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cassen claes at a neerdayball the blinterin blichtit sun
perfit bowle sunlicht o neerdayjoso 1662 1704 aboot the
are the bats restless neerdaysplore bauld hechts the morn
freen an missed my neerdaydinner we went a dauner
get to the the neerdaygame the ne erday old
yer ain hogmanay or neerdayhabits an customs edinburgh name
forbye some fowk on neerdayhad steak pie wi mashed
was still on er neerdayin those days it was
ne erday game the neerdayold firm game and we
onie particular place in neerdaytraditions mind ye think o
for christmas days past neerdaywas the high day and
a sizeable chunk of neerdaywith them we arrived at

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