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steys steys steys an restseneuchtae defeat granite thrumple marble
third for luck an shaireneucha monstrous tail cut through
strang an blinnit awbuddie shaireneuchthe shanks o the flouers
a wee plook an shaireneuchthe wee jewel had bounced
micht never haippen an shaireneuchtheir wee laddie was born
his wark neist mornin shuireneuchbeenie gaed intae the haundyman
ten tae the dizzen shuireneuchfive meenits later ian croakit
mair he crinched till shuireneuchhis teeth gied wey an
the haunds roond an shuireneuchjuist afore the haunds cam
luik at the watter shuireneuchmy licht latcht on tae
chance o a saumon shuireneuchon the grevel by the
like a stane an shuireneuchstaunin on the saunstane ledge
twa three days syne shuireneuchstaunin oot agin the siller
five o them an shuireneuchwhan we got back up
the laundry puil but noeneuchtae lae the odd saumon
lae the odd saumon dafteneuchtae try an rin the
rod tip disnae luik strangeneuchtae haunle a wee troot
brekkin strain at least strangeneuchtae tow the waverley an
sture whan he wes strangeneuchtammas serssit out the peth
oots ye ve mair nureneuchas it is gin ye
roon nuwara elyia mair nureneuchtae keep a wee english
siccar she d mair nureneuchtae pit in the plate
wumpils furby thon the reneuchsiller an ither objeks o
i stert ye d haeeneuchsiller an mair tae takk
gairden the r mair noreneuchsiller ben its bunkers ti
s fit it takks wieneuchsiller in their pooches tae
wee tunes his melodic wareseneuchtae wyle the siller fae
the k nicht set quateeneuchbot eftir a whylie begoud
maun be laed ahent richteneuchbot wi fowk at l
yin tae eat bot noeneuchfur twae fock his son
wancertainties bot wei aw hedeneuchtae eat and clathes tae
an bannin he med richteneuchthe mannie dovert ower bot
aa nicht they re fineeneuchchiels bit i cud be
o their neebors war couthieeneuchgin their spik cud fyles
fur gin ye luikit closeeneuchye cud jist makk oot
minnie ye ll ken suneeneuchit s jist that men
wis a queer mixture richteneuchminnie s faither on the
an nicht minnie wis auldeneuchnoo at twal year auld
chest till minnie wis auldeneuchtae wauk an toddle ower
mair subversive nor bolshevism richteneuchbut as janet gaes on
got an awfu gliff richteneuchbut thare ye ar they
sea wis a wife richteneuchcheengefu vengefu maisterfu betimes quaet
onie eimages thai keppit richteneucheftir wirk on z compuitir
afore ye can cough richteneuchhe sortit oot a dizzen
sayin mag wuid bei richteneuchkis hei wuid hev sayed
s prologue 64 67 richteneuchpaul seems to say as
aye she s local richteneuchquo the gairdener aye she
buiks a waukin encyclopaedia richteneuchsabbath neist s the equinox
quite richt yet but neareneuchsae i ll chance it
ken yon weet place weeleneuchtae catch a richt dose
ti hae a vissie richteneuchthe panser wes sauf toukit
a blak baudrons an richteneuchthe wes a wapper shae
really giein it laldie richteneuchthon turpedo bomber widnae git
the neist fyew days naeeneuchtae senn them aff teeterlogic
learn tae loe me quickeneuchgin he war bane an
yourself pronounce the word quickeneuchnyaff a snotterie n the
brekfasts ower thair thrapples quickeneuchsae they cuid git doon
pairt but haedna been gieneneuchnotice thon will be sortit
ice thon gart it shifteneuchtae see oot ower the
roch hurl like thon seneuchtae start the bairn aff
we ll git oan weeleneucha ll bet fate iver
turpedo bomber widnae git neareneuchtae sink thair boat thay
whan it drew up neareneuchforenent us wait till they
speak until he was neareneuchfower year auld his faither
hoodie craa it bein neareneuchhogmanay he hid fand a
kirkgate but ye wir neareneuchon san fuit soakin a
i ve wirked in neareneuchtwa hunner skweels fae the
the debate sterted aff weeleneuchi gied my speech in
landlady weel i kent weeleneuchi hid dane a truly
spit bit they war weeleneuchlikit foraa that they war
lucky star ye re weeleneuchnoo as ye are adam
that fin she wis weeleneuchshe wid makk gweed eese
bit miss vining sang weeleneuchtae please middle aged scotsmen
wi her isie likit weeleneuchtae use braid scots inbye
quarrytowers wis bein delled fareneuchfrae the hen hoose nae
it wid seem that noeneuchis bein done tae promote
troot gin ye war glegeneuchif the kye hidna kirned
in its kirkyaird war ordnareneuchaa bar een an yon
war rules they war frienlyeneuchbut on their ain terms
it the bairns war bonnieeneuchin their wye like piz
frae scythia aiblins guid reasoneneuchfor oor scots forefowk tae
ayreshire milk tho wis guideneuchfur the toonsers fa widna
if yer grup s guideneuchnou an again while walkin
if ye wad be guideneuchtae come alang an praisent
thair publishers haes been guideneuchtae eik tae thae prizes
mair no anither minute guideneuchthe whiles when we meet
hiz belouvit wone ti wuneneuchmonet the auld veillane hauddit
andrew greig is likely auldeneuchtae hae seen a puckle
wis so i heard auldeneuchtae ken better than let
the back he kent fineeneuchwhaur auld andrae bidit an
telt us we dinna pyeeneuchattention tae senior citizens we
luikit ower tae her kindlyeneuchcome tae spen a fylie
masel bit there s naeeneuchcooncil hooses tae ging roon
in the watter s juisteneuchfor some grilse tae rin
tae the trawlers tae earneneuchfur a dram an a
pair till the weather clearedeneuchfur the bruce s tae
disna like it nae fancyeneuchfur ye nae jist tae
s dother he d gaitheredeneuchgear tae stock his ain
an i daein sae funnilyeneuchhe ratifies thair claim tae
wan hame tae ballater strangelyeneuchher cousin hid a lang
ae taste and that wiseneuchlizzie started tae lauch and
ainster s fowk wirds fillineneuchneuks tae cram the peace
touns aneth the oceans wieneuchoxygen factories tae keep them
tae thaim the wis juisteneuchroom in fowks heids for
coooo they warbelt juist loodeneuchtae be heard abuin the
year in sweet content happyeneuchtae be thegither bit efter
ower young an no successfueneuchtae be tholin the neurotic
buirial grund itsel is nareneuchtae bei ca d square
onybody daft glaikit or coorseeneuchtae bladd the winnerfu greenery
wi shite an the stankeneuchtae caa ye ower she
rhododenron buss till it stoppiteneuchtae droon an ark aa
doctor kent he wis fiteneuchtae gang oot poachin he
hauns an feet wir saireneuchtae gar me greet a
hughie an it s easyeneuchtae get intae trouble at
likes o thaim wisna heidieeneuchtae lairn hou tae speak
gracelan an elvis an dolphinseneuchtae scunner a body onless
six an stops at seveneneuchtae see them through the
evening express she wis kindeneuchtae sen me in an
that folk gets alloued accesseneuchtae their leid an culture
customers it ll be easyeneuchtae wind up the business
ilka eer since wid beeneuchtestament tae john s vision
ran up oor pathie jisteneuchtime tae let fox oot
desydit at a m weilleneuchti cum hame an at
s saunds weill hit seneuchti gar the deil defect
breiks dinna ken ebenezer weilleneuchti ken the deiffer an
roarin mad an juist faureneuchawa frae the lowe o
hale day dis blaw cauldeneuchi wid say for some
heid wheesht meg yon seneuchwe re nae seekin a
spit ower wi a langeneuchpyocher we left aiberdeen in
like a baa its bigeneuchfur continents bit whyles its
that cares a ve duneeneuchfur noo a ll creep
her aff her sleep sureeneuchshe d hardly sleepit a
atween em the referee hideneuchan showed jake the reed
blaw thochts div say cauldeneuchfor sna fowk div pit
there noo we re safeeneuchan jock s pleated the
middleton craft there wis naethineneuchthat twa o the faimly
in twa weeks time sureeneuchthe gairden wis dug an
s nae aften hait langeneuchfor at though ere s
she hauds that there noeneuchbooks an interestin point wis
her airms a bairn likelyeneuchthough there wis niver a
this ll mak me greiteneucho grief an tears let
nae praise can be higheneuchfor fit cuthbert did for
ah hear ye greet trueeneuchmembership gies ye richts and
warfare ye re in bigeneuchtrouble as it is withoot
a meillioun pun strivelin aneneuchcocainynie ti rander the brigad
be fund he s illeneuchti fin even for us
ll be wi us seeneneuchbreets coor hungeret in their
be bleezin drunk onywye likeeneuchhe d jalouse he d
buit an oo ve hedeneucho at n i scotland
there s worms an baistseneuchon our braes they re
a disaster there is nivvereneuchrun on the reef an
concern that scots has noeneuchawnin in either the education
this report it will beeneuchthat scots is awned as
guidness knows they ve hadeneuchexperience o them as like
he girns aboot it afteneneuchhe s niver tired o
isis lear they canna geteneuchit seems o egypt s
learn but they were keeneneuchthey were fishin the docken
victoria s royal we likeeneuchmoslems at mecca or catholics
firing for one s fireeneuchenough ense else ergophobics work

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