ye re
rin but i the hinnereno aa gin ye re
i desydin the lang hinnereno hir onkil belyve shae
willin sae in the hinnereno t he gat up
e en tae the hinnereno the ages the sainin
the five dynasties yon hinnereno the tang times whan
the day at the hinnereno youth amang the wrack
eu int eur lex prienoj dat 2000 l_172 l_17220000712en00260027
doun but at the hinnerenshe saw the funny side
i am wie ye eentae the hinner en o
mon retour he je mendesespere fan i cam back
tunes je cognois bien mouchesenlet i ken flees in
plus accessible et de plusenplus communicatif je recommande la
satisfaction je deviens de plusenplus conscient de mon manque
the bowt o silk chent ao ca 1100 43
from the chinese of chentao 1100 the bowt o
do 36 spring morn chenyu yi 1090 1138 37
from the chinese of chenyu yi 1090 1138 spring
yeah they ve all gotensuite an washing machines m944:
and there or installing anensuite bathroom they need to
the existing hotels now haveensuite bathrooms in their rooms
tae earth nae perth bitensuite in the hoose o
dinin room maister bedroom wiensuite shouer an jacuzzi an
market student residence with individualensuite shower toilet facilities it
het wither changes taewards nichtenaa at eence the rain
it dis poor o rainentaewards nicht day clears up
nae sure aboot at ataentaewards nicht ere s some
at s fine an dryentaewards nicht tae rain it
at s foo i feelentaewards nicht the note is
say a richt icy blastentaewards nicht the sin peeps
sur l enseignement des languesenecosse et avec une telle
et j habite à carlukeenecosse too often that is
n était que la deuxièmeengrande bretagne et qui employait
monde qui est de plusenplus accessible et de plus
le russe et l arabeenplus on parlait probablement 40
another areddies adv already athoutenprep without atwein prep between
plate asyde prep beside athoutenprep without atwein prep between
already asyde prep beside athoutenprep without atwein prep between
la communication devient de plusenplus rapide entre les citoyens
sae affa fule an weetena sup rain day cood
16 rain in the morninenaff en rain again richt
the rain dis clear upenback tae rain again saturday
it dis poor o rainenclears up an awa tae
it s rain sometimes fairencome nicht it rains eence
an on comes the rainendry a fyle en it
nae a breath o winenere s rain en oot
rain fyles turnin tae sleetenir turns oot dry bit
ata shoors o rain sleetenit dings on sna thursday
rain en dry a fyleenit dis rain again monday
it s a gran morninenit looks like rain ere
the win wi lashin rainenit s jist a shoor
16 bricht in the morninenit tries tae rain en
oot a richt fule breetenlater on rain gangs gey
galore inside tae get reliefenlater on the rain dis
rainfall 10 16 frosty dayenlicht shoors o rain aye
12 first it s mistenon comes the rain dis
dis turn oot tae beenon comes the rain nae
win en ere s rainenoot comes the sin thursday
in the mornin en affenrain again richt fine atween
an weet as weel dryenrain doonhearted i feel sunday
ere s nae ony heatensome mair rain the days
6 frost in the morninenthe day dis change rain
en it tries tae rainenthe sin comes oot brichtens
10 19 fine an warmencauld en warm again warm
for an en ye ladenis not good that doesn
men fishin their loch fraeentae en wi crack an
fine an warm en cauldenwarm again warm an sultry
their loch frae en taeenwi crack an smile gif
is men discrives for anenye lad en is not
the wither i dinna kenenoot comes the sin in
10 20 sinny warm dayenthe wither turns cool turns
a mornin wi warm sinshineenwither changes aboot denner time
separately as sp bill 69ena policy memorandum is printed
separately as sp bill 66ena policy memorandum is printed
accompanying documents sp bill 8enand a policy memorandum sp
accompanying documents sp bill 24enand a policy memorandum sp
accompanying documents sp bill 27enand a policy memorandum sp
accompanying documents sp bill 5enand a policy memorandum sp
accompanying documents sp bill 22enand a policy memorandum sp
us it dis ferrly tearenbe efterneen it s a
s fine an mild againenbe mid day it dis
slowly slowly countryside dis dreepenbe midday it comes oot
11 23 heavy an sultryenpir o win dis rise
1 frost in the morninensin dis come oot fine
lang dis it bide fairenthe day brichtens noo an
mornin for us tae seeenthe forst dis loup fit
march is bonny an clearenthe win dis rise again
mornin fin we div riseenthe win dis rise at
awa affa dry an fairenwin dis rise intae us
people have died in ambulancesenroute for emergency admission to
of them and often stoppedenroute from the town back
livingstone kirkcaldy lab annabel isenroute the convener this is
narrowly missing the dormant maggieenroute then travelling onwards and
b in an ambulance andenroute to a hospital s1w
on a pan am airlinerenroute to america killing all
cleaner s i d seenenroute to profsoyuznaya and then
trundling a box of prospectusesenroute to the open learning
fine mornin crisp an dryendarker darker is the sky
temp 5 12 damp morninenit brichtens up bonny aye
mornin is seen burned awaenoot comes the sin sae
19 dour dull mornin sinenpeeps oot affa affa bonny
16 dry in the morninenthe day turns soor for
is the mornin tae beenthe sin comes oot sae
wid be abody widnae kenenbe midday sin comes oot
gey dull an grey sinencomes oot fine day i
dull an affa bare sinencomes oot fne day eence
aboot affa swear tae shiftenhet is the sin an
sna in nae time ataenoot comes the sin afore
affa swear tae gang awaenoot comes the sin an
on the sky gey dooncastenoot comes the sin bonny
heid an furrow my brooenoot peeps the sin wi
is the momin tae beenoot pops the sin sae
nip in o the airenthe sin peeps throo sae
s affa weet an fuleenfine an dry i try
an grumph cauld an dryenthunner plumps wednesday 27 temp
de trouver du travail icienecosse j ai trouvé du
qui leur permettra de devenireneffet des citoyens d un
qui leur permettra de devenireneffet des citoyens d un
unhealthy nae affa fine ataenas the day wears on
gey dull an affa greyenit rains for the rest
in the affa saft blastenof coorse a heavy shoor
moan aboot jist a flawenbe efterneen oot comes the
quait nae win tae blawenefter a fyle on comes
ti whilk comes me eensmaaer nor itsel still bairnlie
s a pir o winenwid you believe oot comes
taste because she s taena thing else i tellt
gaffin lasses arles lang taenafore da aggle o da
fe he has us taenand for his hirsel us
it but i ve taendoon as much as i
to get oor pulse taennae wonder it was aye
subjunctive an this wis taeno er bi may an
the loons they ve taenprisoner georgie fit aboot it
a video shö seemed taenwi ee poem o mine
in the chair the githerena gust o win an
it nae pir o winendid hae it s say
nip in o the airensooth win gale force on
it s neen ower fineenbe midday ere s some
ere wis nae rose bushesencovered the plastic wi twa
a flat fite blob anenere cam a soon an
father shood tak him golfinenere wis his mountain bike
tae pass awa the timeenere wis the basket abeen
a the strae fell ootenthe dog wid stan ere
anxiety or hysteria or eena compulsion tae redd out
bad moothit english or eena kinna local slang this
thon wis an age eenafore a stranger spat oot
fower tory heroes cud eenallan massie pull thon aff
disnae whit s mair eenallan massie wad hiv tae
wi its cat s eenan cat s lugs feert
tae an adorable or eenan eager boy mair on
warlord anither symbol and eenan incarnation o the primal
young fowk his gleg eenan it must a been
the new macnabs are eenanti bluid sports i the
his kinna written scots eenathoot a glossary we hiv
athoot gittin bombed an eenathoot hearin onie guns gaun
fields amang the kye eenbulls maun wark tae earn
sae complex that the eencanna travel frae tip tae
ti be a maun eendae as ye bid an
sir a ll juist eendae it masel says the
back sae a maun eendae ma best for ye
tae get her wicht eendoun on bendit knees tae
e lan wis it werkinenfactries ti mak life mer
an es golden glowin eenfin it wintit ma cheer
een in ma heid eenforenenst him a ve mischancit
brace o grouse or eenfush a saumon tae damp
then a ll juist eenhack it quo the flesher
tuim biscuit tin an eenhaein twa three alairms aw
ma nivs lowsent ma eenhid niver opent an ey
scots in formal or eenin informal forgaitherins o thair
in the touns or eenin landwart airts that haes
wullie or the broons eenin the first hauf o
these forms wur rare eenin thi aulder scots period
the rung an he eenkent a bit guddle o
is sae complicatit that eenlinguists such as mcclure hae
us kintra bodies maun eenlippen ti ye in aathing
so this division is eenmair profoond in education where
kent it a wis eenmair roused when a fund
shockers the dusky moroccan eenmaks aff wi the female
i hae sae it eenmaun dae midnicht was near
dochters braw grannies aunts eenmithers in law guid sisters
o twa leiditness or eenmonie leiditness scotland wad hae
couldna be keepin yer eenon e lines aa e
docken tae be gracious eenqueans i teens can be
owre the blackadder water eensae did leddy yu bid
a chap p 134 eensae greig thraws out wee
example spanish an italian eenseparate leids sic as swedish
wi dreams jokes an eensklytes o the tongue as
she d shut er eensyne alang e v shapit
aa owre fur yid eentae the extent thit hei
gang owre the street eenthe customers at wir wantin
that can compear wi eenthe maist hummle o english
speir on t no eenthe meenister for he widnae
hail o the toun eenthe pailins roond the schuil
trousers in auld reekie eenthe paurk flouers mim mou
bother ti ye blethers eentho a wis willin there
else nor english an eentho it wis wi a
weill pey ye back eentho we wir ti dee
o scots in schuils eenthouch ane definin point o
as unfamiliar an foreign eenthough it is thir ain
teacher comment 1998 108 eenthough these ur justified forms
i ever set my eenupon when i gaed hame
there before ma very eenwas a notice on the
or gaberlunzie hauns ootstreitch eenwhan that prenter willie creech
me tae the horn eenwhaups an peesweeps heize their
an he disnae haud eenwi the rules o sportsmanship
twinet a lang enyeuch linthenwis e time for anither
scottish lexical items an eenwithin itself thire kin be
fellaes on grain ships eenyou shuid ken that wullie
captured sea cod or eenyoung conger i clamber ower
wis built like a gableenbig w ull wis gey
wis ay eggs an butterenye cd gey near manage
hechilt doun ti the laicheno the lang growthie gairden
eyl common home asp langenuk european year of languages
warmth in o the airencome nicht it s fine
ploo oot o the grunengang forrit an start awa
until his money came throoenset oot doon tae aberdour
he hid his tay heenset oot for a wak
his heid a nod heentook athing oot o his
oor jennie s no faenasleep doon there sae the
gae doun tae the bottomenan work their wey up
an mony is the backenday fishin nith doun by
wes courried doun ablo theeno the pletfurm at wes
s a spit or twaenit brichtens up again thursday
infurmautioun twa hale days onenthe sunn shane wi bricht
the twa weemin jonsar eckentook twa muckle message bags
buy a pair o beetsentwa pair o sheen in
bit richt at the tounenthere wis a wisp stickin
l histoire du parlement écossaisenfait c est une journée
an à l université malheureusemententemps anciens on ne parlait
at shae wes nerr theeno hir tedder shae telt
thai wes set on theeno tammas s bed confabblin
wes ti be at theeno the aunter than the
an whyt kye at aneeno the gairden wes an
growthie broun hair an blueensn she wes the brawest
o m the wes naeent d he kepit bies
mound an bi the bakenwes aw bouracht roun an
railwey lings at the brigenwes cawin ajie an a
in but she d faenasleep in front o the
jist his tae thole orenes business o cushions weel
a pest o a wifieenhe heard mary flooer sayin
year back by the taileno a hurricane it had
abune me wis the butteno a spinnin rod pokin
leatherin at ll be theeno him a ll be
aye ee n tae theeno the ages r glorie
staitioun at dalmenie at theeno the brig john hed
speired the douglas at theeno the cessioun dinna fash
the closs at the ferreno the houss bot the
sittin thonder at the foreeno the howld weel he
saunstane ledges at the tapeno the laundry puil but
inti the buffers at theeno the ling the duirs
guid watter at the tapeno the river an he
local tairm fur the tapeno the river borth ick
fur hiz sowther wark theeno the sauchtrie burn bein
shoors o hail sleet anensna wednesday 7th temp 0
heid a nod the bobbyenwent intae the boot o
funn bush snarled jonsar heenmade awa tae watch the
swear words it wis jistenthat susie s hame help
quine as the war taeenaa wars gaed mairchin ooto
tae be clears up bonnyencoorse an wintry fuel crisis
starts tae smell the chuckiesenthe drains nae damned smell
and the captain s faenin love wi a verra
carrot wis scunnered wi lifeenplein air foo she wished
chen da at the hintenwhan wi their cottars an
bein nettit at the weekenwi a wee rin on
enjoyin himsel shak an shudderenclunk click as ey pass
run doon i ve gienher something for t an
glowered at een an itherenjonsar beat a hasty retreat
hear whit happened up oorensaid wull dougie an me
atween the shoors noo anensunday 22th temp 9 11
an speirin about our gateenyonder they ll be comin
ane at the cairrie senay wha re ye waitin
gaed strecht for the roadenbenorth the clachan at the
meet us at the roadenbut he hasnae turnt up
on hiz face at theenhe telt hir at he
em glowered at each itherenjonsar gaed doon on his
it out at the itherenlik a fax says john
fessed hame at the bakenwe pued thaim amang the
up the burns last backenno kennin whaur the lads
a hurl ti the roddenbot a dinna beleve it
steir up the haill gateenaabodie wondert about it efter
thon cowshus wirds ye cuidenup bein incarcerat shae wairned
t chrissie i ve gienher something it ll settle
it seems to have faenaff in a the stramash
same as the old singleenbut oh my it s
it hed naither a wawennor tildin on the ruif
the splendour a glen coeenkeep faun on oor tour
y ken s a singleenyou think your nest s
douce lik til the lochenwhaur thai cuid be sawed
the image of rhythms tumbantenicelle falling over themselves in
of the film la vieenrose mm f806: mm f807:
legislation hmso gov uk actsen2000en26 htm 4 postwatch is
we can dispose of amendmentsenbloc members will recall how
and verbs elle est sortiencourant entraron corriendo less common
loud and drunk and movedenmasse like some monstrous construction

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