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sounds and textures its trueendeavouris to capture fleeting epiphanies
similes or metaphors its trueendeavouris to capture fleeting insights
an a foont o collaborativeendeavourfor biggin the future 16
and a source of collaborativeendeavourfor building the future 25
aesthetic opinion 5 will 6endeavour7 language section iii society
narrow bounds but we willendeavourtae tak up nae mair
analysis was undertaken in anendeavourto discover which factors were
many others with which archaeologistsendeavourto lighten the darkness of
the correct table and willendeavourto obtain three sign stands
powerful sense of purpose andendeavourthat informed the production of
who through strength of characterendeavourand personality had been a
longer to achieve we willendeavourto work closely with organisations
looked after the weak toendeavourto make them strong now
this misguided and ill fatedendeavourand questions the priorities of
19 4 94 nr willendeavourto ascertain how many the
so i m going toendeavourto write a bit more
proud of them we willendeavourat all times to promote
have full support in thatendeavourexecutive officials are meeting the

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