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pressures on allotment sites inenglandand wales 18 the food
there were various problems inenglandand wales a review is
with the local authorities inenglandand wales alan fraser if
1968 act i as respectsenglandand wales an establishment carried
her majesty s government forenglandand wales and a what
the same figure as forenglandand wales and at the
waived for sheep farmers inenglandand wales and believes that
the general register office forenglandand wales and have taken
the general register office forenglandand wales and if so
paid if students study inenglandand wales and regrets that
her majesty s government inenglandand wales and that the
her majesty s government inenglandand wales and that the
that transfer has happened inenglandand wales and the transport
the criminal justice system inenglandand wales and there are
with because it refers toenglandand wales andrew wilson no
i know that nurses inenglandand wales are envious that
to allow fresh trials inenglandand wales are new proposals
care and further notes thatenglandand wales are working towards
within existing statutory provision inenglandand wales arrangements in scotland
suggested that anarchist factions fromenglandand wales arrived in glasgow
as well as those ofenglandand wales as well as
the beginning of last weekenglandand wales await the outcome
conjunction with our colleagues inenglandand wales because it is
development recommends local authorities acrossenglandand wales build on the
available for seven years inenglandand wales but it is
and retrials will apply toenglandand wales but not to
likely to be reformed inenglandand wales by the countryside
scotland to those made inenglandand wales by the further
the de facto amnesty inenglandand wales calls upon the
the de facto amnesty inenglandand wales calls upon the
introduction of the regulations inenglandand wales can you tell
the bill provides for inenglandand wales civil marriages have
case for national parks inenglandand wales cosla request that
within o level examinations inenglandand wales creative writing never
provision relates to proposals inenglandand wales for a prosecution
to refund all farmers inenglandand wales for similar authorisation
similar to that produced inenglandand wales for those bereaved
for sub post offices inenglandand wales further notes that
are tony gallagher registrars inenglandand wales have been able
out on the matter inenglandand wales however if the
per cent higher than inenglandand wales i am happy
which is not proposed inenglandand wales i think it
less than their counterparts inenglandand wales if not as
scotland are double those inenglandand wales in 1999 liberal
further than their colleagues inenglandand wales in october and
has an unusual role inenglandand wales in that it
restrictions are agreed to inenglandand wales in the interests
to study at institutions inenglandand wales is aware that
the community wardens scheme inenglandand wales is in place
the criminal justice system inenglandand wales it is inevitable
and a suspended sentence inenglandand wales it seems that
authority practice and developments inenglandand wales legislation the law
is different to that inenglandand wales most significantly in
per cent higher than inenglandand wales mr gibson not
lord chancellor is taking inenglandand wales of compiling a
proceedings can be instituted inenglandand wales only by or
renegotiate uk wide contracts forenglandand wales only if there
is to take place inenglandand wales only perhaps scottish
in an appropriate establishment inenglandand wales or in northern
section 32d suspension provisions inenglandand wales or in northern
section 31 disqualification provisions inenglandand wales or northern ireland
the national literacy strategy forenglandand wales or the north
essentially about proposed changes inenglandand wales rather than in
case for national parks inenglandand wales rather they suggest
chancellor in december 2001 inenglandand wales s1o 4658 13
passports as is proposed inenglandand wales s1o 4895 14
position of sheep producers inenglandand wales s1w 16803 fergus
in line with practice inenglandand wales s1w 8792 mary
and framework act 1998 inenglandand wales says and compare
that have a locus inenglandand wales section 2 already
about the comparable expenditure inenglandand wales since the inception
same protection as those inenglandand wales supported by donald
new rights of victims inenglandand wales supported by elaine
of measures was available inenglandand wales than was available
were not known developments inenglandand wales the allotments legislation
the time of trial inenglandand wales the approach is
more fully the experience inenglandand wales the committee also
but only with regard toenglandand wales the executive believes
difficulties here tony gallagher inenglandand wales the legislation was
a little bit ahead ofenglandand wales the marriage scotland
holding their prices up inenglandand wales the other thing
changes to the law ofenglandand wales the rome statute
language which is available inenglandand wales the specifications for
conducted by lord burns inenglandand wales to assist the
allows certain warrants issued inenglandand wales to be executed
1994 allowed local authorities inenglandand wales to conduct civil
definition of community orders inenglandand wales to ensure that
and framework act 1998 inenglandand wales unfortunately i do
doing what is appropriate forenglandand wales we are doing
private sector verification works inenglandand wales we heard conflicting
given that such figures forenglandand wales were published by
partnership with the nhs inenglandand wales where appropriate into
act established national parks inenglandand wales which fall into
as would be compiled inenglandand wales which might negate
restrictions for a case inenglandand wales would also apply
time and again wales andenglandare far ahead of us
of scotland ireland wales andenglandfrom the tip of the
has been given out inenglandor wales is breached in
to civil servants employed inenglandor wales s1w 17739 fiona
breach to the court inenglandor wales that gave out
specialist skills of interpreters inenglandscotland and wales the draft
will create better relations withenglandwales and northern ireland and
are available on prescription inenglandwales and northern ireland but
which comes into force inenglandwales and northern ireland on
bill that will also affectenglandwales and northern ireland the
which differ between scotland andenglandwales before inclusion in the
and did you f010: scotlandenglandand ireland no we didn
of europe in particular scotlandenglandand ireland tak note ye
of the said kingdoms ofenglandfrance and ireland and of
of the said realms ofenglandfrance and ireland with the
other overseas students from mexicoenglandireland norway the virgin islands
afield as middle ireland middleenglandm608: mmhm m642: right up
those of northern ireland orenglandmany more factors come into
and northern ireland than inenglandpost office service delivery there
s iri- ireland scotland andenglandu1028: [inaudible] m865: separated uh
used in scotland and northernenglandfor items with various ingredients
qualified bidders for the northernenglandfranchise to agree to stop
is establishing a new northernenglandfranchise which will include the
framework of the church ofengland1996 p9 3 following edward
governor of the church ofenglanda post bestowed by statute
communion with the church ofenglandand must swear to preserve
settlement of the church ofenglandand the doctrine worship discipline
preserve the established church ofenglandand the established church of
communion with the church ofenglandas by law established the
communion with the church ofenglandas by law established thus
protestant religion the church ofenglandbut technically they did not
participation in the church ofenglandby the monarch that whosoever
stage with the church ofenglandcame in the coronation oath
work on the church ofenglanddescribes these as being in
respects with the church ofenglanddoubtless it was under the
that the established church inenglandis the church of england
disestablishment of the church ofenglandjames douglas hamilton who raised
england is the church ofenglandof which the sovereign is
implications for the church ofenglandof whom the sovereign is
appointments in the church ofenglandsome legislation still prohibits jews
communion with the church ofenglandthe relevant provisions 2 are
member of the church ofenglandthis was remedied in s3
to that already established inenglandand further calls upon the
to that already established inenglandand further calls upon the
to that already established inenglandand further calls upon the
as by law established inenglandpreserve unto the bishops and
did in the south ofenglandand this is a very
scotland to the south ofenglandas a result of the
and the south east ofenglanddoes that have a knock
east and the south ofenglandfinally happily married to rebecca
fourteenth century commercial traffic fromenglandflanders and paris came south
moved to the south ofenglandin preparation for d day
drive 100 miles south toenglandit s taken nearly thirty
based in the south ofenglandleslie mitchell threw himself into
south and east coasts ofenglandnow within luftwaffe bomber range
think that s south oenglandthey had lanes m999: oh
was for the south ofenglandthey re part of the
gonna rain in south eastenglandtoday an eh maybe there
living in the south ofenglanduntil she was well through
settled in the south ofenglandwhere he became a full
the wind- well south ofenglandyou know they were f963:
used various court cases fromenglandadmittedly that proved that the
the court of appeal inenglandas she said there have
specific audience he s inenglandeither in the court or
of the court circle inenglandfor three more years however
of the court circle inenglandfor three years however on
court poets followed james toenglandronald jack suggests that their
the court of appeal inenglandthat is being referred to
was in the court inenglandthat urquhart began to write
of a court case inenglandwhich said that it was
the department of health inenglandand some of the drug
the department of health inenglandissued a consultative document on
the department of transport inenglandobliges local authorities to fund
the department of health inenglandon workforce planning in the
paper on higher education inenglandpublished by the department for
the department of health inenglandshow up as about 12
know it s england thisenglandthat f963: yes mmhm mmhm
england you know it senglandthis england that f963: yes
s it s it senglandyou know it s england
upon whom the crown ofenglandis settled by an act
primarily upon allotment provision inenglandit was recommended that the
if the common law ofenglandshould say that the condition
speech of the north ofenglanda composite based primarily on
strongly in the north ofenglandand in scotland than it
however in the north ofenglandand in scotland there still
studios in the north ofenglandand they prob- probably had
it in the north ofenglandbut you certainly do did
and industry north east ofenglandfigures of the number of
irish in the north ofenglandi think liverpool and newcastle
invasion of the north ofenglandin the viking period also
but in the north oenglandm818: aye aye m819: right
east scotland and north eastenglandsupported by david mcletchie mr
long may it roll betweenenglandan me chink chink charee
not differentiate between incomers fromenglandand incomers from the rest
of the land border betweenenglandand scotland to re establish
health spending between scotland andenglandin 1997 98 and the
which exist between scotland andenglandin relation to the detention
also differences between scotland andenglandin the mechanisms for gp
play off between scotland andenglandon both sides of the
play off between scotland andenglandon both sides of the
benefit costs between scotland andenglands1w 23093 fiona hyslop to
different arrangements between scotland andenglandto further his activities and
new bonds between scotland andenglandwould benefit scotland the scots
fae like the sooth oenglandan then there s a
protectin the sooth coast oenglandfae invasion by the french
ye get them fae wellenglandlike ken f826: yeah f606:
oil people some [inaudible] faeenglandsome are fae well aa
an actress cam ower faeenglandtae entertain the planters at
wis defeated she fled taeenglandtae seek help fae her
showin like ma auntie faeengland[throat] she was a bit
hundred years earlier than inengland18th century scottish professors of
is lower in scotland thanengland34 a great deal of
to do even more thanenglandappears to be doing 12
more than double those inenglandbut crime is still too
further than our junction withenglandi attended the launch recently
off than their counterparts inenglandis untrue susan deacon we
higher in scotland than inenglandno doubt we would have
is 194 more than inenglandofficial report written answers 30
was 147 more than inenglandplanned expenditure for 2003 04
industry was much stronger inenglandthan in scotland both contributed
far more consultant nurses inenglandthan in scotland we should
less than that experienced inenglandthroughout the 1990 s in
they are both down inenglandbut but they they were
union legislation of both countriesenglandthe 1688 89 revolution a
both quality and price inenglandthe process is weighted so
deal with an office inengland11 15 dorothy grace elder
new forest drag hunt inengland44 for the scottish executive
a swan caad leda inenglanda bourach o javan galactic
had precipitated ecclesiastical panic inenglanda decade previously by raising
cause she d been inenglanda long time but my
o towns and villages inenglandan that s it f631:
in a 1969 survey inenglandand 16 in a 1993
2 of which were inenglandand 5 in scotland macmillan
white men in scotland andenglandand all across europe how
sixties at eastbourne er inenglandand and i ve written
which would be misunderstood inenglandand are selected for study
motorway maintenance in scotland andenglandand bear scotland has conducted
part in english studies inenglandand elsewhere so let s
at least the level inenglandand has serious reservations about
fell he was imprisoned inenglandand he was threatened with
about somerset the slave inenglandand how the judge there
that as in france germanyenglandand ither countries of europe
lepus europaeus in central southernenglandand its potential impact on
nurses in the nhs inenglandand often at the expense
on trunk road safety inenglandand on the m74 in
they are all partly inenglandand partly in scotland the
that led most teachers inenglandand rather later in scotland
works that were printed inenglandand that therefore conformed to
pursuit of free trade inenglandand the empire there has
at university english departments inenglandand the united states although
how the system operates inenglandand there is anecdotal evidence
fisheries and aquaculture science inenglandand to a laboratory in
home although it operates inenglandand will not benefit from
the tobacco factories based inenglandandrew wilson what are those
the net fishery in northeastenglandare returning to rivers on
all scots not resident inenglandas aliens and imposed great
like the birmingham accent inenglandbecause it s too m865,:
actually regarded with disapproval inenglandbecause they did not fit
an bile yer heid inenglandboiling heads would be an
sex offender was convicted inenglandbut moved to scotland we
salmon on a sunday inenglandbut not in scotland mr
which are also found inenglandbut others are distinctly or
the tramuntana area while littleenglandcan be found in pollensa
scandal that is unfolding inenglandcan the minister ensure that
weird eh thing happening inenglandcertainly [inhale] that when somebody
the 5 14 guidelines inenglandcreative writing approaches and leavisite
statute form of gallon inenglanddiffering from the separate wine
that is the word inenglanddo not apply to scotland
uh huh [laugh] f835: inenglanddo they not just wear
distinctive systems in scotland andenglanddr brown yes that is
that f832: it s inenglanddummy [laugh] you know where
office in scotland or inenglandeddie egan we deal with
well as the ones inenglander and they would it
just have been born inenglander but f1077: i thought
you went through education inenglandf1037: i am old enough
i was working with inenglandf963: mm f965: where you
that s not known inenglandf963: mm mm f965: i
and a suspended sentence inenglandfar be it from me
be fulfilled james stayed inenglandfor 14 long years before
university so i was inenglandfor a while and then
two week trip in southernenglandfor several years we had
if changes to policy inenglandfrom 2006 threaten to jeopardise
held up some supplies inenglandfrom where more extensive orders
act 1995 will apply inenglandgenerally although there might be
at two sites in southernenglandgibier faune sauvage 10 december
school where i worked inenglandhad a they built a
to be er hanged inenglandhanged in in in in
client directly the detr inenglandhas as a result created
client directly the detr inenglandhas as a result created
the approved inspector system inenglandhas offered the opportunity to
way that our friends inenglandhave been able to market
so he s back inenglandhe s ba- [laugh] he
that was then based inenglandhe started off by writing
against the republican side inenglandhe was captured at the
on the sooth coast oenglandhis faither was in the
behalf of metropolitan authorities inenglandhowever tests show that it
one that operates only inenglandi welcome the minister s
from what it does inenglandif anything comes from the
or murder and manslaughter inenglandif therefore we describe killing
united kingdom of scotland andenglandin 1603 during his 20
is being put through inenglandin a rush there is
know almost like part ofenglandin a way or is
some of his life inenglandin exile and might have
say that s livin inenglandin london [inaudible] place is
who ve come up fromenglandin particular and who are
and a newer union withenglandin that context i recognise
s writing she obviously visitedenglandin the 1960 s and
another act of parliament inenglandin the first year of
act of parliament made inenglandin the twelfth year of
continued to stay on inenglandin welwyn garden city and
organic food and farming inenglandin your opinion what is
means but then folk inengland[inaudible] ehm what aboot cold
f834: used to live inengland[inaudible] f835: well ehm he
the scottish executive is inenglandis concerned that scotland will
their council worker counterparts inenglandis he telling me that
enough the intervention board inenglandis imposing these measures on
now but deep down inenglandis the dominant you know
000 and increasing whereas inenglandit is 18 and 6
with similar legislative protection inenglandit is suggested that in
the age of six inenglandit might be considered therefore
experience of returning papers inenglandjohn kelly although i have
away down to camps inenglandm608: uh huh m194: and
construction and has experience inenglandmaureen macmillan highlands and islands
days especially in scotland anywayenglandmight have been different but
as regional government develops inenglandmove to a needs based
in the usa wheat inenglandoats in scotland and ulster
seen more recent examples inenglandof appalling landlordism but there
cause they do it inenglandof course they do like
in france he died inenglandon 25th october 1914 and
be implemented in scotland andenglandon the same day the
similar to that available inenglandon the steps to be
eh eh people either inenglandor in anywhere else in
however it seems that inenglandpapers can be returned mr
have blocked these things inenglandpeople can t trust labour
d reuss s das gelehrteenglandpublished in berlin and stettin
has been stated that inenglandpupils do not receive certificates
case of newspapers published inenglandquestions would arise about whether
against the republican side inenglandread by led by cromwell
i said to them inenglandright when i went doon
closures of military bases inenglands1o 1500 4 john scott
the programme recently announced inenglands1o 3244 18 dr sylvia
from the appropriate authorities inenglands1o 5151 the deputy first
into epilepsy related deaths inenglands1w 1096 christine grahame to
of the recent outbreak inenglands1w 14984 brian adam to
common agriculture policy payments inenglands1w 16742 mr kenneth gibson
figures compare with sales inenglands1w 28547 lord james douglas
as the equivalent programmes inenglands1w 31121 donald gorrie to
as the english uised inenglandsae they stertit tae cry
eighteenth and nineteenth centuries inenglandseparate wine and ale gallons
really get high teas inenglandso you could do that
pity them for in newenglandspring scarcely exists indeed the
for by expansions elsewhere inenglandstatutory allotments have protection from
association of market towns inenglandsupported by the countryside development
listen to people [tut] inenglandtalking of a similar social
tae thi forms foun inenglandthare is howe er a
there s plenty places inenglandthat have lots of drug
went to university doon inenglandthe college always had like
number of cases brought inenglandthe figure for the number
whether the figures rise inenglandthe first warning comes through
fellow writers in scotland andenglandthe popularity of his writing
in scotland but not inenglandthe regulations that refer to
in urban deprived areas ofenglandthe scottish executive has been
when we moved up fromenglandthe the voices in in
in latin [click] [inhale] inenglandthere are reports of sermons
year afore it happened inenglandthere wis a time in
and the national curriculum inenglandthroughout the 1970s and 1980s
of the organic market inenglandto be met by domestic
you could hack sticks inenglandtoo but now the word
successor to the crown ofenglandunless that in this present
scottish one the fact thatenglandwas a protestant country in
effects of nuclear war inenglandwas even more harrowing the
state by it the nationenglandwas involved in the religious
adopted in sweden denmark andenglandwe have examples from other
have a base anywhere inenglandwere to choose to report
there wis a time inenglandwhan words the likes o
himself had powerful friends inenglandwhere he had spent some
in 1640 urquhart fled toenglandwhere he was accepted into
into the process not inenglandwhere there were 60 40
on market tested prisons inenglandwhether it is considering market
initiative pfi in schools inenglandwhich compared 17 of 25
a nursing home company inenglandwhich is relevant to item
centre f1148: mmhm f1149: inenglandwhich was was quite good
that has an office inenglandwill be under the jurisdiction
language teaching and research inenglandwill co ordinate the programme
and on erm born inenglandwith a scottish mother and
been of good behaviour inenglandwith a suspended sentence the
became associated in scotland andenglandwith catholic apologists and the
compositions to chartered universities inenglandwith the composition and size
have to be submitted inenglandwithin 90 days which takes
free advice as happens inenglandwould be one small action
timrous beastie f1077: people inenglandwould know much about burns
authorities even from scotland andenglandtogether one of the problems
scotland compared to 358 forengland6 within scotland there is
protestant succession 6 scotland 6england8 the current position 10
the modern national histories ofenglandand scotland may be bound
thi leids o scotland anenglandar closely intertwinit but at
beat saturday 27 scotland venglandat hampden 0 1 what
football commentators if it senglandf833: yeah f832: scotland oh
yeah f832: scotland oh wellenglandll be doin everything right
flower of scotland f832: butenglandon- just use the british
and southern scotland or fromenglandor beyond 2 10 macafee
concern that the scotland versusenglandrugby match is scheduled to
transportation of cattle carcasses fromenglandto scotland for processing and
who are lured away toenglandor further afield by the
had connections that by passedenglandand em em however one
descent of the crown ofenglandmade by another act of
and and it ll beenglandit might have f963: mm
on the family coming toenglandm762: yeah f963: even though
they talk about coming toenglandyou know erm f963: mm
me to ging doon toenglandcan you see me wi
an billy hes been doonenglandfur monie ae lang yeir
d just gae doon taeenglandlike ken f826: mmhm m903:
doon tae the sooth oenglandtae be near the major
when i went doon taeenglandtae study at northumbria university
the nhs national plan forenglandnotes that the scottish executive
more flexible and responsive systemsenglandappears to be the prime
of thousands of hmos butenglandhas many more the risk
are interference patterns and sinceenglandis larger more powerful and
are local most are fromenglandand about 10 per cent
playground i moved up fromenglandand i ve got broader
poundage to the level ofenglandand taking pro active steps
poundage to the level ofenglandand taking pro active steps
poundage to the level ofenglandand taking pro active steps
isis ie the thames representingenglandand the forth ah why
some examples the relationship ofenglandand the usa vasalliance [audience laughter]
the bishops and clergy ofenglandand to the churches there
tradable across the border withenglandand viii urgently establish a
and the arts council forenglandand what role each of
trains to wh- down intaeenglandand wherever they were goin
exempts fre- france spain andenglandfrom imperial jurisdiction and sinclair
frae its sordid abodes franceenglandgermany denmark and holland surround
whereas his parents came toengland[laugh] and they may have
all the way down toenglandleeds f606: yeah m845: and
the weekend a guy fromenglandnick and i tentatively started
lies back and thinks ofenglandrapunzel serious extensions when rapunzel
a diademe ll 383 400englands greater wealth beauty and
and o oor sister kingdomenglandtae which we are noo
er and so you knowenglandwas the place and it
and given our power toenglandwhich has chosen the lesser
family who were brought fromenglandby william the lion 1165
people think you re fromenglandi use it at my
news stories from like eng-englandmajority cause that s where
may have moved up fromenglandor whatever they did you
while still politically independent fromenglandquickly acquired the impression that
wally wi his accent fromenglandthat s ever so jolly
to have a visitor fromenglandtoday the boys dissolve with
primary a recent arrival fromenglandwas quite bemused by the
1640 urquhart fled fled toenglandwhere he was accepted into
years of parliamentary union withenglandwhy a nationalist movement now
much towards the writings ofenglandas to er the continent
when you went down taeenglandbut how many people wanted
london university press of newengland1995 p 208 9 robert
notes that every region ofenglandhas been provided with such
business rate poundage parity withenglandto be restored official report
they only basically focus onenglandan they re like yeah
well we went back toenglandfor a while you know
magic i hope kuwait beatsenglandwell it s time for
get get taken over byenglandm605: i mean i m
waist of the queen ofengland[audience laughter] as if he was
of longside mary flees toenglandbut queen elizabeth emprisons her
is there a sense thatenglandis kind of the seat
the press he introduced toenglandleaving out the bits of
the murderers curtain scene iiienglandnear the palace of edward
to the midlands or ofenglandor something you realise actually
as an abberant part ofenglandthen scots becomes a deviant
the lord chief justice ofenglandwould deliberately choose tae deliver
about britain they talk aboutenglandangraise angraise loag means english
they ve come up fraeenglandbit people that s been
f833: yeah f834: they thinkenglands so much so much
erm th- they came toenglandthat was the point you
the whole island actually meantenglandthey didn t they didn
ones are high risk propertiesenglandknows that too we have
i think she returns toenglandtoday or tomorrow if you
was forced to go toenglandas a private patient because
would get be parts oenglandi think would have a
was harrison mcgregor co leighenglandit was a no 5
he broke the laws oenglandwhaur he then was since
mr shallis whae hails fraeenglandan wis is fer is
field that d be foreverenglandwould he nae like to
were to drive to birminghamenglandto meet their plane lynn
him that ran awa taeenglandwhen he couldna thole the
it ae boarding schuil dounenglandan i the schuil holidays
sway throu the hert oenglandat a hunner an twinty
came over here the dayenglandgot the world cup m608:
the wizard s goun onenglandshines the silver moon a
christmas carol [censored: forename] [censored: surname] airmailsenglandto australia [censored: forename] [censored: surname] scottish
fine game on t vengland1 v w germany 3
time king henry iv oenglandan his coort taen up
pillaging bi edward i oenglandi 1296 an capture o

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