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lifetime of the next parliamentencourageinvestment partnerships between universities and
pensions aspects of such partnershipsencourageorganisations to adopt positive policies
s intention to continue toencouragesuch partnerships as part of
s intention to continue toencouragesuch partnerships as part of
s intention to continue toencouragesuch partnerships as part of
s intention to continue toencouragesuch partnerships as part of
teachers to get them toencouragegirls participation sometimes that is
deals with wider issues toencouragegreater participation in local government
deals with wider issues toencouragegreater participation in local government
action it is taking toencouragegreater voter participation in the
communities and children working toencouragehigher rates of participation all
matter we were concerned toencouragethe participation of organisations that
that advertising is designed toencouragebrand switching rather than to
to introduce measures designed toencouragemore people on low incomes
but it was designed toencourageopen and clear debate without
and practical policy designed toencouragethe language and secure its
an practical policy designed taeencouragethe leid an beild its
best targeted on initiatives whichencouragemodernisation s1m 295 peter peacock
also by reforming buildings standardsencourageother green housing initiatives set
it is supporting initiatives toencouragepeople to stop smoking s1o
two initiatives 1 continue toencouragethe raising of schoolchildren s
some of the initiatives toencouragethe sme sector have not
steps it has taken toencouragea low cost or other
have steps been taken toencouragebusinesses particularly those that operate
steps are being taken toencouragecreativity in education s1w 32858
steps are being taken toencouragegreater pre registration of interest
steps it is taking toencouragelocal authorities to motivate and
steps it is taking toencouragelocal authority officers and members
steps have been taken toencouragemore multi national companies to
steps will be taken toencouragemore young people to stay
steps will be taken toencourageother bus companies to follow
takes steps to recognise andencouragescotland s sporting heritage s1w
steps are being taken toencouragethe other 71 to recruit
steps it will take toencouragetourist visits to scotland s1w
to achieve this we willencouragegreater choice in the provision
the house buying process andencouragegreater consistency of standards throughout
a duty to promote andencouragegreater voluntary and community involvement
who would like to ehmencouragescots give scots a greater
required use its influence toencourageatbs to co operate the
sector and in particular toencourageco operation between compact signatories
programme of community action toencourageco operation between member states
euro the programme aims toencourageco operation between member states
do what she can toencourageco ordinate and facilitate voluntary
in different member states toencouragedialogue and co operation at
sites of global significance andencourageinternational co operation to protect
and through co operative arrangementsencouragelocal enterprise and trading schemes
proposed provisions the proposal wouldencourageoffenders to co operate because
hope that we continue toencouragelocal government to prepare local
to continue we should alsoencouragescottish employers to be liberal
welcome however we need toencouragethe executive to continue to
document states that pharmacists shouldencourageadherence to pharmacological treatment and
adopt measures that seek toencouragecooperation between member states through
and its people and toencourageother eu member states to
also means that it shouldencourageas far as possible measures
plans to introduce measures toencouragethe oil and gas industry
measures are being taken toencouragethe recycling of farm plastics
should welcome any measures thatencourageyoung people to stay on
action it is taking toencouragemen to take up careers
is taking in order toencouragemore children to walk to
action it is taking toencouragenhs boards to allow patients
action it is taking toencouragepeople to register as childminders
is taking in order toencouragethe provision of full time
practice the route that weencourageall authorities to go down
societies the lga wants toencourageall local authorities to realise
part of the school communityencouragediversity and permit local authorities
health boards and local authoritiesencourageemployers to promote better health
as treating disease and decayencouragelocal authorities and health boards
such plans how can weencouragelocal authorities and others to
gives us an opportunity toencouragelocal authorities through strategic planning
on the scottish executive toencouragelocal authorities to ensure that
under which the centre canencouragelocal authorities to enter into
action it will take toencouragelocal authorities to introduce a
executive has a commitment toencouragelocal authorities to target problematic
initiative giving a clearer focusencouragelocal compacts between local authorities
that the executive should stronglyencourageall publicly funded schools to
that the executive should stronglyencourageall publicly funded schools to
the things they try toencouragein in schools is the
executive would be required toencourageprocurement programmes for schools and
agree acceptable behaviour contracts andencourageschools to include parenting skills
deeside schools in general activelyencouragethe teaching of north east
promote sport in schools toencourageyoung people to take up
as others have suggested toencourageand allow people who want
and have regard to andencourageothers to have regard to
child in particular regard andencourageothers to regard the best
lie waiting to be trinnnedencourageothers writing do that well
or are being taken toencouragelow cost carriers to fly
really happening and we wouldencourageall of our local residents
what is being done toencourageand support local authority mediation
due to particular local circumstancesencouragecouncils to devolve responsibility where
the best way is toencourageexisting local organisations rather than
down travelling time by patientsencouragelocal councils to protect rural
of suitable housing we wouldencouragelocal housing providers to provide
of local councils we willencourageregular health screening to detect
that teachers should use andencouragethe local dialect yeah f948:
in their local speech andencouragetheir self esteem it is
as tae meet individual needsencourageconfidence an mak learnin a
as to meet individual needsencourageconfidence and make learning a
needs to be done toencourageentrepreneurship the proof of concept
colleges recruitment processes that wouldencouragethose with special needs and
future needs of the industryencouragetourist friendly culture scottish executive
i should say should theyencourageand use themselves at school
you use at school andencourageat school f951: i ehm
teachers use in class andencouragein cla- in class f948:
encouraging active citizenship we shouldencouragepeople to use their own
also like the committee toencouragethe executive to use the
implement plans to use andencouragethe use of gaelic lodged
plays in its strategy toencouragethe use of gaelic whether
order to progress cases toencouragethe use of jury trials
scottish executive how it willencouragethe use of reusable nappies
ease secondly we need toencouragethe use of spoken standard
a campaign in edinburgh toencouragethe use of this hand
and safety regulations that wouldencourageemployers to recruit more people
means that we seek toencourageentrepreneurial people to learn and
of older people activities thatencouragefitness and broaden the mind
people do in order toencourageit f948: [laugh] [laugh] yeah
in future years we mustencouragemore of our own people
however it takes time toencouragemore people to become nurses
what plans it has toencouragemore people to take up
for physical activity we willencourageolder people to participate in
of languages day was toencouragepeople of all ages and
and what the executive canencouragepeople to do to make
strategy for the executive iencouragepeople to respond in support
some folk or does itencouragepeople to take note of
structure that will motivate andencouragepeople to take that opportunity
promotions are not intended toencouragepeople to take up smoking
it is not intended toencouragepeople to take up smoking
f1187: yeah f66: you canencouragepeople to teach themselves to
in the dining hall toencouragepeople to vacate their seats
allowed the stb to activelyencouragepeople to visit scotland subject
2009 scottish homecoming year toencouragepeople worldwide with scottish roots
or people who want toencouragesocial inclusion in sport have
people for work we willencouragethe public sector to lead
of work is done toencourageyoung people to become more
the events were organised toencourageyoung people to express their
this is a project toencourageyoung people to give their
find ways in which toencourageyoung people to participate in
to voluntary youth organisations toencourageyoung people to take part
an action plan that wouldencouragethe market for organic products
provides that the commissioner mustencourageinvolvement of children and young
grade results how do weencourageyoung folks and give them
what plans it has toencouragevolunteers to act as trainers
the member s concern iencouragerichard lochhead to ask his
we should do more toencouragecareer development there are far
members michael russell we shouldencourageconveners to be democratic and
of services but we shouldencourageelderly citizens to be proactive
always be so we shouldencourageeveryone to bring in ideas
to the committee that shouldencourageimportant debate do you want
line we should try toencouragemanagement potential in buildings that
scottish executive should support andencourageprojects which seek to highlight
projects for example we shouldencouragescottish companies to greet callers
language suggest that courses shouldencouragestudents to develop their interest
and agree that we shouldencouragesuch a culture the difficult
cost much money we shouldencouragethat diversity that is equally
be done we should alsoencouragethe executive to abandon the
heights where possible we shouldencouragetreaties and protocols with countries
the materials sideline morality andencouragechildren to experiment with sex
the upper deeside investigation toencouragechildren to give specific scots
are now beginning actively toencouragemainstream education for deaf children
vulnerable witnesses such as childrenencourageprosecutors to give appropriate information
and maturity the commissioner mustencouragethe involvement of children and
must consider how we canencourageowners to take responsibility i
occupied sector and how weencourageowners to take responsibility that
propose to take to aencouragethe development of the market
a programme of work toencouragethe take up of benefits
stiff but take them outencouragethem to run watch as
in european democratic processes toencourageand support lifelong language learning
different subject the bill wouldencouragethe offering of support to
in her noble attempt toencouragethe scottish executive to support
extra support in the classroomencouragetraining and opportunities in further
it has to support andencouragetram or light rail links
africa to share expertise andencouragemutual understanding of how best
africa to share expertise andencouragemutual understanding of how best
aids moreover the school canencourageparents to feel part of
scots through continuous professional developmentencouragemultilingualism and teach reading and
lead the way we willencouragethe development of community banking
the executive is keen toencouragethe development of jointly planned
to be established without delayencouragethe development of road and
the community at large andencouragefacilities that the community has
community care he wrote toencouragesue ryder care to come
restrictions on social landlords andencouragethem to incorporate wider community
negotiated settlement in order toencouragea diverse and vibrant freelance
for traffic reduction to furtherencouragea modal shift from private
tv producers in order toencouragea sustainable production industry in
preparatory political work or toencouragea wider debate on the
to reform crofting legislation toencourageabsentee crofters to release land
spoke on that subject theyencourageactive citizens to consider political
to include the aim toencourageand arrange school competitions in
through e commerce and willencourageand expect its suppliers to
scottish executive whether it willencourageand fund colleges to offer
look to adopt i wouldencourageanyone who thinks that they
urges the scottish executive toencourageappropriate research to this end
the past few years toencouragebreast feeding have had an
outreach work further we willencouragecampaigns to raise awareness and
would also be important toencouragecertifiers to be aware and
sports clubs to share facilitiesencourageclubs to provide coaching facilities
on minutiae we want toencourageconsumption of organic food you
including questioning that aim toencouragediscussion of the text in
matheson would like me toencouragedogs to heed the echr
but the devolved executives willencourageeach devolved legislature to bear
executive how it intends toencourageeffective and genuine public and
that our agenda is toencourageenterprise and innovation to empower
not something we want toencouragef606: yeah f1067: so it
you mentioned there that youencouragefolk you re teachin to
not be tolerated pledges toencouragefreedom of speech by workers
that we can do toencouragegaelic gaelic arts or culture
of guidelines or protocols toencouragehealth boards to adopt a
of the school based curriculumencouragehigher education institutions to address
technical prospective customer and therebyencouragehim or her to buy
of sue ryder care toencouragehim to return to the
might present an opportunity toencouragehouse owners to keep official
than we have tried toencouragein recent months i will
raise standards across scotland andencourageinnovation train medical professionals to
a move afoot to reallyencourageit and speaking to somebody
the work force is toencourageit to be seen as
her majesty s government toencourageit to move swiftly to
subordinate committee s response andencourageit to reflect on some
in scotland the bill willencouragelowland farmers to convert some
the service and does notencouragemany to enter it understaffing
his time to assist andencourageme to martha booth for
responsive just as we alwaysencouragemembers to be constructive positive
place on 19 december iencouragemembers to lodge amendments as
uk on that basis weencouragemembers to work with colleagues
equal cultural value and dignityencouragemulticulturalism bring to the notice
the programme also aims toencouragenetworking with the stakeholders e
all that we can toencouragenurses to remain in the
executive what guidelines exist toencourageorganisations in receipt of public
the railings above the riverencourageowners to repair and maintain
for regulations in dsfbs mightencourageproprietors to form them in
written scots in particular toencourageprose writing in scots with
place makes it useful toencouragepupils in groups to create
can be successfully treated toencourageregular screening and help the
help market scotland abroad butencouragescottish bodies to step in
the current system tends toencouragesites with better water exchange
time talking about how toencouragesmall and medium sized enterprises
t appeal she remarked ruefullyencouragesomebody to run off with
literary and linguistic computing weencouragestudents to consider some of
i would not want toencouragethat as the norm but
being introduced in order toencouragethe establishment of more retail
efforts to secure this facilityencouragethe fast tracking of all
the asfb is keen toencouragethe formation of dsfbs in
he can to facilitate andencouragethe introduction of kerbside collections
parliament could also seek toencouragethe involvement of the key
colloquial language and and actuallyencouragethe kids to speak in
the matter is reserved iencouragethe minister to do what
of the executive i wouldencouragethe parliament seriously to consider
the institute is concerned toencouragethe provision and management of
more broadly framed is toencouragethe public petitions committee to
upon the scottish executive toencouragethe scottish football association to
upon the scottish executive toencouragethe scottish football association to
said that a census wouldencouragethe social sciences to flourish
consumer this method does notencouragethe student to really think
some other venture will youencouragethem to approach puk or
outside ear erm you canencouragethem to be honest er
proactive but how do weencouragethem to be proactive janet
to do the opposite andencouragethem to do it you
address communication problems and iencouragethem to do so access
approach puk or will youencouragethem to go somewhere else
they can work effectively andencouragethem to hold meetings around
to write er you canencouragethem to look at their
paper or the report iencouragethem to make direct contact
such as argos plc toencouragethem to protect the equal
to operate the project toencouragethis he has bequeathed all
ehm we re trying toencouragethose again f606: yeah so
without resorting to legal routesencourageurban environmental task forces to
linda fabiani was trying toencourageus to do in our
bill contain no proposals toencouragewalking and cycling s1w 4825
waste training education guidance toencouragewaste segregation and promote minimisation
your mither would want toencourageyou nae if it s
puk mr swinney can iencourageyou to acknowledge the parliamentary
hope that this letter willencourageyou to come along and
english now what i dencourageyou to do is to
we hope that you willencourageyour friends and neighbours to
accent or dialect that youencourageat school [inaudible] mm mmhm
benefit agency modernisation proposals willencouragethe payment of more pensions
official language in scotland wouldencouragethe training of more sign
scottish executive how it willencourageany highly trained professional staff
another issue is how weencouragein scotland the kind of
orders and how it willencouragestandard implementation across scotland s1w
or imitation questions which mightencouragesuch discussion are a what
production of education resources whichencouragelanguage diversity and learning about
scottish executive whether it willencourageany of its staff who
british population we would activelyencouragethat work we would try
fitba and bools and youencouragethem you know snapped sally
will allow because it willencouragea developing process that will
hoped that the convention willencouragea wider debate and will
digital connections and that willencourageeconomic activity bp is about
flexible system for business andencourageinnovation in building it will
defeat will the first ministerencouragemr finnie and the other
and associated transport infrastructure willencouragereduced dependence on cars improve
in scotland but that weencouragerecognition of the language s
control consumption although it canencourageit government cannot by fiat
a block fee regime wouldencourageadditional usage of the courts
skills a stopwatch technique canencourageskimming and scanning for example
celebrating burns and that weencourageevery bairn and everyone else
not be organic and weencourageit strenuously however only organic
we ve been encouraged taeencouragethe shetland dialect i mean
pay for improved public transportencouragedelivery of partial improvements before
of tuesday 25 september iencouragemembers of the committee and
progress in scottish society andencouragethat progress for other religious
and standards in tourist businessesencouragescottish businesses large and small
correct mode u writin andencouraged student t try and
the national park body mightencouragethis by offering advice and
exhibitions of the national collectionsencourageedinburgh fringe artists who receive
linguistically as careful english 2encourageby every means by personal
pupils in general craft residenciesencouragean understanding of the processes
of him she did notencouragehim but she did not
opportunities of scotland the brandencouragelocalised food distribution systems involving
deprived social groups migrants etcencouragethe lifelong learning of languages
that it is effectively enforcedencouragethe police college at tulliallan
huh uh huh does thatencouragethe a negative image for
f951: ence- enc- enhance anencouragem865: mmhm mmhm f951: dialects
you canna have ye cannaencouragethe shetland dialect if you

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