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a kind of non standardenglisha few years ago at
atween modren scots an standardenglisha modal verb also kent
an approximation o a standardenglishaccent ane major advantage quhilk
of shetlandic but simply standardenglishalbeit with a local accent
ur regularly scrieved in standardenglishan pupils are dissuadit frae
an grammatical features o standardenglishan thi modal verb system
on the nature of spokenenglishand its differences from standard
of its difference from standardenglishand its historical connection with
this was modified towards standardenglishand later the accents of
up it was all standardenglishand she s quite middle
pronunciation systems of both standardenglishand the various socio regional
then you go towards standardenglishand then people m762: of
a curious mixture of standardenglishand urban scots under their
this this offended [inaudible] standardenglishand was ruled out i
s local dialect and standardenglishare acceptable in the different
these national varieties of standardenglishare all nevertheless standard english
local dialect and public standardenglishare equally valid and useful
is the value of standardenglishas a means of communicating
is reasonable to recognise standardenglishas a unique and important
very shaky command of standardenglishas a whole even in
so that they speak standardenglishas cathy peattie said we
many people to regard standardenglishas english implying that most
support linguistic competence in standardenglishas much as personal growth
many genres variants of standardenglishassociated with the countries of
o registers wi scottish standardenglishat ane end o thi
as the approach to standardenglishbarclay and knox and the
and the study of standardenglishbarclay knox and ballantyne these
want to use some standardenglishbecause i d explored that
spoken rather than written standardenglishbecause one cannot easily demarcate
division atween sse an standardenglishbecomes less so this division
narrative are pretty much standardenglishbut other bits are much
either dialect or scottish standardenglishbut rather more or less
vocabulary and pronunciation of standardenglishbut that they will have
explaining some points in standardenglishbut these partial difficulties can
corbett 1997 49 athin standardenglishcan is yaised in a
way that a bland standardenglishcannot i want in conclusion
table ablow refers tae standardenglishcategorisations o meanin meaning near
specific form of spoken standardenglishcertainly it is true that
in form tae its standardenglishcoonterpairt thare ar subtle differences
such modest variations of standardenglishdo not constitute speaking scots
view why should scottish standardenglishenjoy such comparatively high status
education where scots an standardenglishexist alangside each othir but
east phrase but a standardenglishexpression for playing cards if
although it s in standardenglishf963: mm m762: in other
affair that s completely standardenglishf963: mm mm mm right
written stories say in standardenglishf963: mm mm mmhm m762:
know and and utilise standardenglishf963: mmhm mm m762: but
s it s basically standardenglishf963: right yes yeah m762:
bairn wid continue in standardenglishfur d rest u d
is very rare in standardenglishgörlach 2002 197 an that
but a few scottish standardenglishhas less o thise characteristics
notion o politeness that standardenglishhauds in public opinion an
tae the firm hauld standardenglishhus oan mony aspects o
but they have a standardenglishi am sure that members
nation s assimilation of standardenglishi personally recollect old scottish
they they can speak standardenglishif they choose to do
to regard standard english asenglishimplying that most other alternative
speech style closer to standardenglishin assessing the social position
up together dialects and standardenglishin britain before considering what
and national broadcasting written standardenglishin its many genres variants
him to use spoken standardenglishin public contexts as a
english are all nevertheless standardenglishin that all of their
the use of spoken standardenglishin the classroom not by
merely spoken alongside standard scottishenglishin the context of groupwork
are and are not standardenglishin the speech of many
rather less divergent from standardenglishin vocabulary and grammar another
atween scots sse an standardenglishis evident it is in
p received pronunciation spoken standardenglishis the language in which
exactly what constitutes spoken standardenglishit can be defined as
the scots an and standardenglishit would be it would
ve gotta think in standardenglishlo- there s no way
it be in informal standardenglishlocal dialect or an ethnic
these would be speaking standardenglishm1055: mmhm m1008: and ehm
standard english standard english standardenglishm605: yeah m741: see when
which erm are a standardenglishm608: uh huh m1174: erm
english speakers of scottish standardenglishmay use distinctive vocabulary such
wull be compairt tae standardenglishmodal verbs usage wull be
of the standard dialect standardenglishmost linguists accept that one
be convey t bi standardenglishnae other culture expresses itself
a hierarchy quhilk deems standardenglishoar sse as mair correct
dialect and the formal standardenglishof school lead to educational
special reference to the standardenglishof scotland in aitken a
or a different dialect standardenglishor it may even be
through thi promotion o standardenglishor sse as proper speech
on the assumption of anenglishorganic standard muir adapts t
feet an reesed oot standardenglishower scots it s so
50 year existin alangside standardenglishprimarily yaised fur speech atween
or she will speak standardenglishprobably with a scots accent
were disseminating forms of standardenglishrather than north east scots
for local dialect and standardenglishrespectively the value of the
standard english this whole standardenglishscottish continuum you know where
switch between scots and standardenglishsection 3 3 para 56
scots in place of standardenglishshould pause to consider whether
mair scottish than scottish standardenglishsince it retains features quhilk
london wi james vi standardenglishsince it was adoptit bi
northern irish and welsh standardenglishspeakers of scottish standard english
in a parody o standardenglishspeakers thi scots form is
may cause problems for standardenglishspeakers too rather than of
speakers from those areas standardenglishspeech from these regions would
been largely replaced by standardenglishspoken with a marked regional
an appropriate form of standardenglishspoken with a suitably modified
it was standard english standardenglishstandard english m605: yeah m741:
gettin taught it was standardenglishstandard english standard english m605:
shall is yaised in standardenglishtae mark future events predictions
registers rangin frae scottish standardenglishtae scots yit thire seems
standard grade pupils as inenglishteaching cloze passages are used
talk what proper proper standardenglishthat is uh huh mm
international influence even on standardenglishthe language develops we must
its differences from standard writtenenglishthe second assumption that skill
different from those of standardenglishthe term ungrammatical is much
instilled by literacy in standardenglishthis is a natural consequence
represents a deviation from standardenglishthis period in scottish history
it s different from standardenglishthis whole standard english scottish
than it is to standardenglishthis would account for what
exactly what happened with standardenglishthough i mean all these
of it reflecting written standardenglishtogether with one of the
1883 and the standard modernenglishtranslation that of g w
schuils texts writtin in standardenglishur mair commonly studit quhile
o reference tae its standardenglishusage o ability tae dae
has gone out of standardenglishusage the hackstock was a
instead of regarding the standardenglishvariety as correct in all
meet occasional difficulty with standardenglishvocabulary or expressions unfamiliar to
three voices a very standardenglishvoice when he s and
and ethnic solidarity whereas standardenglishwas perceived to be overtly
mmhm m762: the standard imperialenglishwe have th- we have
be associated in standard scottishenglishwhereas skweel is an example
of british dialects including standardenglishwhich is a dialectal variety
with a different dialect standardenglishwhich they have not as
and also switch between standardenglishwith a regional accent urban
scots form of that standardenglishwith his or her spouse
types of variety spoken standardenglishwith its various accents indicative
a very standard form ofenglishwithout the inclusion of dialect
this was scottish non standardenglishworking class this definition begs
particular regional accent with standardenglishwould indicate their regional background
close as possible to standardenglishwould only succeed within certain
permission an aw whereas standardenglishyaises may tae express permission
wull kin dae it standardenglishyaises thi modal verb ought
when people speak of standardenglishyou get the impression that
with data from initially scottishenglishand scots speakers later we
and similarities between speakers ofenglishand speakers of the target
that young black speakers ofenglishare inarticulate because of the
speakers o othir varieties oenglishcan unnerstaun it sse help
internet how many speakers ofenglishhave ye got there s
that eh most speakers ofenglishin skye particularly those who
the united kingdom the nonstandardenglishof scottish speakers is distinctive
complex with speakers of scottishenglishscots gaelic and numerous community
scotland there are speakers ofenglishscots gaelic many community languages
caw centre staff ar scottishenglishspeakers but oan answerin public
statistical account not any moreenglishspeakers could probably be blamed
public eddication attraction ar scottishenglishspeakers coverin a wide geographical
think there wad be monyenglishspeakers cuid read chaucer athoot
in the same way thatenglishspeakers do her contention is
of working class children mostenglishspeakers do not now pronounce
other languages but certainly gaelicenglishspeakers do this m1007: but
in the same wey thatenglishspeakers does she hauds that
and not all are fluentenglishspeakers each item could benefit
one we were all erenglishspeakers first and gaelic speakers
totally composed of scots orenglishspeakers from quite an early
the educational problems for nonstandardenglishspeakers in school as arising
that the language of nonstandardenglishspeakers is impoverished lacking in
really we were we wereenglishspeakers m1055: and eh in
into the school who wereenglishspeakers only and of course
writer share we re bothenglishspeakers readers and writers [inhale]
linguistic half brothers sisters whereasenglishspeakers settling in the area
was only because they wereenglishspeakers that he and his
and bad manners to nonenglishspeakers the only way to
probably true for most nonstandardenglishspeakers too it is not
that information since many fluentenglishspeakers use a different language
to was that we asenglishspeakers were given seats meant
speaking children in groups theenglishspeakers will modify and adapt
community and eh the mainenglishspeakers you heard were either
native speakers o a kinnaenglishthat s no heard furth
understood by all speakers ofenglishthroughout britain there is of
as a cti project forenglishand scottish language and literature
english [censored: webaddress] the school ofenglishand scottish language and literature
[censored: emailaddress] stella software for teachingenglishand scottish literature and language
manager [censored: forename] [censored: surname] school ofenglishand scottish literature and language
project stella software for teachingenglishand scottish literature and language
in scottish literature in anenglishdepartment at a north american
literature [inhale] in the southenglishis beginning to reach its
decorous written medium for literatureenglishis reaching its final phase
the snp i remember readingenglishlanguage and literature at the
of the three departments ofenglishlanguage english literature and scottish
literature or had to doenglishlanguage in first year as
and a half years ofenglish[laugh] literature f745: i mean
literature i don t knowenglishlit f1038: yeah f1037: you
i mean i took oneenglishlit paper irish literature which
4 leith davis studies inenglishliterature 1500 1900 38 1998
teaching greek latin hebrew andenglishliterature 7 the relationship between
influenced by the standards ofenglishliterature and a distaste of
original plan was to doenglishliterature and greek [laugh] f746:
being a postgraduate student ofenglishliterature and interested in semiotics
in scottish as well asenglishliterature and scots as well
three departments of english languageenglishliterature and scottish literature came
to the neglected acres ofenglishliterature and the queue for
studies in the department ofenglishliterature at glasgow university maley
return she took classes inenglishliterature at the university of
a contemporaneous scottish invention ofenglishliterature brought a tactical acceptance
scottish literature here instead ofenglishliterature but then they don
still thinking i would doenglishliterature but when i went
poet in the canon ofenglishliterature can appeal from early
critical essay on poetry inenglishliterature certayne notes of instruction
of canonical texts of chieflyenglishliterature combined with model compositions
our erm that s ourenglishliterature essay is due after
like the worst bit ofenglishliterature for me f746: yeah
been erm talks [laugh] forenglishliterature i hated that that
know i quite liked oldenglishliterature i suppose because it
encountered in the study ofenglishliterature it is increasingly likely
that m816: yeah you doinenglishliterature m815: eh no i
glad i m not doingenglishliterature now f745: [laugh] f746:
any work on e- onenglishliterature or had to do
too much study of romanticenglishliterature or whether the weather
of the modern tradition ofenglishliterature samuel johnson s denunciation
and most university courses inenglishliterature teach you nothing about
high points of early modernenglishliterature the age of chaucer
when i did erm oldenglishliterature there was only like
most closely related to itenglishpossession of a literature and
too british literature remained resolutelyenglishsome eminent irish authors excepted
dictionaries and large corpora ofenglishthe stella literature and linguistics
you weren t speaking properenglishat that time i think
academy i ll be speakingenglishbecause all the teachers there
translating their own language intoenglishbefore speaking however i would
speaking scots alright er erenglishbut with a scots accent
is used by colleagues inenglishdepartments the video of speaking
re speaking english than theenglishequivalent m1008: yes well uh
re speaking to me inenglisheven when i ve spoken
was a spanish voice speakingenglishkind concerned breaking through the
when they heard us speakingenglishmade me wonder if the
be readily understandable to anenglishspeaking audience with some previous
given tea by very niceenglishspeaking car attendant and our
in classroom activities with otherenglishspeaking children in groups the
sent far and wide overenglishspeaking countries as an impartial
the united states and allenglishspeaking countries in france germany
united states and all otherenglishspeaking countries in france germany
economic power moving to nonenglishspeaking countries such as china
a passing request to anenglishspeaking customer might lead to
english in deference to theirenglishspeaking friends the small school
mmhm m1007: yeah and inenglishspeaking in english they would
from stornoway she was anenglishspeaking leodhasach with a smattering
are actually from glasgow fromenglishspeaking parents do you find
was a lot of nonenglishspeaking particularly women erm er
of being nearly comprehensible toenglishspeaking people and its use
maybe six it was allenglishspeaking programmes and a lot
end of the of theenglishspeaking programmes there would be
best option certainly many nonstandardenglishspeaking pupils in deprived areas
8 luckily there was anenglishspeaking russian on the bus
speaking norman barons with theirenglishspeaking stewards and bailiffs and
around 12 noon there variousenglishspeaking workers and students directed
attracting increasing attention in theenglishspeaking world also as has
or less easily by theenglishspeaking world in general nevertheless
w- while you re speakingenglishthan the english equivalent m1008:
way of speaking and usingenglishthat is subtly different from
impression she had been speakingenglishthe need to develop scots
and in english speaking inenglishthey would use bramair m1008:
case if a person speakingenglishused the gaelic slainte mhath
regard certain ways of speakingenglishusually their own as not
and the dictionary of americanenglish4 this phrase was used
a dictionary of french andenglishand there were no dictionaries
description of a period ofenglishbut was perhaps the dictionary
of the new shorter oxfordenglishdictionary as consultant the aims
is not yet a greatenglishdictionary authoritatively setting down the
of editing by the oxfordenglishdictionary dependent method 4 abandonment
dr r w burchfield oxfordenglishdictionary dr a fenton national
it out yet the oxfordenglishdictionary full size version did
does appear in the oxfordenglishdictionary given as us slang
then editor of the oxfordenglishdictionary had served on the
to find in the oxfordenglishdictionary however as i believe
laid down in the oxfordenglishdictionary oed during the first
well as electronic dictionaries oxfordenglishdictionary oxford concise dictionary and
dictionary to refer to theenglishdictionary the great johnson s
already recorded in the oxfordenglishdictionary this would therefore be
not yet for urquhart anenglishdictionary to refer to the
dr j l robinson middleenglishdictionary to report on the
to the ann arbor middleenglishdictionary which relies on the
dictionary the great johnson senglishdictionary will not come a-
collection in 1990 the conciseenglishscots dictionary appeared in 1993
of some words the conciseenglishscots dictionary cesd the first
p eds 1993 the conciseenglishscots dictionary edinburgh chambers makkars
2 the historical thesaurus ofenglishthe dictionary i am principally
a dictionary of french andenglishthe first extensive monolingual scots
is probably related to theenglishword muggy dictionary folk are
couldn t possibly be anenglishword the concise oxford dictionary
edinburgh corpus o spoken scottishenglishalso determinit that thare is
various other forms of spokenenglishfrom other regions which they
brown s listening to spokenenglishhardback for 30 kopecks in
occasions when languages other thanenglishhave been spoken by msps
to time in other nonenglishlanguages spoken in scotland section
russian in exchange for someenglishmore english was spoken than
flowing m741: yeah m605: spokenenglishnow m741: yeah m605: ehm
about an examination in spokenenglishshe then collapsed into bed
but i prefer to hearenglishspoken because it s just
do you like to hearenglishspoken i think it s
cried scots as the particularenglishspoken in scotland at the
in this scots the particularenglishspoken in scotland in the
they often use in inenglishspoken in the highlands which
highly distinctive national variety ofenglishthus murison sees spoken scots
s eliot who observed thatenglishwas spoken properly in only
exchange for some english moreenglishwas spoken than russian aliona
as an area where littleenglishwas spoken to maintain peace
language class was taken inenglisha good modern language class
language study module of theenglishadvanced higher notice however that
inferior or corrupt form ofenglishalthough the language survived and
if motions were lodged inenglishand another language john patterson
as an official language alongsideenglishand gaelic would help greatly
above welsh but lower thanenglishand german giles studied language
knowledge of two language systemsenglishand german with which the
scots and the national languageenglishand if you read elsewhere
that has been lodged inenglishand in another language who
between the pupils knowledge ofenglishand of the foreign language
more exotic language compared toenglishand scots m017: well [laugh]
of their address in bothenglishand the alternative language preferably
language any language not justenglishand to exclude the ungrammatical
our normal working language isenglishand we consider legislation in
6 quotations in german andenglishare from the german language
in a language other thanenglishas a debate on gaelic
a degree course in teachingenglishas a foreign language tefl
language eal rather than learningenglishas a second language esl
people who ehm had learntenglishas a second language f746:
reasons of tourism are utilisingenglishas a second language so
speak lowland scots they learnenglishas a secondary language at
the favourable conditions for developingenglishas an additional language according
different contexts they are learningenglishas an additional language eal
english as a mother tongueenglishas an additional language is
of the language known inenglishas dutch german and in
the parliament s adoption ofenglishas its normal working language
from the target language intoenglishat higher and advanced higher
148 craddol d 1998 willenglishbe enough london nuffield language
148 craddol d 1998 willenglishbe enough london nuffield language
impaired during the seventeenth centuryenglishbecame the language of kirk
school his first language wasenglishbecause we had television and
obstacles in the way ofenglishbecoming a truly international language
of course that resulted inenglishbecoming the language of play
knowledge of language into theenglishcurriculum second for those that
that language he talks inenglishdo you like to hear
in a language other thanenglishduring meetings of the parliament
dominant language in the worldenglishenglish is so dominant that
burns in the context ofenglishenglish language courses in school
flattering one their language isenglishexcept in the upper parts
analogy with latin even thoughenglishforms of language patterning are
awareness of how language whetherenglishfrench german spanish or italian
which a language other thanenglishgaelic or scots was used
which a language other thanenglishgaelic or scots was used
at finzean my language isenglishi like it my dad
and british sign language andenglishin scotland both now and
definition applied to welsh andenglishin the welsh language act
the language of x orenglishin x there are of
in a language other thanenglishincluding british sign language again
one total language an thenenglishis another language altogether an
little for as she saysenglishis becoming the language of
language and of effective communicationenglishis best learned through meaningful
and a lack of subtletyenglishis continually changing the language
language outcomes in level aenglishis introduced but what we
language or a dialect ofenglishis it bad english is
some artists that of courseenglishis no longer a language
which look and sound alikeenglishis one such language take
language in the world englishenglishis so dominant that almost
not just a continuum ofenglishit is a language not
and status in law asenglishit is an official language
a french language coursebook intoenglishit turns out to be
a language which was syntacticallyenglishlaced with archaic scots words
bulletin on the teaching ofenglishlanguage 1971 claimed that grammatical
assessment in scotland national guidelinesenglishlanguage 5 14 12 scots
assessment in scotland national guidelinesenglishlanguage 5 14 13 ibid
assessment in scotland national guidelinesenglishlanguage 5 14 21 scottish
assessment in scotland national guidelinesenglishlanguage 5 14 22 ibid
including the approach of theenglishlanguage 5 14 guidelines and
is clearly established in theenglishlanguage 5 14 guidelines there
guidelines 27 in 1991 theenglishlanguage 5 14 national guidelines
emphasis added 31 if theenglishlanguage 5 14 national guidelines
assessment in scotland national guidelinesenglishlanguage 5 14 the scots
education department national guidelines inenglishlanguage 5 14 the scottish
assessment in scotland national guidelinesenglishlanguage 5 14 the scottish
level 5 source a levelenglishlanguage a collection of facts
look at projects where [cough]englishlanguage a modern language [cough]
links to ehm gaelic intoenglishlanguage and also hopefully gives
yeah f1151: things like ermenglishlanguage and and that in
angus mcintosh forbes professor ofenglishlanguage and general linguistics in
me i will do honoursenglishlanguage and german and even
is able to use augustanenglishlanguage and idiom as well
who have taken courses inenglishlanguage and or linguistics already
it s the same regardingenglishlanguage and the position of
do one for onomastics forenglishlanguage anyway so [laugh] i
should be so for theenglishlanguage as a whole sometimes
accurately the complexity of theenglishlanguage as it changes over
m really glad i didenglishlanguage as well f745: yeah
the case that courses inenglishlanguage at as and a2
provided by the departments ofenglishlanguage at edinburgh and glasgow
discussing abstract ideas using theenglishlanguage basically lakoff and johnson
language sorry english lit didenglishlanguage because of the whole
was so much stuff inenglishlanguage but like phonetics m605:
material for as and a2englishlanguage but the scottish qualifications
that in national assessments forenglishlanguage carried out in primary
language and culture in theenglishlanguage classroom 20 28 in
have done any linguistics orenglishlanguage courses in order to
in the context of englishenglishlanguage courses in school it
teaching of scots within theenglishlanguage department and will be
higher arrangements and 5 14englishlanguage developments attempts at founding
the la- in in theenglishlanguage document m865: mmhm f951:
life which remains an overwhelminglyenglishlanguage domain even in the
a kiosk [censored: forename] bought anenglishlanguage edition of a magazine
ve done level one inenglishlanguage eh you ll have
don t do enough withenglishlanguage either like i never
and if you re doingenglishlanguage er did you have
040 candidates for its asenglishlanguage exam and 9 130
double t oh well teachesenglishlanguage f951: no oh right
as the way ahead forenglishlanguage for scots language for
structure because obviously it senglishlanguage for teaching so i
to the study of theenglishlanguage for the first time
skills that are common toenglishlanguage gaelic and modern european
c n valls bonanza 77englishlanguage games for young learners
series purkis c b guerinenglishlanguage games london macmillan educational
her critic on his ownenglishlanguage ground with her statement
knowledge about language strands ofenglishlanguage guidelines 5 14 and
terms of the 5 14englishlanguage guidelines and those associated
extension of the 5 14englishlanguage guidelines approach to developing
according to the 5 14englishlanguage guidelines are officially introduced
the curriculum the 5 14englishlanguage guidelines take a much
ay in mony weys theenglishlanguage haes chynged a lot
about why doesn t theenglishlanguage have a nice warm
mm f948: in in theenglishlanguage i can t think
high art and scots andenglishlanguage in burns s poetry
the learning and teaching ofenglishlanguage in scottish schools the
a general book on theenglishlanguage in the middle ages
part time senior lecturer inenglishlanguage in the university of
sure you wanted to doenglishlanguage [inaudible] f745: no i
decide my understanding of theenglishlanguage indicates to me that
[inaudible] f745: let s doenglishlanguage instead and i m
this time direct from theenglishlanguage institute in cairo not
differences however the very termenglishlanguage is problematic where scottish
discussion as to how theenglishlanguage is structured drawing upon
grumble about change in theenglishlanguage language is not decaying
school has over 1500 studentsenglishlanguage level one now has
you ve got to doenglishlanguage m605: yeah m741: and
see how they compare toenglishlanguage m815: a friend of
take a questionaire from angliaenglishlanguage magazine into the british
satellite brings direct access toenglishlanguage material i asked the
at the link between theirenglishlanguage or their main first
chynges taen place in theenglishlanguage ower thae fower hunder
the same difference in theenglishlanguage perhaps he should go
a strong new voice toenglishlanguage poetry in the nineties
channel by comedy time anenglishlanguage programme in which two
scotsman who wrote the firstenglishlanguage prose essay on the
scotsman who wrote the firstenglishlanguage prose essay on the
poetic forms control of scotsenglishlanguage resources sensitivity to literary
and scots as well asenglishlanguage set texts have been
the langest word in theenglishlanguage so i felt that
m741: and it was onlyenglishlanguage sorry english lit did
most useful addition to existingenglishlanguage studies the prerface of
the specifications for as a2englishlanguage suggest that courses should
is a professor of theenglishlanguage takes a low class
being lost from the scotsenglishlanguage that most of us
it is not in theenglishlanguage the convener you are
their bulletin the teaching ofenglishlanguage this put forward a
english lit i m doingenglishlanguage this time i m
they ve done in eng-englishlanguage to see where what
encountered through their study ofenglishlanguage to the new study
00 [censored: forename] [censored: surname] department ofenglishlanguage university of [censored: placename] i
work 11 leisure department ofenglishlanguage university of [censored: placename] revised
consent the finest of allenglishlanguage versions and remains in
consent the finest of allenglishlanguage versions and remains in
be an advantage certainly forenglishlanguage where all areas have
sickening ever written in theenglishlanguage whereas in earl lavender
as and a2 qualification inenglishlanguage which is available in
motions motions in any nonenglishlanguage would have to be
yeah they do a levelenglishlanguage yeah m605: they don
separate a level in inenglishlanguage yeah m741: yeah they
i think most papers inenglishlanguage you don t do
you ve done level oneenglishlanguage you ll remember there
language an culture in theenglishleid clessroom 11 28 in
scottish language as opposed taeenglishlike oh [tut] oh like
was only english language sorryenglishlit did english language because
that scots is simply badenglishor a comic language appropriate
the 18th century although theenglishor scotch language is generally
use a language other thanenglishor scots means that appropriate
gaelic language or translated fromenglishoriginals translation 3 details of
language is problematic where scottishenglishscots language and in some
choice of language itself scottishenglishscots or gaelic for the
in a language other thanenglishscots or gaelic we are
the language instead he usedenglishseveral points were raised tomorrow
about language so not everyenglishteacher would be willing to
community language is inferior toenglishthe argument is then put
catalan spanish german french andenglishthe complete language kit for
look at a few examplesenglishthe language is often blamed
of english beginning with oldenglishthe language of the anglo
registered its distinctiveness from southernenglishthe language was known for
from the target language intoenglishthe passage for translation is
in a language other thanenglishthe public petitions committee shall
of spelling forms adopted fromenglishthe scots language had come
language is not derived fromenglishthe vast majority of information
be their first language withenglishtheir second sign language was
in a language other thanenglishthey should notify the business
language of the parliament isenglishthis was recommended by the
change in language register fromenglishto scots and through references
another alternative language only theenglishversion will appear in the
into a language distinct fromenglishwas arrested in the middle
more formal than scots andenglishwas recognised as a language
almost any european language butenglishwhich somehow she ever managed
that language wis tae beenglishwi thaim lairnin tae speak
whose first language is notenglishwill try to suppress their
in their home language andenglishyet in terms of how
effective learning and teaching inenglish1992 and their standards and
as in the teaching ofenglishan increasing focus on the
direct teaching traditionally in bothenglishand modern languages grammatical features
control group they showed thatenglishgrammar teaching whether traditional or
grammar as the teaching ofenglishgrammar waned and the terminology
information on the teaching ofenglishhad begun to disseminate good
association for the teaching ofenglishhave struggled to make widespread
david jane medwell 1998 teachingenglishin primary school a handbook
of the teaching of secondaryenglishin scotland as with position
position paper on teaching secondaryenglishin scotland outlines a typical
issues the termly journal teachingenglishpublished by the scottish curriculum
the scottish central committee onenglishpublished their bulletin the teaching
highlighted in the teaching ofenglishsimilar strategies can be used
exploring how texts work primaryenglishteaching association 1990 what are
the programme in linguistics andenglishteaching directed by m a
grammar never appeared to overwhelmenglishteaching here which has always
a russian textbook methods ofenglishteaching the latter text published
as in the teaching ofenglishthe teacher of a modern
teaching extends beyond students ofenglishthis year in addition to
teaching of languages other thanenglishwould interfere with learning english
parliament of languages other thanenglish32 following work done by
who use languages other thanenglishand approach the committee should
in the full sense thatenglishand french are languages mcclure
[inhale] the languages the theenglishand ga- so we ve
basis of equality of theenglishand gaelic languages will be
languages in scotland other thanenglishand gaelic the data collected
in three languages ie spanishenglishand his own words [?]win[/?]
starting point for discussion betweenenglishand modern languages staff comparing
to teacher s specifications bothenglishand modern languages teachers employ
the next lesson is buildingenglishand modern languages teachers might
even bilingual word books inenglishand other languages urquhart demonstrably
provided when languages other thanenglishand scots are used in
gaelic and the germanic languagesenglishand scots remain preeminent of
were the languages of mostenglishand scottish written texts [click]
scots in varying forms gaelicenglishand the languages that have
widely known languages such asenglishare equally deserving the european
petitions in languages other thanenglishare kept informed about the
languages they re actually inenglishas well ehm f606: yeah
correspondence in languages other thanenglishbackground note languages used in
2 graddol d 1998 willenglishbe enough london nuffield languages
11 graddol d 1998 willenglishbe enough london nuffield languages
languages like german french andenglishbut this year she actually
in the languages other thanenglishframework is a notional start
in the three languages ofenglishgaelic and scots which are
therefore have some fondness forenglishhowever we have two languages
or or languages other thanenglishi ve been sa- i
use of languages other thanenglishin the petitions process we
before the report of theenglishinterpretation 6 when other languages
in what languages other thanenglishis information about individual learning
use of languages other thanenglishis recorded within the official
you lote languages other thanenglishis what we are calling
out in languages other thanenglishit details the practical measures
provision for languages other thanenglishit is worth bearing in
of all languages other thanenglishit should not be restricted
equality between the gaelic andenglishlanguages in scotland and to
equality between the gaelic andenglishlanguages in scotland and to
validity for the gaelic andenglishlanguages in scotland similar to
should treat the gaelic andenglishlanguages on a basis of
those bodies the gaelic andenglishlanguages should be treated on
those bodies the gaelic andenglishlanguages should be treated on
public bodies the gaelic andenglishlanguages should be treated on
equality between the gaelic andenglishlanguages this paper provides background
equality between the gaelic andenglishlanguages this section states that
know in in the worldenglishmarket because the languages are
help from other languages notablyenglishof course and so on
it cannae be cried pureenglishony mair aw languages haes
languages in scotland other thanenglishor gaelic are likely to
leaflet in languages other thanenglishor in braille large print
this leaflet in languages forbyenglishor in braille muckle prent
range of languages other thanenglishrule 15 6 1a of
accounts in languages other thanenglishs1w 17609 margaret jamieson to
age fifteen languages other thanenglishso here s another acronym
strategies that modern languages andenglishteachers often use of course
to enable modern languages andenglishteachers to discuss the strategies
correspondence in languages other thanenglishthat is received and translated
languages is as important asenglishthe convener i am not
collaboration with colleagues who teachenglishthe teacher of modern languages
with their colleagues who teachenglishthe teacher of modern languages
inquiry in languages other thanenglishthe volume of correspondence in
languages will interfere with learningenglishthis again relates to the
rationale for languages other thanenglishto give you a flavour
did you deliberately mix languagesenglishurdu m1174: yeah we we
languages are used is itenglishurdu or a mixture m1174:
where two languages scots andenglishwere in some kind of
prefer tae hear scots orenglishaabody in my faimly spikks
didna involve ony bletherin inenglishaboot whit scots is or
did not involve discussing inenglishabout what scots is or
to switch from scots toenglishaccording to situational context but
anglicisation model right scots anenglishall one as anglo saxon
gaelic an the germanic leidsenglishan scots yet tae the
gaelic an the germanic leidsenglishan scots yet tae the
system quhilk separates scots anenglishan that this variation is
of of of acrolect forenglishand basilect fo- for scots
tri lingual signs in scotsenglishand gaelic for the school
say one to ten inenglishand in scots it s
scots is not derived fromenglishand it is not just
scots is closely related toenglishand it is now often
of other nations culture intoenglishand scots but to the
the common property of bothenglishand scots decorum the third
very close the relationship betweenenglishand scots has always been
they switch a lot betweenenglishand scots i understand it
it s a blend ofenglishand scots [inhale] you can
amend a motion lodged inenglishand scots it would be
lodging of a motion inenglishand scots john patterson clerk
and lexis the history ofenglishand scots metrics and stylistics
related words words that erenglishand scots share and you
translations from french introduced intoenglishand then into scots grammatical
similarities atween modren scots anenglishane o thi main systemic
ever heard used in normalenglishanyway [inhale] there are scots
f833: cause like scots andenglishare con- completely two different
for example the scots inventedenglishas a subject of study
the diffusion and adoption ofenglishas opposed to scots as
in some form of scottishenglishas opposed to scots or
is found in dialects onlyenglishas well as scots it
scots ultimately without looking atenglishas well so in the
generations of scots to speakenglishat one pole and what
think in aither scots orenglishat will lairnin tae think
the aeneid of scots andenglishbeing two distinct if related
you like english i likeenglishbest scots is like a
convergent paths o scots anenglishbut further research intae modal
involves interference between scots andenglishbut it is not a
urquhart s writing is inenglishbut occasionally glimpses of scots
everything in gaelic scots andenglishbut then i am no
he was enjoying doing hisenglishbut this scots gave him
attitudes to scots and scottishenglishcheyne found that scottish english
such distinctions between for exampleenglishchurch and scots kirk latin
of interpretation between scots andenglishcould easily be addressed by
this scots which intersects withenglishcould not readily be translated
flodden in 1513 when theenglishdefeated the scots and the
scots depute insteid o theenglishdeputy tho the ll aye
only in scots and northernenglishdialects compare modern dutch haver
is well served with scotsenglishdictionaries however since it is
scottish but they re usuallyenglishdo you like scots if
the hills have scots orenglishelements see the piechart on
would naturally expect scots orenglishelements the pentlands are normal
envisaged that scots could displaceenglishentirely from a position of
of the scots poem itsenglishequivalent and the adjective questionnaire
into scots words with similarenglishequivalents thereby giving the impression
the eyes of foreigners theenglishespecially how would scots react
written in scots an noenglishfor this reason an aw
crossing over between scots andenglishforms i remember many years
english dictionars is written inenglishfrae batter tae batter scots
not use their scots beforeenglishfriends le page and tabouret
produced in arabic bengali chineseenglishgaelic punjabi scots and urdu
scots to the standards ofenglishgrammar and orthography is not
to write in scots becauseenglishhad become a global technological
the relationship between scots andenglishhas many parallels in a
the relationship atween scots anenglishhes monie parallels in a
the relationship atween scots anenglishhes monie parallels in a
in scots latin and evenenglishhowever the very notion of
tae hear best scots orenglishi d rather spikk scots
scots you ve answered inenglishi just speak scots to
normally does do you likeenglishi like english best scots
like scots next and thenenglishi like scots songs what
s aberdonian but only speaksenglishi pick up some scots
both scots vernacular and augustanenglishidiom and forms as her
my cat in scots andenglishif i was being silly
generation scots who cannot readenglishif they wished to access
did not speak scots butenglishin 1972 the population of
us will write an speakenglishin a scots fashion wi
no been writin an speakinenglishin a scots kinna wey
parents and grandparents frequently spokeenglishin preference to scots during
possible appropriateness of scots vsenglishin the contemporary worlds of
prestige of gaelic scots andenglishin the north east millar
of scots as well asenglishin the playgroup and in
a dialect o scots forbyenglishin the pleygroup an the
o its texts writtin inenglishin this waiy scots kin
owerset aw the time fraeenglishintae scots the wey o
losses in translating shakespeare senglishinto scots but since performances
which all europeans including scotsenglishirish and welsh europeans paid
tae dee an scots likeenglishis nae different in a
scots under the impact ofenglishis now so great that
motion in both scots andenglishit was rejected on the
recognised as bein different fraeenglishit wid seem that scots
changed into lowland scots orenglishmany lowland scots names have
and using scots words inenglishmany members of the scottish
the switch from scots toenglishmay become permanent on deeside
recently been incorporated into formalenglishmetrology however a subsidiary scots
explicitly scots alexander uses theenglishmodal auxiliary must rather than
an uisin scots words inenglishmony memmers o the scots
notion that scots is corruptenglishmuch contemporary writing contains few
to switch from scots toenglishnot really i get muddled
to have appeared are scotsenglishnot scots french or scots
in scots from versions inenglishof ancient chinese poems recorded
between renderings in scots andenglishof haiku by japanese masters
scots but most would speakenglisholder people in the village
scots under the impact ofenglishon the media actors may
motion should be lodged inenglishonly allowing motions in scots
a uk court whether scotsenglishor northern irish that person
collections eh whether it senglishor scots corpus linguists want
and there isn t anenglishor scots word at all
ulster scots insider and anenglishoutsider will be different children
only when talking to foreignersenglishpeople and scots who do
the preponderance of scots andenglishplace names in the hill
cow of thebes scots andenglishpoems by sheena blackhall contents
attitude to scots as incorrectenglishquhilk need tae be address
as a deviation from goodenglishrather than from good scots
an excuse for his preferringenglishrather than scots as a
scots for such a specificenglishreading audience moreover urquhart is
and kay manipulate scots andenglishregisters successfully despite liz niven
the various kinds of scotsenglishrepresenting varying degrees of anglicisation
added fascination of scots andenglishrhymes which pronunciation to choose
phonemes under study score oenglishscore 1 scots other than
irish m608: mmhm m078: orenglishscots and and and and
was writing he used scotsenglishscots and ayrshire dialect to
linguistic registers for dramatic productionsenglishscots and gaelic two of
just m608: mm m078: ofenglishscots and irish m608: mmhm
national interests of the welshenglishscots and northern irish under
tae cry thair ain kinnaenglishscots efter the country it
its kinship and similarity toenglishscots is becoming more and
thi dichotaemy between scots anenglishscots is studit as a
you like best scots orenglishscots it s ma ain
be a need for anenglishscots vairsion nae scots dictionar
despite the close relationship withenglishsentences written in scots sometimes
scots tae that uised inenglishsic as the scots depute
of scots who cannot readenglishsimilarly i have yet to
adoption of scots recommend thatenglishstill be taught in our
twa read ane efter titherenglishsyne braid scots ye should
scots dictionars is written inenglishtae english dictionars is comprehensive
tae accept for scots whitenglishtaks for granted an that
scots no they all speakenglishtarland i just use scots
scots or simply as badenglishthe acceptance of such a
and syntactical standards of literaryenglishthe current state of scots
on the scots leid inenglishthe group ll be kent
was replaced by scots andenglishthe population increased considerably when
subtle style blending scots andenglishthe riveting storyline vibrant characterisation
sing in scots gaelic andenglishthere is a body of
scots toronto corpus of oldenglishthese resources are used in
turning away from scots towardsenglishthey sacrifice scottish cultural autonomy
all our teachers weren tenglishthey were scots and they
s shared atween scots anenglishthis mistaen fecht tae fund
habit o owersettin aw thaeenglishthochts intae scots anes the
claim and considering scots andenglishto be fully fledged and
scots or gaelic with anenglishtranslation would be acceptable that
cohen can be considered anenglishtranslator using a generalised scots
that pushed him further towardsenglishusage and away from scots
spoke scots within the homeenglishwas seen as being the
replaced by lowland scots andenglishwatson clement 1983 only a
whether it s scots orenglishwhatever his grammar he has
speak scots no they speakenglishwhen visitors come sometimes what
a linguistic continuum with scotsenglishwhich is the cumulative result
good scots in an immaculateenglishwhich shows no signs of
scots the follaein owerset intilenglishwis gr eed bi the
get muddled up and sayenglishwords instead of scots mum
pure scots idiom in theenglishwords pure dead brilliant there
by substituting scots words forenglishwords without reference to structure
tullich and glengairn scots orenglishwould have been the main
here is bound up withinenglishyou can t analyse scots
in scots as opposed toenglishyou can think of it
hou weel they cuid speakenglisha wis nae diffrent till
my kids speak with anenglishaccent f1038: uh huh it
my continuing to speak inenglishalthough i welcome the opportunity
cuidna speak ocht else norenglishan e en tho it
was told tae speak properenglishan i was furious i
if he genuinely cannot speakenglishand is an eskimo asylum
scotland who do not speakenglishare able to access the
scotland who do not speakenglishare clearly unlikely to contact
would argue that i speakenglishas well as i speak
they stertit tryin tae speakenglishat a time in thair
t v but we speakenglishat home finzean the school
playground i try to speakenglishat school my friends don
f947: in when i speakenglishbut i wouldn t want
would rage their pets inenglishbut speak kindly to them
s a joke you speakenglishbut you are not english
scottish but i probably speakenglishcan you describe english yes
or their employers villagers speakenglishdouglas cowie found that when
yeah yeah sh- well wienglisheh she can speak welsh
a presenter who could speakenglisher obviously and a presenter
and who only ever speakenglishexclusively f1151: mmhm f1150: then
m1010: ye had tae speakenglishf1011: oh you had tae
me how to speak goodenglishf1054: mm m1021: when i
sometimes speak jeddart rather thanenglishi have just returned from
and he did not speakenglishi spoke to him in
d speak to it inenglishi use it if i
in tarland they all speakenglishi ve got five friends
that we can respond inenglishif he genuinely cannot speak
course of interviews to speakenglishin deference to their english
school we had tae speakenglishin school but then m1013:
oh you had tae speakenglishin school we had tae
upper deeside claimed to speakenglishin the context of the
a pupil tae speak properenglishis not on f1041: but
no dad she s justenglishit s how they speak
major that could speak soenglishlike and was so favoured
or ye try tae speakenglishlike but it s no
t able to speak properenglishm1022: and the other point
she couldnae speak any e-englishm608: uh huh m1163: so
tarland no they all speakenglishmy other granda spoke a
would speak to them inenglishmy wife m608: mmhm m1174:
oot the toon ye speakenglishor ye try tae speak
m scottish if you speakenglishpeople think you re from
still speak to her inenglishprobably because there s other
otherwise speak a word ofenglishpushed away the interpreter he
his mother speak in properenglishso he jumped in surprise
was like that sorry speakenglishspeak properly m939: [laugh] f940:
course they have tae speakenglishtae make themselves understood but
we speak a lot moreenglishthan scottish f833: my dad
didna speak real doric moreenglishthan that more proper ye
were going to speak inenglishthe class switched for the
were gaun tae speak inenglishthe cless chynged ower for
[inaudible] they can all speakenglishthey seem to be far
this odd since i speakenglishthey think it s a
f1145: didn t really speakenglishtill she grew up f1054:
i will speak solely inenglishtoday there are a variety
forced you to to speakenglishuh huh oh right okay
he doesn t speak muchenglishwe use french which puts
the teachers there will speakenglishwhen i used to go
had to learn to speakenglishwhen i went to school
war first lairnin tae speakenglishwhit wis it that gart
most folk in aboyne speakenglishyeh in the playground too
speak english can you describeenglishyes i think i can
i switch between gaelic andenglisha lot m741: right cause
corporate body that decidit thatenglishan gaelic will continue tae
tiree he lost all hisenglishand became a naturalised gaelic
and on audiotape currently inenglishand gaelic and can be
leaflet will be published inenglishand gaelic and in the
convener i can live withenglishand gaelic if we were
different starting and end pointsenglishand gaelic medium obviously tracks
parliament we have signage inenglishand gaelic only and there
all the signage is inenglishand gaelic the convener i
parliament which are available inenglishand gaelic the csg report
current parliamentary complex is inenglishand gaelic the signage in
which is currently available inenglishand gaelic will be made
which are currently available inenglishand gaelic will be reviewed
corporate body who decided thatenglishand gaelic will continue to
spanish that gaelic is notenglishand that gallego is also
the status of the theenglishand the gaelic er versions
proceedings will contain both theenglishand the gaelic versions of
was a very gaelic basedenglishanoth- another favourite eh that
thinking in gaelic and theenglishexpression would sound odd to
it s usually forty percentenglishforty percent gaelic and twenty
in to highland english islandenglishfrom gaelic f1009: i i
at holyrood will be inenglishgaelic and braille and will
the sentence are written inenglishgaelic and phonetically so they
visitors to the parliament inenglishgaelic german french spanish and
published in arabic bengali chineseenglishgaelic punjabi and urdu 18
in gaelic who cannot readenglishi am especially concerned about
fifty percent for gaelic andenglishin primary five but then
equal validity for gaelic andenglishin scotland and to require
equal validity for gaelic andenglishin scotland to create certain
have been from gaelic toenglishin the course of an
was transliterating the gaelic intoenglish[inhale] you know one very
the original gaelic and theenglishinterpretation of it appears in
in come in to highlandenglishisland english from gaelic f1009:
but a gaelic rather thanenglishone possibly it rather suited
can be submitted only inenglishor gaelic the proposal takes
gaelic reading writing twenty percentenglishreading writing skills ehm and
exercising their functions gaelic andenglishshould be treated on a
use m1008: yes m1007: gaelicenglishspanish italian m1008: absolutely and
knowledge of gaelic on theenglishspeaker [inhale] is that you
gaelic as well as inenglishthe convener could stephen hutchinson
in addition to gaelic andenglishthe parliament produces a variety
ehm they have it inenglishthey have it in gaelic
its place alongside gaelic andenglishto borrow a story from
it s very effective inenglishtoo and in gaelic m1055:
case gin a body speakinenglishuised the gaelic slainte mhath
film as well as theenglishversion bulletins in gaelic are
in the uk along withenglishwelsh and gaelic also notes
confident in gaelic than inenglishwhere perhaps they were thinking
what we re talking aboutenglishwords being used in gaelic
ehm what do they sayenglishwords used in gaelic which
in english yes m1008: inenglishyes it is the gaelic
pat robson principal teacher ofenglishand myself representing modern european
game for p6 7 inenglishand older pupils in modern
still exists in some modernenglishdialects too there are some
produced include materials for modernenglishgrammar and lexis the history
words it entered early modernenglishin a variety of closely
to comparing old and modernenglishin fact collecting metaphors while
is still strong in modernenglishin items such as grasp
later translations of rabelais intoenglishincluding jm cohen s modern
laif appears in its modernenglishmeaning throughout the dost record
dissociation of sensibility in modernenglishpoetry while david craig in
and the modern word inenglishpost dates the reulis and
in the 1690s the modernenglishspelling meal the commonest in
through comet corpus of modernenglishtexts a text collection project
at the erm the modernenglishtranslation by a guy called
pathways between old and modernenglishuniversity of [censored: placename] postgraduate seminar
it contains not only modernenglishwords but words from the
english would interfere with learningenglish41 of the submissions received
the english and murdered theenglishactually i know what i
and did a degree inenglishan ye taught english for
use the essentials of oldenglishand english grammar an introduction
teach yourself english grammar theenglishand media magazine no 36
the soldiers who battled theenglishand murdered the english actually
call a national variety ofenglishany kind of english at
meaningful activities as with learningenglishas a mother tongue english
to english or instead ofenglishas it once was but
of english any kind ofenglishat all certainly nobody would
had been taught english inenglishat school and where the
the entire recorded history ofenglishbeginning with old english the
ship s mast scottish englishenglishbounds like a puppy wearing
english corpus of london teenageenglishbrown corpus of american english
speaks mostly english p senglishbut he was brought up
[censored: webaddress] the historical thesaurus ofenglish[censored: webaddress] the school of english
sampler icame australian corpus ofenglishcorpus of london teenage english
use an urdu word inenglishcricket reporting m1174: an english
line of succession to theenglishcrown which the english parliament
one up near english theenglishdepartment now m816: mmhm m815:
the english i mean theenglishdepartment s fantastic at durham
found as malm mellow inenglishdialects originally from old english
wi english juist like theenglishdictionar includes aw the words
is written in english taeenglishdictionars is comprehensive an includes
ithers for a stert awenglishdictionars is written in english
m1055: in in in inenglisheh erm m1007: in english
on ship s mast scottishenglishenglish bounds like a puppy
able tae be yaised alongsideenglishenglish isnae thi only subject
that s been commissioned inenglishenglish originally er it s
english was it a totallyenglishenvironment at the time m1007:
in english an ye taughtenglishfor many years many [laugh]
okay f950: in english thanenglishform m865,: right ehm f950:
indian english international corpus ofenglishgb helsinki corpus and corpus
essentials of old english andenglishgrammar an introduction both of
keith george 1997 teach yourselfenglishgrammar the english and media
english it s like oldenglishhasn t changed has anyone
english but you are notenglishi avoid going into detail
sent me to university isenglishi mean english through and
then i went to theenglishi mean the english department
come and do like studyenglishi never actually had english
which they had been taughtenglishin english at school and
english i never actually hadenglishin school before i liked
be bad english or lazyenglishin speech thi division atween
english kohlkapur corpus of indianenglishinternational corpus of english gb
of english is it badenglishis it swearing certainly in
tae be yaised alongside englishenglishisnae thi only subject tae
it s very like oldenglishit s like old english
words the leid shares wienglishjuist like the english dictionar
english brown corpus of americanenglishkohlkapur corpus of indian english
typical scottish scenery of lochsenglishlake and bens english mountain
john an english student studyingenglishlast year actually did i
for example and urquhart senglishlike the english of many
the scuil tae scrieve inenglishlinkin written english wi the
exception of instead of doingenglishlit i m doing english
english dialects originally from oldenglishmealm meaning soft stone or
lochs english lake and bensenglishmountain only much better the
urquhart s english like theenglishof many scottish and irish
to lodge the amendment inenglishonly michael russell the english
be championed in addition toenglishor instead of english as
is seen tae be badenglishor lazy english in speech
s been commissioned in englishenglishoriginally er it s been
ch words k speaks mostlyenglishp s english but he
the english crown which theenglishparliament had determined through the
do and what john anenglishstudent studying english last year
mmhm okay okay f950: inenglishthan english form m865,: right
to the one up nearenglishthe english department now m816:
hard to play hard inenglishthese were the only english
university is english i meanenglishthrough and through married to
english only michael russell theenglishversion would be formally moved
english cheyne found that scottishenglishvoices were rated higher for
were you immediately immersed inenglishwas it a totally english
scrieve in english linkin writtenenglishwi the wey a glasgow
english cricket reporting m1174: anenglishword in urdu m608: an
english these were the onlyenglishwords i ever saw displayed
hear that in eh inenglishyes m1008: in english yes
english eh erm m1007: inenglishyes m1008: [inaudible] m1055: the
s aways written in properenglishan i think that s
gentleman are both written inenglishand in the heroic couplet
i had written it inenglishand it was a working
f807: [laugh] f806: not writtenenglishanyway but ehm i just
the historical span of writtenenglishas an offshoot of this
authorities and schools and henceenglishdepartments of written policies and
of pupils abilities in writtenenglishdepends upon their being taught
really odd it s notenglishf807: [laugh] f806: not written
m605: see i think myenglishflows better having written in
of blank verse written inenglishhe betrays this dualism undo
main genres found in writtenenglishin practice however genres are
of performance descriptors written inenglishonce the category has been
in schools as correct writtenenglishone can also perhaps recognise
was a book written inenglishother anglicising influences are linked
of the petition or inenglishproviding written evidence to a
hes written of it inenglishquhilk is lykest to our
a traditional stress on theenglishskills needed for written academic
they ll be written inenglishso m608: yeah okay yeah
accessible and written in plainenglishthat will benefit all involved
very earliest accounts are bothenglishthe first a newsletter written
the earwig written entirely inenglishthe individual subjects with the
in the rapidly evolving middleenglishwere written based on this
of 15 sentences written inenglishwith one word underlined in
are accompanied by comments inenglishwritten by the principal assessor
it s written in properenglishye ye just o- ye
like the manuscripts for oldenglishand all that you d
that you get in oldenglishare still there in icelandic
form is shared with middleenglishderiving from old french mesteillon
in the principles of oldenglishgrammar digital resources on cd
boundary between old and middleenglish[inhale] at the end of
i mean the the oldenglishis probably ma weakest part
handbooks the essentials of oldenglishlevel 1 contains short exercises
as the essentials of oldenglishlevel two containing five sets
composite based primarily on oldenglishor anglo saxon but with
going back to the oldenglishperiod very much er grammatically
similar study of other oldenglishpoems where oral composition is
be the hallmark of oldenglishpoetry before the norman conquest
period derives ultimately from oldenglishprose writing [click] [inhale] before
a separate thesaurus of oldenglishscreen 7 a thesaurus of
tradition of loosely connected oldenglishsentences in a kind of
coconut cashew cumin typically oldenglishteatime with a charmingly tropical
foul what the other oldenglishthat s a foul thing
have to know much oldenglishto recognise that grammatically this
oral formulaic theory to oldenglishverse 4 while there is
because the vocabulary of oldenglishverse is more noted for
a separate thesaurus of oldenglishwhich some of you may
see from the various oldenglishwritings that have been preserved

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