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any the applicant requires toenablehim to sustain his occupancy
to support that household toenableit to sustain that tenancy
for additional furniture grants toenablepeople to sustain tenancies local
followed by others which willenablethe yard to sustain its
a ring fenced budget toenablethem to sustain tenancies the
the lack of translators toenablea wider audience to participate
participate in parliamentary proceedings weenableall languages to be used
support which is necessary toenablethe patient to participate as
of the patient permit andenablethe patient to participate fully
patient as is necessary toenablethe patient to participate in
difficulties and learning disabilities toenablethem to participate the organisation
for the learning disabilities charityenableand wishes them the best
s1m 1314 congratulations to scottishenableindia charity bike riders lodged
colin campbell congratulations to scottishenableindia charity bike riders that
that the new centre willenablethe charity to answer an
availability of such schemes whichenablelocal authorities and public bodies
availability of such schemes whichenablelocal authorities and public bodies
availability of such schemes whichenablelocal authorities and public bodies
or otherwise is sufficient toenableit to determine what proportion
not contain sufficient detail toenablethe accuracy of any comparisons
way that is sufficient toenablethe keeper to identify it
revenue would be sufficient toenablethem to reduce cover prices
minutes is not sufficient toenableus so to do mr
better have been delayed toenablemsps to determine the outcome
together with the targets toenableus to determine what we
rescue of animals it wouldenablecourts of summary jurisdiction to
rescue of animals it wouldenablecourts of summary jurisdiction to
such a borrower and toenablethe courts to adjourn proceedings
such a borrower and toenablethe courts to adjourn proceedings
to practice schemes which willenable150 nurses to return to
the law in order toenablestray animals to be disposed
preside over the proceedings toenablethe oldest qualified member to
to provide better arrangements toenablemsps to work as efficiently
will be sufficiently flexible toenablemsps to work efficiently s1w
msps such a debate wouldenablepeople to see that we
retention of 129 msps toenablethe parliament to function effectively
dogs are thought necessary toenablefarmers and landowners to protect
take the necessary steps toenablethe allocation of the 150
place the necessary procedures toenablethe resumption of livestock auctions
as may be necessary toenablethem to provide or continue
and predicate various games willenablepupils to practise their command
more these language projects alsoenablepupils to relate the language
as a theoretical foundation toenablethe pupils to avoid subsequent
teachers in providing strategies whichenablethe pupils to interact successfully
on this should in futureenablethe pupils to read more
noun can create ambiguity willenablethe pupils to see how
emphasis on transactional language toenablethe pupils to survive in
will introduce new powers toenablecouncils to improve the health
of urgency additional resources toenablecouncils to improve the structure
agency and the police collegeenablepolice forces to improve their
resident in scotland which willenablepolicies to improve the social
had to be reviewed toenablehigher still to continue for
council s housing debt toenableit to continue to provide
new recruits into and toenablenurses to continue their career
century employer and that willenablethem to continue working in
scottish natural heritage that willenableall four bodies to work
smaller arts and culture bodiesenableit to establish productive partnerships
earlier intervention these plans willenablehealth authorities and employers to
will be made available toenablelocal authorities to carry out
available in 2002 03 toenablelocal authorities to deal with
proposal for a bill toenablelocal authorities to designate areas
to be delivered and toenablelocal authorities to implement its
of social service workers toenablelocal authorities to make grants
loans for social work toenablelocal authorities to provide and
of fee arrangement that wouldenablethe local authorities to hire
relationships with local authorities toenablethe strategy to be delivered
funding for local authorities toenablethem to employ more nursery
the international criminal court toenableassistance to be provided to
funding it has provided toenableimprovements to be made to
or palantypists are provided toenableindividuals or groups of people
what we have provided willenableyou to pick up things
this legislation is intended toenablepolice forces to do rather
by the scottish executive toenablepolice numbers to reach an
by the scottish executive toenablepolice numbers to reach an
notification by post does notenablethe police to know that
be reinforced with resources toenablea variety of languages and
identifying those areas which wouldenableresources to be allocated through
through their own resources toenabletenants to purchase a home
of the natural resources andenablethe pursuit of multiple objectives
steps it is taking toenableassets seized from criminals to
steps taken so far toenableintegration welcomes the appointment of
steps it is taking toenablelocal government to have a
of this paper is toenablemodern languages and english teachers
across a group of schoolsenablesecondary school sports teachers to
and retain high quality staffenableteachers to work to maximum
proposal for a bill toenablea court to suspend certain
proposal for a bill toenablea court to suspend certain
of certain care services toenablethe scottish ministers to delegate
details about their employees toenablethe spcb to provide such
mean paying a lot toenableaccess or to change things
scheme on its work toenablehomeless people to gain access
pigeon racing in order toenablethe shu to have access
6 b above does notenablea local authority to impose
of local authority officers toenablethem to enforce the provisions
learning experiences so as toenablethe pupil to work on
webcast the event live toenableas many schools as possible
are well founded and subsequentlyenableevery possible step to be
as early as possible toenablemeaningful scrutiny of the proposals
will ensure that public servicesenableasylum seekers to live with
10 or other services toenablehim or that member of
in our country that wouldenablepolicy to be informed services
agricultural services spending that willenablethe research institutes to expand
every sub post office toenablethem to deliver such services
relating to public private partnershipsenabledifferent types of funding to
funding periods be introduced toenablerealistic planning and the establishment
on the modern apprenticeship schemeenable14 16 year olds to
of this allowance are toenablea member a to engage
fife what mechanisms exist toenablea successful conclusion to be
action it is taking toenableacute hospital and primary care
that position where you couldenableanother department to do something
scottish parliament bursary which wouldenableartists and historians to contribute
a bill to require orenableas the case may be
i regret giving way toenableben wallace to make that
which has always sought toenableeducational progress beyond social or
to scotland that is toenableeffective action to be taken
people where they are andenableexisting structures to make themselves
it intends to make toenablefurther education colleges operating from
and as a minister willenablehim to make a valuable
pupil communicative competence which willenablehim to operate initially at
wish to speak this willenablehim to take a view
a level of quality assuranceenablehousing associations to offer a
what the guidelines are toenableit to assess individual sites
for a further period toenableit to be implemented properly
parliamentary questions in order toenableit to make an announcement
to grampian health board toenableit to make available the
do the research that wouldenableit to set those different
not denigrate it and toenableit to take its place
s mandate so as toenableit to take up challenges
down to unrealistic actions butenableit to work towards a
reduce animal travel distances andenablelamb to be sold properly
rural development plan that willenablelfa payments to be made
not much was lacking toenableme to recognise the killing
that must be met toenableme to represent my constituents
s main glasgow switchboard toenablemore children to get through
s main glasgow switchboard toenablemore children to get through
issue if we are toenablenurses to remain in or
to stop that and toenableour citizens to comprehend a
was used this is toenableparticipants to have a full
the census act 1920 toenableparticulars about religion to be
devolved minimum income benefits shouldenablepensioners to have a reasonable
with equal opportunities legislation orenablepeople to interact with and
these assessments are designed toenablepeople to judge whether that
key volunteer the coach coachesenablepeople to learn in an
national production facility which wouldenableproduction to be guaranteed has
bus service in scotland toenablerural communities that depend on
the 1987 act is toenablesomeone who might have a
there are already measures thatenablesuch benefits to be delivered
framework is in place toenablesuch teams to function efficiently
in the right coffers toenablesuperfast ferries to set up
pictures and conjunction cards whichenablethat extension to be made
a month later on toenablethe children to help with
which support activities which willenablethe commission to make progress
scottish statutory instruments this willenablethe committee to consider the
and other cor figures toenablethe committee to have an
on the agenda is toenablethe committee to take evidence
to the oed it wouldenablethe dictionary to be completed
schengen convention the provisions toenablethe execution in the eu
alternative course of action toenablethe large numbers of store
that the aim is toenablethe national archives for scotland
require affirmative resolution that willenablethe order to be made
terms of the bill wouldenablethe parliament to hold the
perth and kinross council toenablethe proposed birnam flood defence
on transactional language which willenablethe pupil to survive in
office shall be used toenablethe regional members concerned a
among our european partners toenablethe right decision to be
it plans to take toenablethe scottish youth parliament to
and structural framework that willenablethe sector to reach its
to upgrade the station toenablethe significant expansion of rail
is important because it willenablethe uk to implement several
it is genuinely wonderful willenablethem to become more proficient
to the surveillance commissioners toenablethem to carry out their
allocated to audiology departments toenablethem to comply with the
scotland s faith communities toenablethem to contribute to the
top box is free willenablethem to identify that the
support to rough sleepers toenablethem to obtain and in
and medium sized enterprises toenablethem to take a step
infrastructure and support exist toenablethem to train staff at
in north east scotland toenablethem to upgrade the inverurie
structures currently in place toenablethis organisation to plan ahead
structures currently in place toenablethis organisation to plan ahead
in the public domain toenablethose involved in land management
authorisation the aim is toenablethose who act on the
the census act 1920 toenableus to achieve that without
s life and work toenableus to appreciate our culture
get the information that willenableus to complete our inquiry
us not only will itenableus to deal with some
have time to do mayenableus to find out if
reaching a decision that wouldenableus to proceed with a
would write the software toenableus to register candidates as
terms are merely words thatenableus to talk more accurately
of commons motion is toenablewestminster parliamentarians to support this
because we re looking toenableyoung people of the future
work that capability scotland andenabledo but do young people
such as capability scotland andenablewith which we work closely
initiative the new minibus willenablemany older people who would
a single arbitrary target willenablesectors that are lagging behind
the draft order today willenablethe date of the census
a diverse mix we willenablethose in poorer quality housing
communities and through partnership workingenablethe provision of more accessible
is very helpful and wouldenablemany less professional witnesses if
and booking of appointments andenablea wider range of professionals

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