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of almonds with all theenthusiasmof a novice now i
involved and whose wit scholarshipenthusiasmand dedication to his own
they are writing about feelingsenthusiasmpraise for literature are not
i m writin aboot feelinsenthusiasmpraise fur literature ir no
was impressed by the passionenthusiasmcommitment and professionalism of people
was impressed sometimes by theenthusiasmit could generate larger issues
makit up wi the qualityenthusiasman imagination o the bairns
clear views on that imaginationenthusiasmskills development and attitude have
large queue formed swelled withenthusiasmand puff the recruits strove
nature of the willingness andenthusiasmthat exists in deprived areas
aye rinnin on peggy withoutenthusiasmshe s been rinnin for
there was a want ofenthusiasmabout the article i had
he felt the article lackedenthusiasmand placed too much emphasis
studied to higher level theirenthusiasmfor the many songs and
cast threw themselves with greatenthusiasminto the songs and dances
and their authors macintosh senthusiasmfor scottish and german culture
her earlier caledonia macintosh senthusiasmhowever leads him to suggest
for this deprivation despite myenthusiasmabout better things at home
a lower class despite hisenthusiasmor potential skill could hope
o that moula without muchenthusiasmah m rael gled ti
maureen [censored: surname] for without herenthusiasmand guidance this association may
to collect anything loretta withoutenthusiasmcan i help bessie no
because without that without thatenthusiasmit makes their language learning
first filled his master withenthusiasmfor ramon llull salvador had
reluctantly at first bessie withenthusiasmbut little volume peggy and
broadly we found relatively littleenthusiasmfor any exemptions among many
primary use the revival ofenthusiasmfor country dancing among young
weight in europe scotland senthusiasmfor and involvement in europe
debate but on her boundlessenthusiasmin promoting europe although many
be able to say withenthusiasmvive l europe 17 45
their skills experience energy andenthusiasmour vision is to ensure
most interestingly described with greatenthusiasmby mr [censored: surname] vote of
crags mr miralles demonstrated greatenthusiasmfor the project he is
great deal rests on theenthusiasmof the teachers there is
arguments although not with greatenthusiasmrather with a touch of
presented his subject with greatenthusiasmwhich made for a most
can be an exciting experienceenthusiasmsometimes has to be curbed
with an unwise degree ofenthusiasmthe holyrood project has been
way in a moment ofenthusiasmehm i i created a
lyndsay full of hope andenthusiasmfor the new king s
regarding scots offset against muchenthusiasmand positive regard for the
can t work up muchenthusiasmfor my work i mean
it difficult to work upenthusiasmfor academic work at the
like me members share anenthusiasmfor youth work they will
tore into the piece withenthusiasmhowever she was a bit
and the voluntary sector theenthusiasmand drive behind the compact
the offenders and in theirenthusiasmfor trying to adapt the
change it radically and theirenthusiasmis infectious i spent some
morris there wis the sheerenthusiasmo the students in their
into environmental law with theenthusiasmof a tubercular romantic and
last night with all theenthusiasmof european villagers awaiting the
were carried away with theenthusiasmthat was engendered and the
by raisin o hantle oenthusiasmand maybe a wee puckle
mmhm yeah f965: for theenthusiasmand the way they get
that the committee shares theenthusiasmfor a sensible and workable
probably referring more to hisenthusiasmfor draconian sentencing in all
of governance there was someenthusiasmfor examining the role that
for naething sic wis hisenthusiasmhere s tae the neist
had any suggestions since noenthusiasmwas shown for any such
witnesses at first hand theenthusiasmand the genuine achievements of
impelled by his archaeo historicalenthusiasmto have a hole three
campaign is due to theenthusiasmof the mearns folk who

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