See this word as a collocate cloud

regularly if i can funnilyenougha jock around here is
mix of people but funnilyenoughalthough they don t really
she was born just funnilyenoughbehind the mi- mitchell library
colleges doing english and funnilyenougherm they reckoned that erm
[laugh] m1008: and that funnilyenoughhas infiltrated into into skye
and cold f1009: well funnilyenoughi didn t write anything
m078: yes and actually funnilyenoughi er pass- passed it
clever or something f1025: funnilyenoughlike you re saying that
pick up w- an funnilyenoughmy son does exactly the
i ve noticed this funnilyenoughquite recently eh is the
what what m1015: aye funnilyenoughthat s a corruption ye
i m still here funnilyenoughthat was a cousin who
of at the time funnilyenoughum things like that ehm
there s no question funnilyenoughwe were talking about this
i don t feel strongenoughaboot it m865,: ehm what
fields in scotland are strongenoughand if those rules are
s erm it s strongenoughand so there s another
on that were not strongenoughfor my liking leaving to
right she s not strongenoughfor work like that beaumont
t quite big or strongenoughhe tries again and again
but mubarak seems a strongenoughleader to get things back
simply not clever or strongenoughso society grabbed its chance
an i m nae strongenoughtae manage withoot him it
what is happening is strongenoughthe intervention board in england
and have not been strongenoughthey attracted criticism from the
guy makin yi strong strongenoughti be the man o
o the hoose shouts strongenoughti play dada pat him
the day ah feel strongenoughti say ah ll ah
the day ah feel strongenoughti say ah ll try
the day ah feel strongenoughti say mah abuser fuckin
the day ah feel strongenoughti say mah abuser phoned
his coat aside steve strongenoughti say mah abuser started
the day ah feel strongenoughti say starts to cry
the day ah feel strongenoughti say starts to pull
steve wish ah wis strongenoughti show masell show the
the scots were perhaps strongenoughto bear this cruel medicine
white is the bill strongenoughto cover the requirement on
in january i felt strongenoughto respond to alice s
silence jilly yur noh strongenoughyit pat gittin clean s
about it which was fairenoughas i d got myself
a go which is fairenoughbut it- it s much
dishes and that s fairenoughbut just complete strangers you
want to chew it fairenoughbut when you spit it
advance for painting is fairenoughbut would the rule apply
for me which is fairenoughconsidering that she bought me
john young that is fairenoughdes mcnulty the third bullet
so [laugh] f718: [laugh] fairenougherm i know your other
some folk understand her fairenougheven aiberdonians m842: aye f831:
to a point and fairenougheven if there is wee
f1037: ipod yeah okay fairenoughf1038: for it but yeah
lying about which is fairenoughf1150: yeah f1151: it s
f1155: oh right okay fairenoughf1154: but f1155: mm [sucks air through teeth]
s like mm okay fairenoughf807: [laugh] and why are
m941: because yeah okay fairenoughf940: aye we did explain
might approach the councillor fairenoughhowever the councillor should not
andrew wilson that is fairenoughhowever you have just outlined
think it s only fairenoughi mean i shouldn t
each other thinking and fairenoughi understand that maybe it
other point that is fairenoughif he speaks english however
f1142: no f1141: okay fairenoughit s just going to
don t f718: right fairenough[laugh] m017: really know that
and that s just fairenoughright but erm just musically
d say that s fairenoughsay we don t mind
mistakes or whatever so fairenoughthat i should have to
arrived here it is fairenoughthat we respond to him
mr raffan that is fairenoughthe convener callum would it
john young that is fairenoughthe convener do members agree
m1014: well f1054: eh fairenoughthough m1015: mm mmhm f1054:
not your teacher anymore fairenoughworst fuckin action director in
back door [laugh] f606: fairenoughyeah [laugh] m845: so they
to normal it was badenoughbeing at death s door
factory lulu lingerie wis badenoughbit baby bra the english
that s that s badenoughbut i i sometimes think
read it will be badenoughbut maybe you ll never
first cousins that s badenoughbut they are half brother
er i- it s badenoughdealing with the guilt of
these parties it s badenoughehm i would think in
but maybe that was badenoughf963: yeah but i can
i thought they were badenoughhaving sixteen in the family
died that s been badenoughi wouldna want anither 40
i mean it s badenoughif- living with someone you
military one suffers deliriums badenoughin a soldier but worse
doon though that s badenoughit s takin t a
and i d a badenoughmemory to begin with to
so bad really but tiringenoughmy contact in lats is
her carolanne mine was badenoughputs shoes back beside armchair
city and apparently is farenoughremoved from the bad tsars
us an that was badenoughshe stops knitting in order
ye stop it s badenoughstuck in here day efter
the times thirsels wir badenoughthe winters lang the simmers
ronnie if it s badenoughthey could a be oot
andy aye it s trueenoughthey re a bad lot
up and said enough isenoughalready we will burn down
no calfie it s rightenoughaye right enough i e
f1113: [laugh] enough what f1114: enoughclaes f1113: enough claes you
what f1114: enough claes f1113: enoughclaes you ve got to
that s enough that senoughf1097: will that dae me
that s enough that senoughf1113: that s you all
d broke my back longenoughhad enough of the beatings
s right enough aye rightenoughi e f1001: ye might
had stood up and saidenoughis enough already we will
welsh robin harper s1m 2392enoughis enough lodged on 1
harper s1m 2392 enough isenoughlodged on 1 november 2001
that s enough that senoughmum f1113: [laugh] enough what
my back long enough hadenoughof the beatings from sol
m1098: aye aye that senoughthat s enough f1097: will
looking pretty f1114: that senoughthat s enough f1113: that
the trousers f1114: that senoughthat s enough mum f1113:
shouldn t he m1128: ayeenoughtoys f1127: eh m1128: enough
enough toys f1127: eh m1128: enoughtoys f1127: fa s got
s enough mum f1113: [laugh]enoughwhat f1114: enough claes f1113:
have gone on for longenoughand therefore calls upon the
fur f785: mmhm m055: longenoughbut a lot o them
living off tourism for longenoughf010: well that s what
to fall it cleared longenoughfor [censored: forename] and i to
if one can wait longenoughfor it free personal care
for a few moments longenoughfor one of the three
year is just not longenoughfor the parliament to deal
but it s just longenoughfor ye tae sort of
if wi stood still longenoughhe d iron us cammy
wont stay alight for longenoughi give the silly thing
you keep talking for longenoughi will come in and
if she sat there longenoughit might go away when
when the tail was longenoughit would be stitched into
so long ago there wereenoughmammals on the mountains to
the consultation process went farenoughor that it was long
as long as there senoughroom to get round the
if we stood back longenoughthe problem would resolve itself
it took me a longenoughtime to stand up in
but has been around longenoughto have secured maiden pap
bill was ever sober longenoughto have sex far less
daisy heads together until longenoughto make a necklace or
for long he was brightenoughto recognise a familiar pattern
the area should be largeenoughto secure the long term
however they must be longenoughto yield sufficient data for
long till ah d heardenoughvoices till ken at id
or that it was longenoughwhat were the main issues
now it s been longenough[yawn] m1106: there s a
yi staed in it longenoughyid git ti like it
the intervals had been longenoughyou d just be fighting
on it and that senoughabout that old business luckily
week when they were oldenoughand that was their special
me the message is clearenoughandrew old man to someone
if if they re oldenoughf963: right yeah m762: to
old days it was usualenoughfor a traveller on foot
[laugh] m959: [laugh] aye rightenoughguaranteed to be grumpy old
soon as i m oldenoughi m going to get
meal which seems a sensibleenoughidea girnel is an old
day when you re oldenough[laugh] [laugh] no but m942:
school but [censored: forename] wisnae oldenoughtae go tae school m642:
vote when they are oldenoughthe man woman officials were
s me i wasnae oldenoughto be at school and
about ages we werenae oldenoughto be at school but
aw f646: i [laughs] oldenoughto be at school i
m635: until they were oldenoughto be called up for
england f1037: i am oldenoughto belong to that generation
hugh impressionable and barely oldenoughto drink a youth he
m635: until she was oldenoughto go oot and go
well you re not oldenoughto go yet you have
some of them are oldenoughto make the journey to
at least will be oldenoughto remember children with rickets
of age i am oldenoughto remember when the registrar
until they will be oldenoughto vote i think its
etc or if i haveenoughmoney for sweets there is
go cause i huvnae gotenoughmoney for yer m608: mmhm
and this is my pointenoughmoney is set aside in
local authorities were not targetingenoughmoney on those areas of
see so i didna getenoughmoney tae go back f643:
mile kennaway we didnae haeenoughmoney tae go back so
lambing she s gonna makeenoughmoney that she can afford
think they do not haveenoughmoney the key issue is
glad i hadn t broughtenoughmoney to be tempted radios
wait until i ve gotenoughmoney to do it kind
the decade it had raisedenoughmoney to fund a part
and if ye didnae haveenoughmoney to go and buy
question of whether people haveenoughmoney to live on it
think about whether it hasenoughmoney to take it beyond
government services and notes thatenoughmoney would be available to
that they do not haveenoughmoney would it be helpful
it seemed richard was rightenoughabout nothing changing neither of
oh that s true rightenoughactually [sigh] f978: oh it
a couple of cats rightenoughagnes that ma cocoa yer
wis feart as well rightenoughah d never seen a
fuck so it was rightenoughan he cannae be on
that jean was eight rightenoughaye and a gie stubborn
no caperin that s rightenoughaye f1001: that s like
was a lang time rightenoughbefore i ever heard the
he kept them down rightenoughberna not even bible reading
a toilet [laugh] inside rightenoughbut i m goin when
aboot the ither half rightenoughbut i mean m1014: aye
s not so pretty rightenoughbut [laugh] f978: yeah i
that big atlas aye rightenoughbut still he must have
so dark in winter rightenoughbut still it s not
it was a designation rightenoughbut that was a mmhm
s true you re rightenoughbut yeah f978: an then
oh they re that rightenoughdeana then i think it
[laugh] f122: [?]oh isn't[/?] yes rightenoughf010: [laugh] f606: [laugh] f122:
m1000: no that s rightenoughf1001: but a hosiery department
them were like that rightenoughf1026: [laugh] f1023: [laugh] f1024:
sorta scowlin f1041: aye rightenoughf1043: [inaudible] scowlin f1040: a
i have some f746: rightenoughf978: photos of you know
was in a state rightenoughfalling apart and there was
laugh phonin for wan rightenoughgivin them directions aye you
a young fe- oh rightenoughhe s got plenty earrings
f010: [laugh] f122: and rightenoughhis name is professor onions
fill it out more rightenoughi ll go get it
know f746: oh wow rightenoughi mean talking about the
f1113: right this is farenoughi think right on you
a place like this rightenoughif she were to stay
it does go there rightenoughit doesna go there no
fish all about but rightenoughit was a catholic thing
there that was [?]somethin[/?] rightenoughkye they they spoke aboot
i ve heard it rightenoughm1004: that s no one
f1009: [laugh] m1007: that senoughm1008: is that right m1007:
they re right plonkers rightenoughm1016: but it s no
i m getting older rightenoughm1055: [laugh] m1007: as the
right m1000: that s rightenoughmmhm mmhm m999: aye aye
your wee damoselle so rightenoughpa made me see i
ones eh iona used rightenoughplus another glaswegian one i
side f1121: is that bigenoughright let that one set
f1095: right that ll beenoughright so we ll cut
it s stuck that senoughright under the water f1114:
that s it that senoughright you can go and
the gaps were not smallenoughron tuck that is right
good that ll be rightenoughshe s been here for
it s awfu pretty rightenoughshe said it is that
these for the bodach rightenoughshe was talking about her
takes them for badminton rightenoughso she teaches badminton at
floor we don t haeenoughsprinkles f1125: right is it
right solutions and that winsenoughsupport among our european partners
lad ll be upset rightenoughsusan losing grampa too right
eh tell mi that rightenoughther wis a buildin an
s right ye re rightenoughthere aye m1012: mmhm no
drizzle outside the hotel rightenoughthere outside was a line
you are an optimist rightenoughweel if they re landing
antrin eggie hard times rightenoughyet on the occasions of
the portions are never bigenoughand they don t really
but sadie still no bigenoughbut bangs iron agnes want
tub is the jar bigenoughf1118: yes i wanna put
f1135: is that not bigenoughf1136: [laugh] no [laugh] f1135:
not it wasn t bigenoughf947: mmhm that s true
m1094: cause it s bigenoughi think it s a
paper will that be bigenoughjust maybe aye we winna
big deal because there wasenoughpeople there to kind of
the big yins pester themenoughthey ll throw ye bits
the survivor s love bigenoughti pit oot the fire
ed an is it bigenoughti swallow the fire o
error it should be bigenoughto admit to that and
facilities are not yet bigenoughto cope with delivering two
you ll soon be bigenoughto get baby yogurts f1142:
whites in a bowl bigenoughto hold all the spaghetti
girls bit i m bigenoughto look after myself cause
pats or small balls bigenoughto spread a slice of
near the back end bigenoughto take a loose end
it does not go farenougha more widely publicised campaign
you could take that farenoughand say that then you
m845: ah it s farenoughaway from glasgow and the
the churchyard gate just farenoughaway to be ignored and
i think that s farenoughaye what s now look
ye flung ma jumper farenoughbut now ye re makin
atour the muir is plainenoughfar aff it winds an
amendment does not go farenoughi approached the subject clear
it s it goes farenoughin encouraging scots do you
your blouse is open farenoughto show your belly button
christened i dont feel confidentenoughto travel very far yet
far the cleaners hadna teenenoughtrouble reddin them oot and
if you went far backenoughyou d end up being
point 9 is not specificenough12 45 the convener i
felt they did not knowenoughabout it other children said
because they did not knowenoughabout the scheme and in
not clear that we knowenoughabout what is envisaged in
write i am not imaginativeenoughand is any one besides
because it was not elasticenoughand rye or barley straw
design teams were not scottishenoughand that scottish architects had
on ethnicity that is notenoughas those concessions are not
the weather in not goodenoughat this time of year
point in the debate notenoughattention is being given to
puppies wirna were not enyochenoughbassel struggle twartree two or
claims that there are notenoughbooks an interesting point was
that whilst there is notenoughbusiness to sustain the current
that it did not haveenoughbut that distribution in the
so and there s notenoughcar parking spaces for everyone
sometimes we do not getenoughcredit in this country for
their sector did not makeenougheffort to make friends and
s not f- fine tunedenoughf948: no [cough] you probably
i did not speak clearlyenoughfor all members of the
varying power it is notenoughfor ministers to boast that
not she s not organisedenoughfor that f1154: but my
that it was not goodenoughfor the executive simply to
are not getting retrained quicklyenoughfor those who do not
the details are not clearenoughfor us to make decisions
envelope small is not goodenoughhe ll read through the
are not promoting the legislationenoughi think that it was
to get further thoughts quicklyenoughif not we will consider
the gutter it s coldenoughin fact it was not
it would appear that notenoughis being done to promote
however that it is notenoughjust to protest outside it
not much work done butenoughjust to retain my self
of her own budget notenoughlabour back benchers have the
down approach and not givingenoughlocal power not only has
you re not going fastenoughm1055: [laugh] m1007: i ve
minute there were still notenoughmarkers how can you explain
undeliverable if there were notenoughmarkers margaret nicol the alarm
convener were people not aggressiveenoughmr mcneil they were not
briefing and i am wiseenoughnot to endorse figures that
is simple there are notenoughnursing and auxiliary staff to
as there are currently notenoughof them a massive boost
saying i had not saidenoughof what is highest and
because you re not inflictingenoughpain [laugh] m944: [laugh] yes
will be done because notenoughpeople in the labour party
d probably just not putenoughpressure on my arm after
not at all there senoughpublic spirit in this wee
away then there s notenoughroom to take everything out
garden did not afford herenoughscope consequently she arose one
come however respect is notenoughsome languages dominate the world
not done to a highenoughstandard in particular his roof
already but it is notenoughthat is where the issue
that it is not goodenoughthat there are difficulties with
weel so it is clearenoughthat this ale was not
but it s not wideenoughthat you could put something
an assistance dog is notenoughthe person must also have
did not stuff them wellenoughthey were uncomfortable especially if
issue has not been publicisedenoughthrough the media of television
because there s just notenoughtime and then some of
because there is perhaps notenoughtime for individual committees to
they will not have hadenoughtime to digest all the
that we did not haveenoughtime to get it all
for scotland were not prescriptiveenoughto be a material consideration
goulash pot but not loudenoughto be heard cool it
because they are not confidentenoughto do so official recognition
cry not loudly but loudlyenoughto embarrass mother out there
tackling poverty it is notenoughto improve family income alone
that the pension is notenoughto live on furthermore there
would probably not have beenenoughto sink the ship however
students who are not matureenoughto take on self contained
realises that it is notenoughto try to imitate the
is that there are notenoughtrained deaf people to run
quite clearly that is notenoughwe are a modern inclusive
convener does not it carryenoughweight that a committee convener
the fact that obviously notenoughwork had been done before
f1111: you re not dryenoughyet f1112: i am f1111:
why are you not prettyenoughyet m944: [laugh] [laugh] f943:
city council does not chargeenoughyet other people say that
true i m not goodenoughyou re kidding yourself and
they don t get politicalenoughabout their about their poetry
have you been a goodenoughboy to get aw that
ran out ye didnae getenoughcoal durin the war f637:
they had sung it oftenenoughfor her to get the
younger lassies jist dinna getenoughfresh air it s nae
doesn t get up earlyenoughm959: oh well there s
the student will have consumedenoughmaterial to get through the
yes you d only getenoughmilk to last f640: mmhm
the restaurant management and getenoughmsps maybe four or five
i love it canna getenougho it i should have
album i couldn t getenoughof it i played it
on oak can t getenoughof it the loch has
[laugh] i know cannae getenoughof ma celtic top you
cause they don t getenoughof that yeah yeah f902:
and i couldn t getenoughpeople interested there were three
can t get er sta-enoughstaff erm and we re
didn t get a goodenoughstandard grade to take a
at lang last hit driedenoughta get da last skroo
was late in arriving hardlyenoughtime to get my balance
800mm but that is barelyenoughto get a wheelchair through
getting bea- i was luckyenoughto get an ed- a
i should save at leastenoughto get home quite easily
ticket we d been luckyenoughto get ours at the
there so it was easyenoughto get plenty of backs
with f641: mmhm f640: foodenoughto get us through over
to get on with youenoughto live with you again
only get them open wideenoughto put a bin bag
along had probably just hadenoughbabies you know she d
she d just well hadenoughby that time f631: yeah
expecting lynn to call sureenoughby the time i d
he said he d travelledenoughduring the war so he
i thought we d hadenoughevidence to the contrar lilian
might say they d hadenoughf963: yeah when i remember
t going to happen quicklyenoughfor me i d settle
on him thirty coupons halfenoughfor my suit fit d
d go up it wasenoughfor your your bus fare
he s just no goodenoughhe d love to have
siller is i d sayenoughi [inaudible] f1001: a fine
you d be up seenenoughif i was opening a
you know there d beenoughleft f641: and hoping there
d 1998 will english beenoughlondon nuffield language inquiry lobianco
d 1998 will english beenoughlondon nuffield language inquiry lobianco
d 1998 will english beenoughlondon nuffield languages inquiry in
d 1998 will english beenoughlondon nuffield languages inquiry in
stupit thing d no beenoughmaggie we can phone the
felt like ye d hadenougho studyin for a while
just say they d hadenoughor or the crowd might
an he d jist workenoughtae live on for a
we d tae push luckilyenoughwhat was it the place
i ve offered it oftenenoughafore but she s aye
the cargo but i sawenoughas confirm my doubts there
but eh i never paidenoughattention tae it m865: but
price small room but comfortableenoughbed drive in through rather
ground but hey that senoughbombardment for now she got
cultural and ideological implications wellenoughbut for many this linguistic
john seemed to be wellenoughbut he looked a bit
beaumont oh she s strangenoughbut it s a nasty
bored you some taught wellenoughbut miss mcwhat inspired she
ha e twa bairns richtenoughbut properly echteen months apart
was a stabbing weapon trueenoughbut same difference arnie himself
that the courses are interestingenoughbut the standards here are
rare cup of tea richtenoughbut to tell the truth
the indian girl beaumont likeenoughbut whit about all the
yer guess she was friendlyenoughbut ye could see it
be able to save upenoughcoupons but i ve managed
university are small but pleasantenougheach lektor has two rooms
to be er nearly materialisticenoughehm f718: mm m017: but
and speaks spanish but clearlyenougheven for me to catch
people but it s nearenoughf606: mmhm m845: that they
i was in australia wasenoughf807: yeah f806: but i
the frills but a pleasantenoughflight had a rather halting
i say quietly but loudenoughfor everyone to hear i
t i wasn t goodenoughfor that but f631: is
people dinna hae constitutions strangenoughfor the required labours but
pores but it was pleasantenoughfor us to try out
but i was already stingingenoughfrom one of her unprovoked
teaching class but there senoughgoing on outside classes to
to the dark but soonenoughhe could make out the
like her too but wiryenoughher parents are retired now
he grabbed it but sureenoughhere he was gummed on
holiday ehm but eh interestingenoughhighland people who live in
gaelic speaking home but oddlyenoughi don t remember ever
can be wild but strangelyenoughi ve always felt the
slowly but it s fastenoughif you re thinking it
[audience laugh] m954: which is bizarreenoughin itself but he told
only important that we haveenoughinterpreters in scotland but that
of the byre but oftenenoughit got claggit up and
m762: but but in- interestinglyenoughjust a small diversion [laugh]
i said they seem niceenoughkids but there s about
the i- it s safeenoughlike but [inaudible] have you
mine but i hiv hudenougho daith an noo want
at holyrood but that isenoughof such mischief iain smith
inquiry we have probably heardenoughresearch evidence but perhaps we
hae a bath there wasnaeenoughroom but yer yer aabody
but there wouldn t beenoughsoap in those wee bubbles
is drizzle it s justenoughtae tae coat ye but
more but there was neverenoughthere and ehm she would
but no one is naiveenoughto believe that such practices
[laugh] m942: it is softenoughto bite but [laugh] i
but she s never hadenoughto say for hersel ever
place but there was lightenoughto see the sculptor s
etc so hopefully will haveenoughto tide you over but
the reply was cut butenoughtrivia i got here more
it but she seems happyenoughwi neil gladys has the
as if he hadn tenoughworries already rowland but how
t hot but it wasenoughyou know aw nice day
place astonished us all sureenougha crowd had gathered in
since then they had learnedenoughabout the machinery of the
ballindean he had gone quietlyenoughand ann herself was calm
eh eh intuition wasn tenoughand so you had to
head in dismay was neverenoughevery bit of him had
eejit she had a bonnieenoughface when she wis a
fire s red glow wasenoughfor her thoughts peggy had
sae excited they ve nearenoughhad a hert attack she
bookings people had just hadenoughi had the impression that
in tee it was commonenoughif you had plenty of
often till it had thickenedenoughmaybe in half an hour
pub environment you ve hadenougho that [cough] b i
could tell he had troublesenoughof his own weasel recommended
ll go i ve hadenoughof i want to bake
something or i ve hadenoughof it i m fed
us felt we had hadenoughof large ancient monuments and
smack me she s hadenoughof me anyway she dumps
home now i ve hadenoughof that and then i
here now they ve hadenoughof the poor weather so
selfies selfies i ve hadenoughof this selfies business says
giggling when she has hadenoughof this she turns on
floor again i ve hadenoughof your dirty ways andy
mum f1123: have you hadenoughpainting now f1124: no f1123:
yeah f965: and we hadenoughpeople it was a small
had several braw offers oddlyenoughseeing she s a woman
s ramshackle farm yes sureenoughtheir dogs had barked raising
my visitor had a hardenoughtime going to a scottish
if you ve a hadenoughto eat i ll start
m fine has abody hadenoughto eat you ve hardly
over rain that s quiteenoughwe ve had our ration
this just isn t goodenoughand i was like we
there just gettin haud oenougheh gaelic teachers to provide
[noise of wind] f1135: are you warmenoughf1136: [note: thirty seconds of silence] f1135: just tie
just learning to trust meenoughfor me to be his
a gravelly bottom just deepenoughfor my skirt to trail
i mean we were youngenoughjust to accept them m636:
come home you know soberenough[laugh] m944: cause i just
there s there s justenoughpaper to cover it f1140:
s your m805: is thatenoughtalks m804: just a wee
faster still whizzing flashed justenoughtime there s no time
the door eased open justenoughto be peered around davie
a light fall though justenoughto cover the ground with
erm if people are openenoughto just see that it
12 fine weather just coldenoughto make it lively sunday
o nothing too much justenoughto remember them by wee
seats and i was tiredenoughto sleep which was just
kick shunted the ball justenoughtowards maddo s goal mouth
you just apply yourself wellenoughweel surely neen o s
now that s just quiteenoughyou re splatting aa wey
europe that definition is goodenoughfor me the consultative steering
i m laid here goodenoughfor nothing more than thinking
the weather hadnae been goodenoughlast year it was wonderful
of yours aren t goodenoughmy dear andrew they are
that s that s goodenoughreason for me and do
didn t wasn t goodenoughso i didn t bother
as if he was goodenoughto be able to do
if you would be goodenoughto clarify the contents of
ye see dod was goodenoughto ging to aiberdeen to
the committee to be goodenoughto proceed to undertake an
froggie for ye ve saidenougha ll tak ye at
ve eaten yirnt milk oftenenoughat home too and i
see if i ve gratedenoughcheese will you f1112: [inaudible]
f1118: i ve fixed thatenoughf1117: well [inaudible] f1118: is
you think we ve doneenoughf122: [chain rattling] eh f010: well
whether whether you ll haveenoughi mean potentially you ve
[laugh] i ve heard itenoughi mean we ve got
i ve done that oftenenoughif he s on duty
ye know ye ve gotenoughon your mind if ye
f1129: cause you ve gotenoughtoys i think haven t
and funds it we veenoughtrouble withoot agnes gettin flung
f1127: you says ye veenoughwas you jist joking [laugh]
our minds to it inenoughdetail to say now what
though they didn t knowenoughenglish to say much when
s of quite high-high- highenoughquality erm i can say
the prison i say thatenoughtatties don t start that
least mr mackay is honestenoughto say that it exists
the detail perhaps it isenoughto say that the issue
say here we became intoxicatedenoughto sneak by the security
say it you re inenoughtrouble dod i dinna understand
feelings for me are realenoughwhat could i say to
lecturers there she s gotenoughability to see her through
would ken that there wasnaenoughair in the safe to
maybe pretty much nea- nearenoughall of us were there
boiling fowl there was neverenoughand that s why i
a gimmick has there beenenoughawareness raising in the business
there wisnae a mechanic wienoughballs tae climb the railins
nowadays though there is briskenoughbidding at roups for older
must ensure that there isenoughcapacity to allow its competitors
t think th- there senoughdone at high school level
honey sweet tunes weren tenoughevery week there are famous
would argue that there isenoughevidence in this narrative of
we there s jist naeenoughfish comin in for the
there s going to beenoughhang on f1112: [inaudible] f1111:
f1129: cause there s naeenoughin there is that alright
t help themselves there senough[inaudible] m818: aye it s
an luikit back there wisenoughlicht for him tae see
loanheid men no no noenoughloanheid men f1018: and there
f1018: and there s noenoughloanheid men in it naw
mm f646: there s funnyenoughnames goin the rounds these
you there s more thanenoughoaks common as muck it
it became well there senoughof us we could set
that the executive consulted widelyenoughon whether there should be
t happening because there wasenoughpeople f1150: yeah f1151: whereas
this book first there wereenoughpoems translated by me to
short term as there areenoughregistrars already in post throughout
the heat there ll beenoughresidual heat for this and
page m1128: there s naeenoughroom f1127: full up m1128:
i dinna think there senoughroom for them aa in
table so there was neverenoughspace for everyone to to
perspective in canada there senoughtalk of unemployment and cutbacks
if you do look hardenoughthere are places in his
if you got up earlyenoughthere was one or two
s plenty peggy there senoughto feed the five thousand
and sometimes there aren tenoughto go around ehm equally
piled up until there senoughto mak it worthwhile to
on simply that there areenoughupland grazings we could balance
is there it s easyenoughwatch me you pick up
poetic successes eventually gave usenoughconfidence to consider publication of
as if they are substantiveenoughfor us to want to
strawberry berna like us naeenoughsun sun s whit sweetens
yi trusted us trusted usenoughti share yur pain wi
pain wi us trust usenoughti tell us what the
that the bill is flexibleenoughto allow us to operate
new opportunities fund was kindenoughto write to us and
probably catch him up easilyenoughafter all if mr glasgow
questions if they indicate earlyenoughduring the next evidence that
see if you were boldenougher and so i think
see if that s warmenoughf1100: is it f1099: no
both if you are cleverenoughgive me two cups of
if it will benefit meenoughpersonally and practically for the
inauthentic although most actors knowenoughscots to correct mistakes if
f940: if i was brainyenoughtae go on an dae
see if it was firmenoughthe book by helen beaton
fragile if you were luckyenoughto have a china doll
if a mountain was largeenoughto have several names it
if you will be kindenoughto provide the names of
life as if i hadnyenoughto think o and then
and if you were boldenoughwhen you went home then
ken although you re niceenoughyou re awfa slow if
t really prepare it wellenougher and we were talkin
you weren t leaving quicklyenoughi gave your bony form
m605: they don t doenoughlinguistic study they don t
doesn t seem to beenoughof it for anything i
f1126: haven t you gotenoughon that that s m-
yeah they weren t coolenoughthen cause they were they
that his opinion wasn tenoughto change everything or something
my modest talent isn tenoughto earn me a living
the corn isn t gettingenoughwater and has stopped growing
all liked wasn t camouflageenoughwhat was the smell exactly
they weren t quite coolenoughwhen i was younger f812:
then they don t doenoughwith english language either like
nan eh would be commonenoughwouldn t it actually nana
point has been made wellenoughby other members it is
the metaphorical pathway is wellenoughestablished in the language then
well [inaudible] f1118: is thatenoughf1117: nearly london bridge is
adjacent shelf would serve wellenoughhaving no bats was also
a definition term was wellenoughknown for numerical definition to
f1114: [laugh] well that senoughmum f1113: or i ll
palma when i was wellenoughmy back ached painfully with
that stage f1009: well strangelyenoughon my class er when
i wasnae i wasnae wellenoughthat s what was wrong
well pleased she was graciousenoughto brew a cup of
in the armchair maggie wellenoughtries to hide tears that
seems to have been wellenoughwalking down the borne the
dinna [censored: forename] hey that senoughwell dinna dae it to
soon go away and sureenoughafter turning an interesting shade
is published i am happyenoughfor the report to go
left when i was auldenoughtae go an start work
the data gap was smallenoughyou would go ahead on
were the same build nearenoughand our hair was roughly
shame because it was hardenoughat primary school without f1054:
reekie it was a pleasantenoughevening mrs [censored: surname] prepared a
the hoose and that wasenoughfor me f1104: i want
glimmer glass blue was dazzleenoughfor now she watched the
that the science was robustenoughfor regimes that relate to
that the world was safeenoughfor sleep i kiss him
training in gaelic eh interestingenoughgaelic was certainly the language
people it was a smallenoughgroup of children that you
in the house was quiteenoughher mother always said rage
lived alone and that wasenoughin some folk s eyes
wait an hour which wasenoughin the coldest day we
doing with the students naturallyenoughit was easier to sell
was an aiberdeen quine richtenoughlike quite broad spoken i
and was able to holdenoughmeal for a year at
and used against me sureenoughmister blaikie was fiddling with
the data gap was smallenoughron tuck the remark that
whom rubens later immortalised astonishinglyenoughsalvador was the tenth generation
perpetuity nor was he auldenoughtae enter intae a contract
she took the view reasonablyenoughthat as i was an
was neither frugal nor shamelessenoughto be a stay at
and her mother was barelyenoughto cover their weekly needs
middle of the hall wasenoughto delete all the misery
i i i was mischievousenoughto give a paper and
beneficent mood he was kindenoughto give me an autographed
vanished town i was fortunateenoughto have access to his
way round and was bushyenoughto hide a hundred andies
no need it s clearenoughto me the business was
professor blackie was even kindenoughto remark more than once
the cultural policy statement wasenoughto send readers cross eyed
maddo mccormack in goals wasenoughto set jimmy stumbling up
european democracy i was fortunateenoughto spend christmas 1989 in
tampere tampere was a pleasantenoughtown built on rapids along
the data gap was smallenoughturned out to be untrue
loft floor it was highenoughup to be safe from
for hae we no gotenoughvases it was only a
because her father liked itenoughwas made for two days
the european parliament and oddlyenoughwas nominated for the unelected
it afterwards he was happyenoughwith his new lifestyle the
pitglaissie and it was cosyenoughwithout a fire a lad
you re baith thinkin loudenoughagnes least said carolanne maggie
s above we re crowdedenoughalready the gracefu trinity for
least a think sae nearenoughbit they re sae thrang
re thinking it s fastenoughfor first drafts and it
your keys you re aulenoughto look efter your ain
agnes she kens s noenoughye re gaun ye hud
it ll be a kittleenoughbusiness athout findin masel in
weeks an uh ll huvenoughcash nip doon argos pick
i ll need to keepenoughfor my bussie bessie grandly
think that ll maybe beenoughfor that sandwich m1096: oh
stop to it at senoughgeorgie georgie i ll tell
open willie s still soupleenoughi ll ask him it
john now james that senoughi ll no be pairt
ye ll find it warmenoughin hell birds blackbird s
silence bj yur noh fastenoughshe ll catch yi move
yin tae me vampire richtenoughthe morra it ll be
i ll never be illenoughto be sent away to
whoa f1135: is that fastenoughf1136: [laugh] f1135: want a
f1136: [laugh] f1135: is thatenoughf1136: like i have a
f1054: you dinnae look auldenoughian at all [laugh] oh
of this talk might beenough[laugh] ehm eh ehm and
them translated tae shetland nearenough[laugh] yeah mmhm yeah m865:
until harry said that senoughno further [laugh] f969: [laugh]
stall filled thoroughfare and trueenoughamongst the handicrafts were a
the data gaps were smallenoughand we knew where they
be spoiled rotten again likeenoughi think you were sorry
sunday when you were luckyenoughin days gone by to
ye know when judged dryenoughthe swathes were gathered into
thousand and six and interestinglyenoughthey were my first primary
stations were bright and cleanenoughto be out of an
protect those who were prudentenoughto save for a better
be depression it s commonenoughafter an illness no i
bessie it s been langenoughalready four weeks fancy fa
back sanderson she s soundenoughand she s fully insured
s all legal pause nearenoughangelica you make yourself sound
at oor table she senoughas clothe hersel wi whit
s fi yur skin zebenoughberna control yourself berna mind
hm jack lilian that senoughboasting lilian nonsense i m
them wan that s excuseenoughcarolanne i know i tried
f1091: no that s naeenoughcome here over here look
for one s fire eneuchenoughense else ergophobics work shy
[exhale] f1141: hey that senoughf1142: my baby is a
f1105: so it s deepenoughfor boats to come in
20 and hope that senoughfor moira to convince the
do something about it easilyenoughgladys weel he s never
election which cannot come soonenoughin the undersigned s opinion
eggs f1114: yes that senoughis he going to hatch
my mother told me oftenenoughit s the hicht o
f1009: mmhm m1008: now interestinglyenoughit s words like that
head that s no guidenoughjohn lauder yer guidfaither s
i do f1141: that senoughlet s speak proper f1142:
f1095: thank you that senoughm1096: that s it f1095:
m1098: [inaudible] f1097: is thatenoughm1098: aye aye that s
said morag irritated that senoughnae mair kiddin aroon this
you think it s cleanenoughnoo f1100: uh huh now
wee suppie now that senoughoh it s stuck that
more f1117: no that senoughon that one dinna squash
here here s a decentenoughquestion for you [censored: forename] how
springy and bony two senoughsays my daddy putting messy
have heard my wife oftenenoughshe s on the phone
s the only yin wienoughsmeddum tae dae that during
wis a blunder it senoughtae gar me greet for
cow and it s trueenoughthat many a crofter s
in the ukraine or appropriatelyenoughthat night s celtic versus
either i didny gie youenoughtime the work s to
for scottish enterprise will beenoughto change the economy s
s showin that you understandenoughto explain it to a
coffin is elegant and dignifiedenoughto impress mr duncan s
thon machines mak it senoughto keep your heid dirlin
smell ye see it senoughto mak onybody couk teenie
remarked that s juist aboutenoughto make you sign the
s budget alone would beenoughto pay for full implementation
oxfam 10p it s grossenoughto put anyone off anything
oh aye indeed that senoughto suggest it s coming
out it s a niceenoughtown established by loyalists americans
toys f1127: fa s gotenoughtoys m1128: me f1127: you
ma heid s gaun roonenoughwithoot you steerin it some
much m845: so is thatenoughyeah f606: yeah that s
mean people are actually madenoughnow in scotland to actually
m804: [cough] m805: is thatenoughstories for now m804: ehm
[inaudible] no we didna haeenoughto mak them aa now
[inhale] m1007: yeah m1008: interestinenoughi think wee one is
drunk pregnant have we doneenoughon drunk do you think
her own she seems enthusiasticenoughto do it i think
to train new registrars quicklyenoughwould you think about flying
great grandfather which is likelyenoughi suppose she hopes it
see her nakedness she sawenoughof it to know that
into her face and sureenoughshe is smiling a wise
she says he seems pleasedenoughwi her ye canna expect
whether 60 per cent isenoughthe level is limited because
because i m nae stupetenoughto pey 30 shillings for
wanted to write them badlyenougheh whenever you really want
down a passage barely wideenoughfor the two of them
ye know put them highenoughm608: aye m194: and they
either oh they could readenoughokay er some o them
the badger an he cutenoughstrum tae gie them aboot
them are that are openenoughto see what does work
that kin o thing chrissieenoughto stop them working georgie
be able to remember themenoughto write them down in
that insufficient people feel stronglyenoughabout or feel that they
ower high they are bonnieenoughfae the wee hoose in
figure of 18 they neededenoughjudges to have trial and
nor should they be naiveenoughto believe that what is
countries i mean they caredenoughto give aid to indonesia
mates out of school decentenoughwith it they went to
yon quines a fancy themselvesenoughas it is georgie i
o railway lines werena usedenoughf823: no this is it
heaviur greyur cauldur soalid richtenoughit cairryin me cairryin me
with sacking is a clearenoughsign of how hard it
will have difficulty in findingenoughstaff to provide it our
adequate since it cannot handleenoughtext more major work requires
finally it cannot be emphasisedenoughthat most of the sites
be getting lumpy [inaudible] hotenoughthen is it f1118: i
aspirations it must be flexibleenoughto accommodate changes over time
night greg found it easyenoughto avoid being alone with
surely it would be easyenoughto gather fallen almonds from
listen only listen it isenoughto tilt her head and
we would never be boldenoughto use it m1008: i
brother who got called naturallyenoughbeer barrel bung cause he
darkness no one got closeenoughto clean its wounds too
book leaned towards me sureenoughhe smelled wonderful and we
anent prep about aneuch aenoughanither a another apairt adv
on as we have spentenoughtime talking about smoking do
linguistics already or are interestedenoughto find out more about
does although i m pessimisticenoughto worry about the effect
we will succeed in providingenoughuseful information about the areas
panted lungs struggling to inhaleenoughair to let him straighten
identified as being of highenoughcaste to eventually vie for
be pro- you know haveenoughcoal to to heat the
a somewhat ornate lavatory andenoughconcrete foundations to help mentally
the town eventually i summonedenoughcourage to enter their dark
up in the attic yieldedenoughcrisp notes to keep her
unable to allocate would beenoughdr richard simpson ochil lab
the firlot and boll howeverenoughevidence is provided to show
suits afros and trilby hatsenoughfeather boas to run the
limited that might have allowedenoughflexibility to ensure that such
the standards should be clearenoughfor the courts to determine
to have been a commonenoughgrain often listed with others
wood and andy feels safeenoughin her routine to lose
for to walk still commonenoughin the north east though
peppers and pasta great andenoughleft over to cook tomorrow
we would fail to recruitenoughmarkers for the summer and
way to give way withenoughnotice to avoid problems for
the death of a largeenoughnumber of hares to affect
with being able to bringenoughpressure to bear on the
figures at the time gaveenoughpriority to higher and further
a lot i saved upenoughquarters 25 cents to phone
to such situations and leaveenoughroom to manoeuvre debate and
will ensure that we haveenoughtime to do that i
ports should be built largeenoughto accommodate the queen mary
preserved in scotland still flexibleenoughto adapt to modern times
executive consult widely and adequatelyenoughto allow the consideration of
a local authority request isenoughto back up what should
quiet and i calmed downenoughto be able to take
horizons to my cerebellum intriguingenoughto be charted by magellan
since texts must be shortenoughto be manageable equally however
those countries men hae ropeenoughto cairry through large enterprises
at least an outbuilding largeenoughto contain implements or animals
sky until he felt recoveredenoughto examine the mucky trench
a penny and anything smallenoughto fit into the stocking
ian jenkins has been niceenoughto give way i must
or the highlands can beenoughto harm some of the
also popular with those luckyenoughto have a bike making
common purpose will be seriousenoughto justify the use of
m fit m608: mm f643: enoughto m608: mmhm f643: you
whether anyone could be paidenoughto marry someone at the
the health budget would beenoughto pay for sutherland angus
the reserve in 2002 isenoughto pay more than twice
has to sit up straightenoughto please miss wood which
new guidelines that are flexibleenoughto protect the people we
farms are to become lowenoughto protect wild fish the
a household that is coldenoughto put residents at risk
future although i am pragmaticenoughto recognise that the concessions
to be ignored and nearenoughto respond to an enquiring
reached the performance area earlyenoughto see nearly all of
encourages people to be confidentenoughto set up their own
favoured areas scheme will beenoughto sustain agriculture in the
the practice still seemed soundenoughto the young girl in
same cul de sac nearenoughto walk in and out
and nurses have been flexibleenoughto welcome the challenges that
to work the buttons quicklyenoughwhen songs of praise came
your bath [running water] is thatenoughwater for you m1098: aye
we fit into this isenoughbeing done for young people
that that definition is tightenough09 45 ben wallace the
twa ma wine is guidenoughbit och compared wi grannie
lújar is a siskin closeenoughbleed is blood jo is
assert that whit isna guidenoughfor a white man is
off f1111: is that hotenoughis that nice and warm
for over 65s is ambitiousenoughsecondly is he satisfied that
wey intae the parliament soonenoughf785: okay thank you very
yes so you said oftenenoughin your letters and maybe
the habit of doing understandablyenoughone friday evening and you
somebody until you become awareenoughor f963: mm m762: till
convener phil are you happyenoughwith the 30 minute time
and said that we haveenoughproblems regulating our own authorities
the sheets that werena straightenoughand the windows that werena
anither man that seems simpleenoughcan and should are two
lud that he has sufferedenoughfor the first time in
hope that i can saveenoughfor the philadelphia trip at
pain a m no weelenoughtae gang oot forbye that
i cannot express my angerenoughthat the conveners liaison group
air at least sadie draughtyenoughin here at times carolanne
for this building have includedenougherm er rooms for maybe
soup makes a large panfulenoughfor 3 portions can all
mysel a fur coat richtenoughfor a filie i worket
dressing up box par excellenceenoughfor an entire repertoire of
as a bairn for langenoughi dinnae ken whit a
nuts meat and poultry withenoughleft over for export mallorcan
meet [censored: forename] we met easilyenoughno one asked for my
ravenous for meat ahv collectedenoughwid tae keep this fire
lacking in verve though saleableenoughi suppose in one of
tangerine georgie i feel selfishenoughjist keeping a the paper
first minister i cannot praiseenoughsome of the excellent work
time i succeeded by gettingenoughsupporters with other dangerous waters
see in westerns and sureenougha fist fight broke out
chain oaf yir ain soonenoughah see a wee yankee
would see him again soonenoughand he kissed the bairn
thick no pepper as pepperyenoughalready optional add ½ chopped
the cars m1020: naw noenoughloanheid men no no no
all then who knows anywayenoughof my haverings onwards lovely
a flawed financial assessment modelenoughconcerns have been raised in
pm arithmetic exam seems easyenough31 friday 10 1 m
della wid thur hae beenenoughwater ti cairri aw the
auntie nell niver bedd langenoughtae takk her hat aff
another place called [?]culoris[/?] oddlyenoughboth similar names f641: mmhm
m1007: mmhm m1055: i- interestinglyenoughthe female equivalent of seanair
the guideline has tightened upenoughparticularly on issues such as
work through words like roughenoughtough through trough we all
legislate against age discrimination strangelyenoughafter the election he did
hud heard the wurds clearenoughan unerstood thaim bit he
hadna wechtit the tin wienoughwee stanes onywey whan he
anelie a only aneuch aenoughanither a another areddies adv
anerlie a only aneuch aenoughanither a another areddies adv
of their anger went quietlyenoughat the end like an
of scottish puddings m1078: oftenenoughcustard f718: uh huh m1078:
boxes containing aphrodisiacs and gruesomelyenoughdried black llama foetuses of
kitchen a flew a gollopedenougho the glorious stuff bit
loins like a spider withenoughrope spinning and wringing its
obviously anywhere near anything likeenoughscots language stuff either m741:
during their owners life soonenoughthe fingers lingering around the
chocolates and could never admireenoughthe skill of the toon
making guidelines and monitoring rigidenoughthe transport and the environment

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