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deal for scottish fishermen whilstensuringa sustainable fishing industry and
deal for scottish fishermen whilstensuringa sustainable fishing industry and
the best european countries whilstensuringthat access to high quality
to unacceptable levels and whilstensuringthat access to high quality
the best european countries whilstensuringthat access to high quality
mcconnell insert at end whilstensuringthat the core activities of
mcconnell insert at end whilstensuringthat the core activities of
scottish executive is committed toensuringas far as is reasonably
skills we are committed toensuringthat by 2005 everyone will
the parliament is committed toensuringthat deaf and hearing impaired
level are all committed toensuringthat everyone complies and that
the uk is committed toensuringthat it will work in
white we are committed toensuringthat older people have access
i am therefore committed toensuringthat the review will examine
term sustainable funding for childcareensuringfurther integration of provision and
term sustainable funding for childcareensuringfurther integration of provision and
executive s sustainable development indicatorsensuringthat the enterprise networks finance
operatively in reclaiming derelict landensuringadequate flood protection and improving
where there are difficulties inensuringadequate maintenance s1w 27423 linda
in the scottish executive inensuringthat adequate funds are spent
needs to be struck betweenensuringbefore taking away rights of
protecting the rights of childrenensuringreasonable accommodation for all guaranteeing
of the main ways ofensuringthat fundamental human rights are
have such rights and bensuringthat information about such rights
ministers to make provision forensuringthat rights of the landlord
protecting civil rights and aboutensuringthat the enforcement agencies when
human rights are protected byensuringthat the rights of minorities
work towards its objective ofensuringa modern adaptive and flexible
work towards its objective ofensuringa modern adaptive and flexible
be a major step towardsensuringthat all nurses get the
plan that would work towardsensuringthat councils and communities are
plan that would work towardsensuringthat councils and communities are
gone a long way towardsensuringthat it is i echo
skewed as you wish towardsensuringthat more arable ground than
jails it was directed towardsensuringthat sex offenders when released
goes a good way towardsensuringthat that problem is well
authorities will remain responsible forensuringthat building standards are met
to be responsible for aensuringthat the authority complies with
will therefore be responsible forensuringthis accountability and accordance with
and toothpaste to children andensuringaccess to fresh fruit and
authorities to assist them inensuringeffective access to school buildings
the organisation s arrangements forensuringpublic access to the information
pensions and is aimed atensuringthat people have access to
communication and physical access andensuringthat their views are taken
anticipated in its report byensuringthat there is access to
supporting the local community andensuringpublic safety and considers that
time of year both inensuringpublic safety at the numerous
be an important tool inensuringthe continuing health and safety
out scro checks on volunteersensuringthe safety of children and
is the best way ofensuringthe safety of meat consumed
commission may well move toensuringa commitment to produce such
executive for its commitment toensuringthat all elderly households and
executive for its commitment toensuringthat all elderly households and
will give any commitment toensuringthat pensions for staff in
medicine and our commitment toensuringthat the decision on the
play a full role inensuringscotland s voice is heard
has a role to playensuringthat all msps are properly
future role to play inensuringthat livestock changes hands in
their new strategic role andensuringthat people are not unfairly
should have a role inensuringthat that happens john scott
have a leading role inensuringthat these issues are addressed
plays an important role inensuringthat young people develop healthy
education and training resources andensuringthat they are effective is
and recognises the importance ofensuringthe delivery of consistently effective
for child protection committees therebyensuringincreased status and resources and
teachers and improve educational facilitiesensuringthat there are resources in
allocate nhs resources across scotlandensuringthat those resources are allocated
of effort has gone intoensuringthat the icc will be
additional funding has gone intoensuringthat voluntary organisations are not
have gone some way towardensuringthat we support the sector
are making any progress inensuringthat education authorities make speedy
and local authorities is inensuringthat individuals receive genuinely responsive
guidance to local authorities andensuringthat it is followed the
take for the purpose ofensuringthat local authorities by the
allocations with a view toensuringthat local authorities can bring
how is the scottish executiveensuringthat schools and education authorities
authorities on the challenge ofensuringthat the targets apply and
authorities will be critical inensuringthat the work that we
local authorities through for exampleensuringwhere possible that there are
of the broad strategy ofensuringthat as other members have
learning strategy is significant forensuringthat elderly people get their
to develop a strategy forensuringthat essential services are provided
time ago the strategy involvesensuringthat scots have the training
training spreading best practice andensuringthat the partnership information network
the care system we areensuringthat everyone universally will get
buildings have an interest inensuringthat a robust building standards
standards and working conditions gensuringthat all public sector trainees
to provide the basis forensuringthat existing high standards are
provide what system exists forensuringthat such minimum standards are
of the scottish executive inensuringthat the public water industry
of the scottish executive inensuringthat the public water industry
ending boom and bust andensuringthe competitiveness of industry as
the nhs would crumble thereforeensuringthat nurses are happy and
the 1995 act and censuringthat advice and information about
provided that is part ofensuringthat the proper professional advice
their advice was invaluable inensuringthat we were able present
about their personal curriculum whileensuringthat literacy and numeracy remain
for the common good whileensuringthat no one is left
burden of debt repayments whileensuringthat the benefits of debt
that meets its requirements whileensuringthat the standard of accommodation
liberties of our citizens whileensuringthat the state can carry
we can make progress whileensuringthat we meet other priorities
resumed as soon as possibleensuringa fair settlement for firefighters
having a vested interest inensuringthat marriages are possible on
as an enlightened client byensuringwhere possible advanced programmes of
staff who are essential toensuringa first class health service
member has the responsibility ofensuringthat his or her staff
grant funding conditions and bensuringthat internal personnel and staff
prove impractical with regard toensuringthe protection that we must
update on its plans forensuringbest value in scottish local
existing policy making processes andensuringthat a concern with poverty
progress it is making inensuringthat information technology in schools
personal plans for persistent offendersensuringthat they are diverted from
the national action plans andensuringthey are followed up the
infrastructure of the voluntary sectorensuringthat scotland has a national
make a great difference inensuringthat the voluntary sector finds
management committee is important inensuringthat statutory agencies are aware
that another important way ofensuringthat the people of the
delivery of improved public transportensuringthat decades of expenditure on
security of employment and densuringthat public works contracts are
removing any unnecessary regulation andensuringthat any future regulations are
a better life we areensuringthat as people get older
offences given that we areensuringthat judges can exercise their
work force into it andensuringthat lone parents are involved
context we are concerned withensuringthat people can be removed
s recommendations which are aboutensuringthat scotland s perspective is
associated with assessment such asensuringthat the data that are
james or robert think aboutensuringthat their voices are heard
assess the gm crop trialsensuringthat there are opportunities for
the urgency is focused onensuringthat those products are available
legislation are primarily aimed atensuringthat we are echr compliant
there are issues relating toensuringthat we can engage as
farmers in a secure positionensuringthat for the foreseeable future
classes is one way ofensuringaccordance with priority three of
go a long way toensuringthat consistency pilotitis a great
a very good way ofensuringthat we gather views at
part of that work isensuringthat there is a dialogue
work better silc is aboutensuringthat there is proper liaison
confronts us is that ofensuringconnectivity between europe s citizens
from measurement to achievement byensuringthat a proportion of the
executive whether it will considerensuringthat an ambulance service is
policy and guidelines but aboutensuringthat at a strategic europe
of priority including by aensuringthat at least 30 of
can run gaelic nurseries thusensuringthat children can enter school
and sport in regard toensuringthat digital television coverage extends
and recognises the importance ofensuringthat each and every child
responsibility of the individual byensuringthat hotel and living costs
in scotland has been inensuringthat internal committees of individual
proposed three towns bypass byensuringthat it is adequately linked
encouraging the language and forensuringthat it keeps its place
would have the benefit ofensuringthat mr galbraith did not
be united and strong inensuringthat our fisheries minister can
our smaller football teams andensuringthat our larger football teams
takes place for example byensuringthat potential juries will not
the aberdeen drug action teamensuringthat projects and strategies reflect
body for the purpose ofensuringthat property is used only
representations with the aim ofensuringthat scottish miners and scottish
by the bill such asensuringthat tenants have the same
might be required such asensuringthat the bar of a
the natural environment promote tourismensuringthat the benefits of prosperity
partnership programme links in hereensuringthat the bill leads to
snp has acted constructively inensuringthat the bill passes with
assisting the committee and inensuringthat the bill proceeded on
sinks beside new road developmentsensuringthat the costs of this
the knowledge economy and forensuringthat the emergence of this
and warrant sale and toensuringthat the legislation is enacted
what i am doing isensuringthat the links between the
achieve this is by aensuringthat the monitoring and reporting
but for the sake ofensuringthat the nurses and midwives
that would not stop usensuringthat the petition is referred
will give every assistance inensuringthat the primary legislation needed
could make a difference byensuringthat the projects would get
share the same objective ofensuringthat the seas around scotland
continues to co operate inensuringthat the skill base that
developing these skills and ofensuringthat the students have a
parliament endorses the principle ofensuringthat the use of investigatory
and the involvement of stakeholdersensuringthat there is good co
a lot of effort intoensuringthat there would be good
them crucial to everything isensuringthat those who live in
of our culture and inensuringthat visitors return to scotland
madras college st andrews andensuringthat waid academy in anstruther
rules there is scope forensuringthat we have an integrated
address the principles aside fromensuringthat within the regulations there
it stands is geared toensuringthat young people come into
and wales as well asensuringcompatibility between the uk act
its forms wherever it occursensuringall policy formulation is evidence
to revise its approach toensuringavailability of skilled labour in
language as a means forensuringits use in a variety
and practitioners including national parliamentsensuringa better integration of areas
will the minister commit toensuringconsistent monitoring across scotland in
numerous millennium festivities and inensuringnecessary contingency planning to safeguard
comes with implementing it andensuringsufficient sanctions dr shelton i
and in secondary looking atensuringthe pupils understand the clear
with the branding of scotlandensuringconsistency in scotland s brand
parliament endorses the principle ofensuringconsistency of absent voting provisions
to put major emphasis onensuringthe survival of the community
parliament to introduce a lawensuringthan no more than 10

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