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imagination does not only meanenjoyinganticipation it also means an
play a part in scotlandenjoyingprofile and influence in europe
play a part in scotlandenjoyingprofile and influence in europe
or miserable here i menjoyingit more as time passes
education also i m stillenjoyingbeing abroad and experiencing different
i m still very muchenjoyingbeing abroad and if i
however many youngsters who areenjoyingthe freedom of their bikes
re enjoyin yersel i menjoyingbeating you that s sexy
attack she cackles wickedly georgieenjoyinglizzie s story behave yersel
didn t i georgie nowenjoyingthe joke ye coorse wee
amongst wine bottles shadows winosenjoyingthe sun jazz session sparks
history here and is notenjoyingthe courses and feels he
getting on fine now andenjoyingthe courses which seem to
of freedom when you reenjoyingit er and if you
a pensioner bopping away andenjoyinghimself instead of scowling and
een the first time jimenjoyinghimself never seen onything like
time to place these suitablyenjoyingthe heat he stretches himself
of manual work found himselfenjoyingthe varnishing foo s doo
scots language is alive andenjoyingnew confidence in our country
sorry we ve a beenenjoyingthe sun come and sit
peggy off hello neil beenenjoyingthe sun neil off i
apart from that i menjoyingmyself doing a little bit
though and i have beenenjoyingmyself pottering about in the
sixty six year old andenjoyingit f1054: lookin well on
fine fluent story telling modeenjoyingthe attention of her audience
bank where they could sitenjoyingthe open air mains o
div rin aboot an playenjoyinga richt fine sinny day
an jist asked are youenjoyingbeing a farmer s wife
i asked i was soenjoyingjimmy s yarns and his
with nozzle implants a thrushenjoyinga cold collation of red
just i m actually reallyenjoyingit but i just find
feet but i m stillenjoyingit it s different i
m retired now and thoroughlyenjoyingit m1016: i m colin
at least and i menjoyingputting the old brain to
readable i find i menjoyingso far its account of
i m sure they reenjoyingthem in many cases but
ha e a baby angelicaenjoyingher wickedness nae black men
this and er he wasenjoyingdoing his english but this
i just don t rememberenjoyingit i just don t
don t remember you knowenjoyingit that much there was
and two different ways ofenjoyingit f963: yeah yeah yeah
to see if they wereenjoyingit as much as he
as much as he wasenjoyingit as was mentioned above
inner city primary school wereenjoyingtheir cherished dinner hour huddled
and the building is nowenjoyinga new lease of life
t be soggy he senjoyinglife he s wagging his
out tomorrow carole is reallyenjoyinggermany now she s improving
class that she was reallyenjoyingmaybe art or something [laugh]
yeah or because they reenjoyingthat book at the moment
him an me sittin hereenjoyingmysel she heads for the
will live in harmony togetherenjoyingour cultures but remaining loyal
of sight behind a pillarenjoyingmy own nicotine rush first
prime minister [audience laughter] [feet stamping] whileenjoyinga cosy chat with her
s from the shower roomenjoyingher body like the fat
letters i gather she senjoyingherself anyway glad to hear
f809: i was sitting thereenjoyingthe sunshine f810: it was
jigsaw you gave him andenjoyingthe challenge as for the
inadequate to exclude them fromenjoyinga standard of living and
p h and the ladsenjoyingindian samaos and proka courtesy
will be down the roadenjoyingthemselves and liaison on the
of the west highland wayenjoyingviews of the mountains and
waits a bearded piratical figureenjoyinga splendid cigar sipping cognac

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