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been an incredible experience tremendouslyenjoyablehumorous and at times heartbreakingly
been an incredible experience tremendouslyenjoyablehumorous and at times heartbreakingly
makes her essay readable andenjoyablebut in no way takes
maaks her essay readable andenjoyablebut in no wy taaks
create more time for meaningfulenjoyableexperiences with less emphasis on
most useful meaningful coherent andenjoyablelearning experience for our pupils
first century which would beenjoyablemeaningful which would involve new
much more meaningful relevant andenjoyableprogramme that the pupils enjoy
30am it was a thoroughlyenjoyableread the result was however
all it was a thoroughlyenjoyabletalk and despite the fact
or getting it wrong oneenjoyableway of focusing older pupils
useful way of creating anenjoyablecontext for groups or the
been written both to provideenjoyablethoughtful scots prose for knowledgeable
night s dream which wasenjoyableso scotland s out of
lived and obviously not tooenjoyableeither because the former king
and it was a mostenjoyableevening the smfpc held in
which made for a mostenjoyableevening the society s appreciation
budget itself although it wasenjoyablenone the less we also
of her continuing hectic butenjoyablelife in london and [censored: forename]
carol singing and an extremelyenjoyablereading of a dylan thomas
guy the maggie is anenjoyableplace to live i ve
life is an important andenjoyablepart of people s lives
and word searches remains anenjoyablepart of social life through
be looked at as anenjoyableaddition rather than the sole
make the nights bearable evenenjoyablesometimes jimmy sits on a
16 sunday a hard butenjoyableday mass at fordell into
for the road that wasenjoyabletoo i met [censored: forename] in
we ve had a veryenjoyablenew year we went over
we had a relaxed andenjoyabletime after eating we went
carradine smirk it was anenjoyablemovie even if it was
us the discussion was veryenjoyable15 11 meeting continued in
this week it was veryenjoyablewith an awful m c
righteous and more and moreenjoyableby now i am circling
do- i think just hugelyenjoyableer i think er the
to make participation fun andenjoyablein our planned snakes and
first sip was bitter butenjoyablethe next customer at the
a strange job but quiteenjoyableand it was nice to
those debates have been robustenjoyableand thorough but they have
a conversation maybe but anenjoyableone mrs l had surprised
it a lot better f965: enjoyablethings well i don t
all glad you had anenjoyablechristmas that mum s feeling
o e boat wis richtenjoyablehere we wis amon e
it is progressive it isenjoyableand it builds not just
concerts many folk remember spendingenjoyableevenings in the hall attending

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